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									iOS 5 Application development—Makes Developer To
Think Different
It is well known fact that Apple adds some new features with each major updates to Mac
OS or iOS. Generally Apple adds to the OS features previously provided by third-party
developers. There are some features that were in such demand that others had stepped in
to provide them, but, eventually, Apple has realized its important and decided they were
things that should be part of the OS or its built-in apps. This leads some apps to be victim
of the new updates and iOS 5 had such victims.

Instapaper web service is one of them. Apple has introduced new reading list and reader
feature offer some of the key functionality of the excellent Instapaper services, as well as
features of the Readability web services and the Read it later web services. With the
introduction of iOS 5 application development, when you come across an interesting
article in Safari, you will be able to tap a button to have that article instantly re-formatted
for easier reading and avoid ads and other clutter. If you are in a shortage of time and
prefer to read it later on you can save the article. Your list of saved articles is
automatically synced, using iCloud, between Safaris on all your iOS 5 devices.

Developers of to do list and reminder apps also found themselves victim of the new
update of iOS 5, as iOS 5’s new reminder feature let you create and manage to-do list on
your iOS 5 devices, and even sync those list with iCal or Outlook on your computer. In
addition, Reminders lets you set alerts for tasks and receive those alerts on any iCloud-
synced computer or iOS 5 devices. This feature affects the more-capable reminder apps
such as Notificant. The Reminders feature will even offer the capability to set reminders
based on location.

The good news for the developers is that when it comes to adding new features to iOS,
Apple often provides only basic functionality and let developers to earn their livelihood.
For example, iOS 5’s Reminders features lets you maintain simple lists with due dates
and reminders, but third-party task-management apps offer projects, shared/group lists,
attachments, tags and categories, repeating reminders, additional syncing options, and
much more. This basic functionality creates interest in the existing apps which provide
advance functionality and hence sale increase significantly. So developers are not victim
of the new updates but they have obvious benefits.

Apple provides some features in iOS 5 which were previously developed by third party
developers. These developers gain the attention by inclusion of the basic features and
eventually their sale increase.

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