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					                          ¡Bienvenidos A Costa Rica!
The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is a composed of some of the most amazing
communities in Costa Rica if not the world. Unlike other beach communities in Costa
Rica this area is free from over development both commercially and residentially. The
excentricy of the travels and locals creates a diverse population. It is not uncommon to
see the wealthy and backpackers dining in the same restaurants and enjoying the same

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is Paquera, Tambor, Cobano, Montezuma, Delicias,
Cabuya, Mal Pais, Playa Carmen and the Santa Teresa, and the Manzanillo area. Each
Southern Nicoya Community has its own distinct flavor. Here are some of the
highlights of the area:

  Industrial Free Area
  Low Crime; not plagued with the problems experienced in other Costa Rican Beach Communities
  Beaches to the End of the Earth…… Peaceful & Pristine
  Impressive Waterfalls including the World Famous Montezuma Waterfalls
  National Parks and Reserves at your back door including Costa Rica’s First National Park, Cabo
   Blanco, Nicolas Wessburg Absolute Reserve and the Curu Wildlife Reserve
  Costa Rica’s Finest Artists, Dancers and Street Performers
  Abundance of Plants and Wildlife including Howler and White-Faced Monkeys
  International Cuisine Beachside Dining

We would be happy to arrange your travel and tour packages! Because of our
knowledge of the area and activities as well as the relationships we have established
with local tour operators, we are able to offer this to our guests at no additional charge.
Montezuma offers spectacular views and amazing people. You can spend days enjoying
the beaches alone, but don’t forget about tours and adventures. Below is a list of the
attractions that you shouldn’t miss. Feel free to ask any questions and let us book your
adventures with the best companies in the area. Take a moment to read the
information we have compiled in our concierge book. You will understand that once
people have seen what the Southern Nicoya has to offer, they plant roots and never
                                    Helpful Information

Weekly and daily service

Maid Service
While you are out on a horseback ride or snorkeling at Tortuga Island, have your sheets changed and
your floors washed. It will make your vacation so much more enjoyable! Please let us know if you
would like daily, weekly or bi-weekly visits by our reliable & trusted cleaning staff.

Bus Schedule *may change based on season and weather
Cóbano to

      Paquera                  03:45 / 05:45 / 08:30 / 10:30 / 12:15 / 14:30 / 16:30
      Montezuma                05:00 / 07:30 / 09:45 / 11:45 / 13:15 / 15:15 / 17:45
      Santa Teresa/Mal País    10:30 / 14:30
      San José, Direct         06:30 / 14:30
Montezuma to
      Cóbano                   05:30 / 08:00 / 10:00 / 12:15 / 14:00 / 16:00
      Cabuya                   08:00 / 10:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00
      Santa Teresa/Mal País    Bus to Cóbano, Change to Santa Teresa/Mal País Bus
Santa Teresa/Malpaís to Cóbano 07:00 / 11:30 / 15:30
Cabuya (Cabo Blanco) to Montezuma 07:15 / 09:15 / 13:15 / 16:15

Phone numbers
      Farmacia Amiga/Western Union 2642-0685
      Dr. Carlos Madison Sanchez            8392-4791
      Clinica                               2642-0208
      Lifeguard 24 hr Ambulance             2220-0911
      Clinica Dental Cinthia Marin V. 26420339
      Dr. Marcos Mora M., Odonologia 26420056
Police                                      2642-0770 or 911
      Sansa Flights                         2221-9414
      Nature Air                      2220-3054
      Naviera Tambor                  2661-2084 (Paquera ferry times, in Spanish)
Taxi drivers
      General Taxi- 2624-0000
      Francisco- 8833-5982 (Based in Cabuya)
      Herberto-8826-9055 (English)
      Max-8915-8869 (Montezuma & surrounding areas) (English)
      Mario Steller- 8302-5108, 8740-7036 (Montezuma & surrounding areas)
      Mario- 8815-9075 (Montezuma & surrounding areas)
                                              Local Fare
Food & Fun


The Bakery
At the entrance to Montezuma’s main beach, the Bakery serves Costa Rican coffee and espresso with
an international menu. Check daily to see the days baked goods.

Is the favorite among travelers and residents of Montezuma. The Italian owners have created a high-
end international menu. They also offer a full bar in their intimate ambiance. Great for a romanic
dinner or a special trip during your travels. Closed Mondays.

Restaurant Moctezuma
Find this restaurant at the entrance to Montezuma’s small beach, in the center of town. On a hot day,
order a cold beer and the ceviche appetizer and enjoy one of the best ocean views in Montezuma. The
cool breeze makes you remember why you chose this place to vacation.

Chico’s Bar
Chico’s is almost impossible to miss. It is found in the center of time. Play pool, meet people, watch
the center of town. The drinks are good and the beer is very cold. It turns into a dance club at night
featuring all types of music. Thursday Night Reggae is a favorite of locals with DJ Gong.

At the top of the hill coming into town, Puggo’s highlights Mediterranean cuisine. Make sure to order
the homemade bread. They also have a honey-lime mint cooler. For an extra-kick, order it with a
shot! Local favorite is the hummus plate.

Playa de las Artistas
In competition for the best restaurant in town, Las Artistas is located just outside of the center, just
before the waterfalls. “The Artist’s Beach” restaurant is exactly that. Located on the beach with
excellent service and eccentric decor. This is a must see!

Sano Banano and Ylang Ylang Beach Resort & Restaurant
Are sister restaurants. Sano Banano is situated next to the supermarket in the center of town. Nightly
movies and a healthy menu draw all travels. If you want to people watch, sit in one of their tables and
observes the coming and goings of town. Ylang-Ylang shares the menu with the addition of nightly
specials. The latter is located a short walk down the beach from town. Both have WIFI for their

Pizzeria L’Angolo Allegro
Italian recipes with Argentinean hands. Their slogan summaries their flavors and service. Friendly
service from the predominantly Argentinean staff, make dinning fun and comfortable. The pizzas and
calzones are well made and perfect for sharing. They offer a free delivery service from 5:00pm-
9:30pm Tuesday-Sunday. Restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.
Come to the park every Saturday starting at 11:00am for the Organic Market. Artisans of food and art
are featured alongside a large array of organic produce.
Monte Sol
For a taste of a traditional casado, come to this soda. Their prices are reasonable and the food
consistently delicious.


Cabuya Bakery
The best baked goods in the Nicoya Peninsula. The menu is made-up of international dishes and
fresh smoothies tops off the relaxing experience. Located just past Cabuya Crossroads on the main
road to Cabo Blanco National Reserve.

The Coyote Café
Owners Jenny and Pollo offer their restaurant with open arms. Weekly specials feature Jenny’s
culinary skills. They offer an internal menu with local products. Take a a mini-Spanish class or just
sit and enjoy their company. Good food, Good service.

                                      Beaches & Waterfall

Playa Montezuma
Montezuma is centered between two beaches. The smaller is the “marina”. The larger is just North of
town. It stretches to the Ylang-Ylang. It is great for sunbathing, body surfing or playing in the sand.

Piedra Colorada
Just past Playa Montezuma is a fresh water river that flows into the ocean. At the entrance, there is a
cool pool great for wading. Walk a little ways up and find hidden pools and mini waterfalls. You can’t
miss it. You know you have arrived when you see the rock garden.

Playa Grande
Continue another 15 minutes down the path along the beach and you will discover the big beach. This
is where beginning surfers go to learn and practice.

"El Chorro"
If you are interested in taking a horseback riding tour or an all day walk along the beach, this is the
perfect place to get away from tourists. It is a 2 hour walk from Montezuma each way. Follow the
beaches northeast out of town. At low tide, you can swim in the pool below. Make sure to bring water
and snacks.

Montezuma waterfalls
Cross the bridge just south outside of town, you will find the entrance to the waterfall. Follow a
natural path up the river bed. A slow and steady hike will take 15 minutes to arrive at the base of the
large, first waterfall. Walk up a steep side of the mountain and follow a natural trail to find the second
and third waterfalls. This is about another 20 minutes as a comfortable pace. You should have good
shoes or be comfortable hiking barefooted.

Playa Las Manchas
Further south out of Montezuma and discover the tranquil beach of Las Manchas. There are a few
little beaches great for sun bathing and cooling off in the surf.
Playa Los Cedros
About 4 kilometers south of Montezuma, Los Cedros is the place to watch some of the best surfers and
waves around. It is a little bit of a walk, but it is easy to get a ride from a passing car or even the bus
every 2 hours. Bring water or snacks, there isn’t much more around for a few miles.

Rio Lajas
Located about 6 kilometers from Montezuma on the road to Cabuya. Stop just before the medium
sized bridge. You can walk down on the left or right side or the bridge. Fresh water and family’s
barbequing in the summer make this a nice change from the beach scene.

                                      Rentals & Other Amenities
If you arrived via bus, taxi, plane or boat and want your own personal transportation, renting a car is
the best option. We can have it dropped off so you can travel on your own schedule and experience
the thrill of driving the roads of Costa Rica.

A good way to explore the area around the southern Nicoya Peninsula is to rent an all-terrain vehicle.
Half and full day rentals are available.

Mountain Bikes
Rent a mountain bike for the day and take your time enjoying the side roads into the jungle or a
peaceful day at the beach. Not only is it great exercise, but it offers you a chance be more sustainable.

Surf & Boogie Boards
Playas Grande, Los Cedros, Montezuma and Carmen are some of the best beaches for surfers of all

Isla Cabuya Kayaking
Five miles outside of Montezuma, Cabuya defines the sleepy Nicoya lifestyle. Rent a kayak and paddle
to explore the pre-Columbia Indian burial grounds. Today it is home to the Cabuya cemetery where
funeral are still held. At low tide, it is possible to walk across, so plan your trip around the tide

Personal Chef
Local ingredients and vendors make this area a destination for foodies. Take advantage of our
experienced chefs. Menus are customized to your preferences; taking advantage of fresh fish,
international cuisine and years of experience. Whether you are traveling on a romantic vacation or
with a large family, our chefs will prepare an amazing meal!

For those who would like to have a night out without the kids, we place a trusted caretaker.

                                     Montezuma Area tours
Surf lessons
Learn to surf the waves of the Central Coast of Costa Rica with trained surfers. Daily trips go to Playa
Grande and other beautiful locations in the area. Let them give you the best experience and training.
Day and weekly seasons available. Packages available to combine Spanish, Fire dancing and Surfing.
Horseback Riding Adventures
Horseback riding tours are a great way to explore the Costa Rican countryside, in Montezuma we have
guided tours visiting waterfalls, rivers, and gallop through sandy beaches. Feel the breeze on your
face or trot under tropical trees where monkeys lounge overhead. No matter what your age or your
level of expertise, experienced guides will find the perfect horse for you and your trip. Includes:
Bilingual Guide, Fruits and water and Professional Gear

El Chorro Waterfall ~ the beach and ocean gives the rider and freedom from the constraints from the
rest of the world. Only at low tide.

Mountain & Montezuma Waterfall ~ Great opportunity to see many species of small animals, colorful
birds and butterflies. Best at Sunset!

Snorkeling Tour at Tortuga Island
Save a day to visit 2 different snorkeling locations, the waterfall el Chorro, a ship that sank almost 50
years ago, and Rainbow Rock; a volcanic rock formation that looks like and arch. At lunch time, relax
on Tortuga Island while lunch is prepared for you. Grilled fish and potatoes, fruit, beer and water
included in the package. Vegetarian options available as well. After lunch, the captain takes those
who want to snorkel at the second spot. If you decide to spend a few more hours on the Island, , hike
to one of the highest points and see all the islands of the Golf of Nicoya. Tour begins at 9:30 am and
returns to Montezuma at 4:00pm. All snorkel gear provided as well as Bilingual Captain.

Montezuma Waterfall Canopy Tour
Two guides lead you in a two hour excursion down 9 cables, 11 platforms covering 1.200 meters over
the forest and waterfalls. This is a moderately difficult tour. Half way through the trip, you stop at
the famous Montezuma upper waterfalls to swim and enjoy the views and wild life. Tours leave daily
at 9am, 1pm and 3 pm. Make sure you pack a swim suit, sun protection, hat, sunglasses, closed-toe
shoes. Bilingual guides trained in first aid make this a must!

Sport Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Off Shore Fishing
The Gulf of Nicoya offers sailfish; blue, black and striped marlin, colorful dorado, wahoo, and yellow
fin tuna. Sailfish are most rich throughout the year, however late December through May, experience
free jumping and abundance. These cobalt waters hold big dolphin fish, known as dorado here as well
as several species of tuna and wahoo. Costa Rica fishing offers an opportunity to tangle with
roosterfish, cubera snapper and broomtail grouper. Average catches start at 10 and range to 30 per

The Sunrise                The Sunset                 The Half-Day                The Full Day
Off Shore Fishing          Off Shore Fishing          Deep Sea Fishing            Deep Sea Fishing
6:00~9:30 am               4:00~6:30 pm               8:00am~2:00pm               7:30am~4:30pm

Guided Tour of Cabo Blanco Reserve
Be guided on a 4-hour eco-friendly hiking tour through Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve; Costa
Rica's first national park. Located on Cabuy, on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula near Mal Pais and
Cabuya, the reserve covers 3,140 acres (12.7 km2) terrestrial and 4,420 acres (17.9 km2) marine. The
reserve was created in 1963 by Olof Wessberg.
Isla Tortuga Diving Club
Local dive sites offer white tip sharks, giant schools of grunt, yellowtails, spotted eagle rays, turtles,
stingrays, angel fish, octopus, sea horses, starfish, frog fish and many species of eels. Whale sharks
have been seen up to 35 feet long on numerous occasions, as well as, spinner dolphin, humpback
whales, pilot whales, orcas, false killer whales and schools containing hundreds of Mobulas and
thousands of cow-nosed rays. Average visibility ranges from 30 ft. to 50 ft. with possibilities of up to
80 ft. Water temperature from mid-May to mid-December is 93°-94°. Mid-December to mid-April,
water temperatures vary from day to day, dipping to 70°. The outside temperature at the beaches is
85° to 90° year round. The rainy season runs from May to November. These months providing some
of our best diving. Visibility is often enhanced as the rain settles the plankton and rich nutrients that
are abundant in Costa Rica . Isla Tortuga Diving Club S.A. is the only Official School Diving School in
Costa Rica certificated by CMAS (World Confederation of underwater activities)

All packages include full profession gear, transportation from Montezuma to dive spots, professional,
bilingual dive masters .

¨First/Second Star¨
 (FOUR DAY COURSE)                       The Discovery Dive *                   Tank Dives *
- Theory and practice classes            - Theory & Practice class on Tortuga   -One and two professional dives of 18
- Practice classes on the Beach of       Island Beach                           mts in Tortuga Island.
Tortuga Island.                          - Open Sea Dive in Tortuga Island
- Open Sea Dives in Tortuga Island and
Curu Wild Refuge

* includes full lunch and beverages

 Shuttle Service
                                                        All the feature professional service
 From           Destination        Travel Time         and a friendly staff. Under 3 are free
                                                                     of charge.
             Intl. Airport~ SJO   6 hours
             San José             7 hours                Shuttle Service~ Mini Van
                                                           Full A/C ~ Departs at 8:30 ~
             Alajuela             6 hours               Capacity: 11 persons ~ Includes All
             Heredia              7 hours                            ferry fees.
                                                        Special Packages for groups ~ 3-10
             Cartago              9 hours               years old 50% off the regular price

             Tambor               1 hour
                                                           Taxi Boat~ Speed Boats
             Mal Pais             1 hour
                                                        Every Boat has a Canopy ~ Bilingual
             Santa Teresa         1 hour                               Guide
                                                         3-10 years old 50% off the regular
             Samara               4 hours
                                                          price ~ Leave from Montezuma
             Nosara               4 hours               Beach ~ Oversized Luggage $10 per
             Tamarindo            5 hours                              piece.

             Flamingo             6 hours                 Flights ~ Approved by FAA
             Coco Beach           7 hours                 Under 2 years travel free in lap.
                                                                  25 min flight
             Papagayo             7 hours
             Liberia              7 hours                             Nature Air
                                                         2 pieces of luggage per person (30
             Mal Pais             7am/4pm                             lbs,10 lbs)
             Jaco                 7 hours                             Sansa Air
                                                                 27 lbs. per person
Mal Pais     Montezuma            8am/5pm

                                            Taxi Boat Services
                        From       Destination        Travel Time             Departs
                    Montezuma          Jaco             50 min.              Depends on
                    Montezuma        Samara             2 hours              Depends on

   Flights ~ Let us schedule your next flight. Best to book online or call ahead to check times
                                         and availability
                                           Mind and Body
Inner Sanctuary Wellness
Our resident yoga instructor, Angela Boltz E-RYT specializes in on-site private yoga classes for
individuals and small groups in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. She can help you plan the wellness
vacation of your dreams with the knowledge of a local insider, the planning of a seasoned professional and
the sensibility of an accomplished instructor.

                                             Among her Services~
          Intro to Yoga and Meditation                                   Vinyasa Flow Class
   Walking Meditations to Montezuma Power                           Home Practice Development
                      Spots                                          Special Needs Instruction
                  Couples Yoga                                       Private Teacher Trainings

For detailed course offerings you can visit

Latin Dance Classes
Take dance classes with bilingual instructors. A trip to Latin America would not be complete unless you
learned to Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Mambo and Merengue.

Montezuma Yoga is located just outside Montezuma. You will be practicing Yoga in the open, wooden
pavilion looking out to the ocean and listening to the sound of birds, monkeys and the ocean. Classes are
open for all levels, held in English. Beginners are welcome. Just drop in, we have mats and props available
for you. Private One-on-One sessions available!
Inquire at Los Mangos Daily

Ylang-Ylang Beach Resort offers Yoga classes their Yoga Studio located on the second floor of the
restaurant with an incredible ocean view! This is an open class so you do not have to sign up beforehand.
Private classes are also available! Open to all levels!
Inquire at Ylang-Ylang Daily

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