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									            Android Apps Development Services

What is Android and why world loves it ?                                                                                     Why Mindfire?
Android is an open source operating system (OS) based on Linux and sponsored by Google and is the most dominant                 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
smartphone platform in the world, with over 190 million devices in use and growing by more than 550,000 activations a           ISO 9001:2008
day. Android allows programmers to write managed code in Java based languages which utilize Google developed Java               300+ clients in the US & Europe
                                                                                                                                15+ developers team
                                                                                                                                12+ years of experience with global
Mindfire Android Apps Development Services and Offerings:                                                                       clients
                                                                                                                                8+ years Mobile Application
We have successful track record of high quality Android Apps development for different devices. Our Android developer           100% Quality @ 70% cost
are using tools of the Android SDK to explore the unlimited possibilities and they are passionate to derive the max out of      Cross Industry Experience
Google Android SDK's APIs, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools, to create risk-free and highly valued             Cost-effective and Competitive pricing
Android application.

        Android Multimedia Application Development                                         Industries Served:                   Call us at: 1-248-686-1424
        Custom Android Application Development
        Android Enterprise Application Development
        Android Application Maintenance and Upgrade                                            Logistics
        Android Tablet application development                                                 Entertainment
        Android Application Testing                                                                                          Technologies used are:
                                                                                               IT Solutions
        Android Application development
                                                                                               Pharma industry
        Android Social Networking applications                                                                                  Java Programming using Android SDK.
        Android Wireless Applications Development                                              Mobile Apps
                                                                                                                                C/C++ programming using NDK
        Android Game development                                                               Sports and Gaming                Framework APIs
        Android development on 2.x (Phone)/ 3.x (Tablet)/ 4.x (Phone and Tablet)               planning and                     RSS feeds
        3rd party application integration like blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.                    Design                           3D graphics
        Location based services using Google Maps, GPS etc.                                    Marketing                        Client-server architecture using different
        Video based Android application Development                                            Others                           protocols (HTTP, SOAP, IPC)
        Porting/Migration to different Android platforms                                                                        Audio / Media types and Graphics (2D
        Android Application Testing                                                                                             and 3D with Open GL)
        Android Game

           Mindfire Solutions is a 12+ year old Software Development and IT services company with a strong track record of working with small and mid-sized
           clients across US, Europe, Australia and Asia. With more than 750 spirited software engineers across two development centres, Mindfire has successfully
           delivered over 1000 projects for its base of 300+ clients spanning SMBs,ISVs,SaaS,Global 2000 & Fortune 500 firms.

           Visit us at for more information

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