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                                                                                                                                                                                          February 2012

                                               Pay-off Your Home Loan
 Positive                                                              with an
 Reflections                               Accelerator Mortgage
                                            The accelerator loan is a short-term, limited-
 As of December 31, 2011                    fee mortgage that was designed to help
                                            homeowners pay off their mortgage quicker.
 Assets            $149,378,328             Many homeowners have low balances on their
                                            current mortgages but might be discouraged
                                            from refinancing due to the many fees incurred
 Loans             $100,903,375             in a traditional mortgage refinance.

 Shares            $135,114,108              Mid Oregon offers an accelerator mortgage
                                              with a low interest rate, shorter flexible
                                                  terms, and one affordable fee.
 Members           20, 943
                                               Call a loan specialist today to find out how!

Refer a                                                                                                      Please join us
                                                                                                                                                                                          for our
                                                                                                 55 th ANNUAL
Know anyone who is buying or refinancing
a car, truck or RV?                                                                                  MEETING
Receive $50 by referring a friend to Mid Oregon for a new
loan. PLUS ... your friend will receive $50 too!
                                                                                                Saturday, March 10, 2012
They will appreciate you helping them save money on an affordable                           Riverhouse Convention Center
loan with Mid Oregon’s great service. Simply print the Refer a Friend
form by going to www.midoregon.com, or obtain one at any Mid
                                                                                                9:00 a.m. Breakfast Buffet
Oregon branch. Complete the form and give it to your friend. At the                           9:45 a.m. Business Meeting
time of loan application they can present the Refer a Friend form to                                              RSVP by calling
a Mid Oregon loan representative, that’s it!
                                                                                                                 (541) 382-1795
Some restrictions apply, so please contact us for complete details.

  P.O. Box 6749 | Bend, OR 97708-6749      Bend: 202 NE Olney (Corner of 2nd & Olney)                   Federally insured by NCUA
                                           East Bend: 1386 NE Cushing Drive (South of Neff, off 27th)
       (541) 382-1795 | (800) 452-3313     Prineville: 305 NE Hickey Farms Road (In front of Bi-Mart)                    Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000
                                                                                                                and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

               w w w. m i doregon.com
                                           Redmond: 2625 SW 17th Place (Next to Bi-Mart)                                    NCUA
                                           Madras: 395 SE Fifth Street (At Fifth and “F” Streets)
                                                                                                                   National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency
                                                                    Curtis Fitzwater
                     President’s                                    Promoted to
                                                                    Vice President of
                      Message                                       Finance
                                                                    Maureen Rogers, Mid Oregon
By Bill Anderson, President/CEO                                     Credit Union COO announced the promotion of Curtis
                                                                    Fitzwater to Vice President of Finance. Curtis has been
Make 2012 the Best Year Ever!                                       with Mid Oregon since 2008, holding the position
There has never been a better time to get your finances in          of Controller. As a financial institution professional
                                                                    since 1978, and credit union professional since 1990,
order and the credit union has some great ways to help.
                                                                    Fitzwater will be responsible for assisting in the overall
Do you have a plan for success?
                                                                    financial management of the credit union, liquidity
“People with goals succeed because they know where                  management, and plastic card programs.
they are going. It’s as simple as that.” - Earl Nightingale
                                                                    “Curtis has proven himself to be a great asset to the
Here are some ideas to help you set goals and make                  credit union in many areas of financial management”,
2012 the best year ever.                                            said Maureen. “He provides leadership with respect
                                                                    to financial decisions, including expense control and
1. Take time to dream and dream big! Write your                     revenue growth, which ensures stability and soundness
   dreams into tangible goals.                                      for the credit union and our members. We’re very happy
                                                                    to have a quality individual such as Curtis as part of our
2. Envision what will be happening when your dreams                 Executive Team.”
   come true. How will you be different? Imagine
   yourself in that state.
                                                                    • Has your home lost value?
3. Revisit your written goals and dreams often.
                                                                    • Have you attempted to refinance but
4. Share your dream and goals with supportive                         couldn’t due to a lack of equity?
                                                                    • Are you current on your mortgage
5. Celebrate your accomplishments however small.                      payment?
   The feeling of satisfaction is what inspires us to               If you answered YES to any of these questions, it may
   keep pushing through the tough times. So enjoy                   be the time to take a second look at a refinance. With
   the fruits of your labor!                                        the recent easing of the lending criteria required
                                                                    by the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP),
If your goal is to pay off that mortgage faster, look at our
                                                                    many borrowers who couldn’t previously qualify for
Accelerator Mortgage. Get a great rate and one low fee              a new loan may now be able to take advantage of the
(as low as $695).                                                   extremely low mortgage rates currently available.
The credit union has excess deposits that we would like                                              Contact Jen Forsey of Arbor
to loan to you, our members. If you have a need or want                                              Mortgage Group for key details.
to take advantage of the low rates to do something you                                               Her office is located at Mid
have been wanting, needing or dreaming about ... NOW                                                 Oregon’s East Bend branch.
is the time to get it done!                                                         A Division of Pinnacle
                                                                                    Capital Mortgage Corp. NMLS-81395

Bill Anderson                                                       Jen Forsey (541) 585-1819 MLO-419015

                                                    Maximum refund guaranteed.
                                                    Mid Oregon Credit Union members can now file their simple federal
                                                    returns FREE with TurboTax® Federal Free Edition.

                                                    FREE to prepare, FREE to print and FREE to file your simple federal return.
                                                    Try Turbo Tax for FREE today! Visit www.midoregon.com to get started.
    MaximizeYour Money   workshops to help you make the most of your financial resources
       FREE Financial Workshops are held at the East Bend Branch, upstairs conference room located at 1386 NE Cushing Drive .
                              Call 541- 382-1795 to reserve your seat. Refreshments will be served.

  NEW! WORKS H O P                              F R E E WO R K S H O P                      NEW! WO R K SHOP
  Social Security and Your                      Understanding                               Women and Money II:
  Retirement                                    Homeowners and Renters                      Are You Covered?
  Tuesday, February 21 - 6 p.m.                 Insurance                                   Thursday, March 22 - 6 p.m.
                                                Thursday, February 23 - 6 p.m.                            Presenter:
                                                                 Presenter:                               Lori Raab, News
                JC Hallman, VP                                                                            Director, Combined
                Wealth Management                                Joseph Brinkley,
                                                                 Account Executive                        Communications

                                                                                            This workshop is targeted to women
Workshop objectives:                                                                        of all ages who want to take control
 › Review the value of Social Security         Understand your insurance. Learn:
                                                                                            of their personal finances, prepare
 › Discuss the “rules of the road” for               The definitions/parts of your
                                                 ›                                          for life’s uncertainties, and develop a
   receiving Social Security benefits                declarations page                      personal action plan. Topics include:
 › Consider possible routes to take to
   maximize benefits                             ›   Forms and endorsements                   › How to protect your credit rating
 › Discuss the future of Social
                                                 ›   Coverage limits                          › How to avoid fraud
   Security and the challenge of
                                                                                              › How to prepare for the “what
   setting up a retirement income                ›   Liability
   stream                                                                                       if’s” (suddenly single, divorced,
 › Describe the retirement income                ›   Rating and pricing                         widowed, returning student, job
   planning process available through                                                           loss, and more)
                                                 ›   Methods of buying insurance
   a financial institution                                                                    › Develop a personal action plan

FREE WORKSH O P                                F R E E WO R K S H O P                        Mid Oregon Cre d i t U n i o n
Organize Your Financial                        Get the Best Car Deal                               Now Offe rs
Records                                        Thursday, March 29 - 6 p.m.                   I D T h e f t P ro te c t i o n
Tuesday, March 27 - 6 p.m.
                                                                                            Your identity is unique, and we
              Presenter:                                         Tom Collier
                                                                                            want to help you keep it that
              Riki Strong, Mid                                   Tom Collier                way! That’s why we are providing
              Oregon HR/Training                                 Classic Motor Car Co       you with access to identity theft
              Coordinator                                                                   protection services through ITAC
                                                                                            Sentinel, a nonprofit coalition
                                                                                            of financial services companies
                                               Take the time to do your homework            united in their commitment to
At this workshop you will learn the
                                               before shopping for a new or used            protect their customers from
benefits of getting organized, why
                                               vehicle. You could save hundreds             identity theft.
some record keeping systems fail, how
                                               or more! Learn how to deal with
to develop an efficient bill pay system,
                                               dealers; how to negotiate the best           Enroll and view 3 credit scores and
what records to keep and for how long,
                                               car price; the benefits from buying          report today. Call (877) 226-1824
how to take a home inventory, what to
                                               used; how to decipher financing              or visit midoregon.com and click
have handy in case of a natural disaster,
                                               options and warranties, and more.            ID Theft Protection under “What’s
and where to go for help.
                                                                                            New”. Your Promo Code is 55476.
                                            Have you had your review yet?
                                            Top financial advisors say that a review of your
                                            home and auto insurance products every few
                                            years will usually be the largest savings you
                                            can make in your family budget.                       Joseph Brinkley, 541-382-7772
                                                                                               Call Joseph for a free insurance quote!
                                            An average savings could be between
                                            $250 and $500, and sometimes more per
                                            year. Call and schedule your free review with Joseph today.
                                            Pick up the insurance review checklist by clicking Cascade Insurance Center at

       Photo courtesy of Lee Schaefer
           High Desert Museum                                   Spring Skip-a-Payment
  Mid Oregon Credit Union’s

                                            Enjoy extra cash and support children and families!
  Free Family                               Qualified members may choose to skip their loan payments for February,
                                            March, or April by paying a small fee of $25 per loan skipped. Plus, a portion
   Saturday                                 of the fee supports children and families through the St. Charles Foundation.
               at the                       Some restrictions apply, so please contact us for complete details.
  High Desert Museum                        Your loan(s) must be in good standing and not under a modification
                                            agreement. You must have made at least six (6) consecutive payments.
                                            Interest will continue to accrue on all skipped payments which may extend the
  Febr u a r y 2 5 , 2 0 1 2
                                            term of your loan. Skip-a-Payment does not include real estate secured loans.
       1 0 - 4 p. m .                       Go to www.midoregon.com for a Spring Skip form, pay us a visit, or call 541-

The            541 / 382-4754
Desert         highdesertmuseum.org                    Holiday Closing: February 20, 2012 - President’s Day
MuseuM         Located just south of Bend
BenD, OregOn   on Highway 97

     PAID                                                                  Bend, Oregon 97708-6749
U.S. POSTAGE                                                               PO Box 6749

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