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									Company Profile

We are pleased to meet you.
      The following pages of this brochure contain handful information about our company and
      the services that we offer. We will be delighted to work with you.

      Should you have any questions after browsing through the following pages, please do
      not hesitate to contact us. We will be prompt to reply to your queries.

      At Pruthvi Cybertech, we provide identity to your business on the web. We offer solu-
      tions, on time, that are cost effective. We are adept at using latest technological ad-
      vancements in Internet Technology to provide you with a quality solution that improves
      your business.

      Whether you require a feature rich content management system, secure e-commerce so-
      lution or an information brochure site you are assured of the highest quality prod-
      uct delivered on time on budget. We address the specialized needs of the market to
      offer a complete business and technology offering.

      Our motivation would be 100% client satisfaction. We involve the client as often as pos-
      sible during our development activity so that the output blends with the clients philoso-
      phy and adds value to their business. Your individuality is our focus!

      Your software should be as unique as you are. And, when you choose Pruthvi Cybertech,
      it will be.

Our Mantras - ROQ
      ROQ stands for Reliability, On-Time, Quality.

      We don’t mind stretching beyond the limit, to Provide Reliable, On-Time and Quality
      solutions using the latest technological advancements. We strictly adhere to our mantras
      in any project we take up.

Our Services
     Web & Multimedia Services

     Web is wonderful medium to share data world wide. We provide all sorts of services re-
     lated to web.

     Pruthvi Cybertech uses new ideas and new technologies to enhance your website and
     deliver your message. We are web professionals who strive for excellence and integrity in
     every aspect of our work.

     We will work within your budget. We can create your website to include Flash animation,
     streaming audio, banners, ecommerce, and any custom programming you need. We can
     also create any streaming audio or video clips you want. This powerful form of communi-
     cation is now within your reach.

     We excel in:

                    Web page design ( Flash & Brochure type )

                    Web Site Development

                    Site Maintenance

                    Domain Registration

                    Web hosting

                    Banner Design

                    Interface Design

                    Logo Design

                    Flash Brochure & Corporate Presentation

     If there is anything you cannot find in our offer, ask us – we will try to help. We are al-
     ways ready to extend our services according to our Customers’ needs.

     Our Portfolio has some of the best works that we already delivered. You can view then

      If you want to know more about our Services, Please call us or send a mail to in-

     Consultancy Services

     Pruthvi Cybertech specializes in helping companies with existing ERP implementations,
     with an emphasis on Baan applications, to leverage them to their fullest extent. Whether
     an organization needs to enhance specific functions, support system users, more effec-
     tively manage ongoing maintenance., Pruthvi Cybertech can provide the required exper-

     Pruthvi Cybertech expertised in :
                   Release upgrades
                   Application customization and extension
                   Customized help desk capabilities, including onsite and offshore support

     Apart from Internet & Web services we also offer Custom software development and also
     BAAN consultancy.

Why should you choose our services?

          We have the expertise and a rich portfolio of Web projects. We have served wide
          range of client in different businesses, we know the kind of wishes, expectations
          and resources our Customers want. We also well adverse in Internet technolo-
          gies and know how to use them and which to use in a particular case. We give
          lot of emphasis on technological know how, we strive to provide the best techno-
          logical solution.

          We accept no compromises in Quality. We work relentlessly until the Customer is
          happy with the solutions they receive and we serve no two Customers identically.

          We give prime importance to the customers. We keep the Customers informed
          about everything we do for them.

          Our pricing is always reasonable. Our Customers always know what they pay for,
          how much and when, because we keep them informed on everything we do in
          advance. Our Customers clearly knows the detailed costs of individual elements
          of the project.

          We also provide post project service and training. We are always behind the cus-
          tomers even after the project is complete.

Our Portfolio & Customers List

                We have built and marketed large volume of Web sites. Below are examples of some of
                our most recent clients. Please note that this is only a part of our portfolio of completed
                Web projects. You will find the full portfolio in our website at

                                                            Quality Inn Pearl

                                                            Quality Inn Pearl offers the perfect combina-
                                                            tion of uncompromising hospitality and ameni-
                                                            ties including comprehensive business facilities
                                                            and exciting range of services. This is an ideal
                                                            hotel for both business and leisure traveler
                                                            and is very close to Hitech City. The Hotel is
                                                            minutes away from the city’s main commer-
                                                            cial, shopping, the film theaters and enter-
                                                            tainment hub. This hotel is also at short dis-
                                                            tance from city’s popular tourist attractions
                                                            such as Golkunda Fort, Qutub Shahi Tombs,
                                                            Charminar, Osman Sagar and Shilpa Ramam.

NK Group

NK Group Services provide specialized cleaning and
associate services to a wide range of industries.

We aim to surpass our client's requirements.

Our company is exclusively qualified to provide imme-
diate services up on request. Therefore, offering clients
a full range of services.

We not only listen to customer feedback, we rely on it
to deliver the superior service we promise.

                                                          Pranava Avenues

                                                          Pranava Avenues GROUP has won the trust of
                                                          its customers primarily due to the fact that it
                                                          creates top-class construction projects using
                                                          state of the art technologies. Indeed, trust is of
                                                          great significance when someone entrusts the
                                                          responsibility of building a dream house to a
                                                          real estate company. And thats precisely why
                                                          the Pranava Avenues pays great attention to
                                                          detail in each of its construction projects. No
                                                          wonder, customers continue to have faith in
                                                          the company.



situated in major industrial city, Hyderabad in
India. It has well-selected & experienced team of
professionals and technicians from the field of
Poultry automation. This is a very specialized
sector catering to the needs of technology savvy
& progressive poultry farmers. The aim of SVR is
to continuously upgrade the technique and
equipments used by the Poultry farmer to help
him achieve the best productivity.

                                                      One stop e services

                                                      One stop e services in an inspiration to provide ser-
                                                      vices with dignity and direct. Needless to pro-
                                                      nounce that our range of product knowledge and
                                                      quality assurance will enable us to meet and fulfil
                                                      any of your present and future requirements. Most
                                                      specialized workshop and production lines for its
                                                      kind of operation starting from state-of-the-art
                                                      CAD/CAM system for graphics and engraving, high-
                                                      ly skilled and experienced activity of design, art and
                                                      the latest data processing and management infor-
                                                      mation technology.


Our Areas of Expertise
      Pruthvi Cybertech is adept at handling complex projects and delivering top-quality solu-
      tions at extremely competitive rates

      We maximize existing client technology assets and combine it with our innovative solu-
      tion to provide tangible benefits to your business that are both on time and on budget.

      Our expertise in different technology areas

         Web development      ASP.NET, Active-X, COM/DCOM, XML, ASP, PHP, Oracle, MS
                              SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL , JavaScript, VBScript, Mac-
                              romedia Flash, Flash Scripting, Macromedia Dream Weaver,
                              Adobe Photoshop

         ERP                  BAAN

         Client Server        Visual Basic, Active-X, COM/DCOM, Crystal Reports, Oracle,
                              MS SQL Server, MS Access

We will be pleased to hear from you!

      Feel free to ask us any questions we have not answered in our presentation or offer. We
      would be really proud to be able to include you among our Valued Customers.

      Pruthvi Cybertech Pvt. Ltd.

      Plot No. 48,
      APSEB Colony,
      Sagar Ringroad, Saraswathi Nagar,
      Hyderabad - 500 079, A.P. India

      Phone: + 91.40.65142977
      Mobile: +91.9989766667


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