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									Ethernet Connectivity
        PowerLogic        Ethernet Gateway Features
        offers direct     s Allows communications with PowerLogic and Modbus compatible devices over
                          standard Ethernet TCP/IP networks
        connection to     s One or two RS-485 serial ports at 19.2K Baud
        Ethernet-TCP/IP   s Fully TCP/IP and OSI compliant
                          s Standard AUI and RJ-45 Ethernet ports
        networks to       s Up to 10 simultaneous logical connections from host device (e.g., SMS-3000)
        make power        per RS-485 port
                          s 120/240Vac, 125Vdc control power
        monitoring and    s Onboard security lock-out feature (user configurable)
                          s Integral 12Vdc AUI control power
        power quality     s Small footprint: 121 mm high x 184 mm wide x 230 mm depth
        information       s Tabletop or wall mounting
                          s UL, CSA, NOM, IEC, CE
        available         s 0–60°C ambient operating temperature
        over new and      s Diagnostic LEDs on RS-485 ports and RJ-45 Ethernet port

        existing local
        and wide area

                          System 1                                                     Un ou more devices
                                                                                       One orplusieurs produits
                                                                                       connectés à a simple PC
                                                                                       connected to unsingle PC
                                                                                       (directly or via modem) à un
                                                                                       (directement ou grâce

                          System 2                                                     The Ethernet gateway
                                                                                       Ethernet Gateway assure
                                                                                       ensures connectivity for
                                                                                       la connexion de plusieurs
                                                                                       many devices,
                                                                                       produits accessibles par
                                                                                       de nombreux multiple users
                                                                                       accessible by utilisateurs

                          System 3                                                     Standard TCP/IP
                                                                                       Le protocole TCP/IP
                                                                                       protocol means des
                                                                                       standard permet
                                                               Intranet                transparent
                                                                                       communications via Internet
                                                                                       transparentes grâce à
                                                                                       technologies Internet
                                                                                       la technologie

                          System 4                                                     Add automatic controls
                                                                                       Ajoutez des automatismes
                                                                                       using PLCs, and/or
                                                                                       en utilisant un automate
                                                                                       data-sharing with other
                                                                                       programmable, et/ou un
                                                                                       systems such as
                                                                                       partage de données avec
                                                                                       building systèmes tels que
                                                                                       d’autres management or
                                                                                       process control
                                                                                       la gestion du bâtiment ou
                                                                          ouvert       le contrôle de process.
                                                                          à d’autres
                          automation                                      to other
                          functions                                       systems

                                                      Manage your electrical network using Ethernet
                                                      The PowerLogic System offers the flexibility to build entire power monitoring and
                                                      control systems using Ethernet-TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet
                                                      Protocol) as the high-speed network backbone. PowerLogic Ethernet connectivity
                                                      products consist of a gateway device and an Ethernet driver for the SMS family of
                                                      software products. SMS power monitoring software operates on Microsoft®
                                                      Windows® 95, 98 and Windows NT®. The combination of the gateway and driver
                                                      creates a system with optimal communication performance and accessibility to
                                                      power system information.

                                                      Electrical distribution systems now often have hundreds, and even thousands, of
                                                      communicating devices. A high-speed, high-bandwidth network such as Ethernet
                                                      often becomes necessary to handle the increased data throughput required.
                                                      In many cases, an existing Ethernet network can be used to avoid the cost of
                                                      installing and maintaining a separate “backbone” network.

                                                      Ethernet is the most widely supported network in the world. It offers an open
                                                      architecture, speed, wide range of connectivity products, and virtually unlimited
                                                      flexibility allowing users to build any size network. These benefits ensure users
                                                      of their investment in Ethernet as the backbone network of choice for power
                                                      monitoring and control systems.

                                                      As your PowerLogic system expands (number of users increase, and additional
                                                      devices are implemented), so too can your network using standard, off-the-shelf
                                                      products that meet your specific needs.

                                                      The PowerLogic system allows you to leverage existing Ethernet technology for
                                                      power monitoring, power quality, and other information over virtually any existing
                                                      communication infrastructure, including the Internet.

                                                      Improved System Performance
                                                      The PowerLogic Ethernet Gateway and the SMS Ethernet Driver have been
                                                      engineered to form a tightly coupled system. Together these components form
                                                      the basis for a reliable, high-speed power monitoring solution. The SMS Ethernet
                                                      Driver allows simultaneous communication requests to multiple gateways providing
                                                      faster overall throughput in gathering data from the entire PowerLogic system.

                                                      TCP/IP and OSI Protocols
                                                      Many Ethernet networks are based on TCP/IP. This is the standard protocol for
                                                      delivering information and is what the Internet and many Intranets use. Other
                                                      network systems utilize the equally powerful Open Systems Interconnect (OSI)
                                                      protocol. The System Manager Ethernet Driver and Ethernet Gateway support
                                                      both TCP/IP and OSI protocols. Either protocol is routable through existing IP
                                                      routers, hubs, etc., allowing users to select the protocol stack best suited for
                                                      their application.

                                                      Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS)
                                                      The PowerLogic Ethernet connectivity solution uses MMS as the messaging
                                                      protocol over Ethernet. MMS is an international standard (ISO/IEC 9506) for
                                                      exchanging real-time data and supervisory information between network devices.
                                                      Overall, MMS provides a very powerful, high throughput platform for network

                                                      MMS offers increased flexibility in integrating other devices and systems into a
                                                      PowerLogic system. The messaging services provided by MMS are broad enough
                                                      to cover a wide range of applications while the MMS protocol itself is independent
                                                      of the application being performed.

The PowerLogic Ethernet Gateway combined with SMS
software brings power system information to any
personal computer on the local area network or even
the Internet.

Ethernet Connectivity
                                                      Easy Configuration
                                                      Both the SMS Ethernet driver and the gateway are easily configured and secured.
                                                      Standard dialog box setup screens for communicating with the gateway reside in
                                                      SMS. The gateway has an onboard setup utility that is easily configured via the
                                                      RS-232 port using a standard terminal emulator software program, such as
                                                      Windows Terminal. The setup utility contains all configuration parameters for the
                                                      gateway as well as diagnostic parameters. Additionally, an extensive help system
                                                      is included in the setup utility.
                                                      All configuration information is stored in nonvolatile memory and therefore, not
                                                      affected on loss of control power.

                                                      Gateway and Network Integrity
                                                      Each serial port contains RS-485 biasing and surge protection circuitry to ensure
                                                      reliable operation where noise may be present from nonlinear devices,
                                                      electromagnetic induced equipment, or single capacitive coupling of the power
                                                      system voltages.

                                                      Easy Field Upgrades
                                                      As features are added to the system components—either in SMS, the gateway, or
                                                      the connected devices—the gateway can be easily updated via the RS-232 port.
                                                      This firmware upgrade is accomplished without hardware replacement, lengthy
                                                      system downtime, or system reconfiguration.

                                                      Support for Existing PowerLogic and Modbus
                                                      The PowerLogic Ethernet Gateway supports routing into existing SY/NET® network
                                                      based and Modbus based systems. The RS-485 ports on the gateway can be
                                                      connected to another RS-485 port on a network interface module (NIM, PNIM, etc.)
                                                      making information from the SY/NET network available over Ethernet. This
                                                      approach benefits existing facilities where PowerLogic systems are already in use.
                                                      The implementation of Modbus (2 and 4-wire) allows you to read information
                                                      directly from a Modbus network device to the Etherent gateway. This information
                                                      is then transported over Ethernet to the master reading device. Users of existing
                                                      Schneider networks can choose to augment their systems by using Ethernet as
                                                      the high-speed backbone.

                                                      SMS and Client/Server System
                                                      System Manager uses client/server technology for managing activity and
                                                      information on the Ethernet network. This is ideal for systems where multiple users
                                                      need access to power system information. The PowerLogic Network Server, which
                                                      may be a dedicated Windows NT workstation or any one of the user’s personal
                                                      computers, ‘serves’ requested information to users elsewhere on the network
                                                      running SMS client software. This provides many users access to the information
                                                      for various functions such as energy cost accounting, power quality monitoring,
                                                      or maintenance activities. All users share a common historical database through
                                                      Microsoft’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard. This ODBC standard
                                                      is supported by a wide variety of software vendors as an open solution.

SMS is completely compatible with Microsoft Office,
so you can create links to documents, spreadsheets
and presentations.

Technical Specifications                            Ethernet Gateway Dimensions
Control Power Input Specifications                  Millimeters
s Input Range, ac   100-264 Vac
s Frequency         50/60 Hz
s Input Range, dc   110-300 Vdc
s Burden            Up to 72 VA

Environmental Specifications
s Ambient Operating
Temperature          0° a 60 °C
s Ambient Storage
Temperature          -40 to 85°C                    4.76
s Relative Humidity Rating                          121
(noncondensing)      5 to 95%

Regulatory/Standards Compliance
sUL Listed, CSA Certified, NOM, IEC, CE

Ordering Information                                                 230           7.25
Type             Description                                                       184
3050 EGW1        PowerLogic Ethernet Gateway with
                 RS-485 port (up to 8 devices)
3050 EGW2        PowerLogic Ethernet Gateway with
                 RS-485 port (up to 1288 devices)
3050 EGWMBK      Mounting Brackets Kit
3050 EGWNMC      Null Modem Cable
3080 TCPMMS      PowerLogic Ethernet Driver
                 for SMS-3000 Software Family
                                                    Optional Ethernet Gateway Mounting Brackets

                                                    Overhead mounting

                                                    Left-side mounting

                                                    Right-side mounting

Selection guide
                  SMS family of software choices

                  PC configuration                  full features           explorer version

                                                    SMS 3000
                                                    Client / Server

                                                    SMS 1000                PMX 1000
                                                    Client only             Client only
                                                    (works with SMS-3000)   (works with SMS-3000)

                                                    SMS 1500                PMX 1500
                                                    Stand-alone             Stand-alone

                                                    Single Device

                  Note: graphics option GFX-1000 can be used with any configuration

                  The table below details the features available
                  in the System Manager software product family.

                                                    full features           explorer version
                  client/server                     SMS-3000
                  client-only                       SMS-1000                PMX-1000
                  stand-alone                       SMS-1500                PMX-1500
                  portable (one device at a time)   SMS-121
                  setup devices and addressing      s                       s
                  real-time tables                  s                       s
                  alarms                            s                       s
                  data logging                      s                       s
                  trending                          s                       s
                  waveform capture                  s                       s
                  manual control                    s                       s
                  supports GFX graphics option      s                       s
                  (see below)
                  bar charts                        s
                  meter panels                      s
                  define automatic tasks            s
                  create custom reports             s
                  create custom tables              s
                  GFX graphics option               GFX-1000

For more information ...

                                                       PowerLogic system   SMS software                     ES 1000 software

                                                                           Circuit Monitor                  Digipact
                                                                           Power Meter



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