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Windows-PPT Scavenger Hunt


									Name _____________________________________                                             Period ______

                               COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY II
To complete the worksheet you may use your textbook, the Internet, or your own knowledge.
The answers are provided in the attached list.

1.    Steps in the information processing cycle
           a.                                         c.

           b.                                         d.

2.    Types of input devices      (these answers are not provided in the list below)

           a.                                         c.

           b.                                         d.

3.    Input devices allows data,                                          , commands, and
      responses to be entered into the computer

4.    Memory or                                    consists of electronic components
      that store data

5.    Types of output devices      (these answers are not provided in the list below)

      a.                                              c.

      b.                                              d.

6.    An                                           make the information resulting from
      processing available for use.

7.    CD -                 Is erasable disk that can be written on multiple times.

8.    System and                                           are two categories of software.

9.    Right-clicking on an object will display a                                     Menu

10.   Types of application software

      a.                                                   c.

      b.                                                   d.
11.   Types of operating systems

      a.                                              c.

      b.                                              d.

12.   What is Word processing software used for?

13.   What is Excel/Electronic spreadsheet software used for?

14.   What options are available under Accessories?

            a.                                         c.

            b.                                         d.

15.   What are some uses of the Internet?

            a.                                         c.

            b.                                         d.

Define 16-19 (these answers are not provided in the list below)

16.   Domain name:

17.   Protocol:

18.   Hypertext:

19.   Path:

20.   When buying a computer it is important to            (check one)

                     a. Buy the cheapest computer possible

                     b. Do research to find the best computer that meets your needs and budget

                     c. Buy the biggest, coolest computer that will be the best to play HALO

21.   The                                         allows you to discard unneeded files or objects.

22.   How can a folder be expanded?
23.   How do you select noncontiguous or nonadjacent files?

24.   The window that is currently in use is called the                                             window.

25.   Flash drives, printers, external hard drives are connected via                                port.

26.                             connects computers in a local geographic area.

27.                             connects computers in a large geographical area.

28.                an organization that supplies connections to the Internet for a monthly fee.

29.   Define URL

30.                                  is a separate window on the right side of the screen
      that enables users to carry out certain tasks more efficiently.

31.   The                                                     is the first slide in a PowerPoint.

32.                            displays all the slides in the presentation at the same time.

33.   Screen Tip

34.                             provides consistency in design and color in your PowerPoint presentation.

35.   PowerPoint design template text attributes include all of the following:

         a.                                                    c.

         b.                                                    d.

36.   The height of a single font point is equivalent to                /72

37.   What is the file extension used when saving a PowerPoint?

38.   When you save a file as a single web page, what file extension is used?

39.   The                             Show View shows the current slide on the full
      screen without any of the PowerPoint window objects.

40.   What are the color/grayscale display options in PowerPoint?
        a.                                                c.

41.      A                              file format is needed to produce slides from an outline
      created in the Outline tab and a file created with a word processing program.

42.   What is the purpose of a closing slide in PowerPoint? (list all 4)

43.   When the slide layout is changed PowerPoint retains the text and objects and repositions
      them into the appropriate placeholders regardless of the orientation.          True    or   False

44.   True             or   False   Selecting one of the slide layouts that includes a content
      placeholder will allow you to add movies, sounds, clipart, charts, etc.

45.   In PowerPoint footers can be added to

                  a.                                            c.


46.   What printing layouts are available?

         a.                                                     c.

             b.                                                 d.
Name _____________________________________                                    Period ______

.mht                                            output devices
.ppt or pptx                                    Paint
.rtf                                            presentation software
1                                               process
access information                              programs
active                                          provide a memorable illustration or
add, subtract, and perform user-defined             example to make a point
     calculations on rows and columns of        pure black and white
     numbers                                    RAM
application software                            Recycle Bin
CD-RW                                           remind the audience to take action
cite a quotation that directly relates to the   restate important information
     presentation.                              send messages
clicking the minus sign that precedes the       shop for goods and services
     folder name                                short on-screen note about an object,
color                                               usually give you tip or hints
color                                           shortcut menu
Company that provides access to the             Slide Show
     Internet                                   Slide Sorter View
create, edit, format, and print documents       Slides
ctrl                                            Slides
design template                                 storage
effects                                         style
electronic spreadsheet software                 System tools
font and font size                              Task Pane
grayscale                                       Title Slide
handout 2, 4, 6, 9 slides per page              True
input                                           True
LAN                                             Uniform Resource Locator
Notepad                                         USB port
Notes                                           WAN
Notes handout                                   word processing software
Outline                                         WordPad

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