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									 MLA Works Cited Page
  Basic information for internet-based sources:
   This will be the last page of your entire paper and it must
    be on a separate sheet from your research paper.
   Your last name and page # will be top right-justified.
   The title Works Cited will be centered below that.
   All sources will be in alphabetical order with hanging
   Do not add the URL, only the domain name.
      Example:     http://www.

  The look (note: only use the info available – otherwise leave blank):
         Author name (last, first). “Article title”. Web
Hanging          Publishing company, posting date. Web. Date you
indent!          accessed material.
MLA In-Text Citation
 “In-Text Citation” = citing a source within your paper
 Why do I have to do this?
   1. You must always cite the sources you use when writing
      any sort of paper – especially one where you’ve done
   2. Not citing your sources when you give information is
      plagiarism. You’ll be lucky to earn anything above an F
      if you plagiarize someone’s work!
 How do I properly cite sources within the paper? (1)
   1. After presenting sourced information, mention the
      source in parenthesis () after the quote but before the
      sentence’s ending punctuation mark.
   2. Use a signal phrase*.
Signal Phrases
 Super boring, but very informative signal phrase video:
MLA In-Text Citation, cont.
How do I properly cite sources within the paper? (2)
 Include in the text the first item that appears in
  the Works Cited entry that corresponds to the
  citation (i.e. author name, article name, website
  name, etc.).
    Example: Skippy Super Chunk peanut butter was
     first introduced in 1973 (
 If you are writing a signal phrase, only provide
  partial URLs such as when the name of the site
  includes a domain name, like or instead of writing out or

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