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					                                                                         Best Host After Midnight — Fire Marshal Bill at Jack In The        Best Celebrity You’re Most Likely to Run Into — Pam Anderson    Best Office with a View of the Ocean — Malibu Towing, Inc.
          BEST O
                                                                             Box                                                            Best Place to See a Star of Surf, Rock or Film Eat Breakfast        (Who knew?)
                                                                         Best Summer Lunch Spot — Tra Di Noi (Tell Joan Steiger,                – Coogie’s                                                  Best Architectural Digest Beach Walk — Billionaire (Carbon)
                                                                             Bernie Sapphire and Fred Segal we said hi!)                    Best Place to Watch Britney Spears Stuff Her Face — Chrome          Beach, from the pier going east
                                                                         Best Summer Lunch Spot With a View — Geoffrey’s                        Hearts                                                      Best Place for a Weekend Stay (Airstreams Welcome!) —
                                                                         Best Hostess/ Maitre d’ — Coco Walker at Taverna Tony/                                                                                 Malibu RV Park
                                                                             Gustavo at Tra Di Noi
                                                                         Best Place to Send Out-of-Towner’s — Gladstone’s
                                                                                                                                          Best Place to Run Into A Celebrity —                              Best Summer Opening — Malibu Beach Inn (now that David
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Geffen got his hands on it!)
     Best Sushi Bar — Nobu                                               Best Place to Try and Get a Cup of Java in Less than Two Hours     Promises Rehab Facility                                         Best Place to Run Into An Ex — Malibu Courthouse
     Best Burger — Country Kitchen                                           — Starbucks Cross Creek                                                                                                        Best Boutique — Crush
     Best Eco—Friendly Burger — John’s Garden                            Best Green Supermarket — PC Greens                                 Best Worst Name for a Malibu Rock Band — FaceHumper             Best Use of Lavender Leather Sliding Walls in a Women-
     Best Fish ’n’ Chips with a Side of Tourists — Malibu Seafood        Best Original Idea — Malibu Times magazine (And, geez, they        Best Place to Buy a Rock (A Diamond, That Is) — Laura M             Owned Business — Rockstar Couture Jewelry
     Best Falafel — Malibu Mutt (Mandatory with every order: two             didn’t even say thanks)                                        Best Eco-Friendly Furniture – Palecek at Malibu Colony          Best Place to Find Some Style and Maybe a Little Attitude
         buffalo balls.)                                                 Best Place For a Meteor to Strike — Pepperdine University              Company                                                         – Planet Blue
     Best Cupcake — Malibu Kitchen (Bring a shovel)                      Best Decision Malibu Ever Made — No sewage system (Awww,           Best Patio Furniture – Oasis at Topanga                         Best Place to Find That Summer Bathing Suit — Ron Herman
     Best Place for a Slice — D’Amore’s                                      c’mon! We aren’t serious)                                      Best Mix of a Malibu Store (split decision) – Canvas Art and        (Missoni in stock)
     Best Place for a Health Blast — The Vitamin Barn                    Best Venue To Contemplate Malibu’s Future — Sewage                     Sneakers, and Free City Supershop                           Best Place to Find Those Summer Sandals — Madison
     Best Place To Go If You Can’t Decide Between Thai or Sushi              Treatment Plant in Tapia Park                                  Best Surf Shop — Becker                                         Best Face-lift — The new Malibu Cinema
         — Thai Dishes                                                   Best Place to Practice Your Bad French — With the gentlemen        Best Surfboard Collection — Griff Snyder                        Best Mountain Hike — Winding Way to Escondido Falls (Yes,
                                                                             who run Colony House Liquors on PCH or Monsieur Laforge        Best Surf Lessons — Malibu Mike or “Turtle” (aka John               Malibu has waterfalls!)
 Best Place to Watch the Paparazzi                                           at Beau Rivage                                                     Philbin)                                                    Cleanest Strip of PCH — The part adopted by Bart Barker of
                                                                         Best Place To Have an Inane Conversation With a Woman              Best Place for Water Rentals — Malibu Surf Shack                    Farmers Insurance
   Attack – The parking lot at Starbucks                                     With Whom You Can Probably Score Before The Night Is           Best Place for Diving Equipment — Malibu Divers
   at the Malibu Country Mart (Now                                           Over — Blue Lounge at Moonshadows
                                                                         Best Place To Film a Horror Film — Malibu Riviera Motel
                                                                                                                                            Best Bulls-Eye for Target Practice — All Standup Paddle
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Best Place for the Sun To Go Down and
   they’re moving to The Coffee Bean                                     Best Place For a Wild Night Out and a Morning of Sicky –           Best Malibu Bum — Cliff                                           the Lights To Come On — Paradise
   and Tea Leaf for added value!)                                            Sicky Dicky Promotions and Events at the Malibu Inn and
                                                                             the Sunset
                                                                                                                                            Best Place to Find Malibu Carl — On the stairs at First Point
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cove, Geoffrey’s, Sunset Restaurant
                                                                                                                                            Best View of Surfrider Beach — End of the Malibu Pier
                                                                         Worst Idea Ever for Malibu — LNG Terminal (Finally vetoed...       Best Over-60 Surfer — Men’s: George Carr; Women’s: Janet          and Cher’s house
     Best Take-Out — Cholada Thai                                            way to go governator)                                              MacPherson
     Best Smatter Platter — The gigantic iced seafood display at         Best Four Spots For Toll Gates — 1) Topanga and PCH; 2)            Best Mention of Malibu in a song — Malibu Pier by Rake and      Best-Kept Secret — Coastal access above Geoffrey’s
         Beach Cafe’ at Paradise Cove                                        County Line and PCH; 3) Malibu Canyon and the 101; 4)              the Surftones                                               Best Place to Live Peacefully — Dog Beach
     Best Version of Surf ’n’ Turf — Neptune’s Net (One lobster, one         Kanan and the 101                                              Best Instrumental to Play at Happy Hour — Sweet Malibu by       Best Place To Get Away From It All — Serra Retreat Center
         biker please!)                                                  Best Choice For Toll Collector — Malibu Carl                           Malcolm Highers                                             Best Place to Take a Deep Breath — Malibu Yoga
                                                                         Best Sculpture to Get You In a Car Accident — The thoroughbred     Best Eco-Friendly Spa — Tola Spa                                Best Patriot — Sylvia, the voter’s registrar outside the Webb
                                                                             outside European Equestrian Supply                             Best Mobile Massage Therapist — Kelly Carson                        Way Post Office (She’s there every Friday)
         Café                                                            Best Place to Get Cracked — Dr. Bruce Parker, DC, Malibu           Best Spa Masseuse — Victoria at Cure Spa                        Best Customer Service Representative — Chris “Sir Swoop”
     Best Cocktail (it’s a tie) — The original mojito at Paradise Cove       Health                                                         Best Mani/Pedi and Waxing in Your House on the Beach —              Reese at Mail Boxes, Etc
         (thousands pile in for this hefty cocktail), and, by popular    Best Malibu Protector — Ozzie Silna                                    Mobile Grooming Diva Barbara Warner                         Best Place to hide your money — First Bank
         demand, the margaritas at Casa Escobar — on the rocks           Best Choice for Malibu’s Ambassador of Good Will — Angie           Best Haircut/Best color — Bernie Safire, Hillary Safire           Best Visible Malibu Couple (Forever) — Laird Hamilton and
     Best Chicken Burrito — Coral Beach Cantina                              Reno                                                           Best Van in Malibu — Ben Marcus                                     Gabrielle Reese
     Best Pumpkin Tortellini — Allegria                                  Best Judge — The Honorable Lawrence Mira ( Just ask Mel,           Best New Addition for the Malibu girls — M.A.C. Cosmetics       Best Upcoming Malibu Event — National Dog Day 2007 on
     Best Romantic Restaurant — Inn at the Seventh Ray                       Tommy Lee and Nicole)                                          Best New Buzz About a Store — Oliver Peoples                        Aug. 26 (The goal: Get 500 dogs adopted by loving families
     Best Restaurant to Get Your Venison On — Saddlepeak Lodge           Best Cop to Avoid — Officer Kaye (She towed Dusty Pete’s golf       Best Professional Organizer — Lara Greenberg, Streamline,           Visit
     Best Chain/Fast Food — La Salsa                                         cart for God’s sake)                                               Inc. (You know you need it!)                                Best Place to Pickup Malibu Magazine — At newsstands in
     Best Place to Discover the Greeks Have Come a Long Way              Best Political Celebrity — Fran Drescher (Know about Johanna’s     Best Place to Rescue your Hard Drive and Unfinished                  August and thereafter for $3.95, or in your mailbox
         Since Plato — Taverna Tony                                          Law? She got Bush to think about the “bush!”)                      Screenplay — Malibu Computer                                For a complete directory go to:

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