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                                                                                              April 2007

 President’s Message                                                                           & Board of Directors
         Have you done         web site at                   update on the Chamber
business with another          www.faccsd.com Click                                         President
                                                             activities, we will be look-
Filipino American Cham-        on the “Membership Di-        ing at the Chamber By-
ber Member lately?             rectory” and you will be                                     Debbie Discar-Espe
                                                             laws. The bylaws com-
         The Chamber           directed to a plethora of     mittee has completed             San Diego County Water Authority
                               professionals and busi-
provides excellent re-                                       their review and recom-        858/522-6734 president@FACCSD.com
sources to our members         nesses, which can be          mended updates of the
                               sorted alphabetically or
for networking and pro-                                      existing bylaws. Please        First Vice-President
moting your businesses.        type of business. Fur-        take the time to check out
                               ther, if you should have      the updates, which can         Myrna T.F. Reyes
From our mixers, News-
letter Advertising, Ribbon     other business needs;         be found at our website             LandAmerica Southland Title
                               please contact me at
Cutting ceremonies for                                       (attached to this newslet-           membership@faccsd.com
new members to our So-         president@faccsd.com.         ter, mailed and e-blasted
                               I’ll do my best to help       by our Webmaster last
cial Events - there is                                                                      Second Vice-President
something for everybody.       you.                          month - the bylaws help
I’ve often wondered if our             As a Filipino         govern our organization        Vicente C.Garcia
members are actually           American Chamber mem-         and guides your board to             Pollakov Financial Group
doing business with each       ber, you’ve taken a valu-     best represent you and
other. It would be fruitful    able step to promote and      your business.
for us all to support each     grow your business. We                Thank you.
other and provide refer-       are a valuable resource                                      Secretary
rals generated by that         to develop a network of       Sincerely,                     Tammy Manzano
business relationship.         business contacts and
                                                                                                    State Farm Insurance
Personally, I frequent         resources to meet your
many of our members for        professional and personal     Debbie Discar-Espe
services’ from restau-         needs. Your participation
rants, legal counsel and       ensures you are getting                                       Marilyn Calañgi Mesina
others. We should all ad-      the most for your mem-                                            Heritage Financial Solutions
here to a code that we         bership dollar.
contract services with our
                                        Finally, I look                                     Auditor
                               forward to seeing you all
        It’s easy to utilize   at the upcoming general                                      Ben Jimenea
our network of Chamber         meeting scheduled for                                                        PNB
members, which can be          Monday, April 30, 2007.
accessed through our           In addition to providing an
April 2007
                   Page 2                                           FACCSD E-Newsletter

       Board of Directors
                                          Eye for Education, A Scholarship Program
        Beth Antiporda                            The Filipino         ·       • must provide a       • Scholars program for low-
                                                                                                      income students of color.
          Golden 1 Real Estate           American Chamber of           list of school activities,
                                         Commerce of San               awards and honors.             www.gmsp.org/
          Roy Bautista                   Diego (Chamber) strives                                      • Broke Scholar - Free
                                                                       ·      • must prepare a        scholarship search engine
             RB Paralegal Plus           to provide support and        short essay (no more
                                         encourage Filipino                                           http://scholarships. broke-
              Ben Espe                                                 than five pages, double        scholar.com/
                                         Americans to continue         spaced) on “What can we
        The Entrepreneur’s Source        their higher education.                                      • Free College Scholarship
                                                                       learn from the youth in        Search & Financial Aid In-
                                         The Chamber awards                                           formation
             Cielo Foth                                                building and sustaining
                                         scholarships annually to
         CGF Insurance Services                                        corporate citizens?”           www.scholarships.com/
                                         qualifying applicants. If
                                         you are a business            ·      • Essay must be         • Free Scholarship, Finan-
   Newsletter Editor editor@faccsd.com                                                                cial Aid and College Search
                                         owner committed to            submitted to the Cham-
           Albert Halili                 supporting this en-           ber, postmarked no             www.fastweb.com
             Allstate Insurance          deavor and would like to      later than May 4, 2007,        • Financial Aid Page
                                         donate to the scholar-        and mailed to:                 www.finaid.org/Harvard
      Donnah Rey Locsin                  ship fund, please con-             FACC – San Diego          http://fao.fas.harvard.edu/
            DAX Remit                    tact president@                   Scholarship Program        • Intel Scholarship Oppor-
      Allan James Rubio                  faccsd.com -- remem-
                                                                                Attention:            tunities
             SBC Financial Group
                                         ber, donations are not                                       http://www.ous.edu/ecs/
                                         only tax deductible, but            Tammy Manzano            scholarships.html
          Santi Silverio                 your business could be              P.O. Box 87202           • Military Officers Associa-
             LJ Printing                 helping the less privi-           San Diego, Ca 92138        tion of America
   Immediate Past President
                                         leged. If you have been       ·                              www.moaa.org
                                         blessed, making a deci-                                      • Outstanding Students of
             C.L. Vinson                                                       If selected, appli-
                                         sion to donate to this                                       America
                                         scholarship program           cant must be prepared to       www.outstandingstudentsof
                                         can help you give a little    give a speech based on         america.com
                                         back.                         the short essay.               • Presidential Freedom
   Newsletter Submittals                 General Requirements:
                                         ·     To access the                                          scholarships/
                                                                       A list of scholarship oppor-
 If you would like to submit an          application form, go to:
                                                                       tunities to share with our     • Scholarship for Service
 article or events of interest to        www.faccsd.com/               college bound family and       http://sfs.opm.gov/
   the general membership, it            downloads/FACC Eye            friends:
                                         For Education.pdf                                            • Schools in the USA
 must be received no later than                                        • Absolutely Scholarships
  the 1st of the month. Please           ·     • must be of Fili-      http://apps.absolutely
       provide your source.              pino American ancestry,       scholarships.com/exec/
   All submittals are subject to         residing in San Diego         scholarship
                                         County.                        • Anycollege.Net Scholar-
     review and edit prior to
                                                                       ship Program
                                         ·       • must provide
             publication.                                              www.anycollege.net
                                         academic record by a
                                         certified high school or      • College Board Online
                                         college transcript.           www.collegeboard.com
                   or                                                  • Coca Cola Scholars Pro-
                                         ·       • must provide a
               FACCSD                                                  gram
                                         copy of a letter of ac-
        P.O. Box 87202                   ceptance from an ac-
                                         credited post-secondary       • The Bill & Melinda Gates
     San Diego CA 92138                                                Foundation: Gates
                                                                                                                 April 2007
                              FACCSD E-Newsletter                                                 Page 3

                                                                                       Myrna T.F. Reyes
     Membership                                                                              www.southlandtitle.com
                                           Member                                          mreyes@southlandtitle.com

                                                                                                Gold Members
 What does the Chamber do?

   FACC provides a forum for busi-             working to increase prosperity by
      nesses to meet and interact                 encouraging growth of exist-
      with other businesses as well as            ing businesses and fostering
      provide resources for the com-              new ones.                                   Stephanie Fortuna
      munity to learn more about our                                                               www.mycricket.com
      region & our fellow FACC busi-        As an advocate for business, FACC
      ness partners.                        leverages the talents and re-                    sfortuna@cricketcommunications.com
                                            sources of its member businesses
   FACC promotes business – it ac-          to improve opportunities.         This
      tively lobbies for business at the    year’s Board is dedicated to uniting
      local, state and federal level,       hundreds of businesses and profes-
      working together to make the          sional firms, thus creating a distinc-
      community a better place to live.     tive and essential organization that
                                            works to improve business and build
   FACC provides businesses the             a better community.
      advantage of acting collec-                                                        Tammy Manzano
      tively as a group – various           Over 90 percent of our member-                        www.statefarm.com
      committees are hard at work           ship is composed of small busi-
      meeting the needs of our mem-                                                         tammy.manzano.jyud@statefarm.com
                                            nesses interested in prospering
      bers.                                 and creating a healthy environ-
                                            ment in which to conduct busi-
   FACC promotes and protects the           ness. FACC is made-up of people who
      interest of our businesses –          realize that through FACC they can
      Check out our website for mem-        accomplish collectively what no one
      ber-to- member discounts!             can do individually. The strength of
                                            FACC lies in attracting the greatest              Alexandra Nath
   FACC is setting and achieving            number of members, creating a pool
      goals that will assure our                                                                www.towncountry.com
                                            of resources from which can be drawn
      membership of reaching its            ideas, vigor and finances.                        anath@towncountry.com
      full potential –

                                                                                               Silver Members

Member’s Profile                                                                                  Willie Racelis
                                    1. What products/                                            wdracelis@aol.com
                                     services do you        4. What can FACC do
   Member’s Profile is                                           for you?
                                    (or your company)
published on a first come first
        served basis.
 New Member Profiles are ac-       2. What is your target
cepted within 3 months of join-          market?
 ing, only via email and briefly                            FACC reserves the right           Chuck Hansen &
      answer the following         3. What do you enjoy      to edit all submittals.           Dee Dee Castro
          questions.                                                                              www.viejas.com
April 2007
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  Company Profile: Juice Media

          Based in San Diego, Juice Media Worldwide is a full
 service Customer Experience Management & Business In-
 telligence firm on the leading edge of revenue generating          Member to Member Benefit
 and innovative application development. We are a portfolio
 company of Petter’s Group Worldwide and maintain sister
 relationships with Polaroid, Sun Country Airlines, Ubid.com
 as well as many others. Juice Media is currently seeking
 strategic partners that are looking to utilize the most recent     LIBERTY T AX S ERVICE        AND
 developments in advanced marketing and business intelli-
 gence solutions.
          Juice Media is focused on the creation, implementa-
                                                                    F ILIPINO-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COM-
 tion, and execution of next generation Internet solutions
 such as web development, email marketing, online stream-
 ing video production, rapid application development, and
 advanced analytics for businesses. Our latest application,
 Essence, will give you the ability to automatically build dy-
 namic customer profiles that continuously communicate,
 track, and refine online and offline marketing with custom-              ARE TEAMING UP!
 ers. Instead of replacing current systems, the application
 enhances simple data and tracking by providing actionable
                                                                  You and your employees can bring this
 information from sales, marketing, and advertising sources
 such as eMail, Direct Mail, Web sites, RSS Feeds, Voice-         coupon to the Liberty Income Tax office
 mail Broadcasting, Online Video, Live Web Chat, Text Mes-                   in National City.
 saging, POS, and CRM in a single integrated solution.
          It provides a wide array of media services designed     We’ll give you and your employees $20
 to deliver an effective and personalized experience to each
                                                                     off any tax preparation fees and
 customer. When used in combination with Essence, our
 integrated media solutions will be essential to extracting       Liberty Tax Service will donate $20 per
 value from your database. Advanced reporting features will           tax return completed to FACC.
 provide you with customer demographics, transaction history
 information, as well as feedback on interactions with market-
 ing campaigns. These capabilities will allow you to spot pur-
 chase and interest trends, segment data according to col-
 lected information, automate and personalize marketing, and            If you have a product or
 easily measure a true ROI by linking customers, sales, and         service that you would like to of-
                                                                         fer as FACC Member to
          At Juice Media, we believe that work should be
 something you really enjoy. Our Juice Culture breeds im-                    Member Benefit,
 mense creativity and innovation, and this innovation is im-
                                                                             please email to
 mediately turned into opportunity for our clients. We believe
 that success is a cycle, and the Juice Media philosophy is                Debbie Discar-Espe
 one that assumes strategic responsibilities to reimagine your
 business strategy in a rapidly changing environment. Each                president@faccsd.com
 member of our team provides unique and special insight in
 all areas of marketing, advertising, database management,
 and media. Our diverse expertise will promote strong coop-
 eration between your different divisions and drive growth
 throughout your entire organization.
 www.juicemedia.com Rich Alexander 866/ 584-2333
                                                                                                                April 2007
                                  FACCSD E-Newsletter                                                 Page 5

Our Members Write ...

The “Nuts & Bolts” of Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
By: Atty. Carina Castaneda

          DUI cases consti-      with an assigned probation/      immediate notice of license
tute the largest group of        parole officer).                 suspensions to person who
misdemeanor violations in                                         refuse to take or complete
                                            VC 23152 (a) fo-
many counties. Notable                                            a chemical test. The officer
                                 cuses on the driver’s im-
legal enactments: the lower-     pairment. A person is under      is also permitted to confis-
ing of the unlawful blood                                         cate the person’s license
                                 the influence of an alcoholic
alcohol level, the addition of   beverage or drug or under        and issue a temporary 45-
a statute prohibiting DUI                                         day driving permit. En-
                                 the combined influence of
while driving a commercial                                        hancements for willful re-
                                 both when as a result of
vehicle, enhanced penalties                                       fusal to take or complete
                                 drinking an alcoholic bever-
for DUI with a minor in the                                       chemical tests: (1) first time:
                                 age or using the drug, the                                          Save the Date
vehicle or the requirement                                        48 hours in jail; (2) second:
                                 person’s physical or mental
that ignition interlock de-                                       96 hours (3) third: 10 days
                                 abilities are IMPAIRED to                                           Wednesday,
vices be installed in of-                                         in jail (4) fourth or above:
                                 such a degree that the per-
fender’s vehicles are some
examples of both the public
                                 son no longer has the ability    18 days.
                                                                                                    May 23, 2007
                                 to drive a vehicle with the                 A DUI conviction
and legislative demands for
                                 caution characteristic of a      WILL increase your car            “Asian Affair
stricter penalties.              sober person of ordinary         insurance and require pay-
           Depending on the      prudence, under the same         ments of fines and penalties
gravity, i.e. death or serious   or similar circumstances.        that could total in the thou-         At Viejas
bodily injuries, property                                         sands. Based on the facts of
                                           VC 23152 (b) pro-
damage or criminal history                                        the case, an effective attor-      Members: $15
                                 hibits driving at a time when
of an offender, the charge-                                       ney may attack the legality
                                 the driver’s blood alcohol                                           Guests: $30
able statutes under the Ve-      level is 0.08 percent or         of the traffic stop and sub-
hicle Code (“VC”), 23152                                          sequent arrest. If an attor-
                                 more by weight. The crux                                            Details to Follow!
(misdemeanor, no-injury)                                          ney is successful in proving
                                 of the inquiry that the
and 23153 (felony-                                                to the court that the traffic
                                 prosecution must prove
misdemeanor injury of-                                            stop was invalid, the crimi-
                                 beyond a reasonable doubt
fense), the prosecuting                                           nal case will be dismissed.
                                 to the jury is that “at the
agency has discretion to file                                     This conclusion in the
                                 time of driving”, the blood
a DUI either as a misde-                                          criminal arena may initiate a
                                 alcohol level is 0.08 and
meanor with maximum                                               favorable set aside of your
                                 above. As for the defense,
county jail incarceration of                                      license suspension by the
                                 it must sway the jurors to
1 year, penalties and fees in    find that offender’s blood       DMV. In a nutshell, hiring
the thousands, court ap-                                          an effective criminal defense
                                 alcohol level was at the
proved DUI treatment pro-                                         lawyer immediately to fight
                                 level of 0.08 “at the time of
grams, restitution to the                                         your DUI arrest is critical in
                                 testing” but not at the time
victims, work release pro-                                        obtaining a favorable result.
                                 of driving. Clearly, hiring a
grams (“Caltrans’) and/or        good defense attorney to
community service. Felony
                                 focus on this critical differ-   LAW OFFICES OF CARINA
charges could invoke a sen-
                                 ence is key whether a de-        CASTANEDA
tence of state prison. Both
                                 fendant will be found guilty
mandate probation which                                           Office: 310-601-7144
                                 or not.
could either be summary                                           Direct: 310-676-3023
(simply obey all laws) or                  VC 23157: author-
formal (mandatory meetings       izes police officers to give
                                                                                                                                April 2007
                                      FACCSD E-Newsletter                                                           Page 6

Our Members Write ...                                                                       Members are encouraged to submit
                                                                                           business related articles—between 350
                                                                                            to 400 words. All articles maybe ed-
                                                                                              ited to fit our newsletter format.
  Insurance for Employment Practices Liability                                                     Send to editor@faccsd.com
  By: Tammy Manzano

            The number of em-        against employers. The Civil       (including age, gender, religion,         Businesses can take steps
ployment-related claims has          Rights Act of 1991, for in-        race and sexual orientation),        to reduce the possibility of em-
increased dramatically in the        stance, allows victims of inten-   harassment and wrongful ter-         ployee lawsuits. For example,
past decade. And while multi-        tional discrimination to request   mination. An important feature       companies may have legal
million dollar verdicts against      a jury trial and seek compensa-    of EPLI is the inclusion of legal    counsel review policies and
large corporations make the          tory and punitive damages.         defense costs.                       procedures regarding harass-
headlines, claims against            Many states and municipalities           For some organizations,        ment, hiring and firing. Addi-
smaller companies are becom-         also have enacted their own        EPLI coverage can be com-            tionally, the Equal Employment
ing more common.                     statutes and ordinances.           bined with Directors and Offi-       Opportunity Commission offers
      Faced with that possibility,        Volatility in the economy,    cers Liability coverage (D&O),       several publications intended to
owners of small and mid-sized        the changing nature of the         usually for a nominal increase       help small and mid-sized busi-
businesses are giving in-            employer/employee relation-        in premium. Directors and            nesses (www.eeoc.gov).
creased attention to State           ship and the publicity that sur-   Officers Liability protection is          Stop by my office for more
Farm® Employment Practices           rounds large jury verdicts are     important, because in some
                                                                                                             information on these policies.
Liability Insurance (EPLI).          other often repeatedly cited as    cases, these executives can be
      During the 1990’s, Con-        causes for the increase in em-     found personally liable for neg-
                                                                                                             Tammy Manzano
gress passed several laws            ployee claims against employ-      ligent acts, errors or omissions     Lic#0772765
affecting the employer/              ers.                               in the performance of their
                                                                                                             State Farm® Agent
employee relationship. Laws               EPLI protects the em-         duties.                              619/ 482-6001
such as the Americans with           ployer against claims by em-
                                                                        State Farm also offers a pol-
Disabilities Act and the Family      ployees (or applicants for em-
                                                                        icy appropriate for not-for-profit
Medical Leave Act have cre-          ployment). Common allega-
                                                                        organizations that includes
ated new avenues for litigation      tions include discrimination
                                                                        D&O and EPLI coverage.

 FACC Calendar of Events

    Thursday, April 12, 2007 - FACC Board Meets
    Monday, April 30, 2007 - General Meeting
   (Vote on Recommended Bylaw Revision)
 Friday, May 4, 2007 - Scholarship applications are due
    Thursday, May 10, 2007 -- FACC Board Meets
    Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - Asian Affair Mixer                                                If you would like to submit
                                                                                                      an event for listing,
  at Viejas ($15/member or $30/non-member)                                                                 Contact
 Thursday, June 14, 2007 - Scholarship                                                              Debbie Discar-Espe
      and Business Award Presentation                                                                          at
    Thursday, June 21, 2007 - General Elections
                                                                                                        April 2007
                              FACCSD E-Newsletter                                             Page 7

Gawad Kalinga
                                                                         the GK movie trilogy
                                                               Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 5:30 pm
         FACC would like to invite everyone to watch
 the WOW GK SD premiere “Paraiso, “ the Gawad                              Spreckels Theatre
 Kalinga movie. "Paraiso" the GK movie trilogy star-                        121 Broadway
 ring Cesar Montano, Maricel Soriano & Michael V.
                                                                         San Diego CA 92101
           The cost is $150 per person with $100 as a
 tax-deductible donation going directly to funding GK             Dinner & Drinks will be served.
 villages in San Diego's name. You can track the build-
 ing of these villages and you can watch your invest-                       Formal Attire
 ment and the miracle unfold by logging on to                              Cost $150/person
 www.gk777sd.com. It is a formal event to aid the
 work of Gawad Kalinga. To build homes for the poor-              ($100 tax deductible donation)
 est of the poor in the Philippines.
                                                                     Call For More Information:
                                                                    Albert Halili at 858/ 695-6859

Free Legal Clinic
by Southwest Center for Asian Pacific American Law (SCAPAL)

          SCAPAL is a nonprofit                   Since its incorporation in    Classes are typically offered on
 public benefit corporation formed        February 2000, SCAPAL has             Tuesday, Wednesday or Thurs-
 by concerned professionals from          provided free workshops, legal        day evening from 6 pm to 8 pm,
 San Diego’s legal, business and          resources and educational pro-        and the topics range from wills,
 academic communities for the pur-        grams to low income residents of      estate and financial planning;
 pose of preserving and protecting        San Diego County. This year           employment and labor laws;
 the legal rights of individuals in the   they would like to bring Commu-       landlord tenant issues; elder
 San Diego region who do not have         nity Law School directly into the     abuse; and consumer identity
 adequate access to the legal sys-        Asian Pacific Islander neighbor-      theft.
 tem . Welcome to Southwest Cen-          hoods. They are seeking out
                                                                                        For more information,
 ter for Asian Pacific American Law,      organizations that would like to
                                                                                contact Palma Hooper, presi-
 Inc. (SCAPAL).                           hold their law classes for their      dent, 858/ 571-9070 or visit their
                                                                                website at www.scapal.org
                                       April 2007
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                                   April 2007
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