Join in the today’s iconic style with emerging urban clothing fad by andrewphostetler


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Join in the today’s iconic style with emerging urban clothing fad

The hip hop culture is hugely enthused by the African American youth and is also influenced by the cities
they live in. Urban wear or hip hop wear is essentially inspired by hip hop music. The basic clothing worn
by the hip hop artists brought about the trend of urban clothing in daily wear fashion. With new styles
coming up every season, designers are totally rocking the urban wear scene.

This style of clothing line offers for both men and women equally. Men are not left behind when it
comes to urban wear as a matter of fact they have numerous options available in this fashion. A
conventional urban clothes shop would have over sized t- shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, baggy jeans and
trousers with accessories like baseball caps and sneakers for footwear all accessible for men. For women
the options are always acquiescent when it comes to fashion.

The urban clothes shop has lots to offer to women in terms of clothes and accessories both. Skin fit
jeans, faded jeans, tank tops, skirts with designs on them; both figure hugging clothes and baggy clothes
come under this category for women. The accessories include trendy head gears like bandanas and
scarves, belts, bags, clutches, and stylish footwear.

Today’s urban clothes shop even provide smart and chic full suits in striking colors with modish ties to
match. The t-shirts available are also in bright colors with voguish logos printed on them. With the
boom in online shopping it has become very convenient for consumers to buy t shirts online. Many
online urban clothes stores have come up with designer labels as well as non branded clothes. The
quality of clothes is unimpeachable and stylish to the core. It includes casual, comfortable clothing with

With prêt fashion designers getting into this foray of clothing and bringing out the couture to the
runway, the urban or hip hop fashion is taking a giant leap from relaxed day wear to hot and classy party
wear clothes. With online designer stores and online urban clothes shop the prices of the clothes vary to
an extent, but there are always deals available on some store or the other.

As the trend was inspired by hip hop artists and the African American youth, the main thing they had
was the attitude to carry the style effortlessly. This is one trend that cannot be copied religiously. One
needs to have a balance between attitude and personal style.

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