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Research Paper


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									Research Paper

Each student group will undertake research on one of the following topics and write a
paper that describes the topic in detail.

Some topics that could be considered are:

   1. Models that companies use in Personalized recommendations
   2. Affiliate marketing
   3. Different types of auctions and auction rules in B2B and how they affect results
   4. Different types of auctions and auction rules in B2C and how they affect results
   5. Models used for targeting personalized banner ads
   6. How to measure success or failure of banner advertising
   7. How online market research is conducted and its limitations
   8. Call centers – inbound versus outbound
   9. How to develop online communities
   10. Use of experiments to understand consumer behavior online
   11. Analysis of web-log files
   12. Economics of permission marketing
   13. E-coupons, who uses them and their effectiveness
   14. Dynamic pricing on the web
   15. Research studies about what factors make for an effective web design
   16. Information presentation and search behavior online
   17. New product design using the web for feedback from consumers
   18. Internet privacy and personalization – legal and ethical issues, debates, and
       government policies

Project will be graded on:
        How well a group has conducted research about a chosen topic i.e., depth of
        How well is the report written – grammar, spelling etc.
        How well the paper is organized - Credit will be given for organizing information
        in tables, graphs or other ways. These have to be original organization of content
        All sources cited.

This report will be 7-10 pages long, double spaced (in 12 font Times Roman font). It has
to be in HTML format so that I can put it up on the web site for other students to see and

   1. All internet sources have to be cited properly.
   2. No cut and paste is allowed from websites or other information available on the
      web. We will check for such copying using software that allows us to verify
      easily how much of the content of a paper matches content available on the web.
   3. You can link to a particular website address in the paper itself.

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