Winners of the IMD Startup Competition

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					Jim Pulcrano                                 IMD Startup Competition                                           1/2

The following startups are the winners of the 11th annual IMD Startup Competition. They have been
chosen to work with IMD’s MBA and Executive MBA students in 2009. They were chosen from amongst
many worthy competitors based not only on the value of their idea and quality of the team, but also their fit
with the learning objectives of our programs.

Winners of the IMD Startup Competition
Executive MBA Program winners
Aleva Neurotherapeutics                                                Motilis                                                             NanoPowers
greenTeg                                                               Sensometrix

Fulltime MBA program winners
AgoraBee                                                               NetGuardians
Bacula Systems                                                         PearlTec
Bulane                                                                 Performance Buildings
cashare                                                                PrimeEqual
Deutsche Derivate AG Microfinance                                      Primus Solar
JMC Lutherie                                                           Quensis
KeyLemon                                                               Zürich Instruments

AgoraBee provides a complete platform for location-aware active RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) and WSN
(Wireless Sensor Network).

Bacula Systems
Bacula Systems provides enterprise quality services and support for open source network backup and recovery

Through Watalys, Bulane can provide chlorinated water to people in the developing world who do not have direct access to potable

Cashare runs an Internet loan platform for individuals to borrow and lend in a safe and easy environment with fair
interest rates

Deutsche Derivate AG Microfinance
Microfinance institutions (MFIs) provide microcredits to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Deutsche Derivate
AG Microfinance is a refinancing institute for MFIs which do not have easy access to the capital markets.

JMC Lutherie
JMC Lutherie offers a new generation loudspeaker system, built like a musical instrument, which allows the listener
to feel all dimensions of music.

KeyLemon is a software company which offers simple, fast and convenient computer access solutions, based on
face and speech recognition, for all internet users.

LogiFleet develops, integrates and commercializes integrated solutions for GPS geolocalisation and mobile services

NetGuardians provides a Security information event management solution for IT governance to medium and large

Pearltec develops novel fixation devices to make medical scanning faster, easier and more comfortable

Performance Buildings
Solutions for managing visitor access and shared meeting rooms in corporate as well as public settings.

Based on the award winning Preciquant Dental Anaesthesia system, Primequal is developing a version of its injector
suitable Botox injections.
Jim Pulcrano                             IMD Startup Competition                                     2/2

Primus Solar
Primus.Solar intends to launch in a Gulf country a large fully integrated manufacturing plant for photovoltaic
products, from silicon ingots to solar modules.

Quensis embodies the future of naming: our unique and revolutionary technology fuses into one streamlined
process the complex legal verifications and the creative development. We create names that are legally available.

Zürich Instruments
Zurich Instruments is an ETH spinoff developing and selling high-tech instrumentation on the global market.

Aleva Neurotherapeutics
We are a Medical Device spin-off of the EPFL developing unique neurostimulation methods for treating
neurodegenerative diseases
iTaste makes choosing a restaurant fun and dynamic. Based on Facebook logic, you participate to a community of
friends keeping you at pace with the best addresses in town. This is second generation Web2.0 applied to mobiles,
it's always available, it's interactive, it's relevant and fun."

Development and production of cost effective devices for the utilization of waste heat to generate electric power by
means of micro thermoelectric generators (TEG).

mixin helps you and your friends to choose, plan and share things to do

Motilis is a medical equipment start-up company specialized in gastroenterology with an innovative pill technology.

NanoPowers is a medical device company focusing with its proprietary artificial muscle technology on treatment of
severe urinary and fecal incontinence.

Sensometrix provides biometric identification solutions that bring a high added value by combining ease of use with
reliability and the highest security standards.