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We welcome you to the Nuskin journey and are excited to support you in many ways in assisting you
achieving your goals.

What makes the Nuskin journey so powerful right now is that we have the ability to build an empire
as we capitalise on one of the biggest breakthroughs that we’ve seen in anti-ageing; ageLOC.

Our company is outstanding in its innovative and dynamic contribution to the industry in regards to
both product development and research – And as it grows, so do you since Nuskin rewards you, no
matter where you are in the business.

Why is this opportunity so powerful right now? Well it’s all about timing!

The current global economical situation shows that job security and availability is slowing down and
the need for multiple income streams have increased for many of us around the world.

There is a transition taking place across the globe… although Baby-Boomers still account for 2/3 of
the worlds spending and every 8 seconds a boomer turns 60, they don’t want to look any younger,
yet have 30 years of quality life beyond retirement for which they must budget. Simultaneously we
are seeing the emergence of Generation Y, who are spending a copious amount of money on looking
good, and they have the added advantage of a global market at the touch of their finger tips since
they have an extraordinary “Internet Entrepreneur” mindset.

With these points alone, we have every reason to be seriously excited about building business with

We believe that if you can follow the guidelines in this document and use, then
you are more than half way to achieving the riches you desire... The only ingredient to make this
work now, is you!

We wish you every success in your Nuskin travels!

Best Wishes


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                              THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
NAME: __________________________________MY NUSKIN ID NUMBER IS: ___________________

MY “MYOFFICE” USERNAME: ____________________ PASSWORD: ___________________________

MY GPN WEBSITE NAME: ____________________________ MY SKYPE NAME: _________________

MY UPLINES NAME: _____________________________ PHONE:_____________________________

SKYPE: ________________________________ EMAIL: _____________________________________


        1.   CORPORATE SITE:    
        2.   GPN TRAINING:      
        3.   PRODUCT SITE:      
        4.   MY OFFICE:         
        5.   PRODUCT TRAINING:  
        6.   ageLOC:            


        1.   LifePak            
        2.   MyVictory          
        3.   G3                 
        4.   Anti-ageing        
        5.   Pharmanex          
        6.   Estera             


        1. Distributor Enrolment:         0800 981 360 * (9am-7pm Mon-Fri)
        2. Order Line:                    0800 981 360 *(9am-7pm Mon-Fri)
        3. Product Support:               0800 981 360 *(9am-7pm Mon-Fri)

             * A free call when calling from a landline


   1. Product support:          

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                                THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
                              GETTING STARTED
1.   Goals

We know that 85% of this business is WHY you are doing it. 15% is HOW... The system is time proven
and effective, but your WHY is the driving force behind you achieving your goals.

     a. Your WHY.
        What are the key reasons you have decided to start in this business?


        b. Personal Goals.
           Write down your top 10 Personal Goals you will achieve in the next 12 months with
           exact dates:
           1. ____________________________________________________________________
           2. ____________________________________________________________________
           3. ____________________________________________________________________
           4. ____________________________________________________________________
           5. ____________________________________________________________________
           6. ____________________________________________________________________
           7. ____________________________________________________________________
           8. ____________________________________________________________________
           9. ____________________________________________________________________
           10. ____________________________________________________________________

        Once you have completed the above, write 91 more goals you want to achieve in your life to
        total 101 goals.

        c. Business Goals
           How much money will you make per month from NSE in:
           1. 3 months ____________________________________
           2. 6 months ____________________________________
           3. 12 months ___________________________________
           4. 3 years ______________________________________

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                              THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
                                 How to Prospect
1.   Contact List
First we must understand that in this business, contacts are our biggest asset. The key breakdown of
where to find your contacts are in the following areas

     a) Current Circle of influence
     b) Referrals
     c) Social Networking Systems

     Using names and contact details, we recommend you complete the following:

     1. Have a think about everyone you know GLOBALLY and write their names down. Make sure
        you do not edit the list - meaning that you don’t take someone off the list just based on your
        assumption this is not right for them; write them on the list, then simply ask them and allow
        them to make their own decision.
     2. Break your contact list down into the 10 most influential contacts that you know and write
        them in the table below. These will be the 1st people you call with your coach (upline) on Day
        1 of training.

                 Name                                     Contact details


Referrals are vital to the growth of our Nuskin business as this allows you to connect with people
with a common interest. That is, they know someone that you know or they are known to your
contacts for what they do. For every “no” you get, ask whether the person knows someone who is
interested in creating a higher income or interested in building businesses.

By asking for referrals, you will never run out of contacts!

Social Networking

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                               THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
The emergence of networking online has allowed us to take our Nuskin business to a larger scale,
fast, as using social networking systems allow you to connect with many people globally in such a
small period of time.

We suggest you join multiple business networking sites, such as:


and many others...

Once you join these sites, it is vital you post a photo of yourself and create a profile, which talks
about you and what you are looking for. This allows for you to attract more people to connecting
with you. Please see more about what to write under “Your Story” in the following sections of this

If you are unsure or hesitant, talk to your upline, who will assist you with your profile or put you
onto someone from the team who will support you setting up that part of your business too.

These sites then allow you to connect with people by looking at their profiles, and people will
constantly connect with you also.

2.   Pre-Qualify your prospect

Pre-Qualifying your prospect is one of the most important elements to your success in this business.
You will have a much higher rate of success if you have found out about the person and their wants
and needs before presenting all the information on hand.

So how do we pre-qualify a prospect? Ask key questions and listen to their response.
The more questions you ask about someone, the more you find out about them.

Using the FORM technique (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money), ask questions which allow you
to establish where the prospect is positioned in their life at this point.

 Hi Robert!
                                                   Once you’ve heard back from this person, it’s now
 How are you and how is the FAMILY?
                                                   important that you are ready to respond when they
 Are you enjoying WORK?
                                                   ask you about YOU....
 Are you happy doing what you’re doing?
 Are you making the sort of money which
 you desire?

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                               THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
3.   Your Powerline

Your powerline will attract people to the business and this can be used 2 ways:
       1. Someone asks you what you do
       2. You approach someone to take a look at this as a business.

Your powerline is a one or 2 line sentence which says enough to grab someone’s interest into what
you do:

Here are some examples of effective powerlines:

1.   “I’m a national recruiter for an international anti-ageing company and I am looking for 1-2
     dynamic people who are willing to work for a higher level of income. Are you interested in
     making more money?”
2.   “I am currently launching an exclusive breakthrough into the anti-ageing market and I am
     looking for key people who would like to partner with me as we roll this out. Are you interested in
     a new business idea?”
3.   “I have a business in which I teach people how to make money. I am looking to work with people
     like you who are successful and want further income. Are you interested in taking a look?”

Now let’s design your own powerline.


REMEMBER Don’t present before the presentation!! That is don’t give all the information away
until you know the person that you are talking to is interested and worthy of your time.

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                                THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
                                  How to Present
Presenting the business concept can be done through the following methods:

1.   In person
2.   Email
3.   On the phone
4.   Via Skype

Whichever way you decide is best, the process stays the same:

1.   Tell YOUR Story
Your story is what people relate to most. This is where you have the ability to paint your
background, discuss challenges you have faced and speak about how and why you decided to move
forwards with Nuskin.

This story is told at the beginning of presenting the business concept to your contact.

Take some time to write your story using the following points for guidance.

        Story
        Dilemma
        Investigation
        Choice


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                               THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED

2.   Press Play (and show the ageLOC story)
Following on from telling your own story, presenting the ageLOC and Nuskin opportunity to a new
prospect is done through showing an online, 10 minute presentation.

1. Live Stream: Show this link to your prospect:
2. Download: Save this presentation onto your computer from

3.   Starting options and Closing
Once your prospect has seen the information, simply ask them whether they would like to start in
business, moving fast or slow.

If they want to move fast, the LOI package is best, if they want to move slow, the consumer option may
suit better.

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                               THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
4.   Objection handling
You will have people giving you reasons why not to do the business, and often, this is just a cry for more
information. The best method to approach objections is to ask further questions that allow you to clarify
the prospects position. Please see the following answers to common objections.

“I want to think about it”

Sure. That’s fine- tell me, is there anything you need to think about in particular. Perhaps I can show you
the websites now to help clarify any questions. If I can satisfy all your questions, would you be willing to
begin in business?

“I don’t have any time”

Firstly, let’s go back to WHY you’re looking at this as a business? If you have a big enough why, we can
FIND TIME... What if I could show you a way to a way to build this business without taking too much of
your time allowing me to support you and your team through this growth?

“I don’t have any money”

That’s fine. Firstly, in what time frame could you come up with the money? If I could show you a way to
begin without having to invest, yet the only requirement was to come to our next meeting with a list of
200 names and numbers, would you be interested in beginning today?

“How do I know the product really works?”

Great question! As mentioned in our presentation, the products are all backed by science, and I can
provide clinical data on your request, but the best way of knowing if the product really works is to use it
for yourself. You can have a demonstration today, and if you want to look at long-term results, I suggest
you purchase the due-diligence package. (This is the consumer option package at R3588.23)

“I’m not a salesperson”

I understand, and we aren’t looking for salespeople! We are currently looking for people who would like
to create a higher level of income for themselves, not for people who want to sell the product. Do you
know anyone who is interested in creating a higher level of income?

“I don’t know many people”

Lets go back to WHY you decided to look at this business.. If I could show you how to network and meet
new people, would you be willing to start?

“Is this a pyramid?”

NO! Pyramid Schemes are illegal and in a pyramid, the person at the top is often the one who started 1st
and probably makes the most money. In NUSKIN, the opposite occurs. We have a business system which
is publically listed on the New York Stock Exchange and backed by the Direct Selling Association
( and allows us to support a team of individuals who build income based on the amount of

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                                 THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
volume which moves through our team. You can make more income than me too, even though I’ve been
doing the business for longer.

5.   Follow up!!
Do you know that we say the money is in the follow up!?

If a prospect doesn’t enrol on the day, this doesn’t mean they are not interested. Starting a new business
is a big decision, so it’s important that if someone does want to go away and think about it, then you ask
them what you can provide them with to be equipped in doing their research (e.g ask them what they
need to think about) and make a time to follow up.

It is vital that you schedule a follow up call or meeting within 48 hours of your initial meeting, as this is
when the knowledge will be still fresh and motivation still present for the new prospect to move

6.   Enrolling a Distributor
The enrolment process is very simple and can be done in the following methods:

1.   CALL THE ORDER LINE:          0800 981 360
2.   ENROL ONLINE:        (Click register)

ALWAYS QUOTE YOUR NUSKIN ID# as the sponsoring distributor!
To enrol you will need the following details from your prospect.

     1.   Name:
     2.   Address:
     3.   Phone:
     4.   DOB:
     5.   South African ID:
     6.   Email:

The company will then quote the Nuskin ID# , which you will give to your new distributor. They are now
ready to place an order.

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                                 THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
    7.   ADR(Automatic Delivery Rewards)
The ADR system is a very powerful program for long-term success in your business. This program allows
you to order all your products on a monthly basis with a 5% discount off wholesale prices, discounted
shipping, the ability to earn rewards vouchers and all products will then be delivered to your door. This
system allows for residual volume moving through you and your organisation each month. The actual
makeup of your order can be changed each month online or on the phone.

We recommend that you and your team place ALL your orders on this program.

To set up the ADR system,

    1.   CALL THE ORDER LINE on 0800 981 360 / SHOP ONLINE at
    2.   Quote your Nuskin ID# / Sign in
    3.   Choose products and add to ADR CART
    4.   Choose Shipping date for each month
    5.   Choose Shipping address
    6.   Quote Credit card details
    7.   Submit order

    8.   Placing a once off order
    One off orders can be placed anytime and can be done using the following methods:

         1.   CALL THE ORDER LINE on 0800 981 360 / SHOP ONLINE at
         2.   Quote your Nuskin ID# / Sign in
         3.   Choose products
         4.   Choose Shipping address
         5.   Quote Credit card details
         6.   Write down the confirmation number! (So you can track where any orders are at)

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                                 THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
    Action Plan
    Now you have the ability to take your Nuskin future into your own hands. Its time to set a daily action
    plan, which is based around:

    1.    Adding new contacts to your List:                 How many per day? ________
    2.    Booking Appointments:                             How many per day? ________
    3.    Presenting the business:                          How many per day? ________
    4.    Enrolling new distributors:                       How many per day? ________

    GPN StepTracker (Download from
    The GPN StepTracker assists you in staying focused on business activities that lead to volume.
    StepTracker works on a point system. You should reach a minimum of 4 points each day. Points are
    directly connected to business building activities. For each new prospect you add to your list, you can
    give yourself 1 point. For each appointment you set, you can give yourself 2 points. For every
    presentation that you give that is 3 points. And for each customer or distributor you enroll you can give
    yourself 4 points.

    # COMP = # number completed

                                           Week of:

#                                               MON                  TUE                WED             THUR                FRI                SAT              SUN
                    ACTIVITES              # comp   Total pts    #         Total    #     Total     # comp   Total    #           Total    #     Total      #     Total
                                                                comp        pts    comp       pts              pts   comp         pts     comp       pts   comp       pts

1        New Prospects added to list

2        Appointments set

3        Presentations Given

4        Customers/Distributors Enrolled

                            TOTAL POINTS

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                                           THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
Basic Compensation Plan Details

1st Stage:

    Everyone starts here, and there are 2 ways to create income....

         1. Fast start payments:- that is enrol someone on your front line and you make 387R if you
            move the 3300R kit, or you make 1160R if you move the 10588R kit.
         2. Commissions from sponsoring:- In this 1st stage, you make 5% commission on the wholesale
            purchases made by your contacts on Level 1.. (That is you have enrolled them with their own
            unique Nuskin ID which is linked to you, and they buy DIRECT from the company.)

    In this 1st stage, you will see your business explode with growth, but you are capped to making
    commission on the 1st level only.

    To access the commissions beyond your front level, as well as qualifying to make larger commissions,
    you need to look at the 2nd stage.

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                               THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
2nd Stage:

        The 2nd stage is the “Executive Qualification” stage, where its based on moving volume of
        products within your team over 3 months.
        The minimum monthly requirements are the following:

        Month 1:

                100PSV (PSV = Personal Sales Volume)
                1000GSV (GSV= Group Sales Volume, representing the volume that moves through your

        Month 2:

                100PSV (Including an ADR order- Automatic delivery Rewards program- products
                 shipped to your door with a 5% discount off wholesale price)
                1500GSV

        Month 3:

                100PSV, an ADR
                2000GSV

        The above volume can be done faster if you achieve 4500GSV in 1 or 2 months, and on the basis
        that you are competent as a leader (The company allows the upline Executive/coach to decide),
        you will be an executive.

        Once you’re an Executive, maintaining at 3000GSV per month, you now make 9-15% bonus on
        ALL distributor Levels, so you will now make 14-20% on your Level 1 distributors, and 9-15% on
        all other levels.

3rd Stage:

        The 3rd stage is by far the most powerful part of our business model, as it is designed to create

        When someone on your level 1 follows the executive qualification requirements (Mentioned in
        the 2nd stage) and becomes an Executive, their team breaks away from you and you now make a
        5% royalty on the overall turnover of their team. But you aren’t limited to just the 1st level.
        Nuskin rewards you 5% commission of 6 Executive levels deep!!

For a complete breakdown of the compensation plan as well as understanding the bonuses, please

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                                THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
Qualify as a Ruby Executive (4 Executives on your front line)
and see yourself in the USA for 5 days and 4 nights.
Ruby Trips still available in 2009

       August 12-16 (qualify by the end of April, i.e. be Paid As a Ruby for May's commission period
        and hold your Ruby pin for the trip)
       November 4-8 (qualify by the end of July, i.e. be Paid As a Ruby for Aug's commission period
        and hold your Ruby pin for the trip)

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                                THE SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING STARTED
“Believe and act, as if it were impossible to fail!”
                      Charles F Kettering

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