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It is important to understand the nutritional values of different kind of rice. When we talked about rice, there are distinctive efficacy for different kind of rice.

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									Nutritional values of different kind of rice

It is important to understand the nutritional values of different kind of
rice. When we talked about rice, there are distinctive efficacies for
different kind of rice. Let us look into it one by one.

1. The most nourishing rice - Japonica Rice
This is the ordinary paddy rice which use to make rice. Also known as
milled rice or japonica rice. The japonica rice is usually in translucent
oval or elliptical shaped. Rice yielding is high, the grains expansion is
small, but the viscosity is large too. As daily consumption rice, the
japonica rice has a nutritional values which contains starch, protein, fat,
vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin c, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

It is very common to use the japonica rice to improve our health. In fact,
the top layer of porridge oil in the porridge rice has a benefit of
rehydration and boosting up our energy. This is very suitable to patients,
puerpera and the elderly. Moderate consumption of japonica rice
regularly, will improve the health of spleen and stomach. It is also good
to help to cure diarrhea, malnutrition and weakness after ill.

2. The best aid to digestion kind of rice – brown rice
Brown rice is the rice with shell. The layer of the shell is being removed
in the second milling process, and it became the brown rice. Brown rice
has richer protein, fat and vitamin than refined white rice.

The brown rice bran layer of rough fiber molecule helps gastric
peristalsis. The brown rice has more nutritional values than refined
white rice, it helps to lower bad cholesterol level, reduced the chance of
heart attack and stroke. The brown rice is also helpful in stomach
disease, constipation, hemorrhoids and other gastric peristalsis.

3. Rice that protects kidney – black rice
The black rice also known as glutinous rice, it is rich in nutrition and
contained protein, fat, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and
other substances. It has good nourishing effect for chronic patients,
patients and young children rehabilitation. It can also improve human
body hemoglobin and hemoglobin content, and helps to improve the
cardiovascular system of our care.

Besides that, it is conducive to the development of children’s bones and
brain. It may also good to puerpera and also to those weak patients
under rehabilitation from illness. Black rice has a lot of nutrition values
for boosting our physical fitness, strengthen the spleen and liver for a
brighter eyesight.
4. Rice with the most detoxification effects – glutinous rice
Glutinous rice is one of the regular consumption of food. Due to the
sweet and sticky on the rice, it is popularly used to be made into snacks
and dumpling. The nutritional value of the glutinous rice contains
protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, large amount
of starch and other nutrients.

Glutinous rice has some nutrition benefits in nourishing the stomach
and spleen, stop sweat, diarrhea, tocolysis and detoxification treatment.
Glutinous rice can be consumed by the patients who are suffered from
gastric or duodenal ulcers and fatal movement during pregnancy.
However, the glutinous rice will caused poor digestion problem, it is
advised not to take them excessively, especially to the elderly and

5. Rice with the most cosmetology effect – barley
Barley, also known as barley rice or coix. Barley has a very high
nutritional value amongst all kind of rice. Barley contain in very rich,
coix seed fat, coix oil, plant steroids, amino acids, arginine, vitamin B1,
carbohydrates and other nutrient components. It helps in hydration of
body, stopping diarrhea reduced bodily heat and detoxification.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that barley is a food taste with
sweetness and pale, it is slightly cold. It helps to strengthen the
stomach and lung. It is also play a role in prevention and treatment of
join ache, stomach cancer and cervical cancer. Barley has very
significant effects in beauty. It enables smooth skin, reduces the
wrinkles and eliminates pigment spots. Besides that, barley has UV
absorption capacity. However, people who suffer from hard stool,
insufficient semen, too much urinate and pregnant lady are not advice
to take barley.

6. Most nourishes of rice – the millet
Millet, also known as corn, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin B2,
naicin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. The nutrition is
very easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Millet has the benefits in diuresis, treatments in weak spleen and
stomach, poor physical fitness and postpartum physical deficient. Millet
is also has high nutritional values to help losing appetite nutrition

This information on is not intended to replace the recommendation of health professional who is familiar
with any and all of individual health-related issues.

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