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					5 People To Call A True Friend

People come into our lives for many different reasons. Some come to give us great advice while others
prove to be the mirror that exposes the different components that form together to create this person
called "you." We all know many different types of people but how many of them can we truly call a
friend? Here are five people we'll be lucky to encounter in our lifetime.

1. The Supporter

The supporter is that person who has your back from the beginning to the end. She is that rock that
knows when to speak, when to cry, when to laugh, and how to listen. She's the one who sees only the
best in you even when you're feeling down and out. She is the one who makes you feel like all things are
possible and that you matter even when you feel insignificant. It's impossible to give up around her
because she has enough strength to believe even when you don't.

2. The Psychiatrist

She is your consultant. She is the one that you go to when you need to make decisions that are not bias,
selfish, or irrational. She comes with an automatic confidentiality policy and her domain is a "no
judgment" zone. She keeps you sane. She has the ability to talk back to you in your own voice forcing
you to hear yourself. She helps you to dig inside of yourself for the answers you seek. She keeps your
thoughts organized so that you can see why you feel the way that you do.

3. Your Conscious

We all need that person in our lives that reminds us to weigh the cost of our decisions. This friend will
not let you compromise your values and beliefs. This person forces you to think about the morning after.
She is the person that poses the question "What if" right before you do something that is outside of
yourself. This is the friend whose very presence mandates that you act accordingly around her. She is
the dividing line between the old you and the new you!
4. The Gate Keeper

She's known you the longest so she earned the right to be brutally honest. She knows everything about
you, even those things that you wish she didn't. She calls your mother, "mommy" and she's invited to all
the family functions. She's the one you could never be embarrassed around because she's seen it all.
You and her have your own language. You share the same memories and have cried some of the same
tears. She understands you and all of your quirks and can even be trusted to go shopping for you in your
absence because she knows you (maybe even better than you know yourself). She's the one you trust
with your kids if anything ever happened to you because she knows exactly how you would do it if she
were you.

5. Your escape

She is a barrel of laughs. She cracks jokes at a funeral and reminds you not to take yourself so seriously.
She reminds you that age is nothing but a number. She makes you wear clothes that hug the curves of
your body and she is the one who first showed you how to let your guard down and live a little. She's
the one that you go to when you just need a break from your reality. She teaches you how to be
somebody else for a little while. It's a full-time job being around her but visiting her every once in a
while is a wonderful outlet.

The bottom line is that different needs within us attract us to different personality types. What we must
remember when identifying a true friend is that reciprocation is the key to a balanced friendship. We
must always give what we receive in order to maintain such an important relationship and when you are
able to find that balance in a relationship then you have truly found a great friendship.

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