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					                            Peter JASTRZEBSKI

Address:       348 Newmarket Road
               Brisbane    QLD   4051

Contact:       (Home Ph)           3356 9162
               (Mob. Ph)           0423 59 0055
               (email)             petejastrzebski@optusnet.com.au


2000 – 2004
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Avionics) – course GPA 5.9
Minor in Systems Engineering
Queensland University of Technology
Graduated with 2nd class honours 2004.
Skills Developed:
 Systems Engineering
   o   Developing and maintaining Systems Engineering documentation
   o   Interacting with other engineering teams on common projects
   o   Project Requirement analysis
   o   Designing to specific requirements
   o   Meeting customer needs
   o   Development of product test procedures
   o   Performing testing and verification
   o   Interacting with external agencies to deliver product
 Knowledge of Technology involved in the Aerospace industry
 Working in a team environment
 Mathematical theory involved in modern and classical flight control
 Extensive theory of electronic circuits
 Signal Processing and communication systems

Achievements and Awards
1999 Semester 1 QUT Dean’s List – achieving a GPA of 6.75 for the semester

                                      Peter Jastrzebski
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1995 – 1999
St James College
Overall Position (OP) – 1
Awards and Achievements
OP Dux of school 1999

Computer Skills
Experienced using:                  Familiar with:
 All versions of Microsoft          C / C++ language
   Windows                           Visual Basic
 Microsoft Office suite             Ansys 7.1 Workbench
 MATLAB with Simulink
 AutoCAD 2000 / 2002
 Solid Edge 3D Modeling
 DOORS for requirements
 eMatrix10 PLM environment
 Mercury Quality Centre

Other Qualifications/Skills
 Current Australian SECRET Level Security Clearance
Foreign language skills:
 Fluent in Polish


Aug2007 - Current

Systems Engineer (full time)

Boeing Defence Australia - Brisbane

Skills Developed/Responsibilities

 Requirement Development and maintenance

 System Design and Interface Development

 Subsystem lead for two subsystems

                                      Peter Jastrzebski
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        o     Experienced in writing/reviewing Test Plans, Verification Procedures and Test

        o     Performed site testing, Formal Acceptance Tests and regression testing

        o     Integrating developed software

        o     Maintaining formal correspondence with customer

 Responsible for conducting system wide deliverable software audit

        o     Experienced with configuration and data management procedures

        o     Responsible for ensuring adherence to legal and contractual obligations

 Raising, reviewing and implementing extensive Engineering Changes and Trouble
 Owner and administrator/focal for several High-level system documents

Apr2005 – Jul2007
RAAF pilot (full time)
During my time in the RAAF I undertook many different forms of difficult and intense
Initial Officers’ Training Course. 4 months
 Basic Military skills
 Leadership
 Teamwork
 Management of small teams
 Personal discipline

Flying Training    14 months
 Time management
 Motivation
 Stress management
 Self discipline
 Task prioritization
 Self reliance
 Basic and advanced flying skills

Jul2004 – Jan2005
Field Services Engineer (casual – contract based work)
Surety IT – Brisbane
Skills Developed / Responsibilities
 Traveling to clientele in the field and repairing computer hardware/software

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 Working in small teams
 Working unsupervised
 Working on a tight schedule
 Interacting with and supporting clients
 Maintaining accurate job documentation

Mar2004 – Jan2005
Automotive Detailer + Customer Service Representative (casual)
Budget Car Rental Brisbane City
Skills Developed/Responsibilities
 Time management skills, and prioritising
 Looking after and checking roadworthiness of up to 40 cars per day
 Appreciation of industry quality control standards

Customer Service Representative
 Excellent Communication skills with customers and staff
 Customer service protocols and standards
 Maintaining payment and contractual documentation

Nov2002 - July2003
Field Services Engineer (casual - contract based work)
Fujitsu Australia - Brisbane
Skills Developed / Responsibilities
 Installing Task specific PCs and related hardware
 Establishing extensive network systems
 Working in small teams
 Following instructions from onsite supervisor
 Working with a time constraint
 Interacting with sub-contractors
 Organizing equipment to be shipped

 Electric guitar
 Sports-car restoration / modification


                                      Peter Jastrzebski
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