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Commission Agents


 For candidates who are registered with for overseas placement, we offer a
 temporary assistance program that offers them immediate work as an On-line Affiliated Marketer.

 Our assistance program makes it possible for you to earn an immediate income while waiting for
 the job allocation you have applied for with our company.

 Should you like to work with us as an on-line Commission Agent, (On-line Affiliated Marketer) your
 role would be to simply recruit new candidates and then apply on-line - on their behalf - with our

 This program is available to all who have a PC connected to internet.

 Hardware/software working requirements:
 PC with broadband internet connection of at least 128 kbit/s, Windows XP Home or Professional,
 512MB Ram Memory or higher, Microsoft Office Word, Outlook Express email, Ink Jet or Laser Jet
 B/W Printer, Scanner.

 Our procedures with Affiliate marketing consultants (Commission Agents) are as follows:

     1. You apply online on behalf of your candidates by logging on to our web site online forms.                using    your
      email ID (your email address) in all the Application forms you complete for the relevant
      candidate. This is important, as all commissions are calculated according the relevant email
      ID and not name of the consultant. Once we have received more then 3 CVs within one week
      with same email ID, we log in that relevant e-mail ID as an Affiliated email ID and
      commissions are generated automatically. Please note that you do not generate commissions
      on the number of CVs provided to our online but on candidates who are registered with our
      company ( candidates who, after receiving and completing the Registration forms, post these
      forms back to our company - you may of course post the forms back to us on their behalf but
      the forms MUST be signed by the job seeker AND have all the requirements)
    2. Once we have received the completed online Application forms from your email ID –
    (please note that you will be prompted by the system to supply your candidate’s CV while
    completing the online forms) - we assess your client’s suitability for a placement. The
    assessment process takes only 24 hours after we have received the online Application from

    3. Should your candidate have the required qualifications, we email you (to the email
    address you provide on the online forms) Registration forms to be completed by your client.
    We also send an SMS note to your client’s cellular phone (provided you place their cell. no. in
    the online forms) informing the candidate that WORKERHIRE has emailed the Registration
    forms to the email that was used while filling out the online application forms. Please inform
    your candidates that should they receive a sms from us, they must contact you for the
    registration forms.

    4. Once you receive our Registration forms, the forms should then be printed by you. Once
    done, you contact your candidate (for whom you completed the online application), and
    forward the forms to them. They may of course collect the forms from you. Alternatively you
    may of course email, fax or post the forms to him.

    5. Your candidate (or you on his behalf) must then post the completed registration forms to
    our company here in Europe for registration with all the requirements.

    6. Once the all the documents are received by our offices, we register your candidate to our
    database and initiate the placement procedures for him/her. Should any of your candidates
    require assistance with work permits, we will be able to assist them by relaying their
    requirements to the relevant companies who deal with work permit for the selected

    7. Upon your candidate’s successful registration with our company, we transfer a value of
    US$50.00 per applicant to you. This transfer may normally be done weekly, bi-weekly or
    monthly, depending on mutual agreement.

Our company will pay you your commission by one of the methods:

    bank draft

    T/T

    Western Union

Should you be interested in this easy work where you can immediately start to earn money for
yourself, please email us the following information:
Please complete bellow for our reference:

Your full names:

Landline or cellular number:

Your Reference number you received from us:
Should you not be registered, please register with us now on:

Your email ID you wish to use in the online applications:
(please note that the email you wish to use for the Affiliated Marketing should be checked and
cleared regularly)

Country where you reside at present:

Your address to which we may do commissions transfers:

Your preferred method of receiving commissions from us:
(T/T – Western Union – Bank draft)



Your Signature:

The above details should be emailed to:
Workerhire Team EU
+420 604 540 502 mobile
+420 57 765 7519 fax
+420 57 765 7523 inquiries - office hours (0900-1530 Monday-Friday)
Skype Name: ( freecall.workerhire
for further information please email your inquiry to:

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