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Chevron Newsletter Oct CRA San Diego

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					Golden Times
A newsletter published by the Chevron Retirees Association, San Diego Chapter
                                      October 2011 Volume 03 Number 33

Our last Chevron Retirees Chapter meeting on August 9 took place on one of those great San
Diego days at the Bernardo Heights Country Club. What a pleasure it was to have Bill and Margie
                                     Hicks (shown top left)
                                     with us again. They
                                     had just returned with
                                     their        recreational
                                     vehicle       from       a
                                     wonderful adventure in
                                     Alaska       and       the
                                     Northwest. Will Baine
                                     and Ginger Robison
                                     are shown center left.
                                     At center right, we
have Larry and Nancy Sorensen with Bob and Jan Greider. At lower right, is Ron Morosetti, Ursula
McNicol and Bill Hicks and at lower left is a picture of Phil Stone, George Chamberlin, Tom Goad
                                     and Jim Edwards. Phil
                                     Stone, our Chapter
                                     President, (shown top
                                     right with Jim Edwards
                                     on the left and Tom
                                     Goad on the right)
                                     opened the meeting by
                                     asking Tom Goad to
                                     lead us in the Pledge of
                                     Allegiance and give the
                                     Benediction. Tom then
introduced our speaker, George Chamberlin, Executive Editor of The Daily Transcript, San
Diego’s daily business newspaper. He is also the Host of “Money Matters with George
                                     Chamberlin,” on radio
                                     station            KOGO,
                                     Sundays 11 am-1 pm.
                                     Phil      asked       Jim
                                     Edwards to say a few
                                     words regarding the
                                     latest          insurance
                                     updates from MetLife.
                                     Jim     believes      that
                                     MetLife auto insurance
                                     rates might be of great
interest for Chevron Retirees. MetLife will have a tel. contact for auto
insurance on or about Sept. 1st.
After visiting with old friends and enjoying a delicious lunch, it was time for George Chamberlin’s
talk. George noted that for him it was a special pleasure to talk to this group since his father had
been involved in the oil Industry. He also noted that like many others, he was frustrated with
Washington. The credit rating downgrade of the United States from AAA to AA had just taken place,
but George let us know that he was very confident in the Stock Market even though the ups and
downs during this past week have been hard to take. He noted that his confidence in the USA was
still very strong and the reason for that is, America is still the #1 producer of goods in the world,
China is #2. He noted that there are 43 Dividend Aristocrat companies that have consistently paid
dividends. Investing in these companies is a good protection against inflation. He said that he now
invests for his grandchildren. He suggests to use investing as a teaching tool for these
grandchildren, let them choose stock of companies they know and use such as Disneyland,
McDonald’s, Hanes etc. George gave an example. Had you invested in Walmart when they opened
in the early 1970’s, when their stock was sold at $16.50 a share and you purchased 100 shares at
$1650, those shares would have multiplied over the years and you would now have 22,000 shares,
worth millions of dollars. It’s all in the selection, just as you could have invested in K-Mart and lost
everything when they went bankrupt. He also talked about Warren Buffett, Pres. of Berkshire
Hathaway, Inc., and his investments. There again, Mr. Buffett, invests in a company that he likes
and that he believes has a future. From there on out, he is not so interested in making money but
seeing that the company has the funds needed for expansion and the product they make is
something that is really needed. George noted that if you invest in the Market, Buy and Hold, the
best friend of any investor is Time. George also talked about “Fraud” and “Scams,” especially
regarding senior citizens. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Take your
time and check things out. This message was also brought to us by Paul Greenwood, Deputy
District Attorney for Elder Abuse, who is George’s good friend. We heard Mr. Greenwood speak at
our CRA Luncheon at the Brigantine restaurant last year. In concluding, George noted that you
might want to check out No-Load Funds on Google. The meeting ended with thanks to George
Chamberlin and with a great round of applause. This might be of interest to Chapter members:
George Chamberlin publishes a newsletter “Investing for Rookies.” Find information at or George Chamberlin, PO Box 1969, Carlsbad, CA 92018.

The Bernardo Heights Club will be closed during October. The October CRA luncheon will be held
at the Morgan Run Club and Resort in Rancho Santa Fe.

Luncheon Meeti ng 11:30 A.M. Tuesday, October 11, 2011
At the Morgan R un C lub and Resort in R ancho Santa Fe
5690 C ancha de G olf, R ancho Santa Fe, CA 92091, Tel.(858) 367-9729

Directions: From the North or S outh, take I -5 to Via de la Valle. This is
the Del Mar Fairgrounds Exit. Y ou turn East (i nland), go 2.9 mi les, turn
right onto Cancha de Golf. The Club i s 0.3 mil es strai ght ahead.

Bob Adamson, one of our CRA Directors, will be in charge of the
meeting and wi ll be our Speaker.
Subject: The Good Guys of Morgan R un, Highlights and Slides

The Good Guys of Morgan Run is a local group that has raised about 1.6 million dollars over
the last five years and has given over 300 wounded warriors gifts of $5,000 each. The
presentation will be filled with personal stories of some of these wounded warriors and
pictures. These young men and women are outstanding. Don’t miss this excellent talk.
I am hoping that we will see many of our members at this luncheon, in a place
where most of us have not been before. The Morgan Run Club and Resort in
Rancho Santa Fe is located closer to many of our friends who live on the Coast.
Make it a point to come! Our Chapter has more than one hundred members, but
there are many we have not seen for a long time. Bob Kaye is ready to prepare a
name tag for everyone, and we will make sure that you find a friendly Welcome.

Luncheon Reservati on Fo rm

Please, make your reservations soon. We would like to know by October 4
how many plan to attend. Use the enclosed return envelope to make your
reservation and send your check for the luncheon to our Treasurer, Bob Kaye, 1820
S. Pacific Street, Oceanside, CA 92054. If you receive the newsletter by e-mail, you
will need to print this page, fill it out and prepare your own envelope. The check
should be made payable to Chevron Retirees Association. Call Bob (760) 757-
5987 if you don’t think your reservation will get to him in time.

Menu: Choices are Fish Tacos (FT); Pulled Pork Plate (PP); Salmon Salad (SS);
Filet Salad (FS). There will also be a desert. Beverages will include Coffee and Iced
Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here Cut here

Your Name _______________________________choice (                                )

Your Contact Number________________________

Guest Name _______________________________choice (                                   )

Guest Name _______________________________choice (                                   )

Guest Name _______________________________choice (                                   )

Guest Name _______________________________choice (                                   )

Please send your check, $21.00 for each lunch.

Number of People Attending: ________________                       Total Check: $ ___________________

Current E-mail:________________________________ ______ ______ ___
Presid en ts Messag e
In previous newsletters we have let you know about MetLife’s group plans for home, auto and
long term care policies.
Jim Edwards reported $300 savings at our last luncheon. So, I called and changed to MetLife for
annual savings of $160 on my auto insurance and $114 on my Umbrella policy. I checked with my
previous carrier to make sure lower costs were for the same coverage and am convinced that the
MetLife reduction offers the same or better coverage than before.
In the Last newsletter, I gave a wrong phone number. Their number is 800-438-6385 for auto
and home. The person I spoke to was Chris Turner on extension 8481, but all representatives are
knowledgeable about the Chevron Plan.
The number for long-term health care is 800-438-6388. Do you need this type of coverage?
Refer to Chevron Retirees Association’s “Advanced Care Planning Booklet”. This is available at Ursula and I still have a few hard copies and can mail one to you, if you are

        Officer Nominations for 2012
At our last board meeting Bob Adamson stepped up and agreed to serve as President and Ron
Morosetti agreed to back him up as Vice President. Their plans have not changed. They are
ready to go for 2012 and this energetic and enthusiastic team will provide excellent leadership in
the coming year.
Also, we are pleased to tell you that Bob Kaye is willing to continue as Treasurer in 2012.
All of this is good news, but a question remains as to our Secretary / Newsletter Editor. Ursula
McNicol has asked that we seek a replacement. This will not be easy to do. Ursula, with some
technical and photographic support from her amiable husband Hal, has held our chapter together
with her hard work, organizational skills and leadership.
We will retain some of our present board members for 2012, but will seek nominees for open
positions. Bob Adamson and Ron Morosetti will move to officer positions. Past treasurer, Jerry
Denchfield, has asked to be excused from his Director duties.

Phil Stone, President

Benefi ts Commi ttee, Al Ho ran

I wish to share with you and your members the following information regarding the
2012 Open Enrollment for the Chevron Medical Plans and the Chevron Dental
Plans, as restricted to certain retirees.

The Open Enrollment Period will run from October 17 through October 28, 2011.
The Open Enrollment package will contain an Open Enrollment worksheet, an Open
Enrollment newsletter, and some packages will also contain a Notice of Creditable
Coverage, if applicable, and summaries of Health Plan options, if you or your
members are eligible for Medicare.
To prepare for the Open Enrollment be sure that you and your members have your
Pin Numbers and that your mailing addresses are up-to-date. If any of you do not
have your Pin Number or you’ve had a change of mailing address please contact
Chevron’s Service Center at 1-888-825-5247 (610-669-8595 if outside the U.S.) or
visit their website – and choose Benefits Connection.

If you are covered by Medicare and you’ve had a change of address, please be sure
to notify Medicare by phoning them at 1-800-772-1213 or visiting Social Security’s
website –

Please remember that if you or your members do not wish to change your Medical
Plan election for 2012, there is nothing to do. If you have any questions, please let
me know. E-mail, or phone at (972) 964-1787.

Future Meeti ngs
December 13, 2011 – Bill Hicks, Director, at Bernardo Heights Country Club,
                    Christmas Music with Wendy Kallen
In Memoriam: I received news from Mickey Matheson, a former Chevron employee, that Joan, his wife
of 61 years passed away on                   September       15,     2011.    The    obituary     may    be   viewed   at

Secretary Report
Information for the “Golden Times” goes to Ursula McNicol, 12865 Camino De La Breccia, San
Diego, CA 92128, (858) 451-0301. If you need transportation, call Ursula or one of the other

Web Pages: Newsletter and Information for CRA San Diego Chapter:
UNOCAL History:
Chevron Corporation: Caltex: Texaco: ChevronTexaco
Matching Gift Program: The companystore:
ChevronTexacopublications: Gulf history: Chevron
Retirees: Human Resources Service Center (Mellon):
HTTP:// or telephone 1-888-825-5247 Chevron Human Resources: H.R. Retiree: United Healthcare 800-654-0079

2011 Officers
Phil Stone       President        P.O. Box 1370, Pauma Valley, CA 92061                      (760) 742-1201
______________ Vice President
Bob Kaye         Treasurer       1820 S. Pacific Street, Oceanside, CA 92054                 (760) 757-5987
Ursula McNicol    Secretary &    12865 Camino De La Breccia, San Diego, CA 92128             (858) 451-0301
                 Newsletter Editor
Bob Adamson (858) 864-2082          Jerry Denchfield (951) 679-7504        Ron Morosetti      (760) 731-7474
Program Committee                   Program Committee                      Program/Website
Tom Beyer (760) 723-7873            Tom Goad (760) 744-7864                Larry Sorensen     (858) 484-3069
Program Committee                   Compassion/Chaplain                    Greeter
Jim Edwards (858) 487-9457          Bill Hicks (760) 788-3223
Program/Greeter/Raffle              Program Committee

Bob Greider (858) 759-0215          Roland Clifford (951) 699-9476           Chuck Wootton (619) 226-8020

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