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									 PA L O A LT O N E T W O R K S : C u s t o m e r P r o f i l e

 Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science Adopts
 Next-Generation Firewall from Palo Alto Networks
 Securing the campus network against all kinds of online threats

“ The next-generation firewall from Palo Alto Networks offers high
  visibility and a high interception rate, making it the best choice for the
  campus network where security and stability is a must.”
               - Hai-lin Lu, Library Director and Chief of Information Security, CHNA      Chia Nan University of Pharmacy &

 About the Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science                                       Industry:
 Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science (CHNA) is located in Tainan City’s Rende        Education
 District. It was founded in 1964 by Chen Wang as the Chia Nan Junior College
 of Pharmacy with the support of the pharmaceutical industry and the academic              Challenge:
 community. The CHNA specializes in pharmaceutical science but has expanded to             Evolving internet threats.

 include the humanities in recent years, giving medicine a more humanitarian touch
 that brings it closer to society. Today, the CHNA consists of six colleges, these being
                                                                                           Palo Alto Networks PA-4020
 Pharmacy & Science, Human Ecology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health and
                                                                                           to replace conventional firewalls
 Information, Environment, and Leisure & Recreation Management.
 Campus Network Problems                                                                   • Performance issues with conventional
 Student use of the network can lead to all kinds of problems. Intellectual property         UTM overcome with packet process-
 rights, virus protection and traffic management for student dormitories all pose chal-      ing performance improved by nearly
 lenges for network administrators on campus. Students are often ignorant about the          100%.
                                                                                           • Overall protection and detection
 law as well and so tend to neglect regulations governing network usage. Apart from
                                                                                             mechanisms improved to offer high
 educating students about information security and laws, the university must also be
 proactive in using firewalls or network management equipment to protect students
 against illegal behavior on the network.

 Hai-lin Lu, the Library Director and Chief of Information Security at CHNA, said that
 malicious programs and software pose a major threat to the campus network. Some
 malicious programs are hard to prevent as they use Port 80 to avoid being blocked
 by the firewall.

 At one point, CHNA had foreign exchange students using the QQ messaging soft-
 ware on campus and this software had a major impact on information security. For a
 period of time, whenever students entered the school’s domain name the QQ screen
 would appear. As this type of activities can’t be detected by conventional firewalls it
 became a major headache. Network administrators had to manually go through the
 logs to identify abnormal usage and track the security problem to its source.
                                                                          PA L O A LT O N E T W O R K S : C u s t o m e r P r o f i l e

                                       PA-4020 Next-Generation Firewall Blocks All Kinds of Threats
                                       The CHNA takes network security very seriously and has achieved third-party BSI
                                       ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification. The introduction of Palo
                                       Alto Network’s next-generation firewall PA-4020 in August, 2010, made the IT secu-
“Conventional UTM proved ineffec-      rity management system at CHNA more complete.
 tive and we were also unable to
 block many of the emerging online     Conventional IP-based UTM equipment are unable to effectively block and detect
                                       new emerging applications. The high visibility provided by Palo Alto Networks’
 applications on campus. The
                                       next-generation firewall is able to identify user, content, and application, giving
 PA-4020 provided an effective         CHNA network administrators the means to effectively identify student programs and
 solution. It now plays an important   block potential threats. The problems caused by the use of QQ messaging software
 role in the campus network gate-      mentioned above were greatly reduced after the introduction of the PA-4020. The

 keeping, blocking hacker attacks,     new firewall also helped to protect the campus network against malicious programs
                                       or BotNet.
 and keeping the campus network
 safe!”                                Current IT attacks on the CHNA tend to target web pages using techniques such
                                       as HTTP: SQL Injection or HTTP: Cross Site Scripting. Since Palo Alto Networks’
                                       next-generation solution was introduced, these types of IT attacks have decreased
                Hai-lin Lu,            significantly. The new firewall is able to effective block all types of online attacks and
                Library Director and
                                       can also generate reports as required for post-event auditing and tracking.
                Chief of Information
                Security, CHNA
                                       “Palo Alto Networks’ ACC (Application Command Center) is a powerful and easy-to-
                                       use tool that allows my colleagues to observe applications and URLs on the net-
                                       work,” said Lu.

                                       “Student behavior can then be quickly identified and analyzed to prevent potential
                                       threats. There have in fact been no serious IT security lapses or copyright violations
                                       since the system went live nearly 150 days ago. For the university, this is the most
                                       ideal network environment.”

                                       Director Lu is particularly satisfied with Palo Alto Networks’ dealer and distributor
                                       whose wealth of experience and professional knowledge helped the CHNA gain a
                                       better understanding of its network architecture and security.

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