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How to write sales collection letter for customers


									     Sales collection letter for customers

One of the primary concerns of any commercial
establishment is to keep the account books in good
order. This can only be if firms’ bills are paid in time.
But, at times, the credit customers fail to make
payments within the stipulated time. In that case one
has to send reminders to customers. Such customers
may be of three types :

    1. Good Credit Customers: The ones who pay up promptly and do
    not keep their suppliers waiting for money. Such customer scarcely
    needs any reminders.

    2. Fair Credit Customers: They fall behind in payments at times
    and await a few reminders before clearing
    dues. With then it becomes a kind of habit. However, after a few
    reminders they
    pay up.
    3. Poor Credit Customers: These are difficult to tackle. They
    make it a habit not to pay up until they are reminded repeatedly and
    they can not delay any further. They require regular reminders until
    the money is realized from them.

                            Formal Collection Letter

Formal reminder:

    1. Our record show that you have yet to clear
    your account No. L/123, dated 5th
    December ,2011
    2. May we remind you that the above account has not yet been
    3. This is to remind you that we have not
    received payment of the above account.
     Already a month overdue.
    4. According to the enclosed statement the
    outstanding amount due from you is Rs.
     1500/- only.
    5. You have always been very prompt in
    setting your accounts. And we hope this
     bill also receives a similar response.
    6. The outstanding sum, according to our books, amount to Rs.
    1000/- only.
Request for early clearance:

   7. We hope that you will settle the account at the earliest.
   8. Early settlement of the account will be appreciated.
   9. This is to request you to settle this account at the earliest.
   10. We have always been very earnest in our
   dealings, hence it is presumed that our
    outstanding bill for Rs. 500/- will soon be
   11. As we have received another order from your
   agent we would appreciate an early
    settlement of this account.
   12. In view of our cordial business
   relations it is necessary to get our previous
    accounts settled.

                   First collection letter

Begin with a friendly approach and tone:

Where the account No. is given at the top do not write it again in the

   1. As you are usually quite prompt in setting the
   accounts, we wonder if there is any
    special reason for delay, this time.
   2. May we call your attention to our outstanding
   account for Rs. 250/- settlement of
    which is now overdue for more than a month.
   3. We shall be glad if you pay attention to our
   statement      of account         dated 5th March
    2011, which still remain unpaid.
   4. We wish to draw your attention to our
   invoice No. PN/2041 for the sum of Rs.
    3500/- which we have not yet received.
   5. We have noted that your account, which was
   due for payment on the 15th of last
    month, is still outstanding.
   6. We may remind you that you had promised
   for an immediate settlement of the
    account at the time of goods delivery.
   7. While checking our account books we have found that there is a
   balance of Rs.
       220/- due from you for the purchases made in April 2011.
8. We hope you must have received the
statement of account, dated 28th February,
 showing the balance of Rs.8500/-
9. As our auditors have to balance the accounts
by the end of this month we request
 for a prompt settlement of our bill.
10. For ready reference we are enclosing a
copy of the statement of March. These
 account are now overdue.

Request for early payment:

1. We shall be glad if you take an immediate
action in this regard and settle our
2. We are looking forward to your remittance by return mail.
3. We hope to receive the amount overdue/check the next few days.
4. We hope you will settle the account expeditiously.
5. As the financial year is coming to a close
we request you make an immediate payment
of the bill.
6. Please let us know at the earliest when can we hate the payment.
7. We shall be pleased to receive your check in settlement of this
8. Kindly help us to bring your account
up-to-date by paying the outstanding
9. Please intimate to us the date when you
retired the hundi, so that we could write
 to your bankers for the payment.

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