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									Meeting date: 3/28/2010

Attendance: Anna Marie Dempsey, Candee Carlson, Jane Monsson, Gail Kirkland, Brent Cowan

Minutes approved as reported.

Treasurer's report; $17041.32 accepted as reported.

Old Business:
      Horse show - Brent reported judges, photographer, videographer, and most other positions are
secured. Nancy B. has offered unused ribbons from State Fair Horse Show. Candee suggested
review/clarification of "Regional Academy Champions. We may need to hold off on these until next year
to assure maximum understanding and participation. She will investigate.
      Horse show logo - concepts and possibilities discussed. Everyone in agreement with concept. Jane
has some logos on file that might work with minimal adaptation.
      Website - Jane presented her work so far and solicited input on content. She suggested a utilitarian
roll-out and then progress to a more complex site. Anna Marie suggested "membership info, show info,
tack and clothing exchange, and a social forum.
                Jane suggest that Sandee go ahead and purchase domain name, this was moved and
approved. Jane will coordinate with Sandee. Once domain is secured a "site under construction" message
with be posted. Jane would like content suggestions emailed to her. What she is looking for is sites you
like, sites you do not like and why. Jane is suggesting no e-commerce.
                She is estimating the site will be live with content by mid to late May.
New Business:
     Anna Marie has volunteered to review our by-laws to assure compliance with some new regulations.
Brent/Betsy will be emailing the by-laws and list of officers to her.

Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting - 3pm Sunday April 25 at "On the Border" - 15th and US75 - Plano

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