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					Find popular intelligent Huawei smartphone—Huawei Honor U8860

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Summary: This article is mainly introduce the Huawei Huawei Honor U8860 for
your reference.

Huawei 1.4GHz single-core smartphone HUAWEI U8860: slender shape,
easy to use

As the biggest competitive phone manufacturer Huawei. Huawei aimed at the
phone has a very high degree of adhesion HUAWEI U8860 big-screen smart
phone users in the frequent use of audio, video, community, games, and call
function, this Huawei Honor phone is equipped with 4-inch touch main screen,
850 x 480pixels screen resolution, and will provide a thinner ,narrow and more
easily single-hand operation, meanwhile with the lower power consumption
characteristics of the longer standby and talk time. The HUAWEI U8860 also
joined the exclusive rotating 3D interface, total it has three kinds of UI for your
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search for convenience.

Excellent smooth performance:

The operating system of HUAWEI U8860 getting Huawei android 2.3 system,
add the Qualcomm MSM8255T, coupled with the excellent performance of the
1.4GHz single core processor, together with 512MB of RAM / 4GB ROM
memory, support for 32GB micro SD memory card expansion at the same time,
Now no need to afraid of too big photos , large files, completely enjoy to use it.
This Huawei smartphone --Huawei Honor U8860 also offers up to 160GB
storage services to users.

Enjoying the multisensory of high-tech:

Huawei smartphone HUAWEI U8860 on the back equipped with eight
million-pixel CMOS camera lens, the front there are 300 000 pixel video
camera, also cover the favored use functions, such as 3.5G, Wi-Fi wireless
Internet access, GPS, Bluetooth, USB and to connect to Google's mobile
services, and built-in 3D touch album playback interface and a variety of audio
and video formats, regardless of high-speed network traffic, web browsing,
applications, audio-visual or file downloads, are exhaustive. The Huawei
smartphone U8860 also uses a 1,930 mAh large battery capacity, up to 72
hours of standby time, can play the movie for about 15 hours of continuous
music playback 20 hours.

Huawei Honor --HUAWEI U8860 features:

*The vertical body design, 3.5mm headphone jack
* 4 inch FWVGA capacitive multi-touch screen, screen resolution of 854 x
* using Huawei android 2.3 operating system
* Built-in Qualcomm, MSM8255T 1.4GHz single-core processors, Adreno220
* 800-megapixel CMOS camera lens, autofocus
* 300,000 pixel video camera
* Support Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR / USB, FM Radio
* Support Wi-Fi wireless network, HSDPA, 14.4 Mbps / of HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
* Support GPS / A-GPS satellite navigation
* Built-in 512MB of RAM / 4GB ROM memory
* through the micro SD memory card expansion, the maximum memory
capacity to 32GB

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Description: This article is mainly introduce the Huawei Huawei Honor U8860 for your reference.