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From Hunger To Hope


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									                                                    N               the

                                                                      REDWOOD EMPIRE
                                                                                                FOOD BANK FALL 2010

                                                                                 PORTR AIT
From Hunger To Hope                                                              OF HUNGER
                                                                                 Every month, six days a week, somewhere in
                                                                                 our area, people line up at a Redwood Em-
A study of hunger in Sonoma County                                               pire Food Bank food distribution, producing

                                                                                 a portrait of hunger in Sonoma County.
      one of the people interviewed for Hunger in Sonoma County
                                                                                     A case in point was one recent Wednes-
      2010 ever imagined they would be seeking food assistance. Each
                                                                                 day morning when mothers and their children,
had a story to tell which included fortune and misfortune, as well as
                                                                                 senior citizens on fixed incomes, and laid off
decisions made and circumstances beyond their control. eir stories
                                                                                 workers joined the line that wrapped around
are compelling, and the statistics are chilling. Food insecurity is rising
                                                                                 the parking lot behind the Samuel L. Jones
in America and Sonoma County is no exception.                                    Hall Homeless Shelter in Santa Rosa to wait
                                                                                 their turn for this monthly food distribution.
                                                                                    The food recipients, people who never
                                                                                 dreamed that one day they’d need help,
                                                                                 reflected the findings of Hunger in Sonoma
                                                                                 County 2010, a study of hunger the REFB
                                                                                 published earlier this year. The most startling

                                                                                           food recipients is $930 a month

Visit www.refb.org to down-
load the Hunger In Sonoma                                                                  below the federal poverty line
County 2010 report.
                                                                                           the largest source of income is
                                                                                           a job
       e most surprising and ultimately signi cant nding is the incredibly
low median monthly income of $930 reported by food recipients. is is
less than one- h of the median household income for all Sonoma County
residents established by the Census Bureau in 2007. If you also consider            Each of these statistics is well represent-
that the median rent for an apartment is $1,078, you can understand why          ed by the real people coming to the Sam
a food recipient has little if any money le for food or necessities.             Jones Hall for food assistance.
                                                                                    Santa Rosa native Rick Bowman collect-
   Living in poverty means having to make painful decisions, each
                                                                                 ed his food not far from where he grew up.
and every day. Of the people interviewed: 35.2% were forced to choose
                                                                                 Bowman, 46, attended Wright Elementary,
between food and paying for utilities, 32.5% had to choose between food
                                                                                 Cook Junior and Piner High Schools. He’s a
and medicine or medical care, 30% did not have access to a working car
                                                                                 handyman and construction worker, a small
limiting their ability to seek food, other services and employment, and          businessman with a card that advertises the
9.9% have no place to live.                                                      one-man operation he calls “Bowman’s Best,
    Hunger is compromising our most valuable resource: children —                Great Work and Low Prices.”
38.5% of all food recipients are children under 18 years of age. Childhood          Bowman was a concrete worker and re-
hunger has devastating e ects on a child’s health and development and            capped tires in Oregon until the economy
is directly linked to obesity. is may seem counterintuitive but is the           soured. He and his wife came home to So-
result of families not being able to a ord healthy, nutrient-rich foods          noma County and are supporting their three
which are more costly than “junk” food: 75.2% of food recipients could           daughters, ages 20, 17 and 13. He earns
not a ord to eat balanced meals.                                                 about $2,000 a month as a handyman for a

   Low food security is a serious threat to our aging population as well,                                See Portrait of Hunger, page 4

which is expected to double over the next twenty- ve years: 41.2% of
senior recipients 65 and older report low or very low food security.
   What can be done? One undeniable truth is that the success of the                   IN THIS ISSUE
Redwood Empire Food Bank’s mission to end hunger in our community
                                                                                       2   Letter from the Executive Director
is dependent on each one of us doing our part to make a di erence.
                                                                                       3   Hunger to Hope: Generosity at Work
Food distributions do not solve the problems of poverty but they do
                                                                                       4   American Asphalt, Vinthropic Wine
o er hope and a means of sustenance to those in need.
                                                                                       5   -Food & Funds Drive, Volunteers
   To read the entire report, Hunger in Sonoma 2010, visit the REFB                         Are Vital
online at www.re .org.
                                                                                       6 - Calendar, How You Can Help

Commitment and generosity
Dear Friends,                                           the very core of our work — Building                                 all of the contributions that made
    For the past ten years, a big-rig                   Partnerships to End Hunger.                                          our work possible. With a sta of
truck driver has generously donated                        When I think of the enormous                                      just 33 people, we never lose sight of
his services, picking up and delivering                 strides that the REFB has made in                                    the fact that our accomplishments
donated food for the REFB. Our                          meeting the needs of hungry people                                   are a re ection of the commitment
computer network is maintained by                       over the years, I am aware that our                                  and generosity of our supporters and
the owner of an IT rm whose help                        greatest achievements are the result                                 partners.
ensures that we are able to e ciently                   of the dedication of volunteers who                                     Our thoughts also turn to our
meet the needs of everyone we serve,                    have been able to o er more than their                              wishes for the New Year. One wish
be it food recipients, community based                  time.     ose who have contributed                                  is that, in addition to providing vital
partners, or donors. A local winemaker                  their professional skills and business                                nancial support, more companies and
was recently in possession of a ne                      networks have made it possible to keep                              individuals will think about what they
barrel of Chardonnay. He had the idea                   our operating costs at a minimum,                                   can contribute and then take action.
to incorporate his interest in wine and                 strengthening our organization, and                                 Will you contribute your knowledge,
commitment to philanthropy under                        enabling us to serve the growing                                    expertise, skills, and talent? Will you
the name of Vinthropic, with the                        number of people threatened by                                      share your networks, contacts, and
proceeds of this special wine going                     hunger.                                                             products to help the REFB help people
to the REFB. For the past two years, a                     As another holiday season                                        in need in our community?
team of food industry and marketing                     fast approaches, we re ect on the                                         ank you for your commitment to
professionals collaborated to create                    challenges and successes of the past                                 help others. We accomplish so much
our Simply Supper food line which                       year. We are especially thankful for                                 because of the generosity you share.
provides a family of four with a main
course that is healthy, delicious, easy
to prepare, and a ordable.
  All of these stories are of people                                                                                        Sincerely,
who, in addition to their nancial
support, have shared their professional
expertise in an e ort to strengthen the
REFB. In fact, their contribution is at
                                                                                                                            David Goodman, Executive Director

                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                        Alan Butler, President,
                                                            TLCD Architecture

           3320 Industrial Drive                        Tad Shapiro, Vice President, Shapiro,
           Santa Rosa, CA 95403                             Galvin, Shapiro & Moran

           T: 707-523-7900                              Gregory DiPaolo, Treasurer, Consultant                                 Number of Sonoma County
           F: 707-523-7901
           E: info@refb.org
                                                        Lynn Woznicki, Secretary,
                                                            Woznicki Consulting
                                                                                                                                residents who receive food
                                                        Richard Abbey, Abbey, Weitzenberg,                                     from the REFB each month.
Mission: to end hunger in our community
                                                            Warren & Emery
In addition to providing food in Sonoma County,
                                                        Jeff Barnell, M.A. Silva Corks, USA

the Redwood Empire Food Bank is a major food
resource for smaller food banks in Lake, Mendocino,     Jim Barnes, Sitzmann Morris & Lavis
Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. The REFB is            Tom Benton, Burr, Pilger & Mayer
an affiliate of Feeding America and the California
Association of Food Banks.                              Jim Berger, Dentist (Ret.)
Executive Director: David Goodman                       Howard Daulton, Wells Fargo Bank
Editor: Jean Larson
Contributors: Gail Atkins, Billy Bartz, Lee Bickley,
                                                        Michael C. Fallon, Attorney at Law                                             million pounds of food
                                                        Judy Farrell, University of San Francisco
David Goodman, Bob Klose, Jean Larson,
Connie Petty, Jim Roessler.                             Allen Gummer, Corporate Exec.(Ret.)
                                                                                                                                       distributed last year.
Design: Armstrong Associates
Art Production & Illustration: Moira Hill               Jim Keegan, Keegan & Coppin
Production: Lee Bickley                                 MaryAnn Kerschner, Hewlitt Packard

                                                           ( Ret.)
NEWSfeed is published twice a year and is distributed
to 13,700 households, businesses and organizations.     Carol Libarle, Lace House Linen

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas.          Vicky Locey, Kaiser Permanente
Address correspondence to:                              Mark Martindill, FDP USA
    Redwood Empire Food Bank
                                                        Laurence Sterling, Iron Horse
    3320 Industrial Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    T: 707-523-7900                                         Vineyards                                                                of food distributed was
    F: 707-523-7901
    E: info@refb.org
                                                        Robin Wendler, ZFA Structural                                               fresh fruits & vegetables.

                                                                                        REDWOOD EMPIRE
                                                                                        FOOD BANK
                                                                                        B U I L D I N G PA R T N E R S H I P S TO E N D H U N G E R

Hunger to hope: your generosity
at work
T   his summer, the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB)
    served more than 92,000 meals to children during a 10-week
program packed with fun activities. at’s a jump of 22 percent
compared to 2009 and an incredible increase from the rst year
(2004) when 15,000 meals reached low-income children.
      e increase marks both greater need driven by the recession
as well as expanded e orts by the REFB to feed children while
school is out, said David Goodman, the food bank’s Executive
Director. “We saw an enormous gap in what happens for children
when the nal school bell rings in June,” Goodman said. “Some
kids go to Acapulco and Tahoe and other kids go hungry.” But not
this summer! anks to the dozens of volunteers and community
partners who made serving 92,000 meals possible.

Playing in the dirt is educational
   As a result of a ConAgra Foods Foundation Hunger-Free
Summer Program grant awarded to the REFB, hundreds of local
children got to play in the dirt. Garden-based nutrition activities
were conducted weekly at 16 di erent locations culminating in
4 Garden Rodeos at Boys & Girls Clubs. Hundreds of children
planted lettuce in decorated pots (faces adorn the front of pots
where lettuce seeds are planted to create ‘hair’ as the lettuce
grows), learned how to make garden-fresh salsa, rode the salsa
bike and hunted for bugs in the garden. Additional activities
were provided at many sites like worm composting, recycling,
hula hooping, art projects and lots more.

From the ground up                                                         Children attending the “Garden Rodeos” at local Boys & Girls Clubs
                                                                           created faces for the front of pots — lettuce seeds were planted and
   Families and seniors at food distribution sites throughout
                                                                           will create ‘hair’ as the lettuce grows.
the county received tomato and assorted vegetable starts to
create their own gardens at home. Winifred Medin, pictured
                           here, Kathy Elk and their crew of
                          volunteers grew and distributed over
                          1,000 tomato plants. Rick Stearn at
                          Jail Industries grew 500 cucumbers
                          and 500 squash starters in peat
                           pots donated by Friedman’s Home
                          Improvement. Bloom’s Wholesale
                          Nursery in Glen Ellen added
                           thousands of assorted vegetable
                           starts to the mix to help ensure that
                          all of Sonoma County was eating
Winifred Medin
                          fresh, home grown produce this year.

More seniors being served
   Senior Security is the name of our senior hunger
initiative and our goal for Sonoma County seniors. To
help achieve this goal, we sought and received approval
to boost the number of seniors we can serve through
our government supplemental food program. As a result,
hundreds of additional seniors are receiving a monthly
box of healthy, non-perishable foods along with a bag of
fresh fruits and vegetables at senior apartment complexes,
mobile home parks and senior centers throughout
Sonoma County. For those seniors with diabetes, the
REFB has created a special Diabetes Wellness box that
includes low-sodium canned goods, higher ber cereals
and increased protein items.

                                                                      REDWOOD EMPIRE
                                                                      FOOD BANK
                                                                      B U I L D I N G PA R T N E R S H I P S TO E N D H U N G E R

                                                                                                      FROM SEED
                                                                                                      TO GLASS –
                                                                                                      What started as a seed of an idea early
                                                                                                      this spring has come to fruition in 300
                                                                                                      cases of delectable “Vinthropic” So-
                                                                                                      noma County Chardonnay — a philan-
                                                                                                      thropic endeavor by DeLoach Vineyards
                                                                                                      with all proceeds from sales benefiting
                                                                                                      the Redwood Empire Food Bank.
                                                                                                          “The willingness of DeLoach to put
                                                                                                      hunger front and center is remarkable,”
                                                                                                      said David Goodman. “The pairing of
                                                                                                      an issue as ‘rough’ as hunger alongside
                                                                                                      a beverage as ‘delicate’ as wine is ad-
                                                                                                          To which, Jean-Charles Boisset,
                                                                                                      President of DeLoach’s parent com-
                                                                                                      pany, Boisset Family Estates, responded
                                                                                                      “Our communities represent the fabric
                                                                                                      of who we are.”
American Asphalt South, Inc. kindly resurfaced our loading dock driveway on the Industrial
                                                                                                          Boisset Family Estates is committed
Drive side of our building. Valued at approximately $10,000, this donation will ensure that
$40,000 worth of food reaches families in need during the coming months. (For every                   to ending hunger wherever it exists.
$1 spent, the REFB distributes $4 worth of food.) An enormous thank you is owed to                    Sales of Vinthropic will be turned into
Allan Henderson of American Asphalt South, Inc. It is this kind of generosity that ensures            food for over 50,000 meals reaching
the REFB remains an efficient organization, spending our valuable resources on feeding                 people who are hungry right here in
people rather than on paving.
                                                                                                      our community.
                                                                                                         You can help end hunger by sending
                                                                                                      Vinthropic as a unique holiday gift or by
                                                                                                      enjoying this delightful Sonoma County
                                                                                                      wine at your own table.
                                                                                                          Vinthropic Chardonnay is avail-
Portrait of Hunger, continued from page 1                                                             able at the DeLoach Vineyards tast-
horse ranch where he fixes fences, does                her small household in HUD-subsidized           ing room, at the new Taste of Terroir
electrical work and other jobs as they                housing with just $500 in state assistance      tasting salon in Healdsburg, California,
come up. But additional jobs are few.                 and buys the family clothes at The Sal-         online nationally through the DeLoach
“There’s no work. It started going down               vation Army store. The REFB Summer              Vineyards website, and at Bottle Barn
about three years ago, and it’s getting               Lunch Program allowed her children to           in Santa Rosa. Additionally, you can or-
real bad now,” Bowman explained.                      have a healthy lunch daily throughout           der Vinthropic by the glass or by the
                                                      the summer and a REFB food distribu-            bottle at Zazu Restaurant & Farm and
                                                      tion made it possible for her to stretch        Sea Ranch Lodge. I
                                                      her very limited finances. She states soft-
                                                      ly that at the end of the month, there’s
                                                      nothing left. Could she make it without
                                                      the REFB? “No,” she said.
                                                          Steven Myers, 49 and single, receives
                                                      $825 a month in SSI disability funds due
                                                      to injuries he suffered in a traffic accident.
                                                      After paying for necessary living expenses
                                                      such as rent and utilities, he has about
                                                      $120 for “extras” like food. “Without this
    Dressed in a working man’s boots                  food, it would be rough,” he said.
and jeans, driving a working man’s pickup,
and with no work on the horizon, Bow-
man showed up for some much needed
groceries at the REFB distribution, some-
thing he never planned on having to do.
   “I didn’t think I’d ever have to do this,”
he said. “But we’ve got bills to pay and it
goes fast. This food helps us a lot. Very
much so.”
   Maria Baylon is a 35-year-old single
mother struggling to raise her three
daughters ages 11, 10 and 3. She manages

                                                                                        FOOD B
                         WINTER FOOD AND FUNDS DRIVE
                         It’s easy to help stock our shelves for the holiday season and into the new year.

                         It doesn’t take much.    Help fill our barrels
                         You can’t find work.           During our Winter Drive, look for our
                         Cupboards are bare.      orange REFB donation barrels throughout
                         Stomachs are empty.      Sonoma County, including at CVS/phar-
It doesn’t take much to find yourself and your     macy, G&G Market, Grocery Outlet (San-
family in need of food assistance. Many of us     ta Rosa), FoodMaxx, Lucky, Safeway, and
live one paycheck away from hunger. Nearly        Whole Foods Market. Drop a can of tuna,
1 in every 5 people in Sonoma County is hun-      a container of peanut butter or one of our
gry, which means that 4 out of 5 of us are able   Holiday “Fill’er Up” bags containing grocer-
to do something to help. The REFB needs           ies your family likes to eat in the barrel each
your support during this Winter Drive to en-      time you leave the store. “Fill’er Up” bags
sure that 78,000 of our neighbors receive the     will be distributed in The Press Democrat to
food assistance that they deserve.                subscribers the week of November 8th and
Donate food and money                             will also be available at Friedman’s Home Im-
    Each dollar donated translates to 4 dol-      provement and at the REFB. Each full barrel
lars worth of food that the REFB is able to       of food provides enough food for more than
                                                  150 meals.                                           Look for our orange barrel at CVS/pharmacy,
distribute to the community. For example, a                                                            G&G, Grocery Outlet, FoodMaxx, Lucky, Safeway
$20 donation provides food for 45 meals for       Host a Food or Funds Drive                           and Whole Food stores. Our wraps are gener-
local people who are hungry.                         Ask your friends and co-workers to                ously sponsored by Fireman’s Fund Insurance
                                                  donate. Ask your bank, your barber, your             Company. Each full barrel provides enough food
                                                                                                       for more than 150 meals.
                                                  employer, your favorite coffee shop or res-
                                                  taurant or market to host a cash donation
                                                  canister at their check out counter or a food
                                                  donation barrel in their lobby. The REFB will
                                                  provide the collection cans.                               Food & Funds Drive
                                                                                                             Information Online:

                                                     Many of us may be living near the edge
                                                  ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t
                                                                                                             G   Safeway/NBC11 Share
                                                  do something. It doesn’t take much to be a
                                                                                                                 Your Holiday Drive
                                                  champion for hungry children, families and
                                                  seniors.                                                   G   Whole Foods/CBS5 Food
                                                                                                                 for Bay Area Families
 For every $1 spent,                              Our goal - $160,000 and
                                                                                                                 ABC7’s Thanksgiving Drive
                                                  200,000 lbs. of food

the REFB distributes                                  To host a drive or benefit event, or find                G   14th Annual “Fill’er Up”
  $4 worth of food.                               out more about how you can make a dif-                         Holiday Bag Campaign
                                                  ference: visit www.refb.org, call Billy Bartz
                                                  at 707-523-7902 ext. 27, or email wbartz@               www.refb.org / calendar
                                                     The REFB Winter Food and Funds Drive
                                                  runs from November 1 to January 31.


F   rom bagging produce in the
    warehouse to lling canvas bags
with nutritious food and handing
out food at distributions, Jett White             Jett White                      Bob Coburn                       Bob Keifer
is always happy to help. Recently she
volunteered at an event for our donors
at DeLoach Winery. Wherever she is                and fresh produce. Bob has also been              Now that he is retired, he is sharing
needed, she is there.                             involved with our Summer Lunch,                   his many skills as a Volunteer Leader
   Bob Coburn is one of our faithful              Stimulus Box and Farm to Family                   overseeing evening food packing.
volunteer truck drivers. He enjoys the            distributions.                                    One of Bob’s favorite quotes is:
scenery on his trips to Sebastopol and               Bob Kiefer was the chief engineer              “service to others is the rent you pay
Rohnert Park to deliver boxes of food             at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa.                 for your room on earth.”

                                                                                FOOD B
                                                                                                            Number of charitable
                                                                                                        organizations that rely on the
                                                                                                       REFB for food for their programs.

You are never too young to make a positive impact in the fight against hunger. For
                                                                                                               Number of meals provided
Hannah Appel’s tenth birthday party, she asked a group of her friends to collect food                         to hungry children during the
and financial donations for our hungry neighbors in need. Pictured here with Food Drive
& Events Coordinator Billy Bartz, the group delivered their donations and took an                            2010 school summer vacation.
educational tour to learn first hand about what a large impact they are making in our
community. Call the REFB to learn how you can make a difference too!

                                    MARK YOUR CALENDAR
Mon. Nov. 1st – Mon. Jan. 31st                         Sat. Nov. 13th                                           on the air by ABC’s Spencer Christian during
Winter Food & Funds Drive: Drop food at CVS/           Petaluma Holiday Arts and Crafts Faire to ben-           Thanksgiving Week.
pharmacy, G&G, Grocery Outlet, FoodMaxx,               efit the REFB. 10 A .M. – 5 P.M. Petaluma Commu-
Lucky, Safeway, Whole Foods stores – or bring          nity Center. For more information visit www.             Drive: Look for our barrels and for a special
donations to the food bank. Visit www.refb.org,        refb.org or call Billy Bartz, 707-523-7902 ext. 27.      segment about hunger on “Eye on the Bay.”
contact Billy Bartz at 707-523-7900, ext 27 or
                                                       Sat. Nov. 20th                                          Nov. 6th & 20th, Dec. 4th & 18th
                                                       Safeway/NBC Food Drive: NBC telecasts                   REFB Volunteer Saturdays: bag produce, label,
Sun. Nov. 7th                                          this one-day drive to rally our community to            sort and box food from 9 A .M. to noon. Con-
Fleet Feet Sports 7th Run To Stop Hunger:              donate food.                                            tact Jim Roessler, 523-7900, ext 23.
The run/walk starts at Railroad Square, Santa
                                                       November 2010                                           Sat. Dec. 11th
Rosa. Call Fleet Feet Sports at 569-1494 or visit
                                                       Look for KFOG’s 17th Live From the Archives CD          KRCB presents “Twisted Christmas” with pro-
                                                       release that benefits food banks on www.kfog.            ceeds benefiting the REFB. For more informa-
Tues. Nov. 9th                                         com or visit Peet’s Coffee & Tea locations.             tion visit www.refb.org or call Billy Bartz, 707-
Holiday “Fill’er up” Bag Campaign: Watch for your                                                              523-7902 ext. 27.
                                                       November & December 2010
bag in your home-delivered The Press Democrat,
or contact Billy Bartz, 523-7900, ext 27 to get
                                                         who donate $350 and up get their name read
your bags.

                  Keep checking our website www.refb.org for more special events and food drives!

Our mission — to end hunger in our community — can only be accomplished with community suppor t.

MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION                              HOST A FOOD DRIVE
                                                       Organize a food drive to raise food and
  707-523-7900 or visit www.refb.org                   funds to keep our shelves stocked for
  to donate by credit card.                            distribution throughout the year.
             Full Plate Partner. Your au-              PLAN YOUR GIVING
  tomatically deducted donation each                   With the help of an advisor, you can
  month is immediately put to work.                    include language in your will or trust
VOLUNTEER                                              specifying a gift to be made to family,
                                                       friends or charity as part of your estate
  Sort/pack boxes of food.                             plan. Contact Connie Petty, Director
                                                       of Development, for more information
                                                       707-523-7902, ext. 35.

                                                                                         FOOD B

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