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GB Accelerator e-Trace is an extremely powerful UK population tracing
tool, containing far more up-to-date and historic UK name, address and
telephone reference data than ever before.
GB Accelerator e-Trace provides the ability to find and make contact with the right individuals faster and
more efficiently, it’s helping clients to improve the chances of reaching individuals and recovering monies by

• Search the UK’s largest residential & business database in sub-        Features
  second speed.
                                                                         Name & Address Data
• Identify the most recent & historic location of more individuals.
• Extend your search with direct access to social networks and other     UK Edited & Historical Electoral Roll
  websites to build intelligence and trace more individuals.             • More than 25 million edited Electoral Roll records.
• Validate an individual’s identity to 99.9% with a confirmed Date of    • Over 18 years of historic edited and full Electoral Roll data containing
  Birth.                                                                   almost 800 million records.
• Utilise the UK’s largest landline & mobile telephone databases –       • Rolling Electoral Register featuring over 200,000 updated per month.
  20% more numbers compared to traditional methods – to contact
  more individuals faster and more cheaply*.                             UK Names Database, from GB
                                                                         • Above and beyond edited Electoral Roll, GB’s Names Database
                                                                           provides an additional 22 million individual names and addresses
                                                                           equalling a total of 47 million names for individuals in 2009.
                                                                         • Consolidated from multiple sources where individuals have provided
                                                                           consent for their personal data to be used for commercial purposes
                                     20%                                   (i.e. competition entries, responses to media advertisements).
                                   more                                  • Updated monthly.
                                  numbers                                UK Royal Mail Postcode Address File
                                                                         • Approximately 28 million addresses and over 1.7 million postcodes.
                                                                         • Grid reference co-ordinates.
                  Traditional      GB Group                              • Updated weekly with over 25,000 changes.

          Tele matching against traditional methods, which only search
         against the UK Telephone Number Database (an extract from
         BT OSIS) achieve on average a match rate of 6%
UK Business Data                                                                            Functionality
• More than 3.2 million UK businesses and 6 million registered
  individuals.                                                                              • Generate more results with enhanced searching technology,
                                                                                              enabling ‘fuzzy’ phonetic matching, for example FEBE will return
• Includes Head Office & Satellite Office information in addition to small                    PHOEBE, PHOEBUS, FABIAN etc.
                                                                                            • Dual name searching, increases confidence and speed
• Related data includes telephone numbers, line of business and                               of trace, e.g. did Jenny Winter and Matthew Samuels move
  names of company directors.
                                                                                              somewhere else together?
• Updated monthly.
                                                                                            • Search including the middle initial, reduces the results
UK Deceased Data                                                                              returned, increasing the speed of trace and increasing confidence
• Over 6 million names of deceased individuals, including date of                             it is the individual you are looking for.
  death where available.                                                                    • Partial or wildcard searching on name or address, e.g. search
• Includes over 90% of all deaths captured.                                                   for Kat followed by an asterisk if you are unsure if Kate will be listed
                                                                                              as Katy, Kathryn, Kathy, Katrina...
• Gathered from multiple sources (e.g. Government Records, Funeral
  Directors & Local Authorities).                                                           • Radius searching, allows you to locate an individual who has
                                                                                              moved within a given distance of the current address held.
• Updated monthly with over 40,000-60,000 per month.
                                                                                              For example, 75% of people move within 10 miles, increasing the
UK Dates of Birth                                                                             probability of generating a response. If this fails, you can try a
                                                                                              national search, which will return a result even on more common
• More than 25 million current and individual Dates of Birth for 2009
  and over 260 million Dates of Births dating back to 1992.                                   names i.e. John Smith in Chester.

• Sourced by GB from multiple sources where individuals have                                • Interactive spelling, ideal for difficult to spell words, e.g.
  provided consent.                                                                           Llangollen or if you are unable to read someone’s writing, saving
                                                                                              you time inputting information and valuable keystrokes.
• Improves confidence of an individual’s identity to over 99.9% when
  confirmed with an accurate Date of Birth.                                                 • Screen printing and copy/paste function, enabling you to easily
                                                                                              transfer the information to another system.
• Updated monthly.
                                                                                            • Extend your search with direct access to Google’s search
UK Mapping and Aerial Photography
                                                                                              function. Many people who cannot be found may be located on
• Street mapping for the entire UK.                                                           the biggest online directory.
• Aerial photography for England, Wales and Scotland.                                       • Ability to add date stamped notes, allowing you to build up a
• Visibility levels include ‘property’, ‘street’ and neighbourhood’.                          case history and share information easily across your organisation.

• Updated quarterly.                                                                        • Easy to use pre-populated fields help to minimise keystrokes,
                                                                                              maximising the speed and efficiency of the trace.
Telephone Number Contact Data                                                               • Date of Birth and Age Range searching for dual names,
UK Telephone Number Database (an extract from BT OSIS)*                                       increasing confidence and limiting results, resulting in a speedier
• Approximately 11 million UK landline and some mobile phone
  numbers.                                                                                  • Audit trail unique to your organisation (for data protection and
                                                                                              business reporting).
• More than 13 million numbers which are registered as ex-directory.
                                                                                            • Address standardisation through our Free Format Address
• Updated between 30,000 and 70,000 times, 6 days per week.
                                                                                              Matching Engine (FFAME).
• Sourced from over 30 telephone number providers (e.g. Cable &
  Wireless) and managed by BT in accordance with EU
  Telecommunications Directive.

GB Telephone Number Database
(pooled telephone numbers from multiple sources)
• More than 27 million UK landline and 11 million mobile telephone
  phone numbers.
• Sourced from multiple providers where individuals have provided
  consent for their data to be use by commercial and government
  organisations (i.e. competition entries, responses to media
• Updated monthly and uniquely verified to confirm number is live in
Figures and approximations correct at time of publication and are subject to change.  For
the very latest data volumes, please contact GB on 01244 657333

• Faster tracing for quicker collections: widest breadth of data is                         Having used GB’s tracing solution, e-Trace, at a
  returned in sub-second speed, giving a comprehensive view of UK                       previous company, GB was a clear choice when asked to
  population data and making it easier to find individuals than ever                    review our tracing strategy at Baines and Ernst. Our
  before.                                                                               previous supplier could take up to 4 weeks to complete
                                                                                        tracing searches, whereas we are now in complete control
• More proactive collection strategies: greater customer insight
                                                                                        of timescales using GB’s solution in-house. GB provides
  data i.e. Multiple Occupancy and Street Mapping to help users
                                                                                        access to over 18 years of historic UK Electoral Roll
  prioritise and plan more effectively.
                                                                                        records, offering greater depth for tracing people – more
• Single customer view: consolidates findings from multiple                             than any rival system. The number of positive results and
  population databases, and presents it all in a single screen view, no                 the value e-Trace delivers, which means an excellent
  need to open separate applications, making the trace process                          ROI, were key in helping us to make the decision to

  quicker and results easier to analyse.                                                change supplier.
• Data security: data held on dual site locations with a failover system                Inbound Collection Manager, Baines & Ernst
  to ensure 24/7 resilience. This removes the headache associated
  with uploading, maintaining and storing data at your location.
• Environmentally friendly: no monthly/quarterly production and
  distribution of disks, plus save on paper/packaging and postage.
Training courses are available upon request.

                                                                                          About GB
Example clients include:                                                                  The most successful organisations recognise the value of
                                                                                          understanding your individual identity - who you are, what
HM Revenue & Customs
Metropolitan Police                                                                       you need and what you like. GB combines this concept of
Baines & Ernst                                                                            identity with technology to create an environment of trust so
Suffolk Constabulary                                                                      that organisations can connect, communicate and transact
Salvation Army                                                                            with consumers safely, responsibly and profitably.
Eversheds                                                                                 We call this identity management.
Beresford Solicitors
                                                                                          GB Group has three complementary offerings:
                                                                                          Identity Capture, Maintenance and Tracing solutions
                                                                                          – providing accurate and up-to-date customer information,
                                                                                          enabling you to find and make contact with people faster
                                                                                          Identity Verification – combating ID fraud, money
                                                                                          laundering and under-age gambling
                                                                                          Identity based Marketing – understanding, targeting and
                                                                                          retaining profitable customers

GB Group plc
GB House, Kingsfield Court, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9GB
Tel: +44 (0)1244 657333
Fax: +44 (0)1244 680808

*The UK Telephone Number Database (an extract from BT OSIS) can only be used within GB products for the purposes of teleappending or telephone A-Z listings search.
The terms Validation and Verification refer to GB's Identity Management product and service offerings. For the avoidance of doubt GB Group does not refer to any of BT’s
products and services where it uses the terms Validation and Verification.

Source: (1) Based upon live telephone number matching results across 20 Debt Collection clients.

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