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									Political Science 100 Essay
  St. Francis Xavier University
             Mitch Wilson

We have all seen our fair share of terror in our lives, threw the media and reading

about it in the newspapers. One day we will see a city being bombed to the ground,

and the next day it will be about a suicide bomber who took the lives of innocent

people. So what will be in the papers tomorrow? What is next on this terror ride

the world is on? Many people, especially Americans are having a hard time realizing

the truth behind these terrorist events. There first mistake is however, believing

America is not to blame and that they have only done good things such as producing

“the war on terror.” The American public is constantly being surrounded by fear

which is the government’s best way of controlling people. It influences the mass

culture to accept these actions as having some legitimacy behind it. So how is it that

America has been able to invade and terrorise so many countries without being held

accountable? Take the war on South Vietnam (which was an invasion by America),

there was no other countries involved other then the Americans, not even the North

Vietnams. This was an open war that was seen as normal and no one tilted their

heads and asked themselves if maybe setting up concentration camps and using

chemical warfare against another country such as this one was not ok? It seems as if

there is a rule that it’s normal for America to attack other countries but the moment

someone attacks them it is seen as an atrocity. A perfect example of how America

used an act of terror against them to unleash their power onto other countries is the

events of 9/11. It was a terrible event that shook the nation, but it was a chance for

the Bush Administration to take America into a war path once again. It was known

as “the axis of evil,” which was how they described the Middle East to the public.

They were convinced that there was some monster that was coming to attack

America if they don’t take action against the Middle East. This marked the

beginning of the long road known as the war on terror. Here you have a country

that is fighting terror with terror in hopes that it will accomplish a common goal.

They established a stereotype for Muslim citizens that they were to be looked at as

potential terrorists. There was a huge amount of support with regards to the

bombing of Afghanistan, which is expected due to the fact that another country

attacked them. What would happen if a country that has been attacked by America

took this same approach? Take South Vietnam again, if they were planning on

bombing Washington it would seem like an outrageous idea because it is against the

Americans. What is the difference here and how come America has a VIP pass to

bomb other countries without question?

The war in the Middle East was not only a good opportunity for the Americans to

enforce their power but it gave other countries the same opportunity to participate

in these events. “Every government has wanted to join America in the Middle East

for their own reasons, including a government that is paid for by the Americans,

Turkey; they were in Kabul under the financing of America.” (Chomsky, 2003)There

is a trend here with America’s dominant discourse as they were supporting brutal

and corrupt regimes; another example is how they supported the Israeli military

occupation which was blocking democracies. An interesting act of terror by the

Americans is when they bombed and invaded Iraq due to the fact that they were

producing weapons of mass destruction (which was later found to be false). They

felt that it was their job to take out Sudan Husain because he has done things such

as use poison gas against his own people. Little do the American public know that

both these accounts of producing weapons of mass destruction and using poison gas

were supported by George Bush Senior. There are many ways to look at the war on

terror but the bottom line is that America, being the country that is participating in

terror is trying to tell the rest of the world how to act in a civilized matter. There has

been a belief that America is after the muslin population with their history of

attacking countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. Afghanistan for

instance has been being bombed by the Americans sense the 1920’s. So how can

the Americans set the record straight? Well why not start accusing North Korea of

producing nuclear weapons and there for add them to the list of “monsters” that are

going to attack America. They are a perfect target who is not muslin and none

would argue against America for doing so. The fact is that if these countries do not

do what America tells them to do then they are going to have to deal with the

consequences which can be by times, fatal. We are at the point now where we can

look back and asses America’s decisions. In these tough economic times it is hard to

believe that America would spend over twelve trillion dollars on this war on terror to

only add to their debt problems. It is important to analyse these decisions and look

at the outcomes it can have on our country. In this case for America it meant going

into a massive amount of debt and losing the lives of American soldier’s throughout

the Middle East.

My judgments on this topic have a foundation that views America as a nation that is

addicted to war. Another way to understand America’s history of invasions and war

related activities is that it is a part of their culture. Also I find myself thinking of how

their own organizations have contributed to America being a target. An example is

how their CIA personnel actually trained and created one of their current enemies,

this group was called Al- Qaida. I find America can use their destruction in the

Middle East as an example of what will happen if another country actually stands up

and challenges America’s decisions. That being said I can’t understand how they

expect to install their own principles and values in a Muslim country that they have

invaded such as Afghanistan and it actually prevailing. An article by Michael D.

Huckabee describes America as “The United States, as the world's only superpower,

is less vulnerable to military defeat. But it is more vulnerable to the animosity of

other countries. “ (Huckabee, 2008). America has said to have been the new evil

empire sense 1945, and now after the invasion of Iraq it is official. I have come to a

conclusion that it is impossible to have a war on terror when the main source of

terror is the most powerful country in the world. Until we join forces and challenge

future American decisions to invade other countries we will not stop seeing these

events of terror happening and there for the war on terror will continue to live

another day.

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