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									How To Train Your Puppy At Home

Teaching Your Puppy To "Leave It"

There is one command that your puppy needs to learn for his own protection, and that is the
safety command of "Leave it." You are out for a walk and puppy comes upon a roadkill or
carelessly discarded garbage. For the sake of his health, you command, "Leave it!" and you
will need to enforce it with a gentle snap-and-release of the leash. If he does not hear (or
understand) the "Leave it" command, get his attention followed by "Leave it."

This one is so important that at four to six months of age you can even use an entrapment as
a teaching tool. When the puppy cannot see you do it, plant a piece of trash, maybe an empty
cereal box, on the floor and stick around until the pup goes to investigate. As he goes to sniff
it, shout "Leave it!" and as he retreats at the force of your voice, say "Good dog."

It is an extremely versatile and useful command. It also has an amusing side effect. Many
young puppies respond to the extreme urgency in your voice and not only "Leave it" but do an
instant Down flat on the ground!

Potty Training Your Puppy On Command

Toilet training should not end with housebreaking. If you want to avoid the unpleasant but
necessary task of picking up after your pet in the street, it makes sense to train him to go
before you leave home. This is not as difficult as it may seem but requires a fair amount of
patience in the early stages.

If you have been successfully working at the housebreaking process, you will, by the time you
are able to take your puppy out, have a particular phrase that your puppy will associate with
going to the toilet.

You should also have a fairly regular routine and will have some idea of when your puppy
needs to go. Try to arrange your first walk to coincide with this time. Go out to the yard as
usual, repeating your chosen phrase until your puppy does what is required. Praise
enthusiastically and then take him out for a walk. If he does not go to the toilet, take him back
inside for a while and try again later.

If you take your dog out for a walk only after he has been to the toilet, he will eventually begin
to realize that producing the required deposit results in a walk.

5 Tips To Remember When Teaching The “Come” Command

1. Use it sparingly. When you overuse “Come”, puppies stop paying attention. When your
puppy understands the command, avoid using it all the time. Say it infrequently and make it
extremely rewarding.

2. Do not chase your puppy if he does not respond. Practice on-lead for now.

3. Never call for negatives. If you have to groom, bathe, or isolate your puppy, do not use
“Come.” Also avoid using it when you are angry. You will only scare your puppy out.

4. If your puppy runs away from you, do not repeatedly call or correct him.

5. Use a different command to bring your puppy inside. Coming in from outdoors is a big drag,
no more fun than being left alone or ignored. Using the “Come” command when you want to
bring him in makes it a negative command. Instead, pick a command like “Inside.” Start using
it on-lead when bringing your puppy into the house. Quickly offer a treat or ball toss.

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