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                                  BEST OF THE BEST POLLIE
       FRIENDS                    CAMPAIGN EXCELLENCE

                            VII. POLLIE AWARDS AFTER
                                 PARTy AND DESSERT

                            VIII. WINNER PORTRAITS TAKEN
                                  IN ROOM 406
                                       Table of Conents
AWARDS & CONFERENCE                    Evening Program................................. 2
POLLIE CONTEST COMMITTEE               AAPC Acknowledgements.................. 3
Anthony Bellotti, Chair
Melissa Cressey                        Pollie Awards Judges List................... 6
Whitney Hurt
                                       Pollie Awards Winners List ................ 12
                                       Campaign Excellence Awards ........... 30
Co Chairs:
Lorena Chambers, Chambers Lopez
Doc Sweitzer, The Campaign Group
James Aldrete, Message Audience &
Corbin Casteel, Red Rock Strategies
Brad Chism, Zata|3
Dale Emmons, Emmons & Company
Brian Franklin, Impact Politics
April Hackney, Hackney & Hackney
Art Hackney, Hackney & Hackney
Dan Hazelwood, Targeted Creative
Jason Stanford, Stanford Consulting
Chris Talbot, Talbot Digital

Alana Joyce, Executive Director
Alecia Rives-DeWitt, Program Manager

         J.D. ANGLE                    JOSHuA BOISVERT                 MICHAEL CLARKE                 JOSEPH DOzIER
         AMM PoLITICAL                 DAvIES                          CAMPAIGnoLoGy                  JTD STRATEGIES

         MARK ARMOuR                   JAMES BOWERS                    SETH COLTON                    MyLES DuFFy
         ARMouR MEDIA                  BERMAn AnD CoMPAny              THE LuKEnS CoMPAny             GuMBInnER & DAvIES
         RAy ARNOLD                    RICHARD BREHM                   CHuCK COOLIDGE
         EASTERn KEnTuCKy unIvERSITy   CoMCAST SPoTLIGHT               LInCoLn STRATEGy GRouP         SANTIAGO DuRAN
                                                                                                      nEWLInK PoLITICAL
         JASON ASCHER                  KRISTA BRENNER                  MEGHAN COX
                                                                                                      BuLLDoG fInAnCE GRouP
         JOHN BALDuzzI                 STuART BRIERRE                  MELISSA CRESSEy
         THE BALDuZZI GRouP            KEnnEDy CoMMunICATIonS          ADvoCACy DATA                  RON DyLEWSKI
                                                                                                      ovER EASy fILM
         CHAD BARTH                    GRACE BRISCOE                   CHRIS CROTTy
         EvEnTBRITE                    CEnTRo                          CRoTTy ConSuLTInG InC.         JOHN EDMOND
                                                                                                      EDMonD GRouP
         DEBORAH BECK                  CHRIS BRITTON                   KEVIN CuRRy
         BECK RESEARCH LLC             365 STRATEGIES                  Lyon fILMS                     ASHLEy EDWARDS
                                                                                                      foRWARD foCuS MEDIA, LLC.
         PAuL BENTz                    AMy BROADHuRST                  JuLIE CuTLER

         HIGHGRounD, InC.              ExECuTIvE CoMMunICATIonS,       CoMPASS MEDIA GRouP            DALE EMMONS
                                       InC.                                                           EMMonS & Co., InC.
         JORDAN BERG POWERS                                            CAROL DAHMEN
         MASS ALLIAnCE                 ERIK BROWN                      CoMCAST SPoTLIGHT              EDWARD ESPINOzA
                                       DMI DIRECT                                                     ED ESPInoZA PoLITICAL
         ACHIM BERGMANN                                                JOHN DAVIES
         THE BAuGHMAn CoMPAny          BILL BuCK                       DAvIES
                                       BuCK CoMMunICATIonS GRouP                                      NICHOLAS EVERHART
         JENNIFER BETHEL                                               TyLER DAVIS
                                                                                                      THE STRATEGy GRouP foR
         JMB DESIGn CEnTER             GREG BuISSON                    CHonG + KoSTER
                                       BuISSon CREATIvE
         JENNIFER BEyTIN                                               MARCuS DELL'ARTINO
                                                                                                      GAyLE FALKENTHAL
         THE BEyTIn AGEnCy             STEPHEN BuRDO                   fIRSTSTRATEGIC
                                                                                                      fALCon vALLEy GRouP
                                       KATHLEEn RuSSELL ConSuLTInG     CoMMunICATIonS AnD PuBLIC
         AARON BEyTIN
                                                                       AffAIRS                        ROB FIELD
         THE BEyTIn AGEnCy             COLIN BuRKHALTER
                                       HSP DIRECT                      MIKE DISHAROON
         RIKKI BIGGS
                                                                       TRILoGy InTERACTIvE            MEGHAN FITzSIMMONS
                                       JOHN BuRTON
                                                                                                      ALLyn MEDIA
         SHANNON BILGER                SELf                            MATT DOLE
         CPEC LLC                                                      CoMMunICATIonS CounSEL,        SARAH FLOWERS
                                       MICHAEL BuRTON
                                                                       InC.                           76 WoRDS
         BRENT BLACKABy                oHIo unIvERSITy
         TRILoGy InTERACTIvE                                           ANGELA DOuGLAS                 STEPHEN FONG
                                       NICK CASTON
                                                                       unIvERSITy of noRTH CARoLInA   InDEPEnDEnT ConSuLTAnT
         ROBERT BLAEMIRE               TRuJILLo | CASTon SoLuTIonS,
         CATALIST LLC                  InC.                                                           ONDINE FORTuNE
                                                                       PAuL DOWNEy                    foRTunE MEDIA
         TODD BLAIR                    ELIzABETH CHADDERDON
                                                                       fuLL PAGE MuLTIMEDIA, InC.
         BLAIR BIGGS CAMPAIGnS         THE CHADDERDon GRouP                                           RuSTy FOSTER
                                                                       TOM DOyLE                      SIGMA: AMERICA’S LEADInG
                                                                       CLEAR CHAnnEL RADIo            fuEL MARKETERS
         CALIfoRnIA unIvERSITy of      CuRTIS SCoTT ADvERTISInG InC.

GREGORy FOuRNIER              JEFF GuMBINNER               MIKE HuDOME                  SuSAN KATz
ADvAnTAGE PoLITICAL           GuMBInnER & DAvIES           MH MEDIA                     KATZInG CREATIvE WAyS
ConSuLTInG                    CoMMunICATIonS
                                                           JACKIE HuELBIG               JESSICA KEEGAN
BRIAN FRANKLIN                APRIL HACKNEy                CEnTRo                       IRI
IMPACT PoLITICS               HACKnEy & HACKnEy, InC.
                                                           TIERNEy HuNT                 JONATHAN KERRy
JOE FuLD                      ARTHuR HACKNEy               THE nEW MEDIA fIRM           ConSERvATIvE nATIon, LLC
                                                           WHITNEy HuRT                 ADAM KIRSCH
JACquES GAILLOT               TyLER HARBER                 THE PoLITICAL InSIDER        MARIon CounTy DEMoCRATIC
GMS ConSuLTInG LLC            THE PRoSPER GRouP                                         PARTy
                                                           LARRy HuyNH
APCo WoRLDWIDE                ZATA|3 ConSuLTInG                                         THE nEW MEDIA fIRM
                                                           CASSANDRA ILLIDGE
ALEX GALLEGOS                 BAHA HARIRI                  GETTy IMAGES                 ADAM KRAVITz
PoLITICAL ConnECTIon /        KITCHEn CABInET PuBLIC                                    EvoTER, InC.
                                                           KAy ISRAEL
voTEuP                        AffAIRS
                                                           RHoDE ISLAnD CoLLEGE         LARRy LACORTE
CLARE GANNON                  NEAL HARRINGTON                                           RAInMAKER InC
                                                           BuD JACKSON

                                                           JACKSon GRouP MEDIA          BEN LAzARuS
GAIL GARBRANDT                                                                          MyERS RESEARCH | STRATEGIC
                                                           KAREN JAGODA
PoLITICAL GIRL LLC            CHRIS HAyLER                                              SERvICES
                                                           E-voTER InSTITuTE
                              STonES' PHonES
NICK GARCIA                                                                             GREGORy LEBEL
                                                           MARK JEFFERSON
MILLER PuBLIC AffAIRS GRouP   EuGENE HEDLuND                                            THE GEoRGE WASHInGTon
                                                           REPuBLICAn nATIonAL
                              DMEDIA CoRPoRATIon                                        unIvERSITy GRADuATE SCHooL
KEVIN GEARy                                                CoMMITTEE
                                                                                        of PoLITICAL MAnAGEMEnT
                                                           WOODy JENKINS
                              GRAnD CEnTRAL ConSuLTInG                                  DOTTy LEMIEuX
LAuRA CuLLEN GLASSCOCK                                     GREAT oAKS
                              LLC                                                       GREEnDoG CAMPAIGnS
                                                           JEAN JENNER
                              ELIzABETH HERNANDEz                                       KRISTA
MATTIS GOLDMAN                                             MAGELLAn, LLC.
                              THE PIvoT GRouP                                           LEWIE-CEPERo
                                                           SHERMAN JEWETT
                              CRAIG HICKOX                                              MIKE LIDDELL
JESSICA GOLDNER                                            BLuE&READ
                              CoxREPS                                                   nGP vAn, InC
                                                           ELIzABETH JOHNSON
                              COuRTENAy HIGGINS                                         BRENT LITTLEFIELD
                              WInnInG STRATEGIES           ERESOuRCES                   LITTLEfIELD ConSuLTInG
                              KyLE HILLMAN                 JOSHuA JONES                 XAVIER LOPEz-AyALA
                              KyLE HILLMAn STRATEGy        RED CLAy AnD SILvER BuLLET   THE nEW MEDIA fIRM
                                                           DAN JuDy                     WALTER LuDWIG
                              LELAND HODGKINS              noRTH STAR oPInIon           TEAMBLuE PoLITICS, InC.
                              CHonG + KoSTER               RESEARCH
                                                                                        KRISTEN LuIDHARDT
                              JASON HOLLy                  TuGBA KALAFATOGLu            THE PRoSPER GRouP
                              REvERE                       TuGBA KALAfAToGLu AnD
                                                                                        MICHELLE MABIE
HEIDI GuERRA                                               ASSoCIATES
                              MISHA HOuSER                                              THE CAMPAIGn SoLuTIonS
                              THoMAS J. ZIA & ASSoCIATES   MARK KANARICK                GRouP
                                                           WInnInG ConnECTIonS
                              DAVID HOWARD
                              CA ASSoCIATIon of REALToRS

         JOHN MABIE                 CHAD MINNICK                 MIKE PANETTA                TIM ROSALES
         THE CAMPAIGn SoLuTIonS     MInnICK & MInnICK, InC.      BEEKEEPER GRouP             THE WAynE JoHnSon AGEnCy
                                    PATRICK MOIR                 JON PARKS                   GEORGE ROSS
         MoxIE MEDIA
                                    WALTER MONK                  NATHANIEL PARKS             ELNATAN RuDOLPH
         LuKE MARCHANT              PoLLMAKERS                   fIELDWoRKS                  CoRnERSTonE MAnAGEMEnT
         365 STRATEGIES                                                                      PARTnERS
                                    KELLEy MORAN                 JENNIFER PASCAL
         CRySTAL MARTIN             MoRAn & ASSoCIATES           ALLyn MEDIA                 BILL RuSSELL
         MAILPoW                                                                             TARGETSMART
                                    PAuLO MOuRA                  ENRIquE PEARCE
         JENNIFER MATHEWS           ExATA ConSuLTInG             LEfT CoAST CoMMunICATIonS
         AMM PoLITICAL                                                                       MAyA RuSSELL
                                    MICHAEL MuLE'                BOB PENNER
                                                                                             noW CoMMunICATIonS
         BRIAN MAyES                uPT STRATEGIES               STRATCoM
         ALLyn MEDIA
                                    MILLARD MuLE'                REBECCA PERKINS
                                                                                             DANNy SANDERS
         zAC MCCRARy                uPT STRATEGIES               THE PERKInS PARTnERSHIP
                                                                                             SEBASTIAn CoMPAny
                                    MICHAEL MuLLER               CASEy PHILLIPS
                                                                                             SITAL SANJANWALA

         STonES' PHonES
                                    JuLIAN MuLVEy                JEFF POLLOCK
                                                                                             RICH SAVAGE
         JAMIE MCKOWN               DEvInE MuLvEy                GLoBAL STARTEGy GRouP
                                                                                             MEDIA DIRECTIonS
         CoLLEGE of THE ATLAnTIC
                                    WILLIAM MuRPHy               BRANDON POWERS
                                                                                             APRIL SCHIFF
         MATT MCMILLAN              uPT STRATEGIES               PoWERS CoMMunICATIonS
                                                                                             STRATEGIC SoLuTIonS of
         BuZZMAKER                                               InC
                                    ANDREW MyERS                                             fLoRIDA
                                                                                             PETER SCHORSCH
         TuSK                       SERvICES                     MESSAGE AuDIEnCE AnD
                                                                                             ExTEnISvE EnTERPRISES
         HOWELL MEDLEy              ALEX NAVARRO-MCKAy                                       noRTHWEST PASSAGE
         BynuM THoMPSon RyER        BERLInRoSEn                  MARKO RAKAR                 ConSuLTInG
         STRATEGIC CoMMunICATIonS                                MRAK SERvICES LTD
                                    BRIAN NIENABER                                           SCOTT SCHWEITzER
         CHADWICK MELDER            THE TARRAnCE GRouP           TIM REEVES                  THE STRATEGy GRouP foR
         CAMCo ConSuLTInG, LLC                                   THE EPPSTEIn GRouP          MEDIA
                                    MARC O'HARA
         IWS                                                     ZATA|3                      THE CAMPAIGn WoRKSHoP
                                    MATT O'NEIL
         WILL MILLER                o'nEIL STRATEGy GRouP        ORy RINAT                   PAuL SEALE
         SouTHEAST MISSouRI STATE                                nATIonAL JouRnAL            ALIEn MEDIA, InC
                                    LAuRIE ONORIO
                                    o3                           BART ROBBETT                MARK SERRANO
         JASON MILLER                                            RoBBETT ADvoCACy MEDIA      PRoACTIvE CoMMunICATIonS
                                    CARLEy OSBORNE
         THE PIvoT GRouP
                                    QuInn THoMAS PuBLIC          KyLE ROBERTS                JAIMEy SEXTON
         ERIK MILMAN                AffAIRS                      SMART MEDIA GRouP           TELEPHonE STRATEGIES
         MILMAn RESEARCH AnD                                                                 GRouP
                                    LAuRA PACKARD                WILLIAM ROBINSON
                                    PoWERTHRu ConSuLTInG         THE nEW MEDIA fIRM          OWEN SHACKELFORD
         VINNy MINCHILLO                                                                     MAD DoG MAIL, InC.
                                    ALAN PACKMAN                 CHuCK ROCHA
         SCoTT HoWELL & CoMPAny
                                    nM4MC                        SoLIDARITy

AoL                          DynAMIC STRATEGIES          MAMMEn GRouP

THOMAS SHEPARD               BEN TEVELIN                 PAuL WINN
                             RICK THOMAS                 MARI WOODLIEF
BRySON SMITH                 QuInn THoMAS PuBLIC         ALLyn MEDIA
yuME                         AffAIRS
                                                         COLuMBuS WOODRuFF
                                                         CHRIS WRIGHT
MICHAEL SMITH                SOPHIE THuRBER              CoMMITTEE on JoBS
                                                         MORGAN yOuNG
                             ED TRAz                     younG IDEAS
                                                         AMy yOuNG
                             AMBER VALDEz                CATALIST, LLC
                                                         SuzANNE zuRN

                             JONATHAN VARNER             WAGGEnER EDSTRoM
                             JonATHAn vARnER &           WoRLDWIDE
                                                         ALEX zWERDLING
                             PANCHO VELAzquEz            THE BAuGHMAn CoMPAny
JARED STIMSON                En ConTACTo

BILL STIPP                   JuXHIN VILA
                             ADAM VINE
AJ STOKES                    IB5K
                             JOHN WAINIO
                             THE SAn DIEGo GRouP
                             LISA WALKER
                             LEO WALLACH
                             WALLACH PuBLIC AffAIRS
                             MARK WATTS
                             ABACuS ASSoCIATES
                                                            June 27 - 28, 2012
LAuRA TAMMAN                                               Grand Sheraton hotel
                             HuGH WEBER
                             STEVE WELCHERT
                             THE WELCHERT CoMPAny
                             LIz WELSH
                             ExECuTIvE CoMMunICATIonS

          Overall Campaigns -                                A11 - TV/Radio Campaign - Democrat          2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                                                         Santorum “family”
          Candidate                                          2012 Gold                                   BrabenderCox
                                                             Michael Hancock for Mayor - full Campaign
          A01 - Direct Mail Campaign -                       Putnam Partners, LLC                        A20 - Best in Show - Democrat
          Republican                                         2012 Silver                                 2012 Bronze
          2012 Gold                                          Chicago for Rahm                            Ed Lee Campaign
          Who’s not voting for Carona?                       AKPD Message & Media                        San francisco Association of Realtors
          Allyn Media                                        2012 Bronze                                 2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Bronze                                        Madeline for Mayor                          Wiltshire for Troy
          Mary Pat & Caroline                                Revolution Political Media                  Blue&Read
          thetrazgroup                                       2012 Honorable Mention
                                                             Jim Hood for Attorney General               A22 - Special Election - Republican
          A02 - Direct Mail Campaign -                       SKDKnickerbocker                            2012 Gold
          Democrat                                                                                       Darling Recall
          2012 Silver
                                                             A13 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -       Right Angle Consulting
          Chad Lauga for State Representative                Republican                                  2012 Bronze
          Mad Dog Mail                                       2012 Silver                                 Capella for Assessor
          2012 Bronze                                        Darling Recall                              Buisson Creative Strategies
          Dave Marsden for State Senate                      Right Angle Consulting                      2012 Honorable Mention
          Gumbinner & Davies Communications                  2012 Bronze                                 Bob Turner for Congress

          2012 Honorable Mention                             Ron Paul negative Contrast                  thetrazgroup
          Shilling for WI State Senate                       fP1 Strategies
          The Strategy Group                                                                             A23 - Special Election - Democrat
                                                             A14 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -
                                                                                                         2012 Gold
          A03 - Direct Mail Campaign -                       Democrat                                    Liz Mathis for Iowa State Senate
          Third Party                                        2012 Silver                                 Pivot
          2012 Bronze                                        Kenny Cox for State Representative          2012 Bronze
          fort Worth Heritage                                Mad Dog Mail                                Stick Together :30 Tv, Change Congress :30 Tv,
          Allyn Media                                        2012 Bronze                                 your voice Is your vote/Tu voto Es Tu voz :30 Tv
                                                             Aaron Reardon - negative Tv Campaign        north Woods Advertising
          A04 - Internet Campaign - Republican               fletcher Rowley Inc.                        2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Silver                                                                                    James Anderson for Powell County Judge Executive
          Bachmann for President online Campaign             A16 - Best Use of Humor - Republican        Emmons and Company, Inc.
          Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli, Inc.         2012 Silver
                                                             Welch “Separated At Birth”                  A24 - Special Election - Third Party
          A05 - Internet Campaign - Democrat                 BrabenderCox                                2012 Bronze
          2012 Silver                                        2012 Bronze                                 Bill John Baker for Chief
          CHICAGo foR RAHM EMAnuEL                           Darling Recall                              Winning Connections, Inc.
          Bully Pulpit Interactive                           Right Angle Consulting
                                                             2012 Honorable Mention
          A06 - Internet Campaign - Third Party
                                                             Restoring America - Humor Ads
                                                                                                         Overall Campaigns -
          2012 Gold                                          The Strategy Group for Media                Ballot/Initiative
          Mobile Application for the Green Party of Canada
          Purple forge                                       A17 - Best Use of Humor - Democrat          A25 - Direct Mail Campaign
          A08 - Phone/Field - Democrat                       2012 Silver                                 2012 Gold
                                                             Stupidest Tea Party - Alice                 We Are ohio / no on Issue 2
          2012 Silver                                        The Strategy Group                          Jonathan varner & Associates
          Grine for Judge--- Democratic Cross filed          2012 Bronze                                 2012 Silver
          CPEC LLC                                           Jim Hood for Attorney General               Highway 82 Campaign
          2012 Bronze                                        SKDKnickerbocker                            Murphy Turner Associates
          Better Early Than never                            2012 Honorable Mention                      2012 Bronze
          Zata|3 Consulting                                  Ed Head Pride Stickers                      ohio Education Association “no on Issue 2”
          A09 - Phone/Field - Third Party                    Left Coast Communications                   Gumbinner & Davies Communications
          2012 Bronze                                        A19 - Best in Show - Republican             2012 Honorable Mention
          Bill John Baker for Chief                                                                      Concord Water Bottle Ban
          Winning Connections, Inc.                          2012 Silver                                 Sage Systems
                                                             Darling Recall
          A10 - TV/Radio Campaign -                          Right Angle Consulting                      A26 - Internet Campaign
          Republican                                         2012 Bronze                                 2012 Bronze
                                                             Capella for Assessor                        We Are ohio - online Media Campaign
          2012 Gold                                          Buisson Creative Strategies                 The new Media firm
          Ron Paul Series
          fP1 Strategies

A27 - Phone/Field                 2012 Silver                       A38 - Best in Show
                                  Get A Plan
2012 Gold                         Rainmaker Inc.                    2012 Gold
A new School for Pike Road                                          nunamta
Zata|3 Consulting
                                  2012 Bronze                       Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
                                  Mobile Applications for the
2012 Bronze                       American Petroleum Institute      2012 Silver
Improving Education in Gwinnett   Purple forge                      Defending Swipe fee Reform
County                                                              Penn Schoen Berland
Winning Connections, Inc.         2012 Honorable Mention
                                  Pink Slip Rick                    2012 Bronze
A28 - TV/Radio Campaign           BuzzMaker                         Get A Plan
                                                                    Rainmaker Inc.
2012 Gold                         A34 - Phone/Field                 2012 Honorable Mention
We Are ohio: no on Issue 2        2012 Bronze                       A Bridge to a Sustainable future
The new Media firm                A national Conversation on        Davies
2012 Silver                       Alzheimers                        2012 Honorable Mention
no on 26 -- full campaign         Stones’ Phones                    American Corn farmers
76 Words                          2012 Honorable Mention            young Ideas
2012 Bronze                       Keystone xL Turnout Calls
Recall the Republicans            Winning Connections, Inc.
Progressive Change Campaign                                         Collateral -
                                  A35 - TV/Radio Campaign
2012 Honorable Mention            2012 Gold
one Zoo for All                   Red Carriage                      B01 - Door hangers
CRAfT | Media/Digital             GMMB                              2012 Bronze
                                  2012 Silver                       Ballot
A30 - Best Use of Humor                                             The Beytin Agency
                                  Secondhand Smog
2012 Silver                       GMMB                              2012 Honorable Mention
“Stupid Municipalization!”        2012 Bronze                       What Do you Like Best About
Trilogy Interactive               The Association of American       Malta?
                                  Railroads 2011                    Tara Thomas Design
A31 - Best in Show
2012 Silver                                                         B02 - Logo
                                  2012 Honorable Mention
Penguin                           Station Casinos “Team Member”     2012 Silver
Axiom Strategies                  Campaign                          Maczka Logo
2012 Bronze                       Strategic Perception Inc.         Murphy Turner Associates
“Stupid Municipalization!”                                          2012 Bronze
Trilogy Interactive               A36 - Best Use of Negative        Kyle Kacal for State
2012 Honorable Mention            Contrast                          Representative
ohioans for Healthcare freedom    2012 Silver                       365 Strategies
(yes on ohio Issue 3) - We the    Ayn Rand vs Jesus                 2012 Honorable Mention
People                            Eleison, LLC                      Run Ed Run! Logo
The Strategy Group for Media                                        Left Coast Communications
                                  2012 Bronze
                                  Stop Wilmot s Casino (5 pieces)
                                                                    B03 - Most Original/Inno-
Overall                           BerlinRosen
                                                                    vative Collateral Material
                                  2012 Honorable Mention
Campaigns -                       Battle for Bristol Bay            2012 Gold
Public Affairs                    Hackney & Hackney, Inc.           Murphy Activity Book
                                                                    Gumbinner & Davies
A32 - Direct Mail Cam-            A37 - Best Use of Humor           Communications
paign                             2012 Gold                         2012 Silver
2012 Bronze                       Colbert Super PAC                 Run Ed Run! Signs and Logo
SHARE Campaign                    Campaign Solutions/Connell        Left Coast Communications
The Parkside Group                Donatelli, Inc.                   2012 Bronze
2012 Honorable Mention            2012 Silver                       Tax Merge
AREA Campaign                     nRSC                              LRW Consulting
The Parkside Group                Richard Sales Media, LLC          2012 Honorable Mention
                                  2012 Bronze                       The Ed Lee Story: An unexpected
A33 - Internet Campaign                                             Mayor Book
                                  There’s An App for That
2012 Gold                         CRAfT | Media/Digital             Left Coast Communications
nRSC 2011                         2012 Honorable Mention
Richard Sales Media, LLC          Really, newt?

          B04 - Yard/Outdoor Sign                     2012 Bronze
                                                      Tucson, AZ Slate Mail                              2012 Bronze
          2012 Silver                                 Lincoln Strategy Group                             SEIu California - Mobile Billboards
          The Red Suit
                                                                                                         Three Point Media
          Emmons and Company, Inc.                    B10 - Logo
                                                                                                         2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Silver                                 2012 Gold                                          Build It now Sioux falls Billboard Pride
          Look for the union Label Referential Sign   TSTA, ‘Day of Action’ Campaign Logo                Public Affairs Company
          HighGround Public Affairs                   Message Audience & Presentation, Inc.
          2012 Bronze
                                                      2012 Silver                                        B14 - Mass Transit/Bus Sign
          Charles Busby “Buzz”
          Murphy Turner Associates
                                                      CoA - Healthy Little Eyes                          2012 Gold
                                                      Marketplace Communications                         Metro Domination Campaign for the American Wind
          2012 Honorable Mention                      2012 Bronze                                        Energy Association
          neely for Mayor                             Protect California Jobs and Innovation             The new Media firm
          HighGround Public Affairs                   Acosta Salazar LLC                                 2012 Bronze
                                                      2012 Honorable Mention                             Heritage foundation Bus Ads Inheritance,
          Collateral -                                Marcellus Good for us                              Retirement, and opportunity
                                                                                                         Berman and Company
                                                      Rainmaker Inc.
                                                      B11 - Most Original/Innovative Collat-             B15 - Non-Mail Brochure
          B05 - Door hangers                          eral Material                                      2012 Gold
          2012 Bronze                                                                                    Ayanna Pressley Tabloid
                                                      2012 Gold

          Build It now Sioux falls Door Hanger                                                           The Campaign network
          Public Affairs Company                      Lawn Whisperer Standup Display
                                                      The Eppstein Group                                 2012 Silver
          2012 Honorable Mention                                                                         Mask
          Election Weekend                            2012 Silver
                                                      fix our Public Schools - Put Kids first            The Beytin Agency
          Jonathan varner & Associates
                                                      Tom Shepard & Associates, Inc.                     2012 Bronze
          B06 - Logo                                  2012 Bronze                                        Battle for Bristol Bay
                                                      SToP (Sign) Wasteful Spending                      Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
          2012 Silver
          no on o                                     uPT Strategies                                     2012 Honorable Mention
                                                      2012 Honorable Mention                             Southwest “Days on the Hill” Collateral
          Powers Communications
                                                      Save SC ETv collateral mail piece                  Development
          2012 Bronze                                                                                    SevenTwenty Strategies
          Message By Logo                             first Tuesday Strategies
          Melamed Communications, LLC
                                                      B12 - Yard/Outdoor Sign
          2012 Honorable Mention
                                                      2012 Gold
                                                                                                         Direct Mail - Candidate
          no on I-1125
          northwest Passage Consulting                Marcellus Good for us                              C01 - For Presidential Primary -
                                                      Rainmaker Inc.                                     Republican
          B07 - Most Original/Innovative              2012 Silver                                        2012 Bronze
          Collateral Material                         Marcellus Good for us Signage                      Iowa Spark
          2012 Gold                                   Rainmaker Inc.                                     HSP Direct LLC
          Butterfiles                                 2012 Bronze
          Chris Russell Consulting LLC                Lawn Whisperer/Looks Like Another victim -         C09 - For Mayor - Democrat
          2012 Bronze                                 Billboard                                          2012 Silver
          Build It now Sioux falls Tabletop Tent      The Eppstein Group                                 BIG
          Public Affairs Company                      2012 Honorable Mention                             The Strategy Group
                                                      Don’t Mess with vernon Jobs                        2012 Bronze
          B08 - Yard/Outdoor Sign                     SCn Strategies                                     Home
          2012 Bronze                                                                                    Blue&Read
          Billings Library Initiative                                                                    2012 Honorable Mention
          Greenlight Media Strategies                 Collateral - Overall                               Road Map to Jobs & opportunity
          2012 Honorable Mention                      B13 - Billboard                                    Phil Giarrizzo Campaign Consulting
          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                     2012 Gold
                                                      HumaneWatch’s Lassie Times Square Ad               Direct Mail - Public Affairs
                                                      Berman and Company
          Collateral - Public Affairs                 2012 Silver
                                                                                                         C100 - Advocacy/Grassroots
                                                      CWA/1199SEIu/IuoE: Tell Kaleida Hospital           Lobbying - State/Local
          B09 - Door hangers
                                                      Management focus on the front line, not just the   2012 Gold
          2012 Gold                                   bottom line.                                       A Main Street for Carmel valley
          Edward II - Doorhanger                      BerlinRosen                                        Davies
          Left Coast Communications

2012 Bronze                                           C14 - For Local/Municipal/Regional     C27 - For Membership Organization -
Coffee Talk                                           Candidate - (Non-Mayoral) -            Democrat
Goddard Gunster                                       Republican                             2012 Bronze
2012 Honorable Mention                                                                       Greatest Hits
Run over                                              2012 Silver
                                                      unemployment                           Blue&Read
Gumbinner & Davies Communications
                                                      Cold Spark Media                       C30 - GOTV - Statewide/Local -
C103 - For Membership Organization                    2012 Bronze                            Democrat
                                                      Rally for Life
2012 Gold                                             Axiom Strategies                       2012 Bronze
MCA Tool Box                                                                                 Marquee
The Dover Group                                       2012 Honorable Mention                 Blue&Read
2012 Bronze                                                                                  2012 Honorable Mention
                                                      Powers Communications
SEIu - Take our Economy Back                                                                 This Close
Argo Strategies                                       C15 - For Local/Municipal/Regional     Gumbinner & Davies Communications
2012 Honorable Mention                                Candidate - (Non-Mayoral) - Democrat
x-ray/Merger                                                                                 C33 - Slate - Statewide/Local - Demo-
                                                      2012 Bronze                            crat
                                                      The Beytin Agency                      2012 Bronze
C105 - Best Use of Negative Contrast                                                         Homegrown
2012 Honorable Mention                                2012 Honorable Mention                 The Beytin Agency
                                                      Toy Die Cut
Building a Better Georgia - Sleeping With the Enemy                                          2012 Honorable Mention

Mad Dog Mail                                                                                 Reform This
                                                      2012 Silver                            The Beytin Agency
C108 - Best Use of Variable Data Print-               Landry PuPPy
ing                                                   ourso Beychok                          C35 - Vote - By - Mail Ballot Request -
2012 Silver                                                                                  Republican
                                                      C16 - For Local/Municipal/Regional
oEA “Post-it notes”                                   Candidate - (Non-Mayoral) -            2012 Bronze
Gumbinner & Davies Communications                                                            Hit Back
                                                      Third Party                            thetrazgroup
                                                      2012 Silver
Direct Mail - Candidate                               Redress & Reparations                  C36 - Vote - By - Mail Ballot Request -
                                                      Imprenta Communications Group, Inc.    Democrat
C11 - For State Legislature -                         2012 Bronze
Republican                                                                                   2012 Silver
                                                      Redress & Reparations                  Donkey Kick
2012 Bronze                                           Imprenta Communications Group, Inc.    Gumbinner & Davies Communications
Washing Machine                                       2012 Honorable Mention
thetrazgroup                                          Safe Crossing!                         C45 - Independent Expenditure Cam-
2012 Honorable Mention                                AH Strategies & Majority Designs       paign - State Legislature - Democrat
overcoming the odds...Again                                                                  2012 Gold
thetrazgroup                                          C18 - For National/State
                                                                                             Cowles Cell Phone (Wisconsin Recall)
                                                      Organization - Democrat                Gumbinner & Davies Communications
C12 - For State Legislature -
Democrat                                              2012 Silver                            2012 Bronze
                                                      Adam’s Story                           Sell out our future
2012 Silver                                           The Beytin Agency                      Gumbinner & Davies Communications
Phone Call                                            2012 Bronze                            2012 Honorable Mention
Kennedy Communications                                Extremist Dick Black                   Protecting the outdoors
2012 Bronze                                           The Chadderdon Group                   vBR Designs
Map                                                   2012 Honorable Mention
Gumbinner & Davies Communications                     Teacher                                C48 - Independent Expenditure Cam-
2012 Honorable Mention                                The Beytin Agency                      paign - Local/Municipal/Regional -
Homegrown                                                                                    Democrat
The Beytin Agency                                     C20 - For Local/Municipal/Regional
                                                      Organization - Republican              2012 Gold
C13 - For State Legislature -                                                                Hosed
                                                      2012 Bronze                            Blue&Read
Third Party                                           Spelling Bee
2012 Bronze                                           Chris Russell Consulting LLC           2012 Silver
Popcorn Trail                                                                                victory fund - Home
Media Directions, Inc.                                C21 - For Local/Municipal/Regional     Mad Dog Mail
                                                      Organization - Democrat                2012 Bronze
                                                      2012 Bronze                            CWA Working voices PAC: If Jane Corwin has her
                                                      Alice - Stupidest Tea Party            way, Medicare won’t be there for us when we need
                                                      The Strategy Group                     it

2012 Honorable Mention         C66 - Best Use of Illus-          C77 - Best Use of Nega-
not Typical                    tration - Democrat                tive Contrast - Local/
San francisco Association of                                     Municipal/Regional -
Realtors                       2012 Gold
                               Murphy Activity Book              Republican
C49 - Independent              Gumbinner & Davies                2012 Bronze
Expenditure Campaign           Communications                    Survivor
- Local/Municipal/Re-          2012 Bronze                       Powers Communications
gional - Third Party           Crimefighter                      2012 Honorable Mention
                               Blue&Read                         This Guy
2012 Silver                                                      Chris Russell Consulting LLC
Safer Palm Springs
                               2012 Honorable Mention
freeman Public Affairs
                               Pivot                             C78 - Best Use of Nega-
C54 - For Coordinated                                            tive Contrast - Local/
                               2012 Silver                       Municipal/Regional -
Campaign - Democrat            Alice in Wonderland
                               Gumbinner & Davies
2012 Silver
This Close
                               Communications                    2012 Gold
Gumbinner & Davies                                               Rap Sheet (Wisconson Recall)
                               C67 - Best Use of Illus-          Gumbinner & Davies
Communications                 tration -                         Communications
2012 Bronze                    Third Party
Total Control                                                    2012 Silver
Gumbinner & Davies             2012 Honorable Mention            Pigistina
Communications                 Jack Davis for Congress Tabloid   Kennedy Communications
                               The Campaign network
2012 Honorable Mention                                           2012 Silver
not Typical                    C68 - Best Use of Humor           Double Trouble
San francisco Association of   - Republican                      Kennedy Communications
Realtors                                                         2012 Bronze
                               2012 Bronze                       Deficit
C58 - Bilingual/Multilin-      Broccoli                          Kennedy Communications
gual/Foreign Language          Chris Russell Consulting LLC
                                                                 2012 Honorable Mention
- Nationwide -                 2012 Honorable Mention            victory fund - Lure
Third Party                    Survivor                          Mad Dog Mail
                               Powers Communications
2012 Bronze
The Sequoyah Syllabary                                           C79 - Best Use of Nega-
                               C69 - Best Use of Humor           tive Contrast - Local/
Majority Designs               - Democrat                        Municipal/Regional -
C63 - Bilingual/Multilin-      2012 Silver                       Third Party
gual/Foreign Language          Kenny Cox - Piggy
- Local/Municipal/Re-          Mad Dog Mail
                                                                 2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                 “Women Won’t Be Silenced”
gional - Democrat              2012 Honorable Mention            freeman Public Affairs
2012 Gold                      vampire vince
David Chiu for San francisco   Kennedy Communications            C80 - For Special Elec-
Mayor2                                                           tion- Direct Mail - Repub-
                               C74 - Best Use of Nega-           lican
Imprenta Communications
Group, Inc.
                               tive Contrast: State/
                               Statewide - Republican            2012 Silver
2012 Bronze                                                      Redondo Beach Election news
David Chiu for San francisco   2012 Silver                       Gilliard Blanning & Associates,
Mayor1                         Handcuffs                         Inc.
Imprenta Communications        Chris Russell Consulting LLC      2012 Bronze
Group, Inc.                    2012 Bronze                       Bob Turner for Congress (ny09)
2012 Bronze                    Dan’s mail                        thetrazgroup
David Chiu for San francisco   thetrazgroup
Mayor3                         2012 Honorable Mention            C81 - For Special Elec-
Imprenta Communications        Titanic                           tion- Direct Mail - Demo-
Group, Inc.                    thetrazgroup                      crat
2012 Honorable Mention                                           2012 Gold
Homegrown                      C75 - Best Use of Nega-
                               tive Contrast: State/             1199SEIu federal PAC:
The Beytin Agency
                                                                 Cut Medicare? Jane Corwin
                               Statewide - Democrat              supports a plan to end
                               2012 Bronze                       Medicare as we know it for
                               Stephen ortego - Steak            families like the _______.
                               Mad Dog Mail                      BerlinRosen

2012 Silver                               The Campaign Workshop                     C91 - Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign
                                          C86 - For National/State                  Language
Imprenta Communications Group, Inc.
                                          Organization                              2012 Bronze
2012 Bronze                                                                         Tools
Redress                                   2012 Gold                                 Powers Communications
Imprenta Communications Group, Inc.       Protect our Protectors
2012 Honorable Mention                    Jonathan varner & Associates              C92 - Best Use of Humor
Paul Woody - football                     2012 Silver                               2012 Gold
Mad Dog Mail                              History is made by those who vote         Scapegoats
                                          Gumbinner & Davies Communications         Jonathan varner & Associates
2012 Honorable Mention                    2012 Bronze                               2012 Silver
Jake Zimmerman - fAIR Plan                Boots                                     Wheel of Waste
Mad Dog Mail                              The Campaign Workshop                     Axiom Strategies
                                          2012 Honorable Mention
C82 - For Special Election- Direct Mail   oEA “Singled out”                         C93 - Best Use of Illustration
- Third Party                             Gumbinner & Davies Communications         2012 Gold
2012 Bronze                                                                         Cookies
Jack Davis for Congress Tear off          C87 - For Local/Municipal/Regional
                                                                                    Jonathan varner & Associates
The Campaign network                      Organization
                                                                                    2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                    2012 Gold                                 TLC
The fables of Tsistu                      Penguins

                                                                                    San francisco Association of Realtors
AH Strategies & Majority Designs          Axiom Strategies
                                                                                    2012 Bronze
                                          2012 Bronze                               A Little Tweaking
                                          new Library Ballot Initiative Committee
Direct Mail - Ballot/Initia-              Greenlight Media Strategies
                                                                                    San francisco Association of Realtors

tive                                      2012 Honorable Mention                    C94 - Best Use of Negative Contrast
                                          voter Guide                               2012 Bronze
C83 - For State/Statewide Campaigns       Powers Communications                     Chalkboard
2012 Gold                                                                           Independence Strategy
Louisiana - Don’t Play Games              C88 - For Membership Organization
                                                                                    2012 Silver
TargetSmart Communications                2012 Silver                               Scapegoats
2012 Silver                               Protect our Protectors                    Jonathan varner & Associates
Cookies                                   Jonathan varner & Associates
Jonathan varner & Associates              2012 Bronze
2012 Bronze                               “Singled out”                             Direct Mail - Public Affairs
Cookies                                   Gumbinner & Davies Communications
Jonathan varner & Associates              2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                                    C97 - Local Government
2012 Honorable Mention                    A Little Tweaking                         2012 Silver
Boots                                     San francisco Association of Realtors     TLC
Jonathan varner & Associates                                                        San francisco Association of Realtors
                                          C89 - GOTV - State/Local                  2012 Bronze
C84 - For County Campaigns                2012 Gold                                 A Little Tweaking
2012 Bronze                               oEA “Post-it notes”                       San francisco Association of Realtors
Highway 82 - Right Turn                   Gumbinner & Davies Communications
Murphy Turner Associates                                                            C98 - National Public Affairs
                                          2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                    History is made by those who vote         2012 Gold
Highway 82 - Bus                          Gumbinner & Davies Communications         oil Money funds Terrorism
Murphy Turner Associates                  2012 Bronze                               Gumbinner & Davies Communications
C85 - For City Campaigns                  Jonathan varner & Associates
2012 Gold                                 2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                                    Field - Candidate
I CAn MAKE A DIffEREnCE                   oEA “Rival Coaches”                       D02 - Best GOTV Program
TurpinMcLaughlin Communications /Ariane   Gumbinner & Davies Communications
Lehew and Associates                                                                2012 Silver
2012 Silver                               C90 - Vote - by - Mail Ballot Request     over the Hill and Through the Woods GoTv in the
Build It now Sioux falls Heaven           2012 Gold                                 Grassroots Solutions
Public Affairs Company                    our Time is now
2012 Bronze                               Jonathan varner & Associates
Campaign for a Healthy Denver             2012 Silver
BerlinRosen                               Protect our Protectors
2012 Honorable Mention                    Jonathan varner & Associates

          D03 - Best Use Of New Technology                E04 - Prospect Mailer - Republican               2012 Bronze
                                                                                                           Humana PAC: Re-Branding and fundraising
          2012 Gold                                       2012 Honorable Mention                           Campaign
          Cyrus                                           obama Buck
                                                                                                           Sagac Public Affairs
          nasica Consulting                               Meridian Central Public Affairs
                                                                                                           2012 Honorable Mention
                                                          2012 Honorable Mention
          D04 - Best Walk Piece                           oklahoma Senator Dan newberry (R-oK):
                                                                                                           Merck PAC: fundraising Communications
          2012 Silver                                     Phantom Cowboy Major Donor Prospect Invitation
                                                                                                           Sagac Public Affairs
          Tested, Trusted, Tough.                         Sagac Public Affairs
          The Strategy Group
                                                          E05 - Prospect Mailer - Democrat                 E24 - Best Use of Online Fundraising
          2012 Bronze                                                                                      2012 Silver
          Leadership. Progress. Results.                  2012 Bronze
                                                          Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Walker Reverse   Recall the Right online fundraiser
          Katzing Creative Ways
                                                          Envelope                                         Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
          2012 Honorable Mention                                                                           2012 Bronze
                                                          Rapid Returns
          Promises Kept                                                                                    AuL End-of-year fundraising Campaign
          Katzing Creative Ways                           2012 Honorable Mention
                                                          Ravenstahl Invite Package                        Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli, Inc.
                                                          Gold Communications                              E25 - Best Use of Telephone
          Field - Ballot/Initiative                       E07 - Best Use of Online Fundraising -           Fundraising
          D05 - Best Absentee Program                     Republican                                       2012 Bronze
                                                          2012 Bronze                                      2011 Emergency Human Rights online Activist
          2012 Bronze

                                                          The Iowa fund                                    Conversion
          Build It now Sioux falls Absentee Program
                                                          Active Engagement                                Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
          Public Affairs Company
                                                                                                           2012 Honorable Mention
          D06 - Best GOTV Program                         E08 - Best Use of Online Fundraising -           2011 Stop “Stupak on Steroids” Responsive
          2012 Bronze                                     Democrat                                         Appeal
          Build It now Sioux falls GoTv Plan              2012 Bronze                                      Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
          Public Affairs Company                          Alan Grayson Comes Back                          E26 - Best Use of Social Media
                                                                                                           2012 Gold
          Field - Public Affairs                                                                           Seafood Calculator
          D07 - Best Absentee Program
                                                          Fundraising - Ballot/Initia-                     Berman and Company
          2012 Silver
          Alguien tenía que decrilo                       E16 - House Mailer                               Internet - Candidate
                                                          2012 Silver                                      F01 - Online Advertising-
          D08 - Best GOTV Program                         Presidential Partners Renewal 1                  Presidential Primary - Republican
                                                          Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
          2012 Silver                                                                                      2012 Gold
          Minnesota Idea open: voting on a Stick at the   E17 - Prospect Mailer                            Rick Perry - America is Calling
          Minnesota State fair                                                                             We Are Politics
                                                          2012 Silver
          Grassroots Solutions                                                                             2012 Silver
                                                          EMILy’s List August 2011 Acquisition
                                                          nexus Direct                                     Rick Perry for President - Proven Leadership
                                                                                                           We Are Politics
          Fundraising - Candidate                                                                          2012 Bronze
          E01 - House Mailer - Republican                 Fundraising - Public                             Rick Perry for Presidnet

          2012 Silver                                     Affairs                                          We Are Politics
                                                                                                           2012 Honorable Mention
          u.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-oK): Dove Hunt       E21 - In - House Mailer                          Tim Pawlenty for President - Executive Experience
          Invitation and Save The Date Materials                                                           We Are Politics
          Sagac Public Affairs                            2012 Bronze
                                                          GoP Poll Appeal
          2012 Bronze
                                                          Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
                                                                                                           F05 - Online Advertising - State/State-
          Iowa Spark                                                                                       wide - Republican
          HSP Direct LLC                                  E23 - PAC/Trade Association                      2012 Bronze
          2012 Bronze                                     Program                                          from Rugby with Resolve
          Thune 2011 Handwritten note                                                                      The victory Group
          The Lukens Company                              2012 Gold
                                                          Colbert Super PAC                                F08 - Online Advertising - Local/Mu-
          E02 - House Mailer - Democrat                   Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli, Inc.       nicipal/Regional - Republican
          2012 Bronze                                     2012 Silver
          Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Poster          12 in 12 Prospectus Package
                                                                                                           2012 Gold
          Rapid Returns                                                                                    Donkey Whisperer - Advertising
                                                          The Singularis Group
                                                                                                           upstream Communications

2012 Silver                                     2012 Honorable Mention                       2012 Silver
Wes Gullett for Mayor                           Maria Syms for Mayor of Paradise valley      9-9-9 The Movie
Richard Sales Media, LLC                        Integrated Web Strategy                      Active Engagement
2012 Bronze                                                                                  2012 Bronze
obama Economy Advertising                       F22 - Website - Local - Democrat             Welch “Separated At Birth”
upstream Communications                         2012 Silver                                  BrabenderCox
                                                Chicago for Rahm Emanuel                     2012 Bronze
F09 - Online Advertising - Local/Mu-            Trilogy Interactive                          Rick Perry - Proven Leadership
nicipal/Regional - Democrat                                                                  We Are Politics
2012 Silver
                                                F24 - Website - National Organization -      2012 Honorable Mention
CHICAGo foR RAHM EMAnuEL                        Republican                                   obama’s favorite Republican
Bully Pulpit Interactive                        2012 Silver                                  The Prosper Group
2012 Bronze                           
Kasey Russell online Ad Campaign                upstream Communications                      F36 - Web Animation/Web Video -
Rainmaker Inc.                                                                               Democrat
                                                2012 Silver
F12 - Online Advertising - Independent                                     2012 Gold
                                                upstream Communications                      Alison Lundergan Grimes - The Making of “Elsie &
Expenditure - Democrat                                                                       Thelma”
2012 Gold                                       F27 - Website - State/Local                  Putnam Partners, LLC
SAn fRAnCISCAnS foR JoBS & GooD                 Organization                                 2012 Silver
GovERnMEnT                                      2012 Silver                                  Hinck_Red_White_and_you

Bully Pulpit Interactive                        one Chance Colorado: The urgent need for     Revolution Political Media
2012 Honorable Mention                          Education Reform                             2012 Bronze
not My Wisconsin online Advertising             Trilogy Interactive                          Chris G for Mayor
Revolution Messaging, LLC                       2012 Bronze                                  Kully Hall LLC,
                                                utah Republican Party                        2012 Honorable Mention
F17 - Website - Presidential Primary -          ElectionMall Technologies, Inc.              “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”
Republican                                                                                   north Woods Advertising
                                                2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Bronze                           
Bachmann for President Website                  BuzzMaker                                    F38 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -
Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli, Inc.                                                   Republican
2012 Honorable Mention                          F28 - Website - Membership                   2012 Gold
Pawlenty 2012 Exploratory Committee             Organization                                 Welch “Separated At Birth”
Terra Eclipse                                                                                BrabenderCox
                                                2012 Silver
F18 - Website - State/Statewide -               Serving our Members                          2012 Bronze
Republican                                      AfSCME                                       Rick Santorum for President “Today”
                                                2012 Bronze                                  BrabenderCox
2012 Silver                                     Colorado Consumer Health Initiative          2012 Bronze
Lucas for Congress                              Albatross Digital LLC                        Republican Party of Kentucky - Questions
northbound Design, LLC                                                                       The Strategy Group Media
                                                2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Bronze                                                        2012 Honorable Mention
Dan Liljenquist for uS Senate                   Terra Eclipse                                Wes Gullett for Mayor: Haboob (AKA Duststorm)
Harris Media, LLC                                                                            Round Tables Strategies
2012 Bronze                                     F29 - Website - Landing Page - State/
Shays for Senate                                Statewide - Republican                       F39 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -
northbound Design, LLC
                                                2012 Gold                                    Democrat
2012 Honorable Mention                          Dick and Barry: The unforgettable Bromance   2012 Gold
Dan forest for nC Lt. Governor                  The Prosper Group                            Chicago for Rahm Emanuel
Red Stampede                                                                                 Bully Pulpit Interactive
                                                F33 - Website - Landing Page - Local -
F19 - Website - State/Statewide -               Democrat                                     F41 - Best Use of New Technology -
Democrat                                                                                     Republican
                                                2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                          Chicago for Rahm Emanuel                     2012 Silver
Alison Grimes for Kentucky Secretary of State   Trilogy Interactive                          Michele Bachmann Ames Straw Poll victory
nGP vAn, Inc.
                                                2012 Bronze                                  Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli, Inc.
F21 - Website - Local - Republican                              2012 Bronze
                                                BuzzMaker                                    Donkey Whisperer - new Technology
2012 Silver                                                                                  upstream Communications
Brainard for Mayor                              F35 - Web Animation/Web Video -
                                                                                             2012 Honorable Mention
The Prosper Group                               Republican                                   Cyrus
2012 Bronze
Aaron Pena for Congress
                                                2012 Gold                                    nasica Consulting
                                                The Donkey Whisperer
upstream Communications
                                                Capitol Consulting, inc

          F42 - Best Use of New Technology -                 F57 - Website - Local                          2012 Honorable Mention
          Democrat                                           2012 Silver
                                                                                                            utah Zero fatalities
          2012 Bronze                                        fair School funding Website
          victoryPoll                                        The Prosper Group                              F66 - Online Advertising - Advocacy/
          Strategic Campaign Media                           2012 Bronze                                    Grassroots Lobbying - Nationwide
          2012 Honorable Mention                                              2012 Bronze
          first Targeted Twitter Content Analysis            Eusatrix Corporation                           We Remember and Jobs Are Important
          Lake Research Partners                                                                            AfSCME
                                                             F60 - Web Animation/Web Video
          F43 - Best Use of New Technology -                 2012 Bronze                                    2012 Gold
          Third Party                                        ohioans for Healthcare freedom (yes on ohio    Remember
                                                             Issue 3) - We the People                       GMMB
          2012 Gold
          Mobile Application for the Green Party of Canada   The Strategy Group for Media                   2012 Honorable Mention
          Purple forge                                                                                      American Medical Association (AMA) “Balloons”
                                                             F61 - Best Use of New Technology               BrabenderCox
          F45 - Best Use of Facebook Advertis-               2012 Silver
          ing - State/Statewide - Republican                                                                F67 - Online Advertising - Advocacy/
                                                             We Are ohio’s Social organizing Tool
                                                             nGP vAn, Inc.
                                                                                                            Grassroots Lobbying - State/Local
          2012 Bronze
          Sarah Steelman for Missouri Senate                 2012 Bronze                                    2012 Silver
          Integrated Web Strategy                            Keep Washington Rolling                        filming in the Red
                                                             ElectionMall Technologies, Inc.                Richard Sales Media, LLC

          F46 - Best Use of Facebook Advertis-                                                              2012 Bronze
          ing - State/Statewide - Democrat                   F62 - Best Use of Facebook Advertis-           AWEA “Stand”
          2012 Bronze                                        ing - State/Statewide                          Joe Slade White and Company
          Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate                      2012 Gold
          Bully Pulpit Interactive                           America votes-ohio: Angry Buckeyes Campaign    2012 Bronze
                                                             Revolution Messaging, LLC                      Better Schools Wisconsin
          F49 - Best Use of Facebook Advertis-                                                              Merc Strategy Group
                                                             2012 Bronze
          ing - Local - Democrat                             We Are ohio                                    2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Bronze                                        The new Media firm                             Protect Patient Care
          Microtargeting nashville                                                                          northwest Passage Consulting
          2012 Bronze                                        Internet - Public Affairs                      F68 - Website - Nationwide
          Kasey Russell facebook Campaign                                                                   2012 Gold
          Rainmaker Inc.                                     F64 - Online Advertising -
                                                             Nationwide                                     freedomWorks for America
          F52 - For Special Election - Internet -                                                           Terra Eclipse
                                                             2012 Gold
          Democrat                                           nRSC
                                                                                                            2012 Silver
                                                                                                            no Performance Tax
          2012 Silver                                        Richard Sales Media, LLC
                                                                                                            Winning Strategies/national Broadcasters
          “Paul Reiser - What’s A Mensch?”                   2012 Silver                                    Association
          north Woods Advertising                            natural Resources Defense Council- Crap Gift   2012 Bronze
                                                             Syndrome                                       Alzheimer’s Association: Act to Action
                                                             Devine Mulvey
          Internet - Ballot/Initiative                       2012 Bronze
                                                                                                            Beekeeper Group
                                                                                                            2012 Honorable Mention
          F54 - Online Advertising - State/State-            Call for An Arms Trade Treaty        
          wide                                               Eleison, LLC                                   R&R Partners
                                                             2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Gold                                          Get out of My Milk                             F69 - Website - State/Local
          We Are ohio - Emergency                            Berman and Company
          The new Media firm                                                                                2012 Gold
          2012 Bronze                                        F65 - Online Advertising - State/Local         Born Here, Belong Here
          Holiday Tax                                                                                       Integrated Web Strategy
          The Dover Group
                                                             2012 Gold                                      2012 Silver
                                                             new yorkers for Economic Growth and open
                                                                                                            What’s a Life Worth
          F55 - Online Advertising - Local                   Markets: Wine in grocery stores is a common-
                                                                                                            Integrated Web Strategy
                                                             sense solution for new york
          2012 Gold                                          BerlinRosen                                    2012 Bronze
          “Stupid Municipalization!”                                                                        one Chance Colorado
                                                             2012 Bronze                                    Trilogy Interactive
          Trilogy Interactive                                Alliance for Main Street “In the Ring”
          2012 Honorable Mention                             BrabenderCox                                   2012 Honorable Mention
          fact Check                                                                                        Clear views Phoenix
          Melamed Communications, LLC                                                                       Integrated Web Strategy

F70 - Website - Landing            2012 Honorable Mention             F82 - Best Facebook
Page - Nationwide                  Kaiser family foundation: Health   Page
                                   Reform’s Impact
2012 Silver                        Talbot Digital                     2012 Gold
Southwest Airlines “Stop Air Tax                                      Stand up for ohio facebook
now” Landing Page                  F76 - Best Use of Face-            Page
SevenTwenty Strategies             book Advertising - State/          The new Media firm
F72 - Web Animation/               Local                              2012 Silver
                                                                      America’s Power facebook
Web Video                          2012 Gold
                                                                      new Media Strategies
                                   Lawn Whisperer/facebook Page
2012 Silver                        The Eppstein Group                 2012 Bronze
Consumer Watchdog -                                                   firing Rick Scott
Supercharge                        2012 Silver                        BuzzMaker
SCn Strategies                     Pink Slip Rick Mobilization
                                   BuzzMaker                          2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Bronze                                                           Stopping nyC Horse Abuse
Tell em Joe Sent you               2012 Bronze                        BuzzMaker
Revolution Political Media         Digital Recruitment Campaign
                                   new Media Strategies               F83 - Best Use of Face-
2012 Honorable Mention
natural Resources Defense          2012 Honorable Mention             book - GOTV
Council- Breaking Stuff            Stopping nyC Horse Abuse
                                   BuzzMaker                          2012 Gold
Devine Mulvey                                                         We Are ohio’s Social organizing
F73 - Best Use of Nega-                                               Tool
tive Contrast                      Internet - Overall                 nGP vAn, Inc.

2012 Gold                          F78 - Online Advertising           F84 - Best Use of Email
Pink Slip Rick                     - Best Use of Negative             2012 Silver
BuzzMaker                          Contrast                           Clear views Phoenix
2012 Silver                                                           Integrated Web Strategy
                                   2012 Gold
The Real occupy Wall Street        not My Wisconsin negative          2012 Bronze
CRAfT | Media/Digital              online Advertising                 TRAIn Act Activation
                                   Revolution Messaging, LLC          new Media Strategies
F74 - Best Use of New
                                                                      2012 Honorable Mention
Technology                         2012 Silver
                                                                      Mercury Poisoning Is A Pro-Life
                                   We Are ohio: “Grannygate”
2012 Gold                          The new Media firm
WhipCast App                                                          Eleison, LLC
CRAfT | Media/Digital              2012 Bronze
                                   Wrong Choices                      F85 - Best Use of Mobile
2012 Silver                        The new Media firm                 Technology
Robocalling Rick Scott
BuzzMaker                          F80 - Web Video - Best             2012 Gold
2012 Silver                        Use of Humor                       Working America’s Mobile
                                                                      Canvassing Application
We Are one Illinois - State        2012 Gold                          nGP vAn, Inc.
Legislative Calling Technology     The Donkey Whisperer
Revolution Messaging, LLC          Capitol Consulting, inc            2012 Silver
2012 Bronze                                                           Mobile Application for the Green
                                   2012 Silver                        Party of Canada
Mobile Applications for the        President obama’s first Ad of
American Petroleum Institute                                          Purple forge
Purple forge                       Richard Sales Media, LLC
                                                                      2012 Bronze
2012 Honorable Mention                                                Danger on our Roads
                                   2012 Bronze                        TargetPoint Consulting
Ending Spending Twitter            Mariobama
Campaign                           Harris Media, LLC                  2012 Honorable Mention
Campaign Solutions/Connell                                            WhipCast App
Donatelli, Inc.                    2012 Honorable Mention             CRAfT | Media/Digital
                                   Get A Plan
F75 - Best Use of Face-            Rainmaker Inc.                     F86 - Best Use of an
book Advertising - Na-             F81 - Best Facebook Ap-            Online Game
tionwide                           plication                          2012 Bronze
2012 Gold                                                             fine Gael video Game
                                   2012 Gold                          ElectionMall Technologies, Inc.
u.S. Chamber of Commerce
                                   u.S. Chamber of Commerce -
Integrated Web Strategy                                               F87 - Best Use of Twitter
                                   Contact Congress App
2012 Bronze                        Integrated Web Strategy
Monetizing the Like for the                                           2012 Gold
Media Research Center                                                 We Are ohio: “#Grannygate”
Campaign Solutions/Connell                                            The new Media firm
Donatelli, Inc.                                                       2012 Bronze

          PoRAC - Tweets the north County Times          2012 Honorable Mention                                H31 - Live Calls - Governor - Democrat
          Marketplace Communications                     Defending Swipe fee Reform - Spare Change
                                                         Penn Schoen Berland
                                                                                                               2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Honorable Mention                                                                               Earl Ray Tomblin for Governor - Plan Making
          first Targeted Twitter Content Analysis                                                              Winning Connections, Inc.
          Lake Research Partners                         G17 - Less Than Full Page
                                                         2012 Gold                                             H34 - Live Calls - State/Statewide -
          F88 - Best Use of Search Engine Mar-           Stepped up                                            Democrat
          keting                                         GMMB                                                  2012 Bronze
          2012 Silver                                    2012 Silver                                           Steve Doyle for Wisconsin State Assembly
          We Are ohio - Absentee Ballot Request form     Don’t Turn your Back on Cancer                        Winning Connections, Inc.
          The new Media firm                             The Campaign Workshop
          2012 Bronze                                    2012 Bronze                                           H37 - Live Calls - Mayor - Democrat
          DSCC SEARCH EnGInE MARKETInG                   Save Lives, Save Money                                2012 Silver
          Bully Pulpit Interactive                       The Campaign Workshop                                 Live Calls in Chinese Supporting Ed Lee for Mayor
          2012 Honorable Mention                         2012 Honorable Mention                                Left Coast Communications
          Making Home Affordable: Helping Distressed     HumaneWatch’s Consumer Alert Ad
          Homeowners                                     Berman and Company                                    H41 - Live Calls - Local/Municipal/
          Talbot Digital                                                                                       Regional - (Non-Mayoral) - Third Party
                                                                                                               2012 Silver
          F89 - Best Use of Social Media                 Phones - Candidate                                    Bill John Baker for Chief
          2012 Silver                                    H05 - Automated Calls - State/State-                  Winning Connections, Inc.

          America votes-ohio: Angry Buckeyes
          Revolution Messaging, LLC                      wide - Republican                                     H49 - Live Calls - Organization -
          2012 Bronze                                    2012 Silver                                           Democrat
          Get A Plan                                     Like Mother; Like Son                                 2012 Silver
          Rainmaker Inc.                                 front Porch Strategies                                EMILy’s List february 2011 Telemarketing
          2012 Honorable Mention                         H06 - Automated Calls - State/State-                  Sustainer
          Digital Recruitment Campaign                                                                         nexus Direct
          new Media Strategies                           wide - Democrat
                                                                                                               2012 Bronze
                                                         2012 Bronze                                           EMILy’s List September 2011 Telemarketing Appeal
                                                         In Grannies’ Words                                    nexus Direct
          Newspaper - Ballot/Initia-                     Zata|3 Consulting
                                                                                                               2012 Honorable Mention
          tive                                           H09 - Automated Calls - Mayor - Demo-                 EMILy’s List January 2011 Telemarketing
                                                         crat                                                  Acquisition
          G13 - Full Page                                                                                      nexus Direct
          2012 Bronze                                    2012 Bronze
          father Michael                                 President obama parody call                           H51 - Best Use of Telephone Town Hall
          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                                              Call/Forum Call - Republican
          2012 Honorable Mention                         2012 Honorable Mention
                                                         Times are Tough
                                                                                                               2012 Gold
          Pebble Lady                                                                                          The Teleforum That Trumped All
          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                        Zata|3 Consulting
                                                                                                               Strategic fundraising
                                                         H12 - Automated Calls - Local/Munici-                 H55 - For Special Election - Live Calls -
          Newspaper - Public                             pal/Regional (Non-Mayoral) - Democrat                 Democrat
          Affairs                                        2012 Gold
                                                         one Man’s Redemption
                                                                                                               2012 Bronze
                                                                                                               Steve Doyle for Wisconsin State Assembly
          G16 - Full Page                                Zata|3 Consulting                                     Winning Connections, Inc.
                                                         2012 Bronze
          2012 Gold                                      Serving, Not Profiteering
          Lawn Whisperer/Have you Talked to your Lawn?
          The Eppstein Group
                                                         Zata|3 Consulting                                     Phones - Ballot/Initiative
          2012 Silver                                    H18 - Automated Calls - Independent                   H57 - Automated Calls - State/State-
          I Work in vernon (Print)                       Expenditure Campaign - Democrat                       wide
          SCn Strategies
                                                         2012 Gold                                             2012 Gold
          2012 Bronze                                    Putting the Nail in David William’s Campaign Coffin   Pro-Lifers vs. Personhood
          The Association of American Railroads 2011     Stones’ Phones                                        Zata|3 Consulting
                                                         H29 - Live Calls - Presidential Primary -             2012 Silver
                                                         Republican                                            The Bigger Devil
                                                                                                               Zata|3 Consulting
                                                         2012 Bronze                                           2012 Bronze
                                                         finding votes in the Corn Stalks
                                                                                                               It’s oK to Say no
                                                         Strategic fundraising
                                                                                                               Zata|3 Consulting

2012 Honorable Mention                      H65 - Automated Calls - State/Local                 H73 - Best Use of Telephone Town Hall
Thanks Guvna
                                            2012 Silver                                         Call/Forum Call
Zata|3 Consulting
                                            new Insights into the African American Electorate   2012 Silver
H58 - Automated Calls - Local               Zata|3 Consulting                                   The Tragedy of the Commons
                                                                                                Zata|3 Consulting
2012 Honorable Mention                      H67 - Automated Calls - Advocacy/
Sensible Tacoma                                                                                 2012 Bronze
                                            Grassroots Lobbying - State/Local                   A union united
Gravis Marketing, Inc
                                            2012 Bronze                                         Zata|3 Consulting
H59 - Automated Calls - GOTV                Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute                          2012 Honorable Mention
                                            Zata|3 Consulting                                   Michigan Sportsmen Tele-Town Hall
2012 Gold
“Bradley”                                   2012 Honorable Mention                              Winning Connections, Inc.
Mowery Consulting Group                     Bed Tax, Bad Tax
                                            Zata|3 Consulting                                   H74 - Patch-Through Program For
2012 Silver                                                                                     Public Affairs (Live)
“Bradley”                                   H68 - Patch-Through Program For
Mowery Consulting Group                     Public Affairs (Autodial)                           2012 Silver
                                                                                                Saving Babies in Iowa
2012 Bronze                                 2012 Bronze                                         CampaignHQ
Build It now Sioux falls GoTv Calls         Remember, Remember the 8th of november
Public Affairs Company                                                                          2012 Bronze
                                            Stones’ Phones
                                                                                                Phone Program to Protect Swipe fee Reform
H60 - Live Calls - State/Statewide          2012 Honorable Mention                              DCI Group
                                            If In Doubt, Call Them out!

2012 Bronze                                                                                     2012 Honorable Mention
                                            Stones’ Phones
Hey Kid                                                                                         Tax Satellite Tv
Stones’ Phones                              2012 Silver                                         Executive Communications, Inc.
                                            Bed Tax, Bad Tax
2012 Honorable Mention
                                            Zata|3 Consulting
smartCall-Center Campaign
Smartech Corp & Airnet Group, Inc.          H69 - Live Calls - Nationwide
                                                                                                Phones - Overall
                                                                                                2012 Silver
H61 - Live Calls - Local                    2012 Silver                                         Don t just listen to me: Listen to you and your
2012 Bronze                                 Weathering the Storm                                neighbors!
Improving Education in Gwinnett County      Zata|3 Consulting                                   Stones’ Phones
Winning Connections, Inc.                   2012 Bronze
                                            2011 Stop “Stupak on Steroids” Responsive           H75 - Most Innovative Use of Auto-
2012 Honorable Mention                                                                          mated Technology
A Brighter future for Springdale            Appeal
Zata|3 Consulting                           Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey                       2012 Bronze
                                            2012 Honorable Mention                              Technology vs. Conventional Wisdom
H62 - Live Calls Calls - GOTV               Save the Dollar Bill!                               Zata|3 Consulting
2012 Gold                                   Zata|3 Consulting                                   2012 Honorable Mention
Make a Plan to vote                                                                             IvRs and Social Science Research
                                            H70 - Live Calls - State/Local                      Zata|3 Consulting
Zata|3 Consulting
2012 Bronze                                 2012 Bronze
                                            A Bridge to a Sustainable future                    H76 - Best Use of New Technology
Improving Education in Gwinnett County
                                            Davies                                              2012 Bronze
Winning Connections, Inc.
                                                                                                first Targeted Twitter Content Analysis
H63 - Best Use of Telephone Town Hall       H71 - Live Calls - Advocacy/Grassroots              Lake Research Partners
Call/Forum Call                             Lobbying - Nationwide                               2012 Honorable Mention
                                            2012 Honorable Mention                              smartCall Center Campaign
2012 Silver                                 Keystone xL Turnout Calls
A Last Minute Surge of Reason                                                                   Smartech Corp & Airnet Group, Inc.
                                            Winning Connections, Inc.
Zata|3 Consulting                                                                               H77 - Best Use of Telephone Town Hall
2012 Bronze                                 H72 - Live Calls - Advocacy/Grass-                  Call/Forum Call
Direct from the Source                      roots Lobbying - State/Local
Melamed Communications, LLC                                                                     2012 Silver
                                            2012 Silver                                         Monumental outreach
2012 Honorable Mention                      open your Eyes to the Rise in Class Size            front Porch Strategies
A Big Mobilization in Little Rhode Island   Stones’ Phones
Stones’ Phones                                                                                  2012 Bronze
                                            2012 Bronze                                         A Last Minute Surge of Reason
                                            Mobilizing SEIU members to fight against cuts       Zata|3 Consulting
Phones - Public Affairs                     Winning Connections, Inc.
                                            2012 Honorable Mention
H64 - Automated Calls - Nationwide          Tax Satellite Tv
2012 Bronze                                 Executive Communications, Inc.
Stones’ Phones

Radio - Candidate                   Momentum - Empty
                                    The Strategy Group for Media
                                                                       2012 Bronze
                                                                       Royal Wedding
I01 - For Presidential                                                 Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
Primary -                           I29 - For Super PAC - Re-
                                                                       2012 Honorable Mention
Republican                          publican                           The Buck Stops Here
2012 Honorable Mention              2012 Gold                          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
Ron Paul - Life                     Huge Mistake
                                    Hackney & Hackney, Inc.            I43 - For Advocacy/
fP1 Strategies                                                         Grassroots Lobbying -
                                    2012 Silver
I06 - State/Statewide -             no Way
Democrat                            Hackney & Hackney, Inc.            2012 Gold
2012 Silver                         2012 Bronze                        “Bipartisan”
Kentucky family values: “Moral      Truth About Claire                 Something Else Strategies
fiber”                              Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
                                                                       I44 - For Advocacy/Grass-
The new Media firm                  2012 Honorable Mention
                                    Gov’t is the Problem
I09 - For Mayoral - Demo-           Hackney & Hackney, Inc.            Lobbying - State/Local
crat                                                                   2012 Silver
2012 Silver                                                            Kids
Promises. Promises.                 Radio - Ballot/                    northwest Passage Consulting
Katzing Creative Ways               Initiative                         2012 Bronze
2012 Honorable Mention                                                 CoA - Childrens vision Radio
Title fight - Jonathan Rothschild
                                    I38 - For Organization             (English and Spanish)
for Mayor                           2012 Bronze                        Marketplace Communications
Revolution Political Media          We Are ohio: “Massilon-McKinley”   2012 Honorable Mention
                                    The new Media firm                 We Are
I11 - State Legislature -           2012 Honorable Mention             Trujillo | Caston Solutions
Republican                          Wolf at the Door
2012 Bronze                         Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
“no Laughing Matter”                                                   Radio - Overall
RedPrint Strategy                   I40 - For State/Local
                                                                       I46 - Best Use of Humor
2012 Honorable Mention              2012 Silver
“The Record”                        Town Clerk for Protect Maine       2012 Silver
RedPrint Strategy                   votes (yes on Question 1)          Doublespeak Decoder
                                    The new Media firm                 Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
I14 - Local/Municipal/              2012 Bronze                        2012 Bronze
Regional - (Non-Mayoral) -          Build It now Sioux falls Heather   Americans for Prosperity
Republican                          & Shelby                           Wisconsin - Emergency
                                    Public Affairs Company             The Strategy Group for Media
2012 Silver
no Show notariano                                                      2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                       Huge Mistake
Innovative Advertising
                                    Radio - Public Af-                 Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
I15 - Local/Municipal/              fairs                              I47 - Best Use of Negative
Regional - (Non-Mayoral) -
Democrat                            I41 - Nationwide Public            Contrast
2012 Bronze                         Affairs                            2012 Silver
Mother’s Day Attack                 2012 Silver                        What Do We Know
Bronstein & Weaver, Inc.            Kid                                Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
                                    EpandMedia                         2012 Bronze
I23 - Independent Expen-            2012 Bronze                        Wolf at the Door
diture - State Legislature          Defending Swipe fee Reform -       Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
- Republican                        Science fiction                    2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Silver                         Penn Schoen Berland                The Buck Stops Here
Americans for Prosperity                                               Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
Wisconsin - Emergency
                                    I42 - State/Local Public
The Strategy Group for Media        Affairs
                                    2012 Gold                          Television -
I26 - Independent Expen-            A City that Works (1 minute)       Candidate
diture - Local/Municipal/           SCn Strategies
Regional                                                               J01 - For Presidential
                                    2012 Silver                        Primary -
2012 Bronze                         What Do We Know
Committee for oklahoma City         Hackney & Hackney, Inc.



          2012 Gold                                          Allyn Media                                  2012 Bronze
          Ron Paul - Big Dog                                                                              Restoring America - Bus
          fP1 Strategies                                     J11 - State Legislature - Republican         The Strategy Group for Media
          2012 Silver                                        2012 Bronze
                                                             Donahue for Senate “Blueprint”               J21 - Independent Expenditure Cam-
          Ron Paul - Serial Hypocrisy
          fP1 Strategies                                     Buisson Creative Strategies                  paign - State/Statewide -Democrat
          2012 Bronze                                        2012 Honorable Mention                       2012 Silver
          Ron Paul - Conviction                              vA State Senate - Bill Stanley: “new”        Kentucky family values: “Disturbing Record”
          fP1 Strategies                                     fP1 Strategies                               The new Media firm
                                                             J12 - State Legislature - Democrat           2012 Bronze
          J05 - Statewide Constitutional -                                                                Bluegrass CJf - oath
          Republican                                         2012 Gold                                    Three Point Media
          2012 Gold                                          Senator Eric Lafleur - “Canard”
                                                             Putnam Partners, LLC                         J24 - Independent Expenditure Cam-
          “JT” Lynn fitch for State Treasurer
          Dresner, Wickers, Barber, Sanders                  2012 Silver
                                                                                                          paign - State Legislature - Democrat
          2012 Silver                                        Senator Phillip Puckett - “Commute”          2012 Gold
          nungesser “other People’s Money”                   Putnam Partners, LLC                         olsen vs. Wisconsin families
          BrabenderCox                                       2012 Bronze                                  Progressive Change Campaign Committee
                                                             Senator Phillip Puckett - “Listen”
          2012 Silver                                        Putnam Partners, LLC                         J26 - Independent Expenditure Cam-
                                                             2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                                                          paign - Local/Municipal/Regional/
          RedPrint Strategy                                                                               Republican

                                                             “I Know Dave”
          2012 Bronze                                        Adelstein | Liston
          Todd P’Pool for Kentucky Attorney General - Todd                                                2012 Silver
          The Strategy Group for Media                                                                    Playtime
                                                             J14 - Local/Municipal/Regional - (Non -      Innovative Advertising
          J06 - Statewide Constitutional - Demo-             Mayoral) - Republican                        2012 Honorable Mention
          crat                                               2012 Gold                                    Committee for oklahoma City Momentum - Contrast
                                                             Pat Brister for Parish President “Steps”     The Strategy Group for Media
          2012 Gold                                          Buisson Creative Strategies
          Alison Lundergan Grimes - “Elsie & Thelma”                                                      J29 - For Super PAC - Republican
          Putnam Partners, LLC                               2012 Silver
                                                             Hard Headed                                  2012 Gold
          2012 Silver                                        Hapax Creative                               King of Bain: When Mitt Romney Came to Town
          Jim Hood for Attorney General                                                                   Cicero Media
          SKDKnickerbocker                                   2012 Bronze
                                                             Experienced Leadership                       2012 Silver
          J08 - For Mayor - Republican                       JvW InC                                      fuzzy Math
                                                             2012 Honorable Mention                       Cicero Media
          2012 Gold
          Ballard “Sleeves”                                  neighborhoods                                2012 Bronze
          BrabenderCox                                       Rindy Miller Garcia                          “Someone 60”
                                                                                                          Strategic Perception Inc.
          2012 Bronze                                        J15 - Local/Municipal/Regional - (Non -
          Ballard “Act”                                                                                   2012 Honorable Mention
                                                             Mayoral) - Democrat                          Two
                                                             2012 Silver                                  Strategic Perception Inc.
          2012 Honorable Mention
          Ballard “Catalyst”                                 Sandra Doorley for District Attorney
                                                             SKDKnickerbocker                             J32 - Best Use of Humor - Republican
                                                             2012 Bronze                                  2012 Gold
          J09 - For Mayor - Democrat                         Jimmy Pohlmann for Sheriff “Done Them All”   Ron Paul - Big Dog
                                                             Buisson Creative Strategies                  fP1 Strategies
          2012 Gold
          Streets of San francisco                           2012 Honorable Mention                       2012 Silver
          SCn Strategies                                     Jake Zimmerman- fair                         Restoring America - Bus
                                                             Devine Mulvey                                The Strategy Group for Media
          2012 Silver
          Bevan Dufty for Mayor - “Someplace new”            J17 - Independent Expenditure Cam-           2012 Honorable Mention
          Putnam Partners, LLC                                                                            Restoring America - Mailbox
                                                             paign - Nationwide - Republican              The Strategy Group for Media
          2012 Bronze                                        2012 Bronze
          Michael Hancock for Mayor - “18 Miles”             RnC Change Direction Campaign “Crash”        J33 - Best Use of Humor - Democrat
          Putnam Partners, LLC                               Something Else Strategies
          2012 Honorable Mention                                                                          2012 Gold
          Michael Hancock for Mayor - “My Life”              J20 - Independent Expenditure Cam-           Alison Lundergan Grimes - “Elsie & Thelma”
          Putnam Partners, LLC                               paign - State/Statewide - Republican         Putnam Partners, LLC
                                                                                                          2012 Silver
          J10 - For Mayor - Third Party                      2012 Silver                                  Jake Zimmerman- fair
                                                             Restoring America - Barber
          2012 Bronze                                        The Strategy Group for Media
                                                                                                          Devine Mulvey
          It’s Time Ad                                                                                    2012 Bronze

Jim Hood for Attorney General              2012 Honorable Mention                                 J66 - For Local Campaigns
SKDKnickerbocker                           Ed Lee Gets it Done (2 min)
                                           SCn Strategies                                         2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                                                                            Why Pittsburghers raised their own taxes during an
Senator Eric Lafleur - “Canard”
Putnam Partners, LLC                       J51 - Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign                   anti-tax frenzy
                                           Language - Democrat                                    The Campaign Group
J35 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -                                                             2012 Bronze
                                           2012 Gold                                              “no on 300”
State/Statewide - Republican               Senator Eric Lafleur - “Canard”                        The Kenney Group
2012 Silver                                Putnam Partners, LLC
                                                                                                  2012 Honorable Mention
Restoring America - Coal Miner             2012 Silver                                            one Zoo for All
The Strategy Group for Media               Gets it Done (Cantonese)                               CRAfT | Media/Digital
2012 Bronze                                SCn Strategies
Restoring America - Missing                2012 Honorable Mention                                 J67 - For Organization
The Strategy Group for Media               Toda La Gente/All The People                           2012 Gold
2012 Honorable Mention                     north Woods Advertising                                “Working”
Restoring America - Worst Run                                                                     Adelstein | Liston
The Strategy Group for Media               J52 - Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign
                                           Language - Third Party                                 2012 Silver
J36 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -                                                             War on Working families
State/Statewide - Democrat                 2012 Gold                                              Progressive Change Campaign Committee
                                           Water Bills
2012 Bronze                                Rindy Miller Garcia                                    J72 - Television Ad - More than 60

“Power”                                                                                           Seconds
Adelstein | Liston                         2012 Silver
                                           Thank you francis Suarez                               2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                     Rindy Miller Garcia
Brandon Presley - new upside                                                                      Zoey
                                                                                                  The new Media firm
fletcher Rowley Inc                        J62 - For Special Election - TV -
J38 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -      Republican
Local/Municipal/Regional - Republican      2012 Bronze                                            Television - Public Affairs
                                           Tom Capella for Assessor “School Line”
2012 Silver                                Buisson Creative Strategies                            J75 - National Public Affairs
Ballard “Act”
                                           J63 - For Special Election - TV -                      2012 Gold
                                                                                                  Get out of My Milk
2012 Bronze                                Democrat                                               Berman and Company
Darling “Darts”                            2012 Bronze
BrabenderCox                               We Are Wisconsin “Jar”
                                                                                                  2012 Silver
                                                                                                  Tell Em’ Joe Sent ya
                                           The new Media firm
J39 - Best Use of Negative Contrast -                                                             Revolution Political Media
Local/Municipal/Regional - Democrat        2012 Honorable Mention                                 2012 Bronze
                                           omaha Recall                                           Secondhand Smog
2012 Gold                                  Kully Hall LLC,                                        GMMB
Senator Phillip Puckett - “Listen”
Putnam Partners, LLC                                                                              2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Bronze                                Television - Ballot/                                   Gold Standard Solution: Mini Dollars
                                                                                                  Berman and Company
Babur Lateef - “Hit”                       Initiative                                             2012 Honorable Mention
Putnam Partners, LLC
2012 Honorable Mention                     J65 - For Statewide Campaigns                          Domino Effect
Senator Philllip Puckett - “Word”                                                                 young Ideas
                                           2012 Gold
Putnam Partners, LLC                       Cristen                                                J76 - State/Local Public Affairs
                                           76 Words
J45 - Best Cable Only Broadcast -                                                                 2012 Gold
Democrat                                   2012 Silver                                            vernon Works
                                           “no Sense”                                             SCn Strategies
2012 Bronze                                Adelstein | Liston
Gael Tarleton - Common Sense                                                                      2012 Silver
Argo Strategies                            2012 Bronze                                            Recology: What We Save
                                           Building a Better ohio (yes on ohio Issue 2) - facts   Brainchld Creative
J47 - Non-Broadcast Video - Republican     The Strategy Group for Media
                                                                                                  2012 Bronze
2012 Bronze                                2012 Honorable Mention                                 Alliance for Main Street “In the Ring”
Michele Bachmann for President - Iowa      Emergency                                              BrabenderCox
The Strategy Group for Media               The new Media firm
                                                                                                  2012 Honorable Mention
J48 - Non-Broadcast Video - Democrat                                                              The Lawn Whisperer
                                                                                                  The Eppstein Group
2012 Bronze
Mike Tregre for Sheriff “Tracey’s Story”
Buisson Creative Strategies

          J77 - For Advocacy/Grassroots                   2012 Honorable Mention                    International - Candidate
          Lobbying - Nationwide                           How Will you Pay?
                                                          GMMB                                      K01 - Collateral
          2012 Gold
          Remember                                        J82 - Best Use of Negative Contrast       2012 Bronze
          GMMB                                                                                      Alguien tenía que decrilo
                                                          2012 Gold                                 S,C,P,f
          2012 Bronze                                     Repair Costa Mesa - Better Choice
          yesterday Today and Tomorrow                                                              2012 Honorable Mention
                                                          Three Point Media                         Greg Sanchez
                                                          2012 Bronze                               Sanmartin Group
          2012 Honorable Mention                          Empty Words
          Red Carriage                                    Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                   K03 - Internet Campaign
                                                          2012 Honorable Mention                    2012 Gold
          J78 - For Advocacy/Grassroots                   violation                                 Great historical predictions
          Lobbying - State/Local                          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                   MAS Consulting Group
                                                          2012 Honorable Mention                    2012 Silver
          2012 Gold                                       Lackadaisical
          Alliance for Main Street “In the Ring”                                                    Mu Sochua- A Story of Hope
                                                          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                   Devine Mulvey
          2012 Silver                                     J83 - Best Use of Personality/            2012 Bronze
                                                          Celebrity                                 fine Gael 2011
                                                                                                    ElectionMall Technologies, Inc.
                                                          2012 Silver                               2012 Honorable Mention

          2012 Bronze                                     Peace and Quiet
          new yorkers united for Marriage                                                           Mobile Application for the Green Party of Canada
                                                          The Herald Group                          Purple forge
                                                          2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Honorable Mention                          CoA Reagan Tribute                        K04 - Newspaper
          freedom Club - Soaring Taxes                    Marketplace Communications
          The Strategy Group for Media                                                              2012 Honorable Mention
                                                                                                    Greg Sanchez
                                                          J84 - Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign
          J79 - For National Organization                 Language
                                                                                                    Sanmartin Group
          2012 Gold                                       2012 Bronze                               K06 - Radio Ad
          Red Carriage                                    SmartMeter
          GMMB                                                                                      2012 Gold
                                                          Imprenta Communications Group, Inc.       Reasons to change
          2012 Silver                                                                               Redondo & Asociados
                                                          J85 - Non-Broadcast Video
                                                                                                    2012 Bronze
          76 Words                                        2012 Gold                                 CCM’s Pact with the Devil
          2012 Bronze                                     Mayors Against Illegal Guns- Truck Tour   BuzzMaker
          yesterday Today and Tomorrow                    Devine Mulvey
          AfSCME                                          2012 Silver                               K07 - Television Ad
          2012 Honorable Mention                          nunamta                                   2012 Gold
          American Medical Association (AMA) “Balloons”   Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                   Christy Crunch
          BrabenderCox                                    2012 Bronze                               noW Communications Group Inc.
          2012 Honorable Mention                          A vital Service                           2012 Silver
          American Medical Association (AMA) “Balloons”   76 Words                                  Bounce
          BrabenderCox                                    2012 Honorable Mention                    GMMB
                                                          The Debt Ceiling                          2012 Bronze
          J80 - For State/Local Organization              DEPT 7                                    Mi meta una mejor venezuela
          2012 Gold                                                                                 newlink Political
          Alliance for Main Street “In the Ring”          J86 - Television Ad - More than 60
                                                          Seconds                                   2012 Honorable Mention
          2012 Silver                                     2012 Silver                               noW Communications Group Inc.
          violation                                       PCCC: Wisconsin Labor in the Snow
          Hackney & Hackney, Inc.                         Projects by Chi/Donahoe + Cole/Duffey
          2012 Bronze                                     2012 Bronze                               International - Ballot/Initia-
          Take Pride in north Carolina Campaign
          Revolution Political Media
                                                          vernon Works - 2 Minute
                                                          SCn Strategies
          2012 Honorable Mention                          2012 Honorable Mention                    K14 - Television Ad
          “forward” Committee for our Children’s future   Peace and Quiet                           2012 Gold
          Something Else Strategies                       The Herald Group                          Gender violence
          J81 - Best Use of Humor                                                                   Sanmartin Group
          2012 Bronze                                                                               2012 Silver
          Peace and Quiet                                                                           We listen to you
          The Herald Group                                                                          Redondo & Asociados

2012 Bronze                                           Building Mexico City’s new Story With It’s Citizens   The Chadderdon Group
Citizens now                                          Sanmartin Group                                       2012 Bronze
Sanmartin Group                                       2012 Bronze                                           Dancing with Republicans
2012 Honorable Mention                                Expert Care                                           Landslide victory Campaigns
Cero Corruption                                       noW Communications Group Inc.                         2012 Honorable Mention
Sanmartin Group                                       2012 Honorable Mention                                Referendum 71 - Charlene
                                                      Ko Cancer                                             Argo Strategies
                                                      Sanmartin Group
International - Public                                                                                      L02 - Internet
                                                      K20 - Radio Ad
Affairs                                                                                                     2012 Bronze
                                                      2012 Bronze                                           Done with Dunnam
K15 - Collateral                                      If they weren’t                                       Raconteur Media Company
                                                      noW Communications Group Inc.                         2012 Honorable Mention
2012 Gold
Memory, commitment and freedom                                                                              The one
                                                      K21 - Television Ad                                   CRAfT | Media/Digital
Redondo & Asociados
2012 Bronze                                           2012 Gold
                                                      Knockout Cancer                                       L04 - Radio
Building Mexico City’s new Story With It’s Citizens
Sanmartin Group                                       Sanmartin Group                                       2012 Silver
2012 Honorable Mention                                2012 Silver                                           Airport
Ko Cancer                                             Recuperation of Public Spaces                         The Public Response Group, Inc.
Sanmartin Group                                       Sanmartin Group
                                                                                                            L05 - Television

                                                      2012 Bronze
K16 - Direct Mail                                     Phone Rings                                           2012 Silver
2012 Silver                                           noW Communications Group Inc.                         Moreno for Representative
Popular                                               2012 Honorable Mention                                Buisson Creative Strategies
noW Communications Group Inc.                         Metrobus: Stories                                     2012 Bronze
                                                      Sanmartin Group                                       Mike Duggan “Classroom”
K17 - Internet Campaign                                                                                     Joe Slade White and Company
2012 Bronze                                                                                                 2012 Honorable Mention
A Citizens Look                                       Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda                               Cure Michigan “Clark family”
Sanmartin Group                                                                                             Joe Slade White and Company
                                                      L01 - Direct Mail
2012 Bronze
A Citizens Look                                       2012 Gold
Sanmartin Group                                       Helena Moreno for Representative
                                                      Buisson Creative Strategies
K18 - Newspaper                                       2012 Silver
2012 Silver                                           Gunshow Loophole

                                                      FRIENDS OF THE AAPC FOuNDATION
                                                      The AAPC Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following firms. Their
                                                      contribution will assist the AAPC foundation in its mission to support the American sys-
                                                      tem of free elections and protect political free speech as well as provide scholarships for
                                                      students preparing to enter the profession of politics.

                                                      Hackney & Hackney,                       Stones' Phones                       upstream
                                                      Inc.                                                                          Communications
                                                                                               The Strategy Group for
                                                      Harris Media LLC                         Media

                             BEST uSE OF NEW TECHNOLOGy                                                        2012 CAMPAIGN STRATEGIST OF THE yEAR –
                             WE ARE OHIO                                                                       REPuBLICAN
                             We Are Ohio was the first campaign to utilize a new online tool, Social           RJ JOHNSON
                             organizing, allowing the integration of facebook and the Democratic voter         RJ Johnson was the principal strategist for Republicans in Wisconsin and was
                             file. The tool, recorded all relationships and results in the VAN voter file,     Governor Scott Walker’s General Consultant in 2010. He presided over the
                             enriching We Are Ohio’s overall field program .Supporters could log in to a       successful Republican defense against the legislative recalls in 2011. Spe-

                             website, match their facebook and other friends to a targeted voter universe      cifically, he was the chief strategist for the independent effort that allowed
                             in the voter file, and then complete tasks like running a virtual phone bank to   Republicans to retain the State Senate Majority in the face of the largest
                             contact their targeted friends for persuasion or getting out the vote. We Are     recall effort in state history.
                             ohio was able to reach more voters with personal contacts, resulting in the
                             overturn of the anti-union bill.                                                  2012 FuNDRAISER OF THE yEAR – DEMOCRAT
                             CAMPAIGN MANAGER OF THE yEAR-DEMOCRAT                                             SHERMAN BROWN/SCOTT GALE/MATT
                             AJ STOKES                                                                         OSBORNE - BESHEAR ABRAMSON 2011
                             A.J. Stokes was the Campaign Manager for the We Are ohio effort to repeal
                                                                                                               FINANCE TEAM
                                                                                                                Despite Kentucky donors being limited to a $1,000 per person limit and
                             ohio Senate Bill 5. Stokes built an organization that collected 1.3 million
                                                                                                               Kentucky's economy lagging behind the weakened national economy, the
                             petition signatures in just a little over two months. More than 5 times the
                                                                                                               team devised and executed a plan to raise more than $10 million to fund the
                             number required to qualify for the ballot, The campaign surpassed the 3%
                                                                                                               re-election campaign of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear; a record amount
                             threshold in every ohio county. Stokes went on to build a campaign compris-
                                                                                                               for a Kentucky Governor's race. utilizing a seldom used tactic for a Kentucky
                             ing over 150 staff, a $30 million budget guiding the effort to a 61-19 victory.
                                                                                                               Democrat, Republican donors were successfully targeted and solicited.
                             And vice-President Joseph Biden said the We Are ohio win, “Saved the labor
                                                                                                               Campaign reports showed that 60% of the Governor's donors were new
                                                                                                               contributors. of the three 2011 gubernatorial elections, Governor Beshear
                                                                                                               was the only Democrat to win election.
                             2012 CAMPAIGN MANAGER OF THE yEAR –
                             REPuBLICAN                                                                        2012 FuNDRAISER OF THE yEAR – REPuBLICAN
                             E. O’BRIEN MuRRAy
                             E. o’Brien Murray led the stunning special election victory of Bob Turner         RICHARD NORMAN
                             in new york’s 9th district. By all accounts, Murray not only held together a      As national finance Chairman for the Tea Party, norman helped
                             hastily built campaign operation, but found a way to be aggressive despite        take an organization that raised less than $400,000 before his
                             a campaign that was basically broke. Turner’s Democrat challenger David           arrival to raising over $7,000,000 In September 2011, Richard
                             Weprin hailed from a well-known and powerful new york Democratic family           took temporary leave from his position at the Tea Party Patriots to
                             and Turner really should have been no match for him. Despite some of the          become national finance Chairman for the Herman Cain for Presi-
                             coverage the race got, Turner’s win was not just an anti-obama vote. The          dent Campaign. In less than 6-weeks on the job, norman captained
                             fact that Turner’s camp was able to effectively exploit Weprin’s missteps –       a fundraising machine that raised over $11,000,000.
                             despite only having enough cash for a single cable Tv ad – is impressive.
                             Murray also helped devise some very smart targeting of orthodox Jewish            2012 INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN OF THE yEAR
                             voters and Russian American voters in the district that helped Turner get over    ABE DyK, GMMB AND THE MELLMAN GROuP
                             the top. The bottom line is that despite the Weiner scandal, a Republican         In early 2011, The Mellman Group, with Abe Dyk and GMMB, took on a
                             should not have won that district.                                                Mayoral campaign in Albania’s capital, Tirana, that would upset a three-time
                                                                                                               incumbent who was lauded for having revolutionized and reinvigorated the
                             2012 CAMPAIGN MANAGER OF THE yEAR –                                               city. Luzlim Basha, a brilliant and effective cabinet Minister, had lived nearly
                             INDEPENDENT                                                                       half his life outside the country and represented a constituency outside
                             JONATHAN LEVy                                                                     Tirana in Parliament. In a campaign that one local paper said, “changed
                                                                                                               Albanian politics forever,” The team used revolutionary tactics that helped
                             Jonathan Levy managed the campaign no on 26 to defeat initiative 26 in
                                                                                                               Tirana residents connect with Luzlim Basha, securing his surprising victory
                             Mississippi that would have granted personhood status to fertilized eggs. He
                                                                                                               by a narrow margin of under 100 votes.
                             and his team overcame a 30-point polling deficit to win the election by 16
                             points despite a constant drumbeat from every media outlet claiming that
                             there was no way to win. By trusting their data and creative thinking the no      2012 LOCAL CAMPAIGN MANAGER OF THE yEAR
                             on 26 campaign in 2011 beat the odds more resoundingly and with more              JESSICA TAuBNER FOR AyANNA PRESSLEy
                             precision, and that is due in large part to the work of Jonathan Levy.            FOR BOSTON CITy COuNCIL
                                                                                                               In 2009, Ayanna Pressley became the first female black Councilor elected
                             2012 CAMPAIGN STRATEGIST OF THE yEAR –                                            citywide in Boston. Two years later in 2011, former Councilor Michael fla-
                             DEMOCRAT                                                                          herty chose to run again for City Council. The pundits unanimously predicted
                             WILL ROBINSON                                                                     Pressley would lose the race. The Campaign network began consulting with
                                                                                                               no infrastructure left over from the previous campaign, not to mention Press-
                             Will Robinson is one of the leading messaging strategists in the country and
                                                                                                               ley’s campaign was in debt by thousands of dollars. Pressley came in first
                             has been a leader on the marriage of new media and traditional televi-
                                                                                                               place, beating Flaherty by 12,000 votes; becoming the first African-American,
                             sion/radio advertising. Robinson’s knowledge and use of facebook and
                                                                                                               and first woman, to top the ticket in a Boston citywide election.
                             google ads allowed for the development of pages with 100k+ likes - giving
                             campaigns the ability to communicate with thousands of dedicated followers.
                             Robinson’s talent in developing the message, the various avenues to com-
                             municate it and then implementation of the advertising makes him a great
                             asset to the campaigns he takes on as lead strategist.

2012 LOCAL CAMPAIGN OF THE yEAR                                                    2012 PuBLIC AFFAIRS CAMPAIGN OF THE yEAR
SLy JAMES FOR MAyOR, KANSAS CITy                                                   ALLIANCE FOR AMERICAN MANuFACTuRING,
At the start of the Kansas City mayor's race, Sly James was a political
unknown. He was a trial lawyer, but had never run for office. He was running
                                                                                   THE MELLMAN GROuP, NORTH STAR OPINION
in a seven-person primary against the incumbent mayor, a former mayor,             RESEARCH, THE WESSEL GROuP, TRACy SEFL
                                                                                   The American Alliance for Manufacturing, a unique industry-labor partner-
one city council member, and two former council members. He received

                                                                                                                                                                     CAMPAIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS
                                                                                   ship led by Scott Paul, is working to build support among policy makers for
very little early attention or credibility from the media and local pundits, and
                                                                                   a manufacturing policy that will revive America’s manufacturing sector and
started with a name ID that was among the lowest in the field. Thanks to a
                                                                                   make uS industry more competitive. Leading with a bi-partisan polling team
talented team that included the Dover Group (GC, online), Mission Control
                                                                                   that included The Mellman Group and north Star opinion Research and
(mail), The Hamburger Company (Tv), and Global Strategy Group (polling), Sly
                                                                                   AAM consultants Michael Wessel and Tracy Sefl who scheduled briefings
James was elected mayor of Kansas City.
                                                                                   with media, policymakers, Senators, House Members and Hill staff as well
                                                                                   as President obama’s senior staff and GoP Presidential candidates, the
2012 MOST VALuABLE PLAyER OF THE yEAR                                              spotlight was placed on concrete action to create manufacturing jobs. Policy
JORDAN FITzGERALD AND SARAH FLOWERS                                                makers soon adopted a manufacturing jobs agenda. Leadership on both
Mississippi faced a ballot initiative to define personhood as beginning at         sides of the aisle and in the White House embraced the strategy, producing
conception. Polling five weeks before the election showed the initiative with      and passing several pieces of legislation on AAM’s list, targeted at encourag-
a double digit lead and on pace to win with 74% of the state identified as         ing manufacturing growth and cracking down on unfair trade. The President
anti-choice. fitzgerald, Director of field and Electoral operations at Planned     made manufacturing policy the central theme of his State of the union ad-
Parenthood of America, was dispatched to Mississippi to minimize the dam-          dress. PoLITICo credited the team’s research and strategy with being, “the
age and Flowers, the campaign’s General/Media consultant whose firm is 76          catalyst for the [Congress and the Administration’s] manufacturing agenda.”
Words, got right to work overseeing the entire strategy. over the next 35 days
fitzgerald and flowers presided over a juggernaut campaign effort--wearing         2012 SPECIAL POLLIE FOR FOSTERING
several hats as different needs arose. As women's rights groups all across         DEMOCRACy - NON-PARTISAN
America had their eyes on Mississippi, even though the no on 26 Campaign
was outspent, the team surprised national pundits with a 58% to 42% victory        INTERNATIONAL REPuBLICAN INSTITuTE
and changed the political landscape of Mississippi forever.                        NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITuTE. JuDy VAN
                                                                                   REST, KEN WOLLACH
2012 POLLSTER OF THE yEAR – DEMOCRAT                                               Today in Cairo, Egypt staff members from the International Republican
                                                                                   Institute and national Democratic Institute are under threat of arrest and
JEFREy POLLOCK                                                                     trial because they trained Egyptian citizens in democratic governance and
In 2011, Pollock served as pollster and lead strategist for Governor Earl Ray      political participation. IRI and nDI have trained thousands of activists around
Tomblin’s victory in his special election in West virginia as well as Attorney     the world in campaign operations and technology. Neither IRI or NDI is affili-
General Jack Conway’s re-election victory in Kentucky – two states where the       ated with the Republican or Democratic parties, but hundreds of consultants
national political winds do not exactly blow in the Democrats favor. Pollock       from both parties have participated in open democratic training across the
also contributed to some key victories in local elections including Sly James      globe Both programs have done more to advance freedom and democracy
for Mayor of Kansas City; as well as Congresswoman Kathy Hochul’s upset            overseas than most other programs. Both serve under the umbrella of the
victory in the special election in upstate new york. Pollock’s involvement in      national Endowment for Democracy.
these races is notable not only for the victories but also for the accuracy of
his polling.                                                                       2012 AAPC DISTINGuISHED SERVICE AWARD
2012 POLLSTER OF THE yEAR – REPuBLICAN                                             ANTHONy BELLOTTI/WHITNEy HuRT/ MELISSA
WHIT AyRES                                                                         CRESSEy
                                                                                   This all volunteer team of young AAPC members has successfully executed
This year, Whit and his firm, North Star Opinion Research, founded Resur-          a record setting 2012 Pollie Contest. The results are record numbers for
gent Republic with former RnC Chairman Ed Gillespie. Resurgent Republic            entries and revenues to the AAPC. In the past all three have served as AAPC
conducts polling and focus groups for center-right political candidates and        staffers. Their service over the past seven months managing this 2012
organizations. Through the use of innovative liberal vs. conservative polling      Pollie Awards Contest demonstrates their devotion and their abilities They
strategies, Resurgent Republic yields more insightful results. Resurgent           have served selflessly while exceeding our entry goals and providing us with
Republic has also been a leader in capturing the opinion of Hispanic voters,       innovative solutions.
with Whit lending a strong voice to the importance of this outreach effort.

following the wake of the tragic murders of two turban-wearing elderly Sikh
men, and motivated by California State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell
Steinberg’s (D-Sacramento) call for a “Sikh Day”, the Sikh community sought
to reach out, build understanding and educate non-Sikhs about their culture
and 100+ year history in California. offering their services pro bono, Wayne
Johnson and his team developed a robust press strategy inviting reporters
and cameras to the homes of individual Sikh families for dinner. This was
such a unique opportunity for opinion leaders in which they could engage a
Sikh family in the family’s home. They created a virtual online media infor-
mation kit providing each reporter with family background, Sikh historical
and cultural information and establishing context. This entire education and
awareness campaign was an unqualified success.


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