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									                              Line 6 Electric Guitars
Electric Guitars are the heart of rock music and to strum one is almost like strumming
the core of the earth. Most bands and musicians enjoy the versatility of their electric
guitar so that any tune can be modified and changed as per their instruction. Line 6 is
perhaps the only experts who understand the modifications and amplifications needed
in an electric guitar. Essentially into amplifiers and advanced circuitry, Line 6 has helped
in creating guitars that have an advanced circuitry within to alter tones of each and
every electric signal from the electric guitar.

Variax is a unique line of Line 6 electric guitars that are modeled to imitate the tones of
any notable acoustic or electric sound. Perhaps, the height of versatility can be achieved
by the imitating a banjo and a sitar.

As early as 2010, luthier James Tyler transpired his designs of an electric guitar with
updated technology and new body designs. Thus, releasing three essential models to
the old designs:
      JTV59: Molded from the designs of single-cut tonewoods that have been tested
         over time, it has a PAF-style alnico humbuckers with Stoptail Bridge.
      JTV 69: This is a classic solid body with three-pickups and an alder body. A
         vintage Tyler neck and a custom tremolo bridge.
      JTV 89: This has a maple neck that is three-piece with a reverse headstock and a
         Tyler’s Fast ‘n’ Flat neck profile. It also has a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard.

These Line 6 electric guitars are all made in the US and some are made from Korea.
They all come with standard pickups with the electronic modeling enhancements.

The Line 6 electric guitars are modulated and designed for those who enjoy fiddling
with each sound and thus, creating poetry of their own. These guitars have been very
popular over the years and technicians behind every electric guitar are true to their
commitment of providing the ideal guitar for musicians.
Pricing of each guitar is reasonable and fit for any musician trying to make their own
mark. It has always been seen that the Line 6 electric guitars are made with the most
cost-effective innovative technologies while modeling them. On owning one of the
various ranges of Line 6 electric guitars, you will find the timeless quality of being able
to create groundbreaking sounds.

Line 6 electric guitars are durable and sturdy as they take the brunt of any powerful
performance and create history amongst fans. Musicians swear by the unique sound
created by Line 6 electric guitars and by the comfort fit of each modeled guitar. Each
guitar has a part of the technician creativity and ingenuity in engineering and design
that has made the Line 6 electric guitars popular in a short span of time. Whether you
are playing heavy metal, rock or jazz, these guitars will give your composition a touch of
your exclusive personality as your strum your heart out. If you are interested in looking
at the accompaniments to the electric guitars, Line 6 has very popular guitar amplifiers
and other stomp boxes to fit the bill.

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