Tour the USA A Symphony at A Time by dandanhuanghuang


									    Tour the USA
A Symphony at A Time

   Click on the flag to hear the music!
       Can you guess the name of the tune?
Let’s begin our journey out of the country…

                    We’ll begin in Canada…
                       Click on the link below to
                              enter the site…

 Go to the NAC Orchestra & Friends…
    Listen to an interview for each of the orchestra
    family groups & record your answers on the sheet…

                                                Click on the horn to listen to Aaron Copeland
Do you know your instrument families?

                       Click the instrument
                     to hear the sample sound
Next on our tour…San Francisco!
Go to the link:
Click on the various channels & listen to the selections listed below & answer the
    questions on the worksheet:
 Channel 1: Rouse - Ku Ka Liimmu
 Channel 2: Mozart - A Little Night Music
  Mendelssohn - Wedding March
  Copland - Simple Gifts
  Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
 Channel 4: Rimsky-Korsakov - Bumble Bee
 Channel 5: Kodaly - Viennese Musical Clock
  Dukas - Sorcerer’s Apprentice
 Channel 6: Grieg - Hall of the Mountain King
  Stravinsky - Infernal Dance of Firebird

                                                  Who composed this tune?
Well, partners,
Dallas is our next destination…
Fasten your seat belts…
                              Do you know the name of this piece?
                          Click on “Students.” Go to the Orchestra Seating Chart
                                Choose a period and fill in the instruments on your
Let’s hop a plane to New York…

                             Click on the icon of Mozart and the “Game
                             Plaly any 3 of the following games:
                              Instrument Frenzy
                              Percussion Showdown
                              Scavenger Hunt
                              Music Match
                              Composer Match
                              Music Quest
 How did you do? Record on
   Your Worksheet…
Back into the car… we’re bound for

  Click on “Kids” - Go to the
  Coloring Page
  Download 3 to print & color
Before we arrive at our final destination,
Let’s take a detour for some cool music
   - Go to “Creating
      Music” & try the Sketch Pad
   - Go to “Note Names” & see if you
      can name your notes quickly
      gsection&id=7&Itemi2 –For more advanced note games
   -
      For some neat sounds creating blues
Washington D.C. and the
National Symphony Orchestra or
 C:\Documents and Settings\Ann\Desktop\Emil de Cou

                  Enjoy your visit to the Symphony!

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