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									   News International Corporate Charge Card Policy and Procedure

          Author:           Ben Bingham
          Owner:            Michael Gill
          First Created:    26/07/2011
          Last Updated:     05/08/2011
          Version:          1.1

Version   Description of update                                 Changes made by
1.1       Minor updates to working and inclusion of microsite   Ben Bingham

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                               Page | 1
Policy and Procedure
1. Eligibility for a Corporate Card
   1.1. For an employee to be eligible to receive a corporate card they must:
           1.1.1. Have a permanent contract of employment with News International or News
                    Corporation (for employees in the Europe and Asia division) with no fixed term.
           1.1.2. Regularly incur business expense as part of their job role (£50 on average a
                    month is the recommendation although final decision sits with the department
           1.1.3. Have the consent of their department approver (please refer to the Corporate
                    Card Approvers List available online at
   1.2. Should an employee be eligible to receive a card based on the above criteria, it is
        mandatory that they obtain one and use it to pay for business expenses as defined in
        section 4. The employee should contact their HRBP or NISA representative if they feel they
        have a legitimate reason not to have the card.
   1.3. It is the decision of the department approver(s) over whether new employees on
        probationary period are immediately eligible to receive a card.

2. Applying for a Corporate Card
   2.1. New employees will be given information on how to apply in their Contract Pack where
        their line manager has identified them as eligible in the New Starter Assignment Form on
   2.2. Existing employees should refer to the American Express microsite for NI for all
        documentation and forms. The link for the site is available on the NI intranet and OurNews
   2.3. To apply for a card the employee must complete and send the following items to the Card
        Administration team based in the Finance team in Peterborough:
           2.3.1. AMEX Corporate Card Application Form (“Joint & Several Liability, Green”),
                   signed by the department approver.
           2.3.2. Read and sign the Corporate Card Terms of Use
           2.3.3. Provide a photocopy of a valid photo ID (e.g. passport or driving license)
   2.4. All applications must be approved and signed by an authorised approver from the
        employee’s department – please refer to the Corporate Card Approval List on the AMEX
        microsite for details on who should sign your form. Any queries should be directed to
   2.5. The employee should send the original completed and signed documents listed in 2.3 to the
        Card Admin team using the internal post.
   2.6. The Card Admin team will complete a final check of the documentation before approving
        and signing the forms and then submitting to American Express for processing.
   2.7. Employees should refer to ‘Appendix B – Guide to Application Form’ for further help in
        completing their application form.
   2.8. American Express will process the application within 10-14 days during which a credit check
        is run against the employee before the card is created and dispatched to the employee.
        This timeframe is subject to all necessary information being provided to American Express.

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                                        Page | 2
   2.9. American Express will inform the employee of whether they have been successful in
        applying for the card and will send the card and Welcome Pack directly to the employee’s
        chosen address.
   2.10. The Card Admin team will be informed by American Express of successful applicants.

3. Cancelling or Amending a Corporate Card
   3.1. Where an employee has a corporate card and changes any of their personal or work details
        (e.g. address, contact information, department, cost centre etc…) then they should contact
        American Express customer services on 0845 604 2550 to inform them of the changes.
   3.2. The employee is responsible for cancelling their card and settling the balance when the card
        is no longer required.
   3.3. Where the employee is leaving the company they should cancel and settle the balance as
        soon as possible or on their last day of employment as a minimum.
   3.4. Cancellation requests issued over the phone will be confirmed as complete immediately by
        American Express, no subsequent written confirmation is sent. Email requests for
        cancellation will be responded to by return email confirmation from American Express.
   3.5. American Express will issue the employee a final postal statement with details on how to
        pay once the account has been cancelled. The employee is responsible for settling
        outstanding charges (see section 5). Please note that the employee will no longer have
        access to their online account once the card has been cancelled.
   3.6. Once cancelled the employee should hand the card, cut up, to the line manager.
   3.7. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that all reward points earned on the
        corporate card account have been utilised within 30 days of cancelling their account as
        once this has been completed then any reward points will be cancelled. Employees will
        have to call the Amex Membership Rewards Team on 0845 604 2839 to redeem points.

4. Corporate card use
   4.1. Employees must use the card in line with the Terms of Use they sign up to on application
        (see 2.3.2).
   4.2. It is mandatory for employees who have a corporate card to use it to pay for business
        expenses where the card is accepted by the vendor. This will predominantly include
        expenses related to travel, accommodation, subsistence, and entertainment as per News
        International’s Staff Expenses Procedure that can be viewed on the intranet.
   4.3. Employees are still required to book travel and accommodation through NI’s travel provider
        in line with expenses policy when using their corporate card.
   4.4. Employees are not allowed to use the corporate card for the following:
           4.4.1. Any personal non-company related expenditure including expenses that are not
                   covered in the company or department expenses policies.
           4.4.2. Cash advances or purchasing foreign currency (this facility is not available on the
           4.4.3. Any products or services supplied through other payment channels/mechanisms
                   (e.g. stationery which is paid on account through an invoice)
   4.5. If the corporate card is not accepted by the vendor then the employee should pay for the
        service or product using cash or a personal credit / debit card and claim the expense back
        through Newspeople.

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                                         Page | 3
5. Payment of corporate card
   5.1. The employee is responsible and liable for ensuring that the corporate card bill is paid in full
        each month 28 days following the date of the monthly bill statement. There is no credit on
        the cards and they must be paid off in full each month.
   5.2. The employee will receive a personal statement from American Express. Additionally, an
        electronic copy of the statement will be uploaded to Newspeople expenses system each
        month and the employee will be notified by email.
   5.3. In order to settle the card bill, the employee must add card transactions to their expense
        claim in Newspeople using the system functionality and submit for approval as normal
        along with valid VAT receipts. The card bill statement is not a valid receipt.
   5.4. Employees are also required to submit to the Expenses department the booking
        confirmation for any accommodation from NI’s travel provider along with their expense
   5.5. Employees should refer to the Expense Help user guide found in the Newspeople expenses
        system for further information on how to add card transactions to their expense claim.
   5.6. THE CARD MUST NOT BE USED FOR PERSONAL EXPENSE. Any personal / non-claimable
        expenses on the card will need to be settled by the employee directly with American
        Express and deleted from the Newspeople expenses system.
   5.7. The employee will be notified of approved and paid expense claims showing:
           5.7.1. The amount paid by News International to American Express
           5.7.2. The amount paid directly to employee for costs not paid for using the card
           5.7.3. The outstanding amount on the employee’s corporate card that the employee
                   must settle directly with American Express.
   5.8. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that transactions on their corporate card are
        claimed as expenses through Newspeople on a timely basis and valid VAT receipts are
        submitted to the Expenses department.
   5.9. Employees must allow sufficient time (10-14 days) after submitting their expense claim for
        the expenses to be approved by their cost centre owner, for the Expenses department to
        reconcile the claim with the receipts, and for payment to be made to American Express
        before the bill is due for payment.
   5.10.         Should the employee not pay the card bill then News International has the right
        (based on the signed Terms of Use) to take the appropriate amount out of the employee’s
        salary, pay American Express directly and cancel the card.
   5.11. No line of credit is available on the American Express corporate cards and penalty for late
         payment is 2% of the total amount owed plus a £15 administrative charge as well as
         disciplinary action from News International. An employee’s personal credit rating may be
         affected by long term debt on the card.

6. Escalation and disciplinary
   6.1. Persistent breach of the corporate card Terms of Use or of this policy is a disciplinary
        offence which will result in cancellation of the employee’s card account.
   6.2. Employees should contact the Card Admin team to escalate any issues related to their
        corporate card account with American Express.
   6.3. Employees should contact the Payroll department if they have any issues submitting
        expenses through Newspeople.

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                                            Page | 4
Corporate Card Policy and Procedure   Page | 5
Appendix A - Key contact information
Contact                         Telephone       Email
American Express Customer       0845 604 2550
American Express Membership     0845 604 2839
Rewards Team
NI Card Admin Team                    

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                 Page | 6
Appendix B – Corporate Card Application Guide
Employees must complete Section 2 and 4 of the form.

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                    Page | 7
                                      This can be either the employee’s work
                                      or personal email address

                                      This should be the employee’s cost
                                      centre. If they use multiple cost
                                      centres then they should include the
                                      cost centre against which they charge
                                      the most expenses

                                      If the employee selects ‘Office’, then
                                      American Express will use the address
                                      from Section 4 of the form.

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                            Page | 8
                                      The employee should enter the
                                      address at which they are based,
                                      rather than the company’s registered

                                      Please enter the Basic Control Account
                                      (BCA) number for your business area /
                                      dept. Refer to the Corporate Card
                                      Approvers List for more information.

                                      The rest of this section is completed
                                      and signed by a member of the Card
                                      Admin team.

                                      The employee must obtain the
                                      signature of the relevant department
                                      approver according to the ASL

                                      The employee should ignore the Direct
                                      Debit section as NI settles the card bill
                                      centrally on approved expenses.

                                      The employee should send the
                                      completed form to the Card Admin
                                      team in Peterborough along with a
                                      signed Terms of Use and a copy of
                                      photo ID

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                               Page | 9
Appendix C – Billing Cycle
The table below shows the key dates for the 2011 billing cycle 4 that News International will follow.

Month          Cycle 4        Due Date    30 Day Late Payment

January        14-Jan         08-Feb      13-Feb

February       11-Feb         08-Mar      13-Mar

March          11-Mar         05-Apr      10-Apr

April          14-Apr         09-May      14-May

May            12-May         06-Jun      11-Jun

June           13-Jun         08-Jul      13-Jul

July           14-Jul         08-Aug      13-Aug

August         12-Aug         06-Sep      11-Sep

September      12-Sep         07-Oct      12-Oct

October        13-Oct         07-Nov      12-Nov

November       14-Nov         09-Dec      14-Dec

December       14-Dec         08-Jan      13-Jan

Corporate Card Policy and Procedure                                                         Page | 10

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