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					                                               NS Branch Expense Claim Form
                                           Please forward to current Branch Treasurer

Complete the claim form in accordance with the following:

1.      The name and full address, including the postal code, must be completed in order to expedite your reimbursement.
2.      Submit your claim within 15 days of the event, supported by receipts. Original receipts only will be accepted. Revenue Canada will
        not accept credit card slips as sufficient evidence to support the Society claim for GST credits.
3.      Separate claims are required for CASH expenditures (including personal credit card) and CSHP Diners Club charges. These two types of
        claims are accounted for separately.

Name:                                                                      Date:

             Street Number, Street, P.O. Box                               City               Province                     Postal Code

                                                                   Expense Details                                         Amount
Airfare (Economy)                                       __________________________________                         $ _____________
Mileage (@ 52 cents /km)                                _____________________________________                      $ ______________
Taxis/Parking (+ gratuities)                            __________________________________                         $ _____________
Accommodation                                           __________________________________                         $ _____________
Meals ($69/day max + gratuities)                        __________________________________                         $ _____________
Committee Expenses                                      __________________________________                         $ _____________
Award Reimbursement                                     __________________________________                         $ _____________
Miscellaneous (see description attached)                _____________________________________________               $ ______________

                                                                 Total Requested Reimbursement:                      $ _____________

                                                                                                     Treasurer Use Only:
                                                                                                     Cheque # _______________

                                                                                                     Date written_______________

                                                     Nova Scotia Branch
                                                Expense Claim Guidelines

   The standard single room rates of the convention hotel will be reimbursed. When accompanied by a spouse, the added cost of
   double occupancy and meals must be deducted from the hotel bill when submitting the expense account. When weather or
   other condition delays departure beyond that specified above, the e xtra day or night will be reimbursed.

   The cost of personal meals, other than those provided by the Society, will be reimbursed to the current maximum daily allowance
   stated on the Expense Account form.

   The maximum allowable expense is return economy airfare plus attendant travel by airport bus or limousine.

   Telephone calls, printing, photocopying, postage, parking expenses incurred on behalf of CSHP will be reimbursed upon receipt
   of proof of payment. Extra expenses incurred such as entertainment, personal telephone calls, movies, etc. will not be covered.

   Persons travelling on Society business are entitled to transportation, accommodation and services that meet reasonable and
   adequate standards for convenience, safety and comfort. In applying this general policy it is hoped that the same care will be
   exercised in incurring expenses as would be used if travelling at personal expense.

                   For Financial Policy please refer to the Council and Branch Reference Manual.

                                                  Nova Scotia Branch

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