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Confirmed March 08 Mins_1_


									                                                                                     Annex 1
          Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
                         Research & Development Group

                     Friday 28th March 2008, 13.30 - 15.30
               Education Centre, Royal United Hospital, Bath.

      Dr Tony Soteriou           Director of Research, Group Chair
      Sarah Buckland             Research Governance Administrator, minutes secretary
      Chris Cox                  Nursing
      Rosie Davies               Service Users’ Research Forum
      Ian Dickinson              Specialist Drug & Alcohol Service Strategic Business Unit
      Charlotte Hook             Research Governance Facilitator
      Lorna Templeton            University of Bath: AWP Mental Health R&D Unit.

      Professor Ricardo Araya, Dr Roger Bullock, Dr Sarah Cullum,
      Barbara Feldtkeller-Weinstein, Patrick Ismond, Dr Martin Marlowe, Dr Susan O’Connor,
      Patsy Staddon, Professor Paul Stallard, Dr Julian Walker.
      Tony apologised that the date of the meeting had needed to be changed, as it had
      coincided with the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) National Conference.

1     Minutes of previous meeting
      The minutes of the meeting held on January 2008 were accepted by those present as
      a true and accurate record of the meeting.

2     Matters arising
2.1   R&D Policies
      Charlotte H reported on the progress of the policies:

          The over-arching policy on Conducting Research and Development within AWP
           had been approved by the Effectiveness Forum, the Integrated Governance
           Committee, Staffside and the Board.

          The Fraud and Misconduct Policy had also been approved by the Board, after
           being ratified by the Effectiveness Forum and the Integrated Governance

           The Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR) Policy had been discussed by the
            Corporate Management Team (CMT) and Executive Management Team (EMT),
            and ratified by the Integrated Governance Committee and the Effectiveness
            Forum. The policy will be approved by the Board as soon as possible.

           The supporting guidance was still to be finalised.

           All the policies had been sent out to AWP staff via the new Trust policy system,
            and had been placed on the intranet.
       There was a discussion on providing access to policies for researchers outside the
       Trust; Tony S suggested the policies should be put on the AWP internet site.
       Action: Sarah B.

2.2   Standards for Better Health (SfBH) C12 Research Governance - Self-assessments and
      evidence requirements on SharePoint
      The R&D Office had submitted the full year evidence and assurance report to the Trust’s
      Integrated Governance Committee. The Trust would be declaring full compliance for the
      full year 2007/8.
      The report was tabled at the meeting for information. Tony S asked for comments on
      the evidence or assurance parts to be sent to the R&D Office, and thanked Charlotte H
      for her work on the document.

2.3   Black and Minority Ethnic involvement in research
      Patrick Ismond had sent the R&D office the contact details of the BME Groups and
      Charlotte H had contacted them with a view to arranging meetings with the R&D office.
      Action: R&D Office to take forward over next few months.

2.4   Research passports.
      Following the concerns that had been raised on the implementation of research
      passports, a response was awaited from the UKCLRN. AWP was simultaneously
      working with its research partners on the feasibility of secondment agreements for
      individual researchers.

2.5   Nursing
      Chris C had presented his paper “Routes to Research: Developing a Research Pathway
      for Nurses” to the Nursing Directorate who had endorsed it. It was to be put on the
      intranet, with a link to it from the AWP nursing newsletter. The Interim Director of
      Integrated Governance and Nursing, Sally Thomson, had asked how its research
      promotional concepts could be taken forward. Tony S said he would be happy to talk at
      any relevant events to help build research capacity within nursing.

    The R&D Group suggested a discussion within the Nursing Directorate to think whether
    aspects of the paper related to building research capacity within nursing could be taken
    forward linked to the coming round of staff appraisals and personal development plans.
    Action: Sarah B to modify the document to make it generally applicable to all
    professions, for sending out to the allied health professionals.

2.6 UK Clinical Research Networks (UKCRN) update
    Tony S summarised the criteria for projects to be adopted onto the UKCRN portfolio.
    The R&D office had produced a list of projects eligible for inclusion on the portfolio and
    had asked the Investigators to consider adoption onto the network.
    Action: R&D Office to check for any eligible projects still not adopted and to follow these

2.7 Debbie Howcroft, Senior Research Nurse/Clinical Studies Officer in SW DeNDRoN, had
    asked Chris C for Clinical Supervision.

3   Finance
    The overall end of year position for the R&D SBU was forecast to break even, with a
    small surplus. The R&D Office itself was forecast to make a surplus of around £50k.
    The Mental Health Research and Development Unit (MHRDU) was forecast to break
    even, with the possibility of a small surplus. Kingshill Research Centre (KRC) was
    forecasting a deficit (exact amount to be confirmed).
    This year three sources of funding for 2008/9 had been announced by the Department of
    1) AWP transitional funding of £239,88 for service support costs, and towards research
       management and governance costs.
    2) Funding of approximately £14,000 from the comprehensive research network (CRN)
       for research management & governance costs.
    3) A new “Flexibility & Sustainability” funding of £283,514 over the next financial year, to
       fund individuals who are applying for NIHR grants and to allow bridge-funding
       between grants. Of this, £90,435 would be for allocation by AWP R&D and
       £193,079.00 for the two local networks. The R&D office was now awaiting allocation
       guidance from the UKCRN and Department of Health.

4   Integrated Business Plan (IBP)
    Tony S reminded members that R&D has been built into the overall Trust IBP due for
    completion mid April in preparation for presentation to the NHS SW board.
    The R&D component had been submitted and approved and the Trust was in the
    process of finalising the overall business plan.
    There was a discussion about the way that R&D fitted into the Trust’s strategic
5     AWP Balanced Score Cards (BSCs)
      The latest narrative on the R&D BSC was tabled, describing the various targets
      including approval timescales, percentage of projects audited for research governance,
      and service user and carer involvement in projects.
      There was a discussion around this draft version, especially around the service user and
      carer involvement parameters and the increasing income from commercial research,
      questioning whether a 10% increase year on year was realistic.
      Action: Tony S to finalise the targets on the BSC.

6     Service user and carer Involvement
      Tony S reported that the Trust’s Service User Research Forum (SURF)

            had reconfirmed its Terms of Reference;

            would be holding a meeting on 14th April at which Rosie Davies would be talking
             about her research project; and

            would be holding an election for the role of chair at its meeting on 14th July.
      The “Involving Carers in Research” event was due to take place on 8th April at Jenner

7     UK Clinical Research Networks (UKCRN) update
      Ian D reported on the SDAS Integrated Governance structure. R&D would be a
      standing agenda item under Effectiveness.

8     Updates from R&D Units and SBUs
8.1   Feedback on SBU Integrated Governance
      Tony S reported that he had had discussions with the Secure Services SBU about input
      of R&D into their Integrated Governance.

8.2   Effectiveness annual report to Integrated Governance (R&D Workplan)
      The Group were informed that the Effectiveness Forum 2007/8 progress report had
      been presented to Integrated Governance, including the report on progress against the
      R&D workplan, which was noted by the R&D Group. R&D had been highlighted in
      Integrated Governance as performing above expectations.

8.3   Report from Mental Health Research and Development Unit (MHRDU).
      Lorna Templeton reported that Professor Paul Stallard continued as the acting Director
      for the Mental Health Research and Development Unit (MHRDU). The Unit was still in
      discussion with the University of Bath regarding what was best for the School of Health
      and the expected movement of the Clinical Psychology Course to the University.

9     Any other business
9.1   Newsletter
      The winter 2007/08 edition was available on the AWP website.

9.2   Quarterly reports.
      The quarterly report for January to March 2008 was tabled.


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