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Gartner is introduced to deal with the current and next generation network security threats that firewall must once again to upgrade to a" next generation firewall". An example, first generation firewall has been basically cannot detect the zombie network as transmission method of threat (see" case study: computer early detection function is zombie network client threat ."). Due to the current used is based on service-oriented architecture and Web2.0popularization, more communication amount just by a few ports ( such as: HTTP and HTTPS ) and the use of a limited number of protocol, which means based on port / protocol security policy relevance and efficiency are becoming more and more low. Deep packet inspection intrusion prevention system ( IPS ) according to the known attacks on the operating system and leakage deployed patch software inspections, but not effective recognition and prevent the application of abuse, not to mention the application specific characteristic protection.

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									McAfee Firewall Enterprise
version 8.0
Evaluation Guide

July 8, 2010
Document Release: 1.0
By Sholeh Gregory, William Beltane
McAfee Firewall Enterprise version 8 Evaluation Guide

      The purpose of this document is to provide a roadmap for the evaluation of next-generation firewall
      solutions. To accomplish this, this document will first review the features and functions of today’s
      traditional or first-generation firewalls, while maintaining all of these capabilities that should also be
      included in any next-generation firewall solution being considered.
      This document starts with a brief review of traditional firewall technology followed by descriptions of
      features that should be given high-priority when evaluating next-generation firewall solutions. The last
      section is a walkthrough of the configuration of the next-generation use-cases on the McAfee Firewall
      Enterprise version 8 solution.

Section 1: Introduction
      This section provides a background on the problems with traditional firewalls, an overview of MacAfee’s
      solutions addressing these firewall problems, and the key features of the product line.
Section 2: Before Evaluating the McAfee Firewall Enterprise
      This section provides pointers to install and set up McAfee Firewall Enterprise version 8 as well as a brief
      discussion on supported deployment options.
Section 3: Traditional Firewall Capabilities
      This section provides a brief description of traditional first-generation firewall functionality that should be
      part of any next-generation firewall solution.
Section 4: Next-Generation Firewall Evaluation Criteria
      This section shows how McAfee defines “next-generation” firewalls as compared to the standard
      definitions of next-generation firewalls.
Section 5: Next-Generation Firewall Evaluation: Use-Case Scenarios
      This section provides examples of the use of McAfee Firewall Enterprise in particular scenarios using the
      criteria specified in the previous section.
Section 6: Solution to Solving Key Network Intrusion Problems
      This section provides a summary of the need for next-generation firewalls and how MacAfee provides this

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