schedule by liwenting


									                                      DGA400 proposed Schedule

Week 01: Research PHP and MySQL installations. Start researching 3 possible final projects .

Week 02: Familiarize yourself with RDP and the IIS WEB Server ( (julies).

Week 03: Present 3 possible final projects for approval. Project approved. Choose Domain name.

Week 04: Purchase domain name (network solutions). Set up WEB Server. Edit DNS.

Week 05: Generic scheme of WEB pages on paper.

Week 06: Research and install trial version of Dreamweaver software.

Week 07: Start designing WEB site.

Week 08: Designing WEB site.

Week 09: Designing WEB site. Check with client if they want anything changed on WEB site.

Week 10: Test and verify WEB site is working correctly.

Week 11: Present finished WEB page to instructor and/or Lancaster staff.

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