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									                                                        PCGN Newsletter
                                                          April 2012

                                                   “Cultivating Communities One
                                                         Garden at a Time”

Spring Gathering                             Preparing for spring: What to do now for the Season
  Wed. April 25th                        Need a spot to grow? Contact us for a plot or help getting a community garden growing!
                                             Starting a New Garden? Check out our factsheet on Selecting a Site. Consider using
                                                           lasagna gardening to avoid having to dig up your sod!
    Murray St.                              Indoor prep: Gather your seeds, start some indoors, clean up all your tools & make a
 Baptisit Church                           garden plan Host a planning party with your garden group. Outdoor prep: Cut back all
Our network is only as strong as          your dead plants. Top-dress your garden with compost. Rake. Expand your garden area?
our members! Would you like to              Construction Projects: Build raised beds or to extend the season, you can build hoop
 learn more about what we do?            houses or cold frames, and get planting earlier! You can even get a head start on trellises!
Would you or your organization             Resources available on our website at http://ptbocommgardennetwork.blogspot.com
  like to be more involved? Join
 us with your ideas, projects, or
     questions to contribute!
                                         Get planting! With the on-set of all this warmth, people
                                         have the spring planting itch. It is not quite time to plant most
                                         things outdoors, BUT, you can start tomatoes, peppers,
                                         eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, squash & flowers indoors
                                         ahead of time. Watch this video for tips. Once the nights & soil
                                         temp is warmer you can start peas, carrots, potatoes, beets,
                                         and greens directly outside!

                                                    School Community Garden Animator Updates:
                                        Marcy, our community animator has been travelling to schools all over the region talking to
 You can also find us (& all kinds of    parents & teachers checking out existing school garden projects, and finding out how the
 other great gardening information      PCGN can best support these gardens & help get new gardens growing on school properties.
        & inspiration) at the            Prince of Whales P.S. is interested in creating a pilot project that aims to integrate families
  Peterborough Gardens Show this
                        th                       and community members to help maintain the garden when school is out.
    weekend (April 5-7 ) at the
          Evinrude Centre
                                           Contact marcy.pcgn@greenup.on.ca for more information on school garden projects!
Thursday 5-9pm; Fri. 10-6; Sat. 10-4

OSEE Ecolinks Conference
Trent University May 3-5th
 The PCGN will be presenting a
  workshop entitled “Get Your
   Compost Together’ at the
       Ontario Society for
Environmental Education (OSEE)
      Ecolinks Conference

                                          If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about the
                                                 Peterborough Community Garden Network, please contact us at:
                                                                  Email: pcgn@greenup.on.ca
                                                                  Phone: 705.745.3238 ex. 204
    Thanks to Our Funders                            Or Drop By: 378 Aylmer St. N (Peterborough Green-Up)
                                                      Web: http://ptbocommgardennetwork.blogspot.com

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