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Program Director:
Dr. P. Sathyapriya,.

Additional Program Facilitators(s):

Prof. M.V. Narasimhan

Program Duration:

Two Days

Program Overview:

Globalization, economic reforms and shift in business cycles in the economy bring challenges for
the marketers around the world. Market is becoming competitive with more players, products,
and consumer preferences. So marketing decisions are increasing in complexity and significance
and every marketer needs to look at things analytically with usage of advanced data analysis
techniques. The program is intended to help the participants acquire the basic skills of using
statistical packages in making complex marketing decisions.

Program Objectives:

The specific objective of the program is:
       To facilitate managers understand the need for research to make decisions
       To help them understand different research techniques involved in making effective
       marketing decisions
       To expose the participants to simple and multivariate data analysis techniques using
       computer packages; and
       Help the marketers to make effective decisions from the results driven statistically.

Program Coverage:

The contents of the program include:
       Marketing problems turning to research to the rescue
       Harnessing user friendly package for research and expose to multivariate statistical tools
       Introduction to various statistical tools used to - forecast, understand and establish
       relationship, study the impact of one variable on other, understand the target segments,
       position and evaluate the performance of products or services with the utility driven by
       the customers
       Mapping tools and techniques for marketing problems

Program Pedagogy:
Teaching pedagogy includes lecture, cases, class exercises and discussion of real life projects.
Marketing research problem will be taken and worked out to make effective decision.
Participants are expected to work on the statistical package with the exercises given.

Target Participant Profile:

Manager’s incharge of strategic marketing decisions, those involved in planning, product
decisions, formulating advertising strategies and other promotional activities, and those working
with market research department.

Profile of Program Facilitators:
Program Director:

Dr. P. Sathyapriya
Faculty, Marketing Area, School of Business, Alliance University

Dr. Sathyapriya (MBA., Ph.D. FDP-IIM Ahmedabad) holds a Master's degree in Business
Administration and a doctorate in the area of Marketing. She is an alumnus of the prestigious
Faculty Development Programme from IIM Ahmedabad. With a decade of academic experience
in teaching marketing courses, and ardent researcher, Dr.Sathyapriya has published notable
research papers in national and international journals, conferences and seminars. As an
academician, designed curriculum for management courses and member of doctoral research
committees and guides doctoral students. Dr. Sathyapriya is actively involved in research
initiatives in the areas of understanding consumer behavior, rural initiatives and export
performance of textile industry. Dr. Sathyapriya serves as editorial advisory board member of
International Journal of Management Rivulet, member of board of studies of several institutions.

Program Facilitator(s):

Prof. M.V. Narasimhan
Faculty, Marketing Area, School of Business, Alliance University

Prof. Narasimhan holds a degree in science followed by a Master’s degree in Marketing
Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Starting his career
as a Sales Representative, Prof. Narasimhan steadily climbed the corporate ladder and
relinquished office as the CEO of a company in 1996 (after 16 years in the corporate world) to
enter academia where he has made a mark as an excellent teacher and guide. Prof. Narasimhan
has conducted a large number of management development and executive development
programs. Prof. Narasimhan provides consultancy services to leading corporations.