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China and the New World Order


									China &The New World Order
China &The New World Order by Leslie R. Pastor


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Antony C. Sutton was a true academic, who understood the need for real
documentation, to support his significant suppositions, which he styled as
Memorandums. Dr. Sutton, never published anything unless it was thoroughly
researched, verified, and supported with primary documents, references, or qualified
sources. That is what made Dr. Sutton significant, to those who relied on his
published works, not merely because of his scholarship, but the significant accuracy
of his findings. Dr. Sutton was significantly thorough, but never redundant, preferring
to elaborate, those references, necessary to sustain his arguments.
Those same values were inculcated into my own perspective, when I became
directly involved in his revelations. His qualities were the very attributes admired by
the intelligence community, specifically, the then FBI, who were interested in his
perspective, regarding the former Soviet Union back in the early to mid 1960s. His
stimulus launched, Operation Solo, which enabled the FBI to eaves drop directly
upon the conversations, ongoing, within the walls of the Kremlin, listening to the
actual policy decisions, and related discussions pertaining to the direct subversion,
ongoing by American/Russian spies.
Ultimately, the greatest contribution provided by Dr. Sutton, was the revelation of the
"Hegelian dialectic," for his research, revealed the ultimate µmechanism¶ of the
µcontrol¶ paradigm. My thesis, which I presented much earlier to Carl Hiteshew, Herb
Titus, and more recently to Thomas Eugene Bearden, provided me with sustained
motivation, propelling me to qualify my own research, further than I would have
imagined possible or for that matter probable, due to the interesting times in which
we currently find ourselves.
Dr. Sutton was so effectively involved with understanding the Hegelian Dialectic, as
an academic, that he literally selected his confidant (personal secretary) Marlene,
because of her ability to recognize and thus understand the philosophical basis of
the Hegelian Dialectic, known openly as µmanaged and controlled¶ conflict origination.
Dr. Sutton would have written an interesting account of "Modern China," if he had
lived to see our recent developments, vis-à-vis the present actions of the current
members of the Russell Trust Association (RTA., Inc.,). He would have provided
significant background data, historical reference, and documentation, to explain, our
recent relationship with "Modern China." Most likely, he would have written a title,
similar to his exposé on the former Soviet Union, which he probably, would have
called: Western Technology and Chinese Economic Development 1970-2009. In the
tradition of Antony C. Sutton, I will attempt to provide some basic references.

Many US Businesses are beginning to question China [1]
Richard McGregor on China [2]

Since the time of Antony C. Sutton¶s first mention of Bechtel China Inc., (1999) there
has been a significant news blackout regarding Bechtel¶s involvement in China.
Interesting, since Bechtel has been involved with China for well over forty (40) years,
building its infrastructure, and establishing China as a major player, indeed, as a
significant arm, of a potential new Hegelian Dialectic.
Bechtel China Inc
NY Times Record
Bechtel Breaks New Ground In China

The View From China

GM - China Inc.

Definition:"Iron Suppression" - "Behind the appearance of China, the Chinese
people are suffering from CCP's iron suppression due to their independent thinking
and believing."


The Bush - China Connection
The Bush Family In China

President's (George W. Bush) Uncle Shares Ties To China

The United States - China Chamber of Commerce (Prescott S. Bush Jr.)

Neil Bush Contract With China Chip Maker
American Manufacturers Speak Out Against China Policy

In China (former President) Bush Remains Popular President

"Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951" - Federal Documents
The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 3, November 7, 2003
By John Buchanan and Stacey Michael
Bush/Nazi Link Confirmed[4][5]
The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 1, October 10, 2003
By John Buchanan
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power The British Guardian
George Walker Documentation [6]
Vesting Order Research Documentation [7]
The Federal Register Saturday - November 7, 1942 (p. 9097)
Financing Hitler 1922-1942 (Vesting Order No. 248)
Additional Source
Gates Says China Moving Fast on New Weapons [8]

Video Reference - Documentation
Archived Video Presentations

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The New World Order
The New World Order by Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009

   Featured: Conspiracy / Suppression>

   Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined - Loose Change co-creator,
   Jason Bermas of Prison Planet brings us yet another outstanding film. This one
   documents that some of America's most powerful elected officials, including all
   recent presidents, have been part of an international cabal to establish a
   tyrannical New World Order. (PESWiki; April 20, 2010)

The Dollar Bubble (Hyperinflation Right Around The Corner)
The Beginners Guide To The New World Order -- Video

The Core Of Corruption

The New World Order is the goal of those who aspire to world government. Their
intent is to create a supranational realm having neither borders nor boundaries.
Their goal is to eliminate differences, pertaining to national distinctions, politics, or
economic considerations. All the world will be one, all will be treated the same,
without reference, and without distinction. While this appears to be beneficial, it will
no doubt level the inhabitants of their nationality, customs, freedoms and their
wealth. All will be subordinate to the will of the leadership of the world government
known as the New World Order.
The loss of sovereignty and the loss of the individuality of nation-states will be the
end result of the New World Order. Therefore no country enjoying relative freedom
or relative wealth will willingly acquiesce to such an arrangement, without first,
defending itself from such loss. Those wishing to implement The New World Order,
will therefore use subterfuge, stealth and legal deceptions to accomplish their
nefarious goals.
The New World Order is diametrically opposed by the citizens of the United States
and their US Constitution. They would neither willingly, nor overtly acquiesce to the
loss of their 'sovereignty' and when they are apprised of those that have attempted
to deliver them to such an arrangement, immediately assert their strenuous
Unfortunately, we have a problem, in that, most of the citizens of the United States,
have need to reeducate themselves regarding their political trust deeds, and need to
exercise their 'sovereignty' as the inherent holders of the political power. They have
been deceived, into believing that they are a democracy, when, clearly, they are not
a democracy. The Founders and Framers of their freedoms created a republic, not a
democracy. For in a democracy, the mob rules, but in a republic, the people rule.
For the people of the United States are the true sovereigns, having the absolute
power to act as the inherent holders of their political power, and can thus lawfully
delegate their powers among themselves, which can neither be derogated nor
abrogated. All lawful authority derives from them, for they alone have the power to
consent to be governed by themselves according to their lawful actions derived from
their common law rights of immemorial antiquity. Any power that attempts to
abrogate or derogate their sovereign will, is in direct contravention, and therefore in
conflict with the will of the people, and therefore treasonous.
Under this arrangement, the only way a sovereign nation can fail, is from within, and
with the willful acquiescence of the people themselves. Unfortunately, this is already
being accomplished, by ignorance, and by stealth, from the informed and the
The people rejected a League of Nations after a protracted war«.. (World War I),
but the Congress continued to sustain treaty after treaty agreements, independent of
the people of the United States (SUNY; Stony Brook, NY). After World War II, the
United Nations was created (Alger Hiss) without the consent of the governed. All
treaty agreements under the League of Nations were rolled (forward) into the UN.
Carroll Quigley (William Jefferson Clinton¶s former professor at Georgetown
University) revealed that it is the secret goal of international bankers to unify the
nations globally via the monetary policies that they institute, as their ultimate agenda.
They have already started by creating the European Union via the monetary
systems based on the Euro (currency) denomination. They intend to do the same
thing with Canada, the United States and Mexico (including South America)
destroying the value of the US Dollar, so that they can then introduce the Amero as
the next currency for the North American Union. They will continue to pursue their
goals, until every nation is completely within their sphere of orbital control.
Zeitgeist has provided an interesting video explaining this in greater detail.
George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, member of the Society of
Death (Skull & Bones), attempted to subvert the US Constitution, by negating the
will of the people (US Congress), via the novel introduction of µsigning statements,¶
explaining his intent, contrary to the actual will of the Congress. He provided a µfalse
flag¶ operation, disclosed secret (Valerie Plame) covert agents in retaliation to those
who refused to acquiesce to his goals of a New World Order. George W. Bush
following in the footsteps of his father George H. W. Bush began a campaign of
µnation-building,¶ reneging on his campaign promise to not do that. He was the worst
President in the history of the United States, who bankrupted the people with a
quagmire (Iraq & Afghanistan) totaling $1.3 trillion. He and his associates, fixed the
2004 elections, rigged the electronic ballot boxes, ensuring his reelection. Under his
tenure, as President, he oversaw the complete liquidation of the ¶middle class¶ and
the upper tier of the moderate ¶wealth class¶ of the United States. His crimes were so
egregious that a former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book, condemning him,
ultimately calling for his indictment. Should Mr. Bugliosi successfully accomplish his
µindictment¶ of former President Bush, we would then be able to examine the full
extent of his actual crimes against the people of the United States.
George W. Bush admitted that he wanted to be a µdictator,¶ ultimately, doing just that,
via his µsigning statements,¶ and the signing of the Patriot Acts I and II, the Military
Commissions Act, and by introducing torture at secret bases around the world and
at the US Base in Cuba, in contravention of the Geneva Convention. He secretly
spied on all US Citizens (emails & phone taps).
It is time for the American people to awaken, and to curtail the membership of the
Russell Trust Association, known today as the RTA Inc., and euphemistically called
'skull & bones.' To recognize them for what they really are, the society of death, the
culture of death, the creators of 'managed and controlled conflict' (war & destruction),
who profit from this arrangement, using those same profits, to expand their agenda,
as the purveyors of death, via the introduction of war, every time they come to power.
Everyone who has attempted to mitigate the New World Order, their methods, and
their intent, has assumed room temperature. President John F. Kennedy was
assassinated, his son JFK Jr., died under mysterious circumstances, in a yet
unexplained plane crash, including his wife, and unborn son. His sister, Caroline,
suddenly took her name out of consideration, to become the next Senator of New
York State, because her life was threatened, if she attempted to accept the
appointment. The New World Order will not allow anyone to interfere with their
agenda, ultimately threatening any opposition to their plans with certain death. The
people of the United States must fight to preserve their freedoms, they must
reeducate themselves, and must therefore become aware of their place in modern
history. There are those who are actively seeking to abolish, Article II, Section 1,
Clause 5 of the US Constitution, and unless the people pay close attention to this
development, they will lose control of their country. There is a good reason why the
Founders and Framers of the US Constitution, provided this very important clause in
their political trust deed. For they knew that the people born within the United States
would never willing surrender their µsovereignty¶ or their freedoms. But an outsider,
having no personal jurisdiction or claim pertaining to their µlack of birthright,¶ might be
willing to surrender that sovereignty to which they themselves are not a party thereof,
nor privy too, themselves. The Founders were looking to a complete separation not
just from the King of England, but from the entire fabric of the existing human
condition. They were building a new nation, a new government, a new beginning,
totally separate, and thus alien to most of the governments of the world. They did
not want to be re-contaminated and thus polluted by the same influences, they had
just escaped from.
George H. W. Bush -- New World Order -- Speech
ZeitGeist - The Federal Reserve ( Part 1 of 5 ) (Part 2 of 5 ) (Part 3 of 5 ) ( Part 4
   of 5 ) ( Part 5
   of 5 )
Congressman Ron Paul has identified the solution. The elimination of the Federal
Reserve System for starters and the elimination of the income tax would
immediately provide ample wealth for the American people. Why do we need to
borrow money from a private corporation, such as the Federal Reserve, when the
Treasury can issue US Treasury Notes for free and circulate them for free?
Congress must change this absurdity by abolishing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
The Constitution of the United States would thus be enabled, and Congress can
then introduce US Treasury Notes as the lawful currency of the United States, debt
free, interest free, and forever free to the people. We would then become the richest,
most powerful nation on planet Earth.
If the citizens of the United States do not take a personal interest in their µfreedoms¶
and their responsibility as the µinherent holders of the political power¶ then they will
become the victims of the New World Order. And it is alleged, that, provision has
already been made to accommodate them in special detention areas.
More On The New World Order -- (Chuck Baldwin)
Rep. Jack Brooks
Operation: Garden Plot & Rex 84
John F. Kennedy on Secrecy
John F. Kennedy on Religious Freedom
The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper
Publishers Association - Transcript

Congressman Ron Paul (14th District - Texas - Republican)
Congressman Ron Paul -- VIDEO Interviews
ZeitGeist - The Movie by Peter Joseph
The Shocking Video Hillary Does Not Want You To See ( Part 1) ( Part 2 )
Patrick Wood - Trilateral Commission - End Game: New World Order

Agenda 21


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