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									Thomas & Paulk Gets Client’s DUI Charges Dismissed

After a client was arrested on charges of DUI, he looked to the legal help of Thomas & Paulk. In an
investigation the breathalyzer was found to be faulty, which was able to get the DUI charges

Tampa, FL, April 06, 2012 --( The man then sought the help of the DUI defense attorneys at
Thomas & Paulk. As per their usual process of investigation, Thomas & Paulk conducted an investigation
of the breathalyzer machine that was used in the man's case. After careful scrutiny of maintenance
records, they were able to determine that the Intoxilyzer 8000 was not in compliance with the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement Alcohol Testing Program. By bringing this evidence to the attention of
the Assistant State Attorney, they agreed to drop the client's charges from DUI to reckless driving.

The legal limit for alcohol content in the blood is a 0.08 percent. If the breathalyzer machine used in this
case were not faulty then the man could have very well been convicted of the DUI charge. DUI charges
are taken seriously in the state of Florida because they often lead to accidents and serious injury. In some
cases, even leads to death. Depending on the particulars of each case, those charged with DUI could face
monetary fines, license suspension, community service, mandatory rehabilitation, probation and even jail

In many DUI cases the only tangible evidence is the result of a breathalyzer test. In the event that this test
was administered illegally or if the machine itself was faulty then there is no longer any evidence to
support a DUI charge. This is exactly what happened in the case of this Florida man. DUI convictions
will leave a permanent mark on a driving record, which is why so many people choose to get aggressive
legal defense from DUI attorneys. Due to the aggressive defense and careful investigation displayed by
the attorneys at Thomas & Paulk, this man was able to get his DUI charges dropped.

Thomas & Paulk is a DUI defense law firm serving those who have been charged with DUI related
charges in Tampa, Florida. The attorneys at this firm have a combined more than 20 years of experience
in defending the rights of the accused in order to ensure that they get the justice that they deserve. If you
have been charged with a DUI, you need a strong legal defense from attorneys who know how to
successfully handle these cases. Their attorneys are former assistant state attorneys and have also acted as
lead prosecutors in criminal cases. Tampa DUI attorneys with experience like this are hard to find, and it
is extremely valuable. They will not only provide you with an aggressive defense, they will deal with you
with compassion and dedication. You won't be looked at as just another case at this firm, but an
individual who is deserving of rights. For more information, visit

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