Small Business Grants (part-2)

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					                      Small Business Grants

What is Small Business?

The formal (government) description of a “Small Business” is one that
has less than 500 workers. However, I suppose that smaller
companies would consider an organization with 400 to 499 workers to
be “Big” – at least when in comparison to their own.

Latest paper content mentioned that “78% of smaller companies have
10 workers or less.” I’m sure that the account rights of the National
Federation of Separate Business and the National Organization of the
Self-Employed would recognize with that figure.

Here’s another one. There are 1 thousand dining places in the U.S.,
and 93% of them are categorized as a Little Business. Sure, they
may have 20, 30 or 40 workers, but a lot of those workers are part-
time and rely on guidelines for most of their earnings. By the way,
how many “Mom and Pop” dining places have you seen shut up in
this recession?

Of course all smaller companies are not just regional functions. For
example I know of an organization in the southeast part of Florida
that workers nearly 200 and marketplaces their items on a across the
nation range. And there is a catalog shopping organization in Co that
has less than 10 workers, but controls to offer several thousand cash
value of items all over the U.S.

                Government Business Grants
    Consult the Collection of Government Home Assistance

Lastly, you can seek advice from the Collection of Government Home
Support (CFDA). The CFDA provides a complete list of all federal
applications that provide online business funds to condition and city
authorities. These funds are assessable to not for profit organizations,
educational institution, and individuals. You can get on the CFDA website,
and find the list of applications that are available.
Small Company Administration Economical commitment Department

    Small Business Economical commitment Division
The mission of the Little Company Economical commitment Company
(SBIC) program is to improve and activate the national economic climate
and smaller companies by exciting and adding to the flow of private equity
finance capital and long lasting loan funds for the sound final
Small Company Economical Assistance

     Small Business Economical Assistance
SBA is dedicated to helping smaller companies, which are the spinal column
of the countries economic climate, flourish. SBA has developed a number of
economic applications that address the various needs of smaller companies.
Economic Progression Directory

    The Economical Progression Directory
Directory of monetary development websites of over 2000 economic
development agencies and professionals worldwide with regularly updated
economic development links and information for buyers, sellers, property
divisions and professionals.
Catalog of Government Home Support (CFDA)

    Catalog of Government Home Support (CFDA)

The online Collection of Government Home Support (CFDA) provides
access to a data source of all federal applications available to condition and
city authorities (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized
Indian tribe governments; etc.

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