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Career Technical Education Newsletter


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									                                                                                       Pitt County Schools

               Career & Technical
              Education Newsletter

                                                                                     November 2010

                                  With a six week grading period behind us, I can’t help to think where
                                  did the time go? We all need to stop, take a deep breath, and gather
                                  our thoughts. Some of you are probably laughing right now. Yea,
                                  right who has time to stop.?! Just remember that we are entering the
                                  month of November, which means Thanksgiving Break! Before we
                                  know it, we will be out for winter break.
                                  In this newsletter you will see how busy everyone has been this past
Inside this issue:
                                  month. I hope you are able to use this as a tool to give you in-sight to
Pitt County Fair Exhibits   2
                                  the wonderful activities that are occurring in Pitt County. Please
Ayden-Grifton               3
Automotive Clinic                 continue to give us ideas about what you feel would be good for the
New Teacher Evaluation      4-5   upcoming newsletter. Thanks for your hard work and continued
System Info

Happenings in CTE           6-7
Instructional Strategies    8
Health Sciences Academy     9     Chena Cayton
BTA                         10    Director of CTE and 9-12 Programs
Things to Know/             11
Upcoming Events
Career & Technical   Pitt County Agriculture Fair Exhibits

                                              Congrats to Robert Puckett’s Printing
                                              and Graphics class for placing in 1st
                                              at the fair. His program received

Page 2
Career & Technical            Ayden-Grifton High School Hosts 1st Annual Senior Citizen
                              Free Auto Clinic

                     Who:        AGHS Auto Technology
                     What:       Annual Senior Citizen Free Auto
                     When:       Saturday, November 20, 2010
                     Where:      AGHS by Appointment Only!!!!
                                 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.
                                  Serving While learning
      Automotive students at AGHS are giving back to the community in which
      they live. They are holding the 1st Semi-Annual Senior Citizen Auto Clinic.
      The clinic allows students to show what they have learned as they perform
      preventive maintenance tasks such as tire pressure checks, fluid level
      checks, change oil & filter, as well as tire rotations. They gain leadership
      and management skills by running this clinic as a true Auto Repair facility.
      Students duties will be writing repair orders, greeting customers, and
      performing mechanical tasks to the vehicles.
      One student said, Quote: ―This is our way of saying THANK YOU, this
      Thanksgiving season to our senior citizens of our great community.‖
      The Parts & Labor will be FREE to these selected senior citizens!!!!!

      ****Vehicles will only be serviced one dozen at a time by random
      draw!! Please call Ronnie Bowen at 252-746-5749 and leave a message
      to make an appointment.****

      Ronnie Bowen
      Auto Technology Teacher
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                                                                                                     Career & Technical

         Closer Look at Standard I: I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership
Taking aTaking a Closer Look at Standard Teachers Demonstrate Leadership
   ELEMENT A:      Teachers lead in their classroom

   Developing         Has assessment data available and refers to it to understand the skills and abilities of students
                      Accesses data, if available, in Achievement Series
                      Has written classroom management plan available and posted
                      Has vision posted in classroom                                                How are you using
   Proficient         Uses a variety of assessments to evaluate student progress
                      Includes evidence of data analysis in lesson plans, activities, and group
                                                                                                         your Crystal
                      assignments                                                                     Reports to drive
                      Communicates vision to students
                      Enforces the written classroom management plans
                      Reshapes instruction to fit needs of individual child
   Accomplished       Uses portfolios, rubrics, and other types of assessments to evaluate progress
                      Uses protocols and forms for collaborative activities
                      Includes real‐life situations and 21st century skills in lesson plans
                      Provides leadership opportunities in classroom
                      Vision is communicated/modeled to produce student leaders in the classroom
                      Differentiates instruction and assignments based on data
   Distinguished      Analyzes data with colleagues to make decisions about student needs and instructional planning
                      Facilitates workshops at the school level to ensure all students succeed by the use of best
                      practices connected to student data
                      Leads school wide workshops on how to differentiate instruction and assignments based on data
                      and/or how to create a safe and orderly learning environment
   ELEMENT B:      Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school
   Developing         Attends Professional Learning Community meetings (department, faculty, grade level, team,
                      Has a copy of the School Improvement Plan
   Proficient         Actively participates in Professional Learning Community meetings (department, faculty, grade
                      level, team, other)
                      Analyzes data with colleagues to make instructional decisions
                      Provides suggestions and feedback to School Improvement Team members
   Accomplished       Facilitates Professional Learning Community meetings and/ or serves as a grade level,
                      department, or School Improvement Team representative
                      Assists in developing plans to foster academic growth
                      Observes peer teachers to learn new strategies
                      Shares plans, strategies, etc with new teachers
                      Serves as an advisor or coach for a student extracurricular club/team or other activities
   Distinguished      Serves as a leader in implementing or advocating the creation of goals in the School
                      Improvement Plan
                      Serves as a mentor or induction coordinator for new teachers
                      Invites other teachers into classroom to share strategies
   ELEMENT C:         Teachers lead the teaching profession
   Developing         Can access the GCS professional development web site and locate professional development
                      Attends required professional development sessions
                      Collaborates formally and informally during meetings
                       Has a written professional development plan
   Proficient          Provides research on best practices and/or documentation of required professional development
                      activities or readings completed
                      Communicates professionally with the leadership team representative, grade level and/or
                      department chair
                      Reflects upon past experiences and communication practices with parents, students, colleagues,
                      and administrators
                      Collaborates formally and informally during meetings and dialogue
                      Establishes a positive line of communication with administration team
   Accomplished       Actively seeks and attends non‐required professional growth activities
                       Lesson plans show implementation of content and best practices learned in professional

                                                                                                                  Page 4
                                                                                                       Career & Technical

          Taking a Closer Look at Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership
Taking a Closer Look at Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership
 Distinguished       Leads professional development to address areas of need at the school level
                     Models professionalism with a positive attitude and strong work ethic
                     Observes and gives feedback to colleagues in lesson planning and delivery
                     Establishes collegial classroom walk‐throughs for the purpose of garnering best practices to
                     share with departments
 ELEMENT D:          Teachers advocate for schools and students
 Developing          Has copies of GCS and school (faculty and student) handbooks               What types of
                     Attends meetings as required
                                                                                            assessments other than
                      Can communicate testing and portfolio process/procedures
                     Uses approved lesson plan format                                      end-of-unit tests are you
                      Collaborates with colleagues to improve student learning             using to gather data and
 Proficient          Develops written lesson plans for student learning                     identify student needs?
                      Shares ideas for positive change at school meetings
                      Uses formative data to improve student learning
                     Is a member of the school’s Parent‐Teacher Association (PTA)
                     Attends IEP meetings
                      Sends interim progress reports as scheduled
                     Communicates with school personnel regarding student needs
 Accomplished        Leads small group meetings
                     Organizes events and/or programs at the school or
                     Encourages parent/guardian participation in school activities
                     Communicates with parents/guardians beyond required interim reports and open house sessions
                     to show and discuss student work and / or progress
                     Actively seeks solutions to challenges students must overcome and helps remove barriers for
                     Participates in sub‐committee work
                      Is a member of an organization that advocates for schools and/or students
 Distinguished       Serves as a leader or chairperson of a group that advocates for schools and/or students
                     Leads staff development on ways to assist students and overcome challenges
 ELEMENT E:          Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards
 Developing          Has a copy of the NC Code of Ethics and Standards for Professional Conduct
                     Completes lesson plans for daily instruction
                     Has fair and equitable classroom rules and procedures to protect student learning conditions
                      Keeps accurate student discipline log, communication log, and gradebook
                      Keeps records confidential
 Proficient          Keeps accurate financial records for school materials, trips, etc
                     Maintains an accurate and equitable grading policy and management plan
                     Consistently exhibits professional behavior in the classroom, meetings, and school functions
                     Protects the learning environment to maximize instructional time for student learning
                     Participates in professional development activities as required
 Accomplished        Participates in professional development to improve performance
                     Seeks additional resources to provide a classroom climate conducive to learning and to promote
                     learning to the maximum possible extent
                      Collaborates with others to shape educational goals, policies, and decisions
                      Consistently follows all school, system, and classroom policies
 Distinguished       Conducts school/district trainings on professionalism
                     Holds National Board Certification and conducts professional development to share best
                     practices learned through NBC process
                     Effectively uses data to make recommendations for school improvement

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                                                                                          Career & Technical

Ayden-Grifton Conducts Award Ceremony
Charles Payne, Construction Teacher at Ayden-Grifton High School, conducted his first
award ceremony for 32 students who received NCCER certification last year. Pictured
below are students receiving their award.

On September 24, 2010, the Educational Program and Services Team conducted a
walkthrough at South Central High School. Mrs. Georgia James’s Foods students
prepared delicious chef salads for the team.

                                                                             Pictured: Superintendent Dr. Beverly
                                                                             Reep and Administrator of School
                                                                             Improvement Grant, John Coleman

                                                                                                       Page 6
Career & Technical
                        Farmville Central High School Hosts Dedication

                     Farmville Central High School hosted a dedication ceremony on
                     October 19, 2010, in honor of a new wing at the school. Ms.
                     Dawes’s Foods class served and prepared food for the reception.

                              Thinking Maps Sessions

                     Judy Asselemeir, Health Occupations teacher at D.H.
                     Conley, uses a flow map explaining the steps for bathing
                     in this thinking maps exercise.
Page 7
                                                                              Career & Technical
Instructional Strategies

What are Orbital Studies:
         Independent investigations, usually from 3-6 weeks
         They ―orbit‖ or revolve around some facet of the curriculum.
         Students select their own topics and work with guidance and coaching from the
         Much of the work on orbital studies is completed at home. However, when class
         work is completed, student may use the extra time to work on their orbital studies.
         Students present orbital studies they have completed to small groups in the class.
         Peers may sign up to attend a presentation in which they are interested.
         Students not attending the presentation may work on their own projects, catch up on
         missing class work, or use the time to get peer help on some of their work.
         Orbital studies allow differentiation of content (students select their own topics and
         research materials), and product (students can select from a wide range of options
         about how to express their learning.
         Orbital studies allow students to exercise choices in what to study and how to share
         what they learn.
Getting stated:
         Develop a list of topics related to a concept or theme in your subject area.
         Allow each student to select a topic based on interest.

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                                                                                    Career & Technical

The Health Sciences Academy is currently recruiting 8th-10th graders that are interested in health
careers. We have completed approximately ½ of the middle school recruitments. Applications are
available through your counselors in the 8th grade and Health Occupations teacher or CDCs in the
high schools. Applications can also be found on our website. The due date for 8 th grade applicants
is December 10, 2010. Applicants that are in the 9th and 10th grade must turn in their applications by
January 7, 2010.

If you are aware of any volunteer opportunities that our students can participate in, please contact us
and let us know. We are always trying to assist our students in finding new places to volunteer.
They can volunteer at service programs, not for a profit entity. If you have anything going on during
the holidays, and you are aware of a volunteer need, please contact us!

We have scheduled the breakfast and end of the year programs for our students:

                                             Breakfast              End of Year Reception
          Ayden-Grifton                     Feb 8, 2011                  May 9, 2011
           D.H. Conley                      Feb 4, 2011                 May 12, 2011
         Farmville Central                  Feb 14, 2011                May 24, 2011
            J.H. Rose                       Feb 16, 2011                May 11, 2011
            North Pitt                      Feb 9, 2011                 May 16, 2011
          South Central                     Feb 15, 2011                May 10, 2011

Other important dates for the spring include:

                     8th grade Career Fair - Tuesday, February 22, 2011
                     Junior Job Shadowing – Wednesday, March 16, 2011
                     PCMH Internship Applications are due – Friday, March 25, 2011

If you have any questions regarding the Academy, please call 252.830.5042.                    Page 9
                                                                                  Career & Technical

It’s that time of year again for Business & Technology Academy recruitment (BTA)!!!!!
CDC’s/SPC’s—Please start scheduling middle school presentations. You have a BTA box
with lots of goodies to promote the Academy. If any Business teacher or CDC/SPC
would like to help with the Business and Technology Academy, please contact Chena
Cayton at 830-4207 or via email at


                                                        Teacher of the year :
                                                    Ayden-Grifton High School
                                                Lora Joyner (Health Occupations)
                                                       J.H. Rose High School
                                                   Chrislyn Beresheim (FACS)
                                                  National Board Recertification in
                                                        Business Education
                                                     Lynn Watson-DH Conley
                                                       Lisa Sloan-North Pitt
                                                     Sheree Pierce-North Pitt
                                                      Tonya Miles-North Pitt
                                              National Board for Professional Teaching
                                                       Standards Certification
                                                  Betsy McDonald –JHR (FACS)

                                                                                         Page 10
Career & Technical

     Foods I & II Teachers—You may begin using your Food Lion charge accounts. See your
     department chair with any questions you may have.
     Monthly Certifications will be sent to specific teachers November 1 st for October months of
     employment.(You know who you are!!!)

     Attention Trade & Industrial Teachers!!!!!! Please order construction supplies, etc. from Lowes on
     10th Street. You will need to get a quote from David Bradley . Contact information is listed below:
     Lowes Home Improvement
     3840 East 10th Street
     Greenville, NC 27858
     Phone: 252-754-6668 Fax: 252-754-6643

                         Middle school teachers are planning and collaborating to implement a Career
                         Quest in the Spring. More information will be forthcoming!!
                         CTE Mid-Term Testing—November 1-5— Tests can be given at anytime during
                         this week
                         CDC/SPC Meeting—November 12 and January 28, 2011
                         Department Chair Meeting—Will not meet anymore this year until January 5,
                         Thinking Maps Training—Group B November 9 8:30-3:30 - Ag Center
                         (Rescheduled September 30)
                         Thinking Maps Training—Group A November 16 8:30-11:30 Business Teachers
                         Only-Community Schools
                         Thinking Maps Training—Group A November 16 12:30-3:30 Health Occupations
                         and Middle School Teachers Only-Community Schools

Page 11
                                    November 2010
                                     Sun        Mon              Tue            Wed             Thu          Fri        Sat

                                                       1                 2               3              4           5          6
                                                           CTE Mid-Term Field Testing!!!!!!!!!!! (Nov 1-5)

                                            7          8                 9              10             11          12         13
                                                            Thinking Maps
                                                            Group B       Early Release
                                           14         15               16               17             18          19         20
                                                             Thinking Maps
                                                             Group A
If you have anything you would             21         22                23              24             25          26         27
    like to include in a future
   newsletter, please contact                                                Teacher or                                                 Workday
                                           28         29                30

                      Department Chairs—Please send all carbon copies of purchase orders with
                      assigned numbers on them back to central office if you receive any in the

                      Daily Mileage Forms are due on a monthly basis!!!
                      When requesting reimbursements, please fill out an expense reimbursement
                      form along with attached receipts/documentation needed when requesting
                      reimbursement for hotels rooms, air fare, and other expenses. The form
                      must have your principal signature.

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