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Hostess thank you for booking letter word


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									Dear Mary & Lindsey,

Thank you for scheduling a lia sophia jewelry party! I have reserved Saturday, May 16,
2009 at 2:00 p.m. for you and your guests. I have already ordered your "thank you for
booking" gifts, Item #016 Epiphany Bracelet and #081 Love Dust Bracelet and I cannot
wait to present it to you at your party! I look forward to giving you lots of free and
discounted jewelry! To make sure your show is as successful as possible, please follow
these easy steps.

A personal invitation by phone from you, sharing your excitement about the show will go
much further for getting a good response. Encourage them to save the date and let them
know that an invitation with the details will follow by mail.

Guest List
Please return your completed guest list in the self-addressed envelope provided or e-mail
me at Raefabian4@msn.com ASAP! Always try to over invite. Typically, one-third of those
invited will actually be able to attend the show. I like to send the invitations out
approximately 15 days prior to your show date to ensure adequate notice for your guests.

Outside Orders
Ask the guests who are unable to attend your show to place an order. All orders count
toward your total show sales and can really add up! Please collect full payment on all
orders. We do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as Cash and Check made
payable to me, Alice Fabian. Please see the Outside Order Instruction Sheet that was
included in your Hostess Packet for further information.

If someone is unable to come and is disappointed, encourage them to book their own show.
This, along with five outside orders, will guarantee that you will receive everything on your
wish list!

Please do keep it simple, finger foods are best! Hosting a party should be fun and easy, so
relax and don’t worry about anything!

Again, thank you! I know that you will be an excellent hostess, and I’m looking forward to
your show! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Alice Fabian
Ph. 610-741-9127

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