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									                                        37 Montgomery St.         redfive19@hotmail.com
                                        Bloomfield, NJ 07003
                                        (973) 748-1048

Jason Foley

Objective    To obtain a better understanding of corporate networks and provide
             support for the network and it’s users. To better learn Linux and
             Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server, and become certified in both.

Experience   August 2000-Present       Vis.Align                         Westchester, P.A.
             Desktop Engineer/Computer Consultant
              PFIZER PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP, Morris Plains, NJ/NYC –
               Desktop Engineer
                August 2000 - July 2001
                First Tier Support – Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group Support Center
                  Supported, along with a team of 13 others, 3000 Pfizer field users as
                    well as over 250 in-house users.
                  Provided support for basic Microsoft Office 2000 applications built on
                    a Windows 2000 platform.
                  Provided direct support for the Microsoft Exchange server and the
                    dial-in VPN server using SecureID tokens.
                  Responsible for resynchronization and power user administration of
                    these SecureID tokens.
                  Provided high-level PDA support for the synchronization of the Palm
                  All asset tracking and ticket management was accomplished by
                    using the ARS Remedy Help Desk and Change software.

              July 2001 - September 2001
                Second Tier Support – Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group Support Center
                   Desk side support – in-house. Was responsible for 150 floor users
                     for the Medical Information Group and 100 developers in the IT
                   Provided immediate desk side support for a wide variety of issues
                     including troubleshooting network problems and proprietary
                     applications. These applications included a web-based application
                     called Merlin developed in house. Worked closely with developers
                     in the advancement of this application and the troubleshooting of it.
              September 2001 - Present
                Third Tier Support – Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group Install Lab
                   Working in a break fix lab, became head engineer of the RMRS
                     Group – a high profile, field medical group made up of doctors and
                   Traveled throughout the country in January 2002, with a team of 4
                     others, performing IBM T22 rollouts for the RMRS group. These
                     rollouts included the transistion of 100 laptops while preserving local
           and network profiles as well as Personal Outlook Folders.
          Responsible for fixing Dell Latitude CPx laptops.         Able to
           deconstruct and reconstruct these laptops replacing and/or fixing
           everything inside the laptop.
          Responsible for Windows 2000 images. Used Norton Ghost to
           create images. Used a DOS TCP/IP Network Boot Disk to map to
           the images servers via the ‘net use’ command.
          Installed & configured Windows 2000 Server/Advanced server on
           boxes at Pfizer for developer use.

General Knowledge Obtained From These Positions.
          A very clear understanding of Windows 2000/NT and the NTFS File
           System (permissions, security, etc.)
          Knowledge of how certain applications interact in a proprietary
           environment and how to deal with the people whom we support.
           I’ve found this knowledge to be the most helpful in my everyday
          Understanding of the practices and procedures of a corporate
           environment.      This includes escalating tickets to different
           departments so that the support center & install lab work in a
           efficient manner.

PGE National Energy Group           October/November 2001
          (2) One week, Windows 2000 rollouts New England area power
          Responsible for rewriting server side backup scripts and Norton
           Anti-Virus update scripts to match different site servers.
          Worked in a very tense environment where deadlines needed to be
           met. The transition phase started on Friday morning and had to be
           completed by Sunday night. I worked on a team of 7 others to
           transition 125 desktops in three days. All of the deadlines were met
           through the tireless work of the team. The rest of the rollout was
           spent supporting the users on their new OS, Windows 2000.

July 1999– July 2000        Matheson Tri-Gas                   Parsippany, NJ
Accounting Assistant
   Responsible for balancing weekly & monthly budget sheets.
   Did very light accounting work.
   Performed 401K balancing.
   Responsible for payroll activities and some payroll duties such as
    submitting data to ADP via ADP software. Also responsible for updating
    employee records and salaries.

1997-1999                   Budget Rent-A-Car                      Summit, NJ
Assistant Manager
 Responsible for making sure rental cars were clean and ready to rent
 Made contracts via “dumb” terminal custom OS.
 Charged credit cards and reconciled credit card receipts at the end of
  every day.
Education   1995–1997             William Paterson University              Wayne, NJ
             Major was music education.

Interests   Guitar, Asian Culture, US History & Politics, and Computers.

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