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Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty
Consultant. I truly believe the reason for our success now and in the future can be
traced to one common factor: quality people like you! Welcome to our fabulous unit!

Our unit name is the Miracle Makers and our unit number is JG83. We are part of
the Go Give area and the Pearl Seminar.

I love this business because you never stop learning, and there are always
opportunities to grow. As a new Consultant, I strongly urge you to start scheduling and
holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your Starter Kit, because what
you lack in experience you can make up for in enthusiasm! Although you’ll have the
opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your Mary Kay business,
activity will provide your greatest sense of learning. Mary Kay herself often said, “You
can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do
everything wrong with the right attitude and succeed beyond your dreams!” The first
few weeks of your Mary Kay business can really set the pace for your future.

I am so excited for you! I care about your future and I am committed to helping you
succeed. You’ll want to try all the products, listen to the enclosed welcome tape and
start working on your contact list, which is also enclosed. As always, I will match my
time 100% with your effort! Be patient with yourself and just take it one step at a
time. We’ll move at your pace. Have a great start!

Love & Belief,

Stephani Prendes
Future Executive Cadillac Sales Director
(786) 246-6560

5557 San Vicente St
Coral Gables, FL 33146
                     13 Steps to get your Business off to a Great Start!
                                                                 1. Inventory:
Meet with Stephani to determine your inventory needs. Make your decision within 24-48 hrs and then work with your Director to
place initial order to be sure you take advantage of all first-time ordering bonuses. The Signature Look bonus will expire 15 days
from your start date.
                                                  2. Register for Consultant First Steps:
       - Log on and for FREE you will receive 15 Beauty Books to send customers.
       - Set up Mary Kay Web Site:
       - Log on to and set up personal Mary Kay web site for
           only $25.00 your first year.
       - Order your Business Card –The business kit is recommended. A $73 value for as low as
           $43. It includes 250 business cards & business card case, 1000 business labels, customized name tags with magnetic
           clasp, self inking name and address stamp (Be sure to include web site address on cards) or
       - Set up your ProPay Credit Card Account Log on and set up your ProPay account for only
           $29.95 for the first year. You will be reimbursed the $29.95 if you process $600 in credit card sales in 90 days!!!
                                         3. Open separate Personal FREE Checking Account
Go to Bank of America (or any other bank that offers accounts with FREE checking and a debit card.) You should keep your
business and your personal finances separate!
                                                  4. Make a List of Everyone you know!
These contacts will be the start of your new business. Don’t pre-judge…invite everyone you would invite to your wedding if
money were not a concern. Make a special mark next to those people who you might like to have on
your team.
                                          5. Schedule 30 practice facials for your Powerstart!
Call everyone on your list and encourage them to bring a few friends while they let you borrow their face!! GOAL= 30 faces in 30
days! Track your progress and turn into Stephani at the end of your 30 days for a prize!
                                                  6. Become Familiar with the Products:
Use all products, from head to toe. Study the Look Book and Beauty Book to become familiar with the products & prices.
                                              7. Listen to Training CD’s in your Starter Kit.
It is imperative that you listen to this valuable training. Listen while you sit in traffic and work smarter rather than harder!!
        Team Building CD
        Success Stories CD
                                8. Attend your Weekly Success Event & New Consultant Training:
Monday Night 7-9PM and Saturday 10am-12pm, $10 rent or $40 for the month (unlimited). Attend with a friend to receive your
MK pin and more training. Consultants who “show up”,“go up.” Start attending your New Consultant Orientation this week! Black
skirt, white blouse, black closed toe shoes (MK attire).
        New Consultant Orientation- every other Saturday at 10am- I will attend on: ___________
        Mary Kay University last Saturday of the month- I will attend on: ___________
                                                    9. Stay in touch with your Director:
I work closely with those who are working. Don’t hesitate to call with questions. Reach me at 786.246.6560 or
send an email to
                                               10. Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS)
Log in to and submit your WAS weekly for recognition at the weekly event! Go to
www.marykayintouch, business tools, weekly accomplishments (easy!)
                                                     11. Sunday Night Conference Call
Every Sunday at 9:00 PM you can train from the comfort of your own home! Just call in, mute yourself and get top training from
Stephani and other directors! Dial: (218)936-7979; access code: 664095. Don’t Miss it!!!
                                        12. Earn all the Prizes you can in your first 30 days! =)
        STAR ENHANCER PIN- when you place an initial star order!
        SENIOR CONSULTANT PIN- with 1st team member
        5,10 or 15 interviews to earn your pearls!!
        BAR PIN$$$ when you sell $1000!
                                                 13. Have Fun and Enjoy this Business!
This is an amazing opportunity and you deserve to reap all of the benefits it has to offer. Remember that
enthusiasm is your best sales tool! Concentrate on helping others and in doing so, you will help yourself
                            Weekly Success Events

                         Monday Night Live @ 7PM-9PM
                   Saturday Beauty & Brunch @ 10:00 AM-12 PM

                     Visionary Beauty (South Meeting)
              14291 SW 120th Street # 110 Miami, Florida 33186

       This is your most important Full Circle appointment of the week! There
                  truly isn’t a better way to “Earn while you Learn”!
    Professional Attire in a Black Suit with a white shirt on weekdays.
    $10 for weekday events or $40.00 for unlimited access to the center for the
    Live Skin Care Class / Consultant Training
    Meet our Models & Sharing the Business Opportunity

                          Tuesday Night Live @ 7PM- 9PM

                      A Beautiful You (North Meeting)
                 17670 NW 78th Ave 106 Miami Lakes, Florida

          To our out of town Consultants: If you need a success meeting
              to attend outside the Miami Area, please call our office
          @ (786) 246-6560, and we will find an adopted Director in your

                 Sunday Night 9:00 PM Dream Big Consultant Call:
                                 (218) 936.7979
                              Access Code: 664095#

                          8:15PM Imagine the Possibilities
                                  (218) 936.7979
                               Access code: 664095#

Earn your pearls! Have your guests, customers, friends listen in to the facts about our
             business! They will help you earn your pearls of sharing!!
                                           Power Start Script:

“Hello_________this is _____________ how are you? Do you have a quick minute? You do, great! I am so
excited I just started my Mary Kay business and I’m in a huge challenge to facial 30 women in the next 30
days. It’s a very fun and simple process I would only need to borrow your face for 30 minutes & you would
get a free gift just for helping me out. Now, I have __ spots open this week and the times are____. Tell
me_____ which times works best for you? Okay so we are scheduled for (date) at (time) ___________ it is
just as easy for me to facial you and some other friends as well. You are more than welcome to invite a few
friends to share your facial. This will also help me get closer to my goal of facialing 30 women._________
should you need to reschedule please call me at (number)
                            How to apply for the MK Chase Credit Card

1.   Login to and enter your consultant number and password.

2.   When you finally get to the homepage of marykayintouch, from the menu bar at the top of the page, click the
     “Ordering” link. A drop down menu will appear, from this menu click “MKConnections” which will take you to the
     Business Tools and related services screen.

3.   Click on VISA MK Credit Card Offer link.

4.   Click on Apply link.

5.   Once you are approved WRITE down the credit card number and expiration date and THEN print the screen shot.
     If you lose the number for any reason, federal law prohibits that CHASE give you the number over the phone and your
     card will not arrive for approx. 3 weeks.

6.   You will receive a temporary limit, IMMEDIATELY CALL (888)338-2586 to:


*****A few recommendations:
          a. If your spouse has a higher credit score let him apply and order a 2nd card in your name
          b. Make sure your GROSS household monthly income is your “before tax” income for the both of you
          c. If you or your spouses’ credit score is lower than 600 I would not recommend that you apply. The
              underwriting guidelines are stringent.
*****Why I recommend this card:
          d. It has instant approval so you can order your product and start your business immediately.
          e. Maintain all of your expenses together: website, business cards, and business supplies.
          f. After the introductory period of 6 months, a good standing customer can call and request an additional 6
              months at 0%.
                          Money Management
Successful business practices start with a smart approach to Money Management. It’s very
important to treat your Mary Kay Career as a business. Proper money management is
essential to any business. You cannot be a success if you mismanage your money.
• Suggested accounts for your Mary Kay business
o Checking account (business) with Check Card
��This account used to pay business expenses.
��This account used for product replacement
��Deposit 100% of total sales each week
��Work with your bank on the daily limit if you intend to use this card to place orders
o Credit Card - Used to receive flight miles or rewards points for business expenses for
convenience – each order paid in full when statement arrives.
o Check Card – If available to you. Can be used in place of credit card.
o Develop a budget for your business. As with any business you will have expenses. You need to
be aware of income vs. expenses on a monthly basis.
o Deposit all funds collected.
o Pay bills on time. Meet the due date for each one. Maintain an impeccable credit standing for
your Mary Kay Business.
o Divide 60% - 40% into specified accounts
o Be aware that all expenses are paid from the 40%. That is why consistency is the key to your
o Never take business expenses from the 60% account. If you do you are embezzling and your
business will decline and most likely die!
• Example: Held 5 Skin Care Classes and sold $400 at each, a total of $2,000 this month.
o 40% = $800 This is used to pay your initial investment (i.e. credit card, loan, family member
or friend).
��For example: I started with a $3600 investment, purchased with 0% credit card for 12
months. My monthly payment is $3600/12 = $300. I make my monthly $300 Credit
Card payment and the $500 remains in my MK checking account or my DREAM account. In 12
months I will have paid off my credit card, own all my inventory and have
a customer base.
o 60% = $1,200
��50% = This is used to restock your inventory (exactly what you sold)
��5% = This is used to purchase business supplies from Section 2 (samples, catalogs, etc...)
��5% = This is used to pay for the PCP (Preferred Customer Program) quarterly.
It is important to understand that in order for your business to be profitable, you must have
enough inventory on your shelf to give your customers the service they deserve. Until you are
fully stocked, more than likely you will find it necessary to reinvest 100%. The general rule is
that $3,600 wholesale on your shelf is a comfortable profit level (8-10 of all skin care sets &
approximately 3 of every color product)

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