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      CLEAR LAKE CRIME WATCH                                         MIDDLEBROOK COMMUNITY NEWS
                                                                 Middlebrook is ready to dive into summer with a new sum-
                  PERSONAL SAFETY                                mer pool schedule. Last summer the hours changed to offer
These days most of us are in such a hurry or have so many        residents an additional half an hour to swim. The pool now
other things on our minds that one of the last things we think   closes at 8:30pm. As always, you can look at the neighbor-
of is our own safety.                                            hood website for pool hours. The scheduled season is as
Security At Home: Make sure you always lock your exte-           follows:
rior doors and windows. Most of the burglars that prey on        May 6 - May 28 Saturdays & Sundays 12:00pm-8:30pm;
our homes prefer to do so in the daytime when people are at      1:00pm-8:30pm
work to avoid a confrontation with a homeowner. Always
acknowledge a caller at your door. Before opening the door       May 26 Friday 12:00pm-8:30pm
make sure you are aware who is on the outside the door. If       May 29 Memorial DayMonday 12:00pm-8:30pm
you do not have a window on or near the door, you should         May 31 - Aug 13 Mon, Wed - Sat, Sunday 10:00am-8:30pm;
have a peephole to observe callers at the door. Burglars         1:00pm-8:30pm
commonly knock on the front and back doors before break-
ing into a home. Don’t be fooled by a well-dressed person.       July 4 - 4th of July Tuesday 10:00am-8:30pm
We commonly picture a crook to be dressed in shabby or           August 15- Sept. 3 Mon, Wed-Fri, Saturday, Sunday
unkempt clothes and to look mean, as we see them in prison.      4:00pm-8:30pm; 11:00am-8:30pm; 1:00pm-8:30pm
But sometimes there are well-dressed people that will vic-
                                                                 Sept 4 - Labor Day Monday 11:00am-8:30pm
timize us. Get to know your neighbors and establish a good
relationship.                                                    The pool is closed Tuesdays for regular cleaning; however,
Outside lighting is a good crime deterrent at night. Don’t                                             (MIDDLEBROOK NEWS con’t on page 5)
leave house keys in “secret” hiding places outside the house.
Crooks know where to look. Do not keep extra keys laying             Check Our Coupon Pages!
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Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 1                                   • 281-488-7422
   EMERGENCY SERVICES                                              HARRIS COUNTY
   Emergency Only                                  911             Main Switch Board                          713-755-5000
   HPD Dispatch                            713-222-3131            Animal Control Office                      281-999-3191
   Houston Fire Department                 713-227-2323            Children's Protective Services             713-626-5701
   Clear Lake Emergency Medical            281-488-0022            Courthouse - Clear Lake                    281-486-7250
   Poison Control Center                1-800-POISON-1             Flood Control                              713-684-4000
                                                                   Mosquito Control                           713-440-4800
   NON-EMERGENCY NUMBERS                                           Appraisal District                         713-957-7800
   Clear Lake Substation                  281-218-3800             Pollution Control                          713-920-2831
   Constable Bill Bailey, Pct.           8281-488-4040
   Sheriff                                281-488-4717
   Nassau Bay Police Dept.                281-333-2212             COMMUNITY SERVICES
                                                                   Nassau Bay City Hall                       281-333-4211
   UTILITIES                                                       YMCA                                       281-486-9622
   Reliant Energy                          866-469-2464            Boy Scouts of America                      713-756-3383
   Electric Company Choices                866-797-4839            Girl Scouts of America                   1-800-460-4766
   Centerpoint Energy                      713-659-2111            Freeman Memorial Library                   281-488-1906
   SBC                                   1-800-246-8464            Clear Lake Community Assoc.                281-488-0360
   Verizon                               1-800-483-5000            Space Center Houston                       281-244-2100
   City of Pasadena                        281-475-7884            Armand Bayou Nature Center                 281-474-2551
   Clear Lake City Water Authority         281-488-1164            CIA Services                               713-981-9000
   Republic Waste                         281-446-2030             Boy Scouts of America                      713-659-8111
   Century Industries                      713-631-3300
   Waste Management                        713-686-6666            SCHOOLS
   City of Houston (Trash Pinebrook)       713-837-9299            Clear Lake High School                     281-284-1900
   Eagle Broadband Security              1-877-239-5473            Ninth Grade Center                         281-488-6670
                                                                   Space Center Intermediate                  281-284-3300
   HOSPITALS                                                       Brookwood Elementary                       281-284-5600
   Christus St. John                       281-333-5503            Armand Bayou Elementary                    281-488-4023
   Clear Lake Regional Med. Ctr.           281-332-2511            Falcon Pass Elementary                     281-284-6200
   Memorial Southeast                      281-929-6100            CCISD Tax Office                           281-284-0000

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                     Page 2                    • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 3 • 281-488-7422
                                            (CRIME WATCH con’t from page 1)
                                            around the house or on a key holder in the kitchen.
                                            Security Away from Home: You must know that anytime,
                                            anywhere, you can be a victim of a crime. These thugs are
                                            looking for easy targets. Just because a business has secu-
                                            rity personnel in the parking lot does not make you immune
                                            from being a target of a crime. When you pull into a park-
                                            ing lot, no matter where you are going, be aware of your
                                            surroundings. Be alert and pay attention to people walking
                                            and vehicles driving through the area. Avoid going shop-
                                            ping alone. Try to park under parking lot lights if it is dark
                                            or if it will be dark when you come out. Lock your vehicle
                                            when you get out. Before you leave the store or business
                                            have your car keys in hand. Don’t be fumbling through your
                                            pockets or digging in your purse. Avoid using your cell phone
                                            while walking to and from your vehicle. This is a major
                                            distraction. Ladies, avoid carrying a large purse. Use a small
                                            purse you can place securely in front of you or under your
                                            arm or use a fanny pack. If someone does grab your purse,
                                            especially if they are in a moving vehicle, let them have it. If
                                            you are making a night deposit from your business, do not get
                                            lax. Have another person follow you to the bank. Don’t make
                                            deposits at the same time every day or week. If you feel some-
                                            body is following you, drive to the nearest police station or to a
                                            well-lit parking lot where there are other people. Invest in a
                                            cellular phone even if it’s just for emergencies.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 4                 • 281-488-7422
(MIDDLEBROOK NEWS con’t from page 1)

it will be open on Tuesday, July 4.
Residents with children are encouraged to sign up for FREE
swim lessons over the Memorial Day weekend. Registra-
tion times and sign-up sheets will be at the pool house in
Just a quick note on pool safety: Please review the pool
rules with your family. For the safety and comfort of all
residents, the pool management company does enforce the
rules. Parents must attend to their children in the wading
pool and older children are prohibited from using it.
The April Yard of the Month is 16462 Parksley. Thank
you for taking pride in your home. It shows!
Website Visit for up-
to-date information about Middlebrook. We welcome your
comments and suggestions.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                    Page 5 • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 6 • 281-488-7422
                   SCHOOL NEWS
The last few weeks of school are very busy and exciting.
PTA has the following events planned:
5/5 Movin’ On Up Mixer for all SCIS students; 7:00–9:00pm
5/8 PTA General Meeting and PTA Awards Night; 7:00pm
5/17 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
Also, the school usually holds awards nights for each grade.
These are different from the 8th grade promotion ceremony,
which is sponsored by the PTA. Watch for information from
the school for those dates. The following individuals were
elected as PTA officers for next year:
President-Karen Alderson; 1st Vice President-Patty
Romanko; 2nd Vice President-Gwen Gates; Secretary- Tricia
Totten; and Treasurer-Lisa Holbrook.
The PTA recently provided the school with funds for the
following Special Purchases: science consumables, a die-
cutting machine and starter kit, an author visit to the library,
various teaching resources, electronics snap circuit kits, spec-
tral tubes for science, and funds to cover a portion of the
annual school banner. Thanks to everyone who supported
PTA and helped make these donations possible. They will
enhance the learning opportunity for many students.

             PROJECT GRADUATION ‘06
Seniors, Graduation is less than three weeks!! The Project
Graduation ’06 Committee encourages every graduating
senior to attend this event! The hypnotist is always a huge
hit, the magician will amaze you, local bands will rock you
and the casino will entertain you. There are tons of prizes,
great food, it is a last chance to say goodbye to your class-
mates and best of all, it is all brought to you free from your
community of concerned parents and businesses! Parents,
please encourage your senior to come to this substance-free
celebration of their commencement! Volunteers for night
of Project Graduation: We still need many more volun-
teers for the night of Project Graduation. If you want to
volunteer, please contact Bonnie Conrad at There are two shifts: Saturday May
27, 10:00pm-2:00am or 2:00am-6:00am. Your relatives are
also welcome to volunteer. No one will be allowed to work
that has not been signed up beforehand. Fundraising: The
raffle drawing will be held May 8 at CLHS and winners
will be notified via telephone. Raffle tickets will be sold by
seniors until May 7. If you want to buy a raffle ticket or
donate to Project Graduation, please contact Nancy Parker
at Videos Wanted: If you would

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                         Page 7 • 281-488-7422
                                            like to share your videos at Project Graduation, please con-
                                            tact Dan 832-385-4259 or Junior par-
                                            ents, you are needed to help decorate the school during the
                                            day and early evening of May 26. Please contact Susan
                                            Lindamood at 281-280-9700 or ( or
                                            Lisa Holbrook at ( if you are
                                            willing to help. Many people are needed to convert the
                                            school into a party atmosphere.

                                                   ST. CLARE EXPANSION CONTINUES
                                            St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School will continue its expan-
                                            sion to middle school with the addition of 7th grade in the
                                            2006-2007 school year. According to Principal Al Varisco,
                                            recent acquisition of a large modular building will provide
                                            space for a fully-equipped middle school science lab to
                                            complement the schoolís computer lab. If current enroll-
                                            ment trends continue, Varisco has plans to add another 2nd
                                            grade classroom, also. St. Clare School, located in Clear
                                            Lake, serves PreK-3 year olds through middle school, with
                                            half-day Early Childhood programs, as well as before and
                                            after school care. Contact Maureen Bispeck in the school
                                            office at 281-286-3395 for admission details, a tour of school
                                            facilities, or for requirements to teach at St. Clare School.
                                            Resumes are now being accepted for a 2nd grade teacher,
                                            an Early Childhood Program Coordinator, and an Extended
                                            Day Aide. If you are interested, please drop off or send
                                            your resume to Principal Al Varisco, St. Clare School, 3131
                                            El Dorado Blvd., Houston 77059.

                                                    CLEAR LAKE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
                                            Clear Lake Christian School located at 14325 Crescent Land-
                                            ing in Houston will be hosting several sports camps this
                                            summer for girls and boys in grades 3rd through 12th.
                                            • Football camp will be June 5-8 from 9:00am-noon
                                            • Basketball camp will be June 12-15 from 9:00am-noon
                                            • Baseball camp will be June 26-29 from 9:00am-noon
                                            • Two (2) Volleyball camps will be held. The first one will
                                            be for 1st grade through 6th grade July 24-27 from 9:00am-
                                            noon. The second one will be for 7th grade through 12th
                                            grade July 31-August 4 from 9:00am-noon.
                                            Each camp costs $60 per student per camp. For more infor-
                                            mation please call the school at 281-488-4883 or visit the
                                            website at

                                                             VOLLEYBALL CAMP
                                            Lutheran South Academy will be hosting their annual Vol-
                                            leyball Camp from June 5-8 from 9:00am-noon (1:00 on
                                            the 8th). The camp is available to girls entering 5th-8th
                                            grade. The cost is $80 and includes a free t-shirt. Lutheran

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 8               • 281-488-7422
South Academy’s volleyball camp will be a great opportu-
nity for girls to improve and refine their skills, as well as
introduce those girls who may not have had experience in
the game of volleyball. The camp will include drills and
practice sessions to work on the mechanics of volleyball, as
well as scrimmages and competition to allow the players a
feel for competitive, yet fun matches. The camp will be led
by varsity head coach Geoff Stresman, in his 4th year at
LSA. Coach Stresman was an assistant head coach at
Concordia University, Ann Arbor before coming to LSA.
Also leading the camp will be LSA assistant coaches Kelly
Himmler and Sandy Osten. The LSA varsity volleyball team
will be used as instructors during the camp. The volleyball
ball team has finished second in the state in TAPPS 5A in
two of the last three years. You may register for this camp
on line at or by calling Geoff
Stresman at 281-464-8299. Deadline for a free t-shirt is
May 20th.                    (SCHOOL NEWS con’t on page 44)

    We Welcome Your Articles...
 If you wish to present your articles or announcements for church,
 community, civic organizations, school organizations, or any other special
 upcoming events please mail them to: Community Newsletters Inc.,
 17301 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058, or you may e-mail us at:, Fax: (281) 488-1149. Articles are subject to
 editing and they are published on a space available basis free of charge.
 The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the preceding month.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                                         Page 9 • 281-488-7422
                                                        CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS
                                                       AMERICAN BEGONIA SOCIETY
                                             American Begonia Society, Houston Satellites Branch in-
                                             vites you to its meetings, every fourth Tuesday of each
                                             month, at 10:00am in the Community Room at Amegy Bank,
                                             303 E. Main St. League City, Texas 77573. Programs given
                                             on how to grow begonias and shade loving plants. Bring a
                                             friend and enjoy warm hospitality and friendliness and be-
                                             gonias. For more information call 281-538-1880.

                                                           FALCON SOCCER CAMP
                                             Falcon Soccer Camp is now taking registrations for its an-
                                             nual summer session. Camp will be held at Dad's (Finkel)
                                             Fields in Clear Lake off of Pineloch and Highway 3. It will
                                             take place June 26-29, from 6:00-8:00 in the evening, and
                                             is open to kids aged 4-incoming freshmen. Cost is $75. Many

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 10              • 281-488-7422
local high school coaches, as well as professional trainers
and college players will be coaching the session. Call 281-
334-5612 for more information.

The American Business Women's Association, League City
Charter Chapter, is a group of career-minded professionals
who support the goals of the organization. ABWA's mis-
sion is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupa-
tions and to provide opportunities for them to help them-
selves and others grow personally and professionally through
leadership, education, networking support, and national rec-
ognition. The League City Charter Chapter meets on the
3rd Thursday of every month at the South Shore Harbour
Country Club at 4300 South Shore Blvd, in League City
beginning at 6:30pm. For more information on the League
City Charter Chapter or to check out the program for this
meeting, visit our website at For ad-
ditional information on ABWA, search the ABWA national
organization website at

Great assortment of activities throughout the month for
MOMS that stay-at-home, who work part-time and who
work from home; we also have playgroups that meet on a
weekly basis and a monthly MOMS Night Out. Kids are
welcome to ALL events. For more information visit our
website at

                BAY AREA A&M CLUB
Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 11:30am at
the Bay Area Country Club (5500 Genoa Red Bluff Road,
Pasadena). It is a luncheon meeting with interesting pro-
grams and good Aggie Fellowship. If you have questions,
please call 281-487-0093. Visit our website at http//

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                     Page 11 • 281-488-7422
                                                                                      USA BEAUTY
                                                                                      PAGEANT AT
                                                                                    Twins, Katarina
                                                                                    Dorinda DelCamp
                                                                                    and Dakota Ross
                                                                                    DelCamp of Bay
                                                                                    Oaks, recently
                                                                                    competed in the
                                             Sunburst USA Beauty Pageant in the one year old category
                                             at Baybrook Mall. Dakota was awarded Most Photogenic
                                             and Runner-up to the King. Katarina was awarded Best
                                             Attire, Most Photogenic, Best Hair, and was crowned the
                                             2006 Sunburst Beauty Queen. The twins will now go on to
                                             compete at State on May 26 and 27 at the Sheraton Hous-
                                             ton-Brookhollow. Good Luck Katarina and Dakota!

                                                  Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes
                                                    For a penny and a half per Home!
                                                       Call Today! (281) 488-7422

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 12             • 281-488-7422
             SENIOR PROGRAMS
CLASP at UHCL is pleased to announce its schedule of
programs "Visions in Our Midst" Senior Speakers Series.
5/11 US Immigration Policy & Border Control & The Need
for Reform by Charles Foster
All programs are from 5:30-7:00pm, programs are free, &
held at UHCL Bayou bldg.-in the Forest Room. Free Park-
ing in Lot R. Please call UHCL 281-283-2021 for special
accommodations or more information.

A special Memorial Day Service will be held on May 29th
beginning at 9:30am at the Houston VA National Cemetery,
located at 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive. This year, the
Department of Veterans Affairs is pleased to announce that
W.E.B. (Willie) Blackmon, retired Houston Municipal
Courts judge and Texas Air National Guard lieutenant colo-
nel, will give the Memorial Day address. There will also be
many symbolic highlights including flyovers by the Texas
Air National Guard, 147th Fighter Wing and a United States
Coast Guard rescue helicopter; taps performed by Sgt. Mark
Collado, United States Marine Corps; a release of doves; a
riderless horse procession by the Houston Police Mounted

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                    Page 13 • 281-488-7422
                                             Patrol; Amazing Grace performed by Bill Robertson of the
                                             Houston Highlander Pipe Band; a cannon salute; and a rifle
                                             salute by the VFW District #4 Ceremonial Detail accompa-
                                             nied by Co. A 13th U.S. Regular Infantry with muskets.
                                             The Memorial Day Service, honoring deceased United States
                                             servicemen and women, is free and open to the public. For
                                             more information, visit

                                                   HOUSTON AREA LEAGUE OF PC USERS
                                             5/5 1:00pm - Computer Investing Meeting, Ed Nelson, HAL-
                                             PC member, will provide additional insight into Nat Assoc
                                             Investors Corp NAIC investing principles and demonstrate
                                             how to evaluate stocks fast with powerful, easy-to-use soft-
                                             ware. Get your favorite stock candidates evaluated and ques-
                                             tions answered. Open to the public. 400 Medical Cntr Blvd
                                             - Suite 210.
                                             5/20 9:30am - Digital Photography Meeting, Steven
                                             Whatley, HAL-PC member, "Portable Photo Storage De-
                                             vices". Steven will summarize new hardware devices that
                                             will help us avoid taking a laptop with us on a vacation to
                                             download our digital photos. Bring your camera and ques-
                                             tions to the meeting. Open to the public. CL Medical Twr -
                                             4th Flr - 450 Medical Cntr Blvd.
                                             5/27 9:30am - General Computer Meeting, Norm Massicotte,
                                             HAL-PC member, "Sharing Family Memories on DVD".
                                             Norm will explain how to convert precious family memo-
                                             ries archived on movie film, video tape, 35 mm slides, etc.
                                             and create a professional-looking DVD. Come to the meet-
                                             ing and learn how you can clean out your closet and be-
                                             come a family genius. Bring your questions to the meeting.
                                             Open to the public. CL Medical Twr - 4th Flr - 450 Medical
                                             Cntr Blvd.

                                                  TRYOUTS FOR COMPETITIVE SOCCER FOR
                                                    BOYS AND GIRLS - UNITED ALLIANCE
                                             United Alliance, a highly competitive soccer club known
                                             for quality training at reasonable costs, is holding spring
                                             tryouts for girls and boys. Motivated youths no longer have
                                             to travel to the far side of town to play Super II and Divi-
                                             sion I through the Premier level. Tryouts are May 1-3 for
                                             those beginning competitive soccer at the U11 level with
                                             birthdays between August 1, 1995 and July 31, 1996. Girls
                                             try out 6:00-7:30pm on May 1 and 3 and 7:30-9:00pm on
                                             May 2. Boys try out on May 1 and 3 at 7:30-9:00pm and
                                             6:00-7:30pm on May 2. Tryouts are at the new UA Soccer
                                             Fields behind Barcena's Mexican Restaurant at 2200 W. Bay
                                             Area Blvd. Rainout date is May 4, 6:00-7:30pm for girls
                                             and 7:30-9:00pm for boys. UA is looking for dedicated
                                             players ready to exceed their current abilities. UA trainers,
                                             holding major soccer training credentials, have a record of

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 14               • 281-488-7422
helping players excel in high school, college and Olympic
Development programs. Players need to bring a soccer ball,
shin guards, cleats, and water and arrive 45 minutes early to
register. Tryouts for older players are May 30 - June 1 for
girls and June 2-4 for boys. For more information please
call the United Alliance Hotline at 281-386-7922 or visit
the UA website at

Students who engage in service-learning are more likely to
be politically and socially active in their communities, serve
as role models and participate in service as adults, says a
2005 study by Points of Light Foundation. Bay Area teens
may take the first step in becoming leaders in their commu-
nity through the Commanders Program. The summer day
course promotes community service and civic involvement
through classroom activities and service projects. The pro-
gram additionally offers community service hours needed
for credit appeal, graduation requirements and college ap-
plications. Participants may register to participate in one of
four weeklong sessions scheduled for June 26-30, July 10-
14, July 17-21, and July 24-28. The Commanders Program
will be held Monday through Friday from 12:00pm to
4:00pm, at the United Way Service Center at 1300 Bay Area
Boulevard, Houston. The opportunity is open to those 13
to 17 years of age. Registration is on a first-come first-
serve basis for up to 20 students per week, at a cost of $5.00.
Call 281-282-6035 or email for
registration information. The Commanders Program is of-
fered by Volunteer Houston Bay Area, a nonprofit organi-
zation with a mission to promote volunteerism.

Space Day, an educational event which will provide kids of
all ages a chance to celebrate space exploration, will take
place on May 6, 2006, from 9:30am to 3:00pm. An as-
tronomy “Star Party” may follow in the evening at the ob-
servatory if the weather allows for star gazing. This event
is an ideal learning opportunity for children ages 5 to 13,
although there will be something for every age group at
Space Day. The Challenger Learning Center will be open
all day, featuring a simulated spaceship missions and mis-
sion control room for kids to experience a “real” space mis-
sion with a NASA flight controller! Speakers will talk to
children about what it’s like to work at NASA in fields such
as Space Food and Space Suits. Schedules pending, astro-
nauts will also be available to sign autographs for part of
the day. Plus there will be a space scavenger hunt, Mars
Rovers, balloon rockets, fun science demonstrations, and
much much more! The event is free, but admission to the

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                        Page 15 • 281-488-7422
Brazos Bend State Park will be $4 per person over age 12.
                                                                              JUDGE DITTA LAYS DOWN
Guests may bring their own food, or food will be available
                                                                               THE LAW FOR SCOUTS
for purchase at the observatory. Brazos Bend State Park is
located at 21901 FM 762, Needville, Texas. Camping is
available at the park for $15/night. For directions to the
park and more details about the event, please visit the Space
Day website:

                                                                Judge Ditta opened his courtroom on April 6th for the Bears
                                                                of Cub Scout Pack 956. He graciously spoke to a group of
                                                                active boys about what can happen if they ever take part in
                                                                neighborhood vandalism, skip school, drive while drunk or
                                                                write a hot check. He also answered many questions in-
                                                                cluding those about future careers in law and serving as a
                                                                public servant. The boys toured the judge’s court, finger-
                                                                printing area, intoxication screening room and a holding cell.
                                                                In March they visited Officer Randy Derr at the Clear Lake
                                                                Substation. The Cub Scouts were working on a Texas Crimi-

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 16                • 281-488-7422
nal Justice Badge. Boys who have completed Kindergar-
ten through fourth grade are eligible to participate in the
summer Cub Scout program. You can find out how to join
by clicking on to or by calling Karen
Onstott at 281-286-6314. Come join us for fun and new
adventures in our family-oriented, values-driven program.
Together we will create memories that last for a lifetime.

Spaceland Toastmasters Club invites the public to visit their
weekly meetings to learn how to develop public speaking
and communication skills. It’s a “safe place” to develop or
hone your public speaking skills for that next presentation     covers the cost of attending regular meetings and a work-
to your company, upcoming job interview, for giving a toast     book of 10 assignments for new members. Members also
at an upcoming special occasion, or any time you find your-     receive a subscription to “Toastmaster”, a monthly maga-
self speaking before an audience of one or 100. Spaceland       zine with useful skill-building articles and tips from profes-
Toastmasters meet every Wednesday morning from 7:00am           sional speakers. Spaceland Toastmasters is a part of Toast-
to 8:00am at the ITT Technical Institute Building, in Clear     masters International, a nonprofit organization founded to
Lake City, 2222 Bay Area Boulevard, inbetween Reseda            help people improve their public speaking skills. Toastmas-
Lane and Space Center Boulevard. (Park on Thor Street           ters’ unique program enables you to become a more effec-
which is next to Ashley’s Donuts and enter through the Visi-    tive communicator one-on-one by developing your listen-
tors’ Entrance on the Thor Street side of the building.) You    ing skills and helping you to communicate clearly and con-
are invited to visit their meetings as a guest. If you choose   cisely. For more information about Spaceland Toastmas-
to join, membership dues are $33.00 every six months which      ters, call Deborah Beard at 281-460-1709.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 17               • 281-488-7422
                                                                                      SUNBURST BEAUTY
                                                                      Anabela May Giaimis of
                                                                      Clear Lake competed in the
                                                                      Sunburst Beauty Pageant at
                                                                      Baybrook Mall in the under
                                                                      one year old category. She
                                                                      was awarded First Runner-up
                                                                      overall and will now go to the
                                             State Finals on May 26th at the Sheraton Houston-
                                             Brookhollow. Good Luck Anabela!

                                                          SUMMER PARENTING CLASSES
                                             Family Outreach Clear Lake/Bay Area is taking registra-
                                             tions for their Summer Parenting classes. The classes are
                                             based on the STEP (Systematic Training for Effective
                                             Parenting) curriculum and deal with such topics as commu-
                                             nication, parental expectations,and appropriate discipline.
                                             All classes are held in the United Way building on the cor-
                                             ner of Bay Area and Saturn. Classes for parents of children
                                             ages 0-5 will begin on Thursday, June 1, and meet every
                                             Thursday from 7:00-9:00pm through July 20. Classes for
                                             parents of children ages 6-12 will begin meeting on Wednes-
                                             day, May 31 from 7:00-9:00pm and will meet every Wednes-
                                             day evening through July 19. Parents of teenagers will also
                                             have a class. It will begin on Wednesday evening, May 31
                                             from 7:00-9:00 and run through July 19. The total cost of
                                             the class is $30.00. For more information, please call 281-

                                             AARP Chapter 199 will meet Friday, May 19th, at 10:00am
                                             at the Bay Area Community Center, 5002 NASA Road One.
                                             The program theme will be "Cinco de Mayo". After the
                                             meeting a picnic lunch will be served. Advanced tickets
                                             are required for lunch. For information call 281-532-1437.

                                                    Clear Lake East
                                                  Community Newsletter
                                                               17301 El Camino Real
                                                               Houston, Texas 77058
                                                               Phone: 281-488-7422
                                                                Fax: 281-488-1149
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                                                  published on a space available basis.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 18                      • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 19 • 281-488-7422
                                                      BAY AREA REPUBLICAN WOMEN
                                             The Bay Area Republican Women will meet Wednesday,
                                             May 24 at 11:30am at the Nassau Bay City Hall on NASA
                                             Rd 1. Lunch will be provided free by the membership. Con-
                                             tributions to Meals on Wheels will be appreciated. Frank
                                             Kelley, who heads Fisher House in Houston will speak about
                                             Fisher House and it how it aids military families. Men are
                                             also welcome. See or contact Dawn
                                             Lindsey at 281-480- 3425 for more information.

                                                              FAMILY OUTREACH
                                             At Family Outreach Clear Lake/Bay Area, we believe
                                             that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
                                             For over twenty years, our trained volunteers have pro-
                                             vided services in this community with the goal of pre-
                                             venting child abuse and strengthening family life through
                                             education and early intervention. Currently, our volun-
                                             teer opportunities include facilitating parenting classes;
                                             giving direct care and support to a family in need; and
                                             teaching children how to keep themselves safe in dan-
                                             gerous or hurtful situations. We provide comprehensive
                                             training and ongoing professional support. Our new vol-
                                             unteer training is scheduled to begin the end of Septem-
                                             ber. Please contact us at 281-486-8827. New volunteer
                                             training is scheduled to begin on May 20.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 20              • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 21 • 281-488-7422
                                                     INTERIOR DESIGNED TUSCAN THEMED
                                                            A.S.I.D. SHOWHOUSE
                                                                                       Interior Design Se-
                                                                                       nior Students Allison
                                                                                       Gregg, Cheryl Lis,
                                                                                       Emily Ross, together
                                                                                       with their Instructor,
                                                                                       Mr. David Vanover
                                                                                       from San Jacinto
                                                                                        College are honored
                                                                                        to be participating in
                                                                                        the 2006 A.S.I.D.
                                                                                        (American Society
                                                                                        of Interior Design-
                                                                                        ers) Showhouse at
                                                4914 Bellview, Bellaire, Texas May 6-21 Wed-Sun. They
                                                have designed the utility/planning center. The focal point
                                                of the utility room is a landscape mural of the Tuscan coun-
                                                tryside, which serves as the color inspiration for the space
                                                faux painted by Patty Hoffman Wall Designs. Rich Bur-
                                                gundy, olive green, and golden yellow are the accent colors
                                                to a background of creamy taupe. We celebrate the func-
                                                tionality of the Tuscan Utility Room by displaying common
                                                laundry items. Such as towels and detergent in unique, old
                                                world-style containers. For added interest, we have included
                                                accessories typically associated with Italy, such as olive to-
                                                piaries, wrought-iron accents, terra cotta urns, rustic pot-
   Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes        tery and copper pots. Tickets are available for $12.00 be-
                                                fore April 30 or $15.00 at the door. Items will be for sale
     For a penny and a half per Home!           benefiting the Red Cross and the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter
        Call Today! (281) 488-7422              of Interior Designers. Contact Cheryl Lis for tickets 281-
                                                286-6624 for tickets.

                                                                            CLEAR LAKE CITY
                                                                             GARDEN CLUB
                                                                   The Clear Lake City Garden Club meets
                                                                   the second Tuesday of each month Sep-
                                                                   tember through May. The meeting be-
                                                                   gins at 9:30am in the Fellowship Hall,
                                                                   Room 112 of University Baptist Church
                                                                   at 16106 Middlebrook Drive. This small
                                                                   garden club is open to all residents of the
                                                                   Bay Area interested in horticulture and
                                                                   making new friends. The April meeting
                                                                   will be a tour of the Club Members' yards
                                                                   and gardens and lunch at a local restau-
                                                                   rant. We will meet at 9:00am in the park-
                                                                   ing lot of the church and car pool to the
                                                                   tour. Visitors are always welcome to our
                                                                   meetings, for further information please
                                                                   call Mary Humphrey at 281-286-4979.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006      Page 22               • 281-488-7422
             TEXAS WATER POLO TEAM                         The Texas Water Polo Team recently returned from Albu-
                                                           querque, New Mexico, after participating in the 4th Annual
                                                           Duke Invitational Water Polo Tournament hosted by Duke
                                                           Water Polo. The Texas team traveled over a weekend to
                                                           compete against teams from Kearns, Utah and Albuquer-
                                                           que, New Mexico. With no time to acclimate to the 5000
                                                           foot altitude, the 1991 & Under Co-ed, and 1987 & Under
                                                           Boys teams returned with Championship titles while the
                                                           Girls 1987 & Under team came in 3rd! These athletes from
                                                           the Baytown, Clear Lake and surrounding areas are well on
                                                           their way to having a good showing at the US Water Polo
                                                           Junior Olympic Games to be held in the Los Angeles area
                                                           this summer as they keep training, competing and traveling
                                                           around the state and nation. The team welcomes any Spon-
                                                           sorships to help these hard-working student athletes reach
                                                           their goal of traveling to Los Angeles for the Games this
Front row: Darla Vasquez, Maddison Pepper, Katie
                                                           summer. Donations are Tax Exempt and with permission
Vasquez, Eunice Alaniz, Matt Chapa, Kaci New and Marlee
                                                           Sponsors will be recognized on the Team JO event t-shirt.
Burns. Middle row: Coach Ryan Minsterman, Blake Burns,
                                                           For more information on supporting these accomplished ath-
Bayard Nicklow, Ryan Johnson, Jared Barrientes, Jacob
                                                           letes please call Tania Barrientes at 713-829-4961.
Brown, Gabe Chapa and Allie Hill. Back row: Coach TJ
Markieiwicz, Michael Piper, Mark Grijalva, Mark Egerman,
Tara Brigham, Andy Wittwer, John Wong, Andrew                   Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes
MacDonald, Austen Oliver, Cameron Shannon, Zayne Belal,
                                                                  For a penny and a half per Home!
Will Garske, Coach Scott Slay, Lauren McCormick, Amy
Olsen and Kari Burrell.
                                                                     Call Today! (281) 488-7422

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                 Page 23              • 281-488-7422
                                                          SEABROOK SAILING CLUB
                                             Founded in 1934 the Seabrook Sailing Club is on Galveston
                                             Bay in the Old Seabrook Waterfront District on Todville
                                             Road, just North of the Kemah bridge. We are a family
                                             oriented club whose members are drawn together by a love
                                             of sailing. The club is run and maintained entirely by its
                                             members, resulting in a close spirit of cooperation and ca-
                                             maraderie. Visit our website to see a complete list of our
                                             monthly youth and adult activities. www.seabrook-
                                   , or contact Tom Ryder at
                                    or 281-538-6274.

                                                         OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS
                                             Overeaters Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women
                                             from all walks of life who meet in order to help solve a
                                             common problem-compulsive overeating. The only require-
                                             ment for membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively.
                                             The support group meets every Thursday from 11:30am to
                                             12:30pm at the Bay Area Club. For more information con-
                                             tact Gina at 409-939-6383.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 24              • 281-488-7422
             BOOTS & BLACK TIES BALL
The public is invited to the Space Center Rotary Club’s an-
nual VIP Gala, “Boots & Black Ties Ball” on Friday, May
5, 2006, 7:00pm at the Marker 1 Marina, 3103 Nasa Park-
way, Seabrook. Ticket price includes beer and wine, dinner
catered by Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, dancing, and a live
and silent auction. Tickets are $100 per person, or $750 for
a table of ten. For more information or tickets, call Tony
Bloomfield at 281-794-3335 or drop by Texas Roadhouse
Restaurant at El Dorado and the Gulf Freeway.

The Bay Area New Democrats meet the second Wednesday                      ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCING
of each month at the Clear Lake Court House on Buccaneer       English Country Dancing - No experience required. No
drive, across from the new Clear Lake Library. Our club        partner required. No charge. Just fun - see you at Clear
consists of citizens and activists throughout the Bay Area.    Lake United Methodist Church, 16335 El Camino Real,
The meeting starts at 7:00pm with club business followed       7:00-9:00pm, the first and third Friday's of the month. Call
by a guest speaker. This month our meeting will be held        Barbara and Lee Attema 281-990-6195. On with the dance!
May 10. Our guest speaker will be discussing Roberts Rules
of Order in preparation for the State convention. For more          Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes
information contact John Cobarruvias, President of BAND               For a penny and a half per Home!
at or visit our                 Call Today! (281) 488-7422
website at

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                     Page 25               • 281-488-7422
                OF LOUISIANA
The Houston Heritage Chapter of the Cajun French Music
Association will hold a dance at SPJST Lodge #142, 5508
Nolda, Houston, on Saturday, May 13, 2006. Lesa Cormier
and the Sundown Playboys will be playing from 7:30 p.m.
to 11:30pm. Admission is $7.00. Call 281-480-1130 for
information. The Cajun French Music Association is a non-
profit corporation for the purpose of the preservation, en-
hancement, promotion, and appreciation of Cajun French
music and culture.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                    Page 26 • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 27 • 281-488-7422
          BAY AREA REPUBLICAN WOMEN                              each day, are scheduled for June 19-21 and July 17-19. Each
                                                                 session is limited to 36 students and a registration fee of
The Bay Area Republican Women meets the third Wednes-
                                                                 $95 per student is required. Scholarships are also available.
day of the month at 11:00am at Nassau Bay City Hall on
                                                                 Space is limited, so reserved your spot today. For more
NASA RD 1. This is a luncheon meeting provided by the
                                                                 information about W.A.D.E. or for an application call the
members. Contributions to Meals on Wheels will be appre-
                                                                 Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 281-488-7676 or
ciated. Gentlemen are also welcome. See
for program and membership information or call Frances           email
Nussbaum at 281-218-9894.
                                                                        RED CROSS NEEDS MORE DRIVERS
                                                                 The American Red Cross in the Bay Area serves the com-
                                                                 munities of Friendswood, Webster, League City, Seabrook,
The eighth annual Camp W.A.D.E. (Water Activities Day            Kemah, and Clear Lake. One of the services Red Cross
Events) for teens, hosted by the Houston Safe Boating Coun-      provides is door-to-door transportation to medical appoint-
cil and the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, will be         ments. We are one of the very few organizations that pro-
held at Clear Lake Park on NASA Parkway in June and July.        vide transportation to much needed doctors appointments
This program, sponsored by the American Watercraft Asso-         in the Greater Clear Lake Area. Due to the overwhelming
ciation, offers students ages 13 and up three days of in-the-    need in the community, we are searching for more dedi-
water, hands-on training in the operation of powerboats, sail-   cated volunteers to help in our community. Volunteer driv-
boats, kayaks and PWCs. They receive classroom instruc-          ers are needed to provide local non-emergency medical trans-
tion in handling procedures, Texas boating laws and boat-        portation to area residents utilizing Red Cross minivans and
ing courtesy. A written and skills test is given at the end of   are covered by Red Cross insurance. Transportation ser-
the session and upon course completion students receive their    vice is provided locally 5 days a week from 9:00am-3:00pm.
Texas Boater Basic Certification by the Texas Parks & Wild-      Transportation to the Texas Medical Center and the VA Hos-
life Division. The two sessions, held from 8:00am to 5:00pm      pital is provided on Tuesday mornings. Drivers are asked

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 28               • 281-488-7422
to volunteer for a specific shift (2-4 hours) each week or as
a substitute driver. Drivers are required to do the follow-
• complete an application for a background check.
• complete a form for drivers license check.
• complete Adult CPR and First Aid (offered free by Red
• complete Defensive Driving (cost reimbursed by Red
For more information, call 281-282-6039.

National Scrabble Club #511 meets on Monday nights at
6:00pm at the IHOP on Fuqua. Please contact Margaret
Bee at 281-488-2923 for information.

The Clear Lake Investment Club meets the 3rd Thursday
of every month at 7:15pm at the Randalls, 2323 Clear Lake
City Blvd. New members welcome, for more information
please call 281-481-3860.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 29 • 281-488-7422
41ST ANNUAL LUNAR RENDEZVOUS FESTIVAL                              four, $125 for an individual, and $25 per person for non-
    “SUN, MOON, STARS, AND BEYOND”                                 playing quests. Hole sponsorships are available for $150.00.
                                                                   Entry fee includes Cart, Green Fees, Driving Range, Lunch
The 2006 Lunar Rendezvous Festival is off to another great
                                                                   and Dinner, soft drinks and water on the course, tournament
start this year. The theme for this year’s festival, “Sun, Moon,
                                                                   awards and hole-in-one prizes. Lexus of Clear Lake, Norman
Stars and Beyond”, is one that all of us in the Clear Lake
                                                                   Frede Chevrolet and Stubbs Cycle will be sponsoring the
and surrounding area can relate to. The Lunar Rendezvous
                                                                   hole-in-one contests. Mulligans and raffle tickets will be
Festival started in 1966 and has grown to the wonderful or-
                                                                   available. The driving range and registration will open at
ganization it is today. The money that is generated every
                                                                   10:00am, lunch will begin serving at 11:00am and the shot-
year is put back into our community to fund our arts, chari-
                                                                   gun start will be at 12:00 noon. An awards dinner and auc-
ties, and scholarships. This will mark the 41st year of the
                                                                   tion is slated for 5:30pm immediately following the tourna-
Lunar Rendezvous Festival, which is a 501(c) non-profit
                                                                   ment. Registration forms are available at the Bay Oaks Coun-
organization. The upcoming Lunar Rendezvous Festival
                                                                   try Club Golf Pro Shop and at the Bay Area Museum. Watch
events are as follows:
                                                                   for more details coming in the future. Entry deadline will
• Lunar Rendezvous Festival Golf Tournament – Monday,              be Monday, June 12, 2006.
June 19th at Bay Oaks Country Club, an Arthur Hill Master-
                                                                   • Lunar Rendezvous Festival Fun Run-Saturday, July 15th
piece eighteen-hole course. Entries are on a first come first
                                                                   Space Center Houston
served basis and the field is limited to 144 players for the
Florida Scramble. Registration fees are $500 for a team of         • Dining Event-July 23rd at Perry Italian Kitchen.
                                                                   • The Fashion Show “Heavenly Bodies”– July 25th at Hous-
                                                                   ton Hobby Marriott.
                                                                   • Coronation Ball “Starry Starry Night”-July 29th, at San
                                                                   Luis Convention Center Ballroom, Galveston Island.
                                                                   For information regarding any of the Lunar Rendezvous
                                                                   Festival events please call the Bay Area Museum at 281-

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                         Page 30              • 281-488-7422
       ROCK THE DOCK CONCERT SERIES                             for this profession. He advertises on his truck and in the
Enjoy a great mix of musical talent, every Thursday evening     yellow pages and Transwestern directories. He has repaired
May through September. Free to attend, Kemah Boardwalk          cracked sheetrock(including matching the paint and
281-334-9880 or for more infor-          texturizing), leveled doors due to a shifting foundation, re-
mation.                                                         placed/repaired doorknobs, cleaned out gutters etc. He lives
                                                                nearby and is available. I am truly grateful for his quality of
       BAY AREA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY                            work and professionalism. Philip Cuhlman Clear Lake
The Bay Area Genealogical Society will hold its May meet-
ing on Friday, May 26th at 6:00pm on the 2nd floor of Uni-
versity Baptist Church at 16106 Middlebrook Dr. in Clear                  CHURCHES & RELIGIOUS
Lake. Charles H. Russell will speak on “UNDAUNTED: A                         ORGANIZATIONS
Norwegian Woman in Frontier Texas.” There will be a pot-                          ATTENTION, MOMS
luck supper, so bring something to share. For more infor-
mation, contact Jeanine Lawrence 281-334-6100 or visit          Moms In Touch is a Christian interdenominational prayer                                           ministry seeking members to join in praying for their chil-
                                                                dren and CCISD schools for the current school year. For
                                                                information please email
                              HOME REPAIR                       or contact Cathy at 281-910-3761.
                       Many of us have older homes                               NEW VISION CENTER
                       which are continually being up-          New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, a Science of Mind
                       dated, maintained or repaired. If        group, will take up the universal problem of money - not
                         you have a craftsperson with           having enough, not being able to keep it, and not being com-
                           whom you have had a positive         fortable with it - in a series of Sunday discussions intended
                           experience in home mainte-           to reveal the hidden truths about money woes. Applying
                           nance or remodeling, please          Science of Mind principles, attendees will be invited to ex-
                          share it with the rest of our         amine their own blocks and issues around money, and syn-
                      readers. It may help your neigh-          thesize a permanent solution. The public is welcome at our
  bors and help maintain your neighborhood. Send your           Center, located at 18091 Upper Bay Dr in Nassau Bay. Maps
  stories to, fax to 281-488-1149         and other information can be found at http://
  or mail to: Community Newsletters, 17301 El Camino  
  Real, Houston, TX 77058.
                                                                5/7   Have you ever joked "I don't have a problem with
                                                                      money, I have a problem with NOT having money."
                                                                      Money, resolved in our Sunday conversation, Part 1
                                                                      of 3. On May 7, we will discuss money, defined and
                                                                      money, simplified. Today's discussion will be about
                 ALL TEXAS FLOORS
                                                                      the natural focus on lack rather than on abundance,
                                                                      and how money distracts us from what's Really both-
All Texas Floors did an outstanding job with my hardwood              ering us.
flooring instalation. Mr. Hendricks knowledge and exper-
                                                                5/14 Do any of these excuses sound familiar? "I can't. I'm
tise were very helpful in the decision making process and
                                                                     not in the right business. I don't have the skills. I
his crew was very professional. I will use All Texas Floors
                                                                     don't know how to manage it. I don't deserve it.
on all my future projects. Mike spotted things that needed
                                                                     People who have money are evil." Money myths
fixing without our bringing them to his attention. He also
                                                                     will be Exploded in this week's discussion of money
took care of items we found that needed fixing. Polly & Jim
                                                                     issues and what holds us back.
Steele of Northfork
                                                                5/21 The final piece of money - "The Red Sports Car," and
                                                                     mental equivalents in application with the law of
                  ROGER CORBELLO
                                                                     cause and effect. Today, we will discover what's re-
                                                                     ally ailing us, and how we can apply Law to over-
I am taking this opportunity to tell everyone about a true           come it using the Science of Mind.
professional handyman. He has customized his truck just

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 31                • 281-488-7422
                                                         CLEAR LAKE PRESBYTERIAN
  Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes                 VBS REGISTRATION UNDER WAY
    For a penny and a half per Home!           Children ages 4 through fifth grade (by Sept 1) - Come help
       Call Today! (281) 488-7422              us get fired up about Jesus! Get your maracas and join us
                                                                  for Clear Lake Presbyterian Church's
                                                                  Vacation Bible School at 1511 El Dorado
                                                                  Boulevard on June 12 -16, from 8:45am
                                                                  - noon. You may register on weekdays
                                                                  at the church office in Capernaaum Cen-
                                                                  ter. You may also register in Philadel-
                                                                  phia Hall adjacent to the Sanctuary be-
                                                                  fore and after church services, which are
                                                                  at 9:00 and 11:15am on Sunday, and
                                                                  6:00pm on Saturday. For more infor-
                                                                  mation, call the church at 281-488-6731.
                                                                  Visit the church web site at

                                                                  CLEAR LAKE BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                                  Children who have just completed Kin-
                                                                  dergarten through 5th grades are invited
                                                                  to join Clear Lake Baptist Church for
                                                                  Vacation Bible School from June 5-9!
                                                                  From 9:00am-12:15pm children will
                                                                  engage in fun, active experiences that

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006     Page 32               • 281-488-7422
will help them to celebrate and learn about Jesus. Every
child will receive a free t-shirt, and the best part about the
whole event is that it is All Free! Kids will learn what it
means to help others as they create a special blanket that
says "Jesus loves me" in both English and Spanish. Plus,
every child will personalize a Spanish Bible Book to send
along with the blanket to a child in Latin America. This is
all part of the 2006 Operation Kid to Kid mission program.
Parents interested in enrolling their child may contact the
Clear Lake Baptist Church office at 281-488-3767 or to register online. CLBC is located in
the heart of Clear Lake City at the corners of Space Center
and El Dorado Boulevards.

Sunday Services 8:30 and 10:30; Sunday School and Youth
Groups (YOU) at the 10:30 service. Pipers Meadow
Comminity Center, 15920 Pipers View Drive, Webster 281-
554-7420, website Guest Speakers
for May are:
5/7 Denise St. John
5/14 Sendra Dorce
5/21 Jerry Roberts
5/28 Ruth Seeliger
                                                                 tion please consider participating. We are accepting seller's
                                               ST.               to get involved in this fun event. Please call 281-816-4213
                                           BERNADETTE            to reserve your space. Indoors, rain or shine. Saturday,
                                           PRESCHOOL             July 15 8:00-1:00pm. University Baptist Church, 16106
                                          St. Bernadette Pre-    Middlebrook Drive. For additonal information about Right
                                          school is hopping      at Home, please visit
                                          along this Spring
                                          with many special
                                          school activities.          Advertise Your Business to 7500 Homes
                                          Children filled               For a penny and a half per Home!
Easter Eggs with candy treats which were sent to our mili-
tary troops in Iraq. Pets of all kinds came to school to visit
                                                                           Call Today! (281) 488-7422
with the children. An “Ocean” Adventure day had the chil-
dren participating in many “fishy” activities. End of the
school year projects are being completed with an outdoor
“Water Day” planned for May 22. St. Bernadette’s Pre-
school is continuing with Open Registration for fall classes
to begin August 22, 2006. Call 281-486-0337 for more info
or stop by!

              BABY BARGAIN SALE
This time we are adding something new - 2 big rooms; 1
full of baby/children's and the other furniture/general house-
hold items. You won't want to miss this! Better yet, if you
have some clutter to clear out and items are in good condi-

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 33               • 281-488-7422
                                                                         6TH ANNUAL HOUSTON DRAGON
                                                                                BOAT FESTIVAL
                                                                The Texas Dragon Boat Association (TDBA) presents its
                                                                6th Annual Houston Dragon Boat Festival on May 6, 2006.
                                                                Co-sponsored by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, spectators
                                                                and participants of this free public event celebrate Asian
                                                                culture. The Dragon Boat Festival features corporate, com-
                                                                munity, youth and cancer survivor teams competing for the
                                                                revered “Dragon Cup”. Each team is formed of 20 pad-
                                                                dlers, a drummer and a steersman, who bring new meaning
                                                                to “the fast and the furious” as they race down a 250-meter
                                                                stretch of water. 8:30am-4:30pm at Buffalo Bayou at Allen’s
           FESTIVALS, BAZAARS &                                 Landing in Downtown. The Texas Dragon Boat Associa-
               CRAFTSHOWS                                       tion is a 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit corporation whose mis-
                                                                sion is to promote the tradition and sport of dragon boating,
      FLOWER AND PLANT EXTRAVAGANZA                             increase awareness of Asian and Asian- American culture,
Flower and Plant Extravaganza Show and Sale at the Moody        and enhance cross-cultural understanding. TDBA organizes
Gardens Convention Center in Galveston. Lots of beautiful       the Houston Dragon Boat Festival in downtown Houston
flowers and young plants. Come and check out the Bego-          each May and the Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat
nia table, along with other gardening clubs. Saturday and       Regatta in Bay Area Houston each October. For more in-
Sunday May 6th and 7th from 10:00am to 7:00pm in the            formation contact Marla Massey, Texas Dragon Boat Asso-
Floral Room. Call 281-538-1880 for more information.            ciation 281-808-6855 or visit

     OFFENSE TYPE                       DATE        SUB.      STR.#       STREET NAME                  PREMISE TYPE
     BURGLARY HABITATION                03/06/06     BO          2400     ENCHANTED ISLE               HOUSE

     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/24/06     BF         15500     PARK ESTATES                 DRIVEWAY
     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/25/06    BKF         16400     LOCKE HAVEN                  DRIVEWAY
     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/25/06    BKF         16300     LARKFIELD                    HOUSE
     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/13/06     BF         16000     MINOR SQUARE                 DRIVEWAY
     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/14/06     BF         15400     POPLAR SPRINGS               DRIVEWAY
     BURGLARY MOTOR VEHICLE             03/24/06    BKF         16200     BROOKVILLA                   DRIVEWAY

     CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                  03/24/06    BKF         16000     BROOKVILLA                   STREET
     CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                  03/24/06    BKF         15700     BROOKVILLA                   HOUSE
     CRIMINAL MISCHIEF                  03/31/06    BO           2700     COASTAL OAK                  HOU

     THEFT                              03/22/06     BF          1900     PARK LODGE                   DRIVEWAY
     THEFT                              03/17/06     PB          4200     CEDAR RIDGE                  HOUSE


Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 34               • 281-488-7422
               SPRING KID'S FESTIVAL
Two fun-filled days of activities. Face painting, hands on
education and crafts, magic shows, live music, Mad Scien-
tist, Buffalo Bills Wild West Show, petting zoo and much
more. Call 281-334-9880 or
for more information.

Greek Food, Greek Dancing, Children's Activities, Gift Shop,
Fine Jewelry, Icons. Clear Lake Park, NASA Parkway, open
11:00am each day May 12-14, $3.00 admission, mom's with
children admitted free on Mother's Day. For more informa-
tion call: 281-488-2908.

52nd Annual League City Village Fair and Texas Music
Festival. Presented by the League City Lions Club, enjoy
an old-fashioned, fun-filled event including a parade, 5K
run/walk, carnival, business expo, teen night and barbecue
cook-off. Musicians include: Roger Creager, the Marshall
tucker Band and much more. Located at Walter Hall Park.
$5.00 per person, children under 7 admitted free. After 5pm
on Saturday, admission is $10.00 per person and includes
the evening's lineup of concerts. For more info: 281-332-
5005 or

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                     Page 35 • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 36 • 281-488-7422
The Houston Orchid Society, now completing our 61st year,
proudly presents: Houston Flower and Plant Extravaganza.
May 5, 6, and 7 2006 at the George R. Brown Convention
Center, 1001 Convention Center Blvd. Houston, Texas
77010. There will be thousands blooming plants, including
orchids, displayed by domestic and international growers,
hobbyist, and local plant societies. You will be surprised to
see so many varied shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. We
hope you will visit the Show and Sale:
5/5 Show Noon to 6:00pm
5/5 Sale 10:00am to 7:00pm
5/6 Show & Sale 10:00am to 7:00pm
5/7 Show & Sale 10:00am to 5:00pm
More information call Don Ghiz 713-661-1885. Visit Or call Terri Palmer 713-

Mark your calendars for the 8th Children Around the World
Festival on May 6th at the Clear Lake Park’s Landolt Pavil-
ion. The culture and traditions of the continent of AFRICA
will be celebrated for all ages to enjoy at this educational
festival! Games, Crafts to Make, Train Rides, Stage Per-
formances and much more await you on May 6th from                                                 royal guests at a Gala Re-
10:00am to 5:00pm. Tickets are $1 at the gate. Ride, games,                                       ception in the Castle Ball-
food and craft tickets will be available once inside. All pro-                                    room (on stage) immedi-
ceeds benefit Bay Area Montessori House, Clear Lake’s only                                        ately following the perfor-
AMI accredited Christian Montessori School. So make fam-                                          mance. On Saturday
ily plans now for a fun-filled day on Saturday, May 6th,at                                        night, May 6th, Bay Area
the Christian Around the World Festival-Africa! For more                                          Houston Ballet and The-
information and advanced ticket sales call 281-480-7022.                                          atre is offering children a
                                                                                                  special treat. After you
     PERFORMANCES, SHOWS &                                                                        witness the beauty of the
                                                                                                  ballet, bring your children
                                                                                                  backstage for an experi-
  BAY AREA HOUSTON BALLET AND THEATRE                            ence they will never forget. Meet the dancers—up close
          PRESENTS CINDERELLA                                    and personal, get autographs and have their pictures taken
Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre concludes its 2005-          with Cinderella and her magical coach. Cinderella tickets,
2006 season with the rags-to-riches ballet favorite              ranging from $20-$30 can be purchased by calling 281-480-
Cinderella. Who can resist this classic fairytale of magic       1617. Student and senior discounts are available.
and romance? Laugh at the Ugly Stepsisters, cheer for the
Fairy Godmother and share Cinderella’s excitement as her
dreams come true. Cinderella will be presented-three times
                                                                         We Welcome Your Articles...
                                                                      If you wish to present your articles or announcements for church,
only-May 5 and May 6 at 7:30pm and May 7 at 2:00pm at                 community, civic organizations, school organizations, or any other special
the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Bayou Theater. Two              upcoming events please mail them to: Community Newsletters Inc.,
                                                                      17301 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058, or you may e-mail us at:
special events will take place following the Friday and Sat-, Fax: (281) 488-1149. Articles are subject to
urday night performances. Prince Charming and Cinderella              editing and they are published on a space available basis free of charge.
invite the entire opening night audience, May 5th, to be their        The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the preceding month.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 37                         • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 38 • 281-488-7422
               ON GOLDEN POND
Cafe 21 Theatre at Franca’s Real Italian Restaurant contin-
ues its third season with On Golden Pond, featuring three
local teachers, Katlin Comer, Bill Low and Lisa Marie
Daugherty in the lead roles. On Golden Pond runs Friday
and Saturday through May 20th at Franca’s. Written by
Ernest Thompson (who won an Academy Award for adapt-
ing his play into the screenplay for the 1981 film), the play
tells the story of the lovable curmudgeon Norman (Bill Low)
and his spirited wife, Ethel (Katlin Comer) -- a couple whose
final summer at their lakeside cottage in Maine is interrupted
by the arrival of their estranged daughter (Lisa Marie
Daugherty) and her fiance's young son. Directed by Lanier
Young, On Golden Pond includes Bill Low of La Marque
and Katlin Comer of Clear Lake as Norman and Ethel
Thayer; Lisa Marie Daugherty of Galveston as Chelsea
Thayer; Roger Cochrane of Clear Lake as Billy Ray; David
Barron of Houston as Bill Ray; and Tim Raeke of Galveston
as Charlie Martin. This is Cafe 21 Theatre’s 10th produc-
tion at Franca’s Real Italian Restaurant. Dinner is at 7:00pm
with show at 8:00pm. Visit

                                                                 ing of star struck and seemingly sincere Eve Harrington and
                                                                 her professed idol, renowned Broadway star, Margo Crane,
                                                                 provides Eve with the opportunity to ingratiate herself into
                                        Back row (L to R) Tim    Margo’s life. Soon Eve’s true character emerges as she
                                        Raeke, David Barron,     lies, cheats, and blackmails her way to Broadway stardom
                                        Lisa Marie Dougherty.    and a Hollywood career, leaving behind the wreckage of
                                        Front row (L to R)       her friend’s trust. The cast and crew include Linda Kissner,
                                        Katlin Comer, Roger      Carla Guidry, Rose Green, Julie Owen, John Kaiser, Steve
                                        Cochrane, Bill Low.      Quimby, Noel Lezama, Katie Reed, Elaine Currie, Craig
                                                                 Trauschke, C. Alane Johnson, Gregory R. Brown, Renea
                                                                 Runnels, and Anne Bryant. This project is supported in part
                                                                 by a grant from the City of Pasadena Arts and Development
                                                                 Program administered by Pasadena Parks and Recreation.

              DRAMA TO OPEN AT PLT
The Wisdom of Eve by Mary Orr will open on May 5th at
Pasadena Little Theatre, 4318 Allen-Genoa Road. This
1950’s era drama is directed by Gregory R. Brown and is
the final presentation of PLT’s 51st season. The show runs
weekends through May 21st, 2006. Evening performances
begin at 8:00pm and Sunday matinees are at 3:00pm. Call
713-941-1PLT (1758) to make reservations or visit the
website at for more information.
Originally written by Mary Orr as a short story, it next be-
came the academy award nominated film All About Eve,
and finally morphed into the musical, Applause. The meet-

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 39               • 281-488-7422
          WHEN BULLFROGS SING OPERA                             spoken word, Ms. Tucker will take the audience on a musi-
Millicent and Coreen grew up in Bulfrog Waller. Millicent       cal journey through the evolution of American roots music,
got away fast and is now a big-city highbrow with a wealthy     from work songs to spirituals to gospel songs. For more
husband, Brian, and a bookish son. Coreen, however stayed       information go to
in the country … until now. It is the very night Millicanet
has well-made plans to take another step up the social lad-                   CLEAR LAKE SYMPHONY
der by attaching herself to super-snobs, the Kuppermans.
                                                                The Clear Lake Symphony presents their final concert of
How can Millicent keep her embarrassing past a secret when
                                                                the 2005-06 season on May 13th at Gloria Dei Lutheran
Coreen is as country as cornbread and grits? The answer
                                                                Church located at 18220 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay,
will have you rolling in the aisles. Performances are Fri-
                                                                across from the NASA Johnson Space Center. The perfor-
days & Saturdays at 8:00pm, and Sunday matinees at
                                                                mance begins at 8:00pm. Advance tickets may be purchased
2:30pm. The show will run May 5th through May 21st. The
                                                                at Eye Trends, located on Bay Area Blvd. Call 281-488-
theatre is located at 18091 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay
                                                                0066 for more information. Adult tickets are $10, Seniors
(across from the Johnson Space Center). For reservations
                                                                55 and up are $8, and Students, $7. For more information,
call 281-335-5228.
                                                                please visit

                   BAY AREA CHORUS
CELEBRATE! Our Singing Heritage will be presented by
the Bay Area Chorus at 4:00pm on May 7 at Gloria Dei                 CLASP ANNOUNCES LAST SPRING EVENT
Lutheran Church, 18220 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay.              Explore U.S. immigration policy and border control reform
Showcasing the award-winning gospel recording artist Bar-       options during University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Clear
bara Johnson Tucker, her singing friends A Chosen Few and       Lake Association of Senior Programs event May 11. It will
the 60-voice Bay Area Chorus, the program will feature          be held 5:30-7:00pm in the university’s Bayou Building, For-
exciting arrangements of American folk songs, jubilant spiri-   est Room. Presenter Charles C. Foster heads Houston law
tuals and exhilarating gospel songs. Through song and the       firm Tindall & Foster’s immigration law practice group. He

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 40              • 281-488-7422
has served many local and national organizations, including                UHCL HOSTS TWO ART EXHIBITS
the Houston World Affairs Council, Council on Foreign            Art enthusiasts are invited to enjoy two unique exhibits free
Relations, and American Immigration Law Foundation Board         of charge at UH-Clear Lake throughout the month of May.
of Trustees. He also served as a U.S. immigration policy         Houston artist Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak’s mixed-media
advisor in President George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign.             “Chornobyl” exhibit marks the 20th anniversary of the
Admission is free and open to all wishing to attend. For more    Chornobyl nuclear plant tragedy in Ukraine. The exhibit
information, contact the Office of Alumni and Community          runs through May 31 in the Art Gallery, located on the first
Relations, 281-283-2021, or visit     floor of the Bayou Building. FACES, a 2-D media works
                                                                 exhibit will be held through July 31 in the Bayou Building,
       ART SCHOOL OFFERS SUMMER FUN                              Atrium I, Level 2. For more information or gallery hours,
                                                                 contact Professor of Fine Arts Nick de Vries, 281-283-3377
Budding artists in pre-school through 12th grade can ex-
                                                                 or Professor of Fine Arts Sandria Hu, 281-283-3378.
plore the works of Edgar Degas, Andrew Wyeth and Rene
Magritte while also fine tuning their artistic skills during
University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Art School for Children
and Young Adults summer session. Courses, beginning July
5, focus on the school’s theme of “Inside, Outside, Flat and
Round.” Students will look at famous artists’ works to see
how the artists used contrasting styles to portray views from
interior and exterior settings. Through drawing, painting and
sculpting, students will develop and expand their own skills
based on what they have learned during the study of the
artists’ works. Registration will be held until June 30 in the
Arbor Building, Room 155-156 or by mail. Course fees range
from $75-110. For more information, contact The Art School,

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                       Page 41               • 281-488-7422
                                                                                          TIPS FOR STAYING ON TOP OF
                                                                                            YOUR ROOF MAINTENANCE
                                                                                Summer is here and with it comes the 2006 Hurricane
                                                                                Season. Now is the time to assess the condition of your
                                                                                roof and nip any potential problems in the bud. You'll
                                                                                want to begin by cleaning your gutters. While you are
                                                                                on your roof, keep an eye out for:
                                                                                1. Any buckling, curling or blistering of the shingles.
                                                                                2. Loose material or wear around chimneys and pipes.
                                                                                3. Excessive amounts of shingle granules in the gutter.
                                                                                The granules provide the shingles with extra weight and
                                                                                protect them from ultraviolet rays.
                                                                                In addition, check things out inside your house. Look
                                                                                for cracked paint, discolored plasterboard and peeling
                                                                                wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas. If you've
                                                                                done your check and find signs of damage, it's best to
                                                                                call in a professional roofing contractor to determine if
                                                                                either repair work or a new roof is in order. The Na-
                                                                                tional Roofing Contractors Association recommends
                                                                                1. Make sure the contractor you are considering has a
                                                                                permanent place of business, an operating telephone
                                                                                number and tax identification number.
                                                                                2. Review copies of the contractor's liability insurance
                                                                                coverage and workman's compensation certificates.
                                                                                Make sure the policy is in effect during the time the
               Local Recycling Centers                                          work will be done.
                                                                                3. Try to find a contractor or company with a verifiable
  Ellington Field - 713-837-9139 Open 7 days a week                             record.
  8:00am - 8:00pm @ Ellington Field on Brantley Rd
  newspapers, cans, glass, plastic                                              4. Get a proposal in writing and make sure complete
  North Pointe Elementary - continuous newspapers                               work descriptions are written out.You'll want to look
  Saint Bernadette Church - continuous newspapers                               for starting and completion date, and payment proce-
  Clear Lake High School - continuous newspapers                                dures.
  Space Center Intermediate - continuous newspapers                             5. Determine whether the contractor is a member of any
  Metal Recycling Center - 713-943-8456                                         regional or national industry associations, such as
  1211 College I-45                                                             NRCA.
  Weekdays 8:30am - 5pm Weekends 9:00am - Noon
  cans, copper, brass, stainless steel & batteries                              6. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if any com-
  Recycling Center - 713-674-7400                                               plaints have been filed against the contractor you are
  757 Oates Road Weekdays 8am - 5pm                                             considering.
  paper, cardboard
  University Baptist - 281-488-8517                                             7. Review any roofing warranty that is offered.
  16106 Middlebrook Dr.                                                         8. Keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid. If it
  newspaper, magazines & paper products
  Bay Area Printing - 281-488-4900
                                                                                sounds too good to be true, there's a good chance it is.
  17305 El Camino Real                                                          Professionalism and quality workmanship should weigh
  peanuts                                                                       as heavily as price.
  Best Publications - 1199 NASA Rd. 1 (behind Mom Alone restaurant)
  continuous phone books                                                        Most new roof systems are designed to provide useful
  Armand Bayou Nature Center - 8500 Bay Area Blvd.                              service for about 20 years. Some roof system types such
  newspaper, magazines & paper products                                         as slate, clay tile and certain metal systems can last
  Nassau Bay City Hall - 281-333-4211                                           longer.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                                 Page 42                  • 281-488-7422
 The Newsletter is looking for great recipes from all the wonderful
 cooks out there. If chosen your name & recipe will be published.
  Please submit your recipes to Community Newsletters, Inc.
        at: 17305 El Camino Real • Houston, TX 77058
    or Fax: (281) 488-1149 • Email:

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  Newsletters are scheduled for delivery by mail to area homes the
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                    CLASSIFIED ADS
els near CLHS - 281-480-2507

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                                       Page 43 • 281-488-7422
                                                                Bike Rodeo is rescheduled so that the first and second grades
                                                                can complete the rodeo. Armand Bayou held its annual Sock
                                                                Hop on April 21. James Coney Island provided the meal
                                                                and Jam Session provided the music. The event was a great
                                                                way for the students of Armand Bayou to unwind after tak-
                                                                ing Taks tests.The PTA held its annual Election in March.
                                                                Debbie Gurley was elected President along with Julie
                                                                Perkins as First Vice President. Tess Bauder was elected
                                                                Second Vice President along with Stacy Sweet who will be
                                                                the Secretary. Susan Wright will continue to be the Trea-
                                                                surer. Other Board Positions are available. If interested,
                                                                please contact Debbie Gurley.

                                                                Upcoming Events
                                                                5/3       3rd Grade Field Day
                                                                5/4       4th Grade Field Day
                                                                5/5       5th Grade Field Day
                                                                5/19 Bike Rodeo for 1st and 2nd graders
                                                                5/22 Senior Tea (All former ABE students who are gradu-
                                                                     ating from High School in 2006)

                                                                                 BROOKWOOD SCHOOL NEWS

(SCHOOL NEWS con’t from page 9)
Armand Bayou Elementary has been busy with several
events this spring. Opening ceremonies for the new gym
took place on March 27. An official ribbon cutting cer-
emony took place and several school officials were on hand
to attend the event. The students and teachers are very happy
to begin using this new facility. On March 28, the Kinder-
gartners were able to participate in the Bicycle Rodeo. Of-
ficer Phil Schaffer with the Houston Police Department and
Deputy Robert Duplechin with the Galveston County Sher-
iffs Department were on hand to discuss bicycle safety. The

                                                                CONGRATULATIONS to our class of 2006 - you have
                                                                “SURVIVED” and are now ready to move on to Junior
                                                                High!! We wish you luck and much success; Good luck at
                                                                your new school . . . do your best!!

                                                                        We Welcome Your Articles...
                                                                     If you wish to present your articles or announcements for church,
                                                                     community, civic organizations, school organizations, or any other special
                                                                     upcoming events please mail them to: Community Newsletters Inc.,
                                                                     17301 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058, or you may e-mail us at:
                                                           , Fax: (281) 488-1149. Articles are subject to
                                                                     editing and they are published on a space available basis free of charge.
                                                                     The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the preceding month.

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006                      Page 44                         • 281-488-7422
                                                                                      Shown is Maestro
                                                                                      the Magnificent
                                                                                      flute skills to the
                                                                                      first graders. They
                                                                                      really enjoyed this
                                                                                      performance and
                                                                                      who knows we
                                                                                      have some future

                                             Some date to remember for this very busy May:
                                              3   Kindergarten Round Up
                                              4   3rd grade musical
                                             8-12 Teacher Appreciation Week (if you can read this - thank
                                                  a teacher)
                                              9   PTA General Association Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
                                             10   CIIC Meeting
                                             11   Recycling Day
                                             12   3rd grade Oregon Trail
                                             19   3rd grade Oregon Trail
                                                  POOL PARTY for 5th grade
                                             23   Talent Show
                                             24   5th grade Awards
                                             25   Last Day of School - 12:15 Dismissal

                                             HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! REMEMBER TO BE
                                             YOUR BEST . . . BE YOURSELF!

Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 45               • 281-488-7422
Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 46 • 281-488-7422
               Please include my name on
            TEEN JOB SEEKERS!
              ❒ Babysitter    ❒ Pet/Plant Sitter
                  ❒ Lawn Care       ❒ Tutor

  Name ______________________________________
  Address _____________________________________
  Age ______________ Birthdate (mo/yr) ____________
  Phone _______________________________________
  Neighborhood ________________________________
  Send to: Community Newsletters, Inc.
  Send to: 17301 El Camino Real
  Send to: Houston, Texas 77058
  Fax: 281-488-1149 • E-mail:

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Clear Lake East Newsletter • May 2006   Page 48 • 281-488-7422

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