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   How to Transfer/Import Ringtones from The new iPad to PC?

"I've used iTunes software to make some good ringtones for The new iPad. But in case
of losing them one day, I want to backup The new iPad ringtones to my personal
computer. I was wondering if there was any way to import the ringtones to my
computer. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!"

Well. Just read on the tutorial below to learn the best and easiest way to copy the
ringtones that already have on The new iPad to your computer, you can simply get The
new iPad to Computer Transfer to help you easily and quickly transfer The new iPad
ringtones to your PC.

Tips: For Mac users, please go to iPad to Mac Transfer Free to learn more.

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1: To start with transferring the ringtones to your computer. First free download The
new iPad to Computer Transfer, install and run the software, then plug The new iPad to the
computer with supplied USB cable, you can see the interface below:

Step 2: You can view all The new iPad playlist in the left panel, just click the "Ringtones"
tab, then all The new iPad ringtones will be shown on the right list, check the specified
ringtones that you want to transfer to the computer.
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Step 3: Click "Export" to start transferring ringtones from The new iPad to PC for backup,
after several minutes, you can get The new iPad ringtones on your computer.

That's it. You'll notice that copying ringtones to your computer for free using nothing but The
new iPad to Computer Transfer and a little perseverance. Your newly created ringtones
should now be visible on the computer, you can start using the software rightaway via the
download link below!

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