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millenium development goals leaflet


									Goall 1
Goa 1                   What Are The Millennium Development Goals?
                                       Goall 4
                                       Goa 4                                       Goall 7
                                                                                   Goa 7
Eradicate extreme poverty and
hunger by:                             Reduce by two-thirds, the under-five        Ensure environmental sustainability by:
   Halving the number of people       mortality rate by:                           Halve the proportion of people without
    living on $1 a day.                                                               sustainable access to safe drinking
                                          Increasing the proportion of
   Halving the amount of people                                                      water
                                           children being immunised
    suffering from hunger                                                           Integrate the principles of sustainable
                                           against diseases such as
   Increasing employment in poor                                                     development into country policies and
    areas.                                                                            programs
                                                                                    Achieving a significant improvement in

Goall 2                                Goall 5
                                                                                      the lives of at least 100 million slum-
Goa 2                                  Goa 5                                          dwellers
                                                                                      Reduce biodiversity loss
Achieve universal primary              Improve maternal health by:
education by:
                                          Reducing by three quarters,
   Assuring that by 2015, all             between the maternal mortality ratio.   Goall 8
                                                                                   Goa 8
    children, girls and boys, can         Achieving universal access to
                                                                                   Develop a global partnership for
    complete a full course                 reproductive health care.
                                                                                   development by:
    of primary schooling.

                                                                                      non-discriminatory trading and
Goall 3
Goa 3                                  Goall 6
                                       Goa 6                                           financial system
                                                                                      Deal with the debt problems in order
Promote gender equality and            Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other
empower women by:                                                                      to make debt sustainable in the long
                                       diseases by:
   Eliminating the gender disparity
                                          Halting and beginning to reverse the       provide access to essential drugs.
    at all levels by 2015.
                                           spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria and
   Increasing the amount of                                                          make available the benefits of new
                                           other diseases.
    women in wage employment.                                                          technologies
                                          Achieving universal access to
   Increasing the proportion of           treatment for HIV/AIDS for those who       Address the Special Needs of the
    seats held by women in national        need it                                     Least Developed Countries
                                                         Hiistory of the Miillllenniium
                                                         H story of the M enn um
                                                             Devellopment Goalls
                                                             Deve opment Goa s
                                                       The Millennium Summit was a
                                                       meeting among many world leaders
                                                       from 6 September to 8 September
                                                       2000 at the United Nations
                                                       headquarters in New York City.
                                                        Its purpose was to discuss the role
                                                       of the United Nations at the turn of
                                                       the twenty-first century. Here the
                                                       millennium development goals were
                                                       agreed upon.
 The Miillllenniium
 The M enn um                                          The Millennium Development
                                                       Goals are eight international
Devellopment Goalls
Deve opment Goa s                                      development goals that all
                                                       192 United Nations member
                                                       states and at least 23 international
                                                       organizations agreed to achieve by
                                                       the year 2015.

                      St Oliver Post Primary School,          The aim of the millennium
                                                          development goals is to encourage
                      Oldcastle,                           development by improving social
                                                            and economic conditions in the
                      County Meath
                                                              world's poorest countries.

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