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					The Best Energy Device

The notion of free energy from resources is a recent innovation and a big progress.
Believe it or not, a machine that controls free energy was created more than a
century ago. The creator was none other than Nicole Tesla, he was and he still is
considered by many people as the father of electricity. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long
Island, Tesla did create a huge transmitter, a powerful machine that could switch
radiant energy from the atmosphere to electrical energy. Then again, his radical
creation did not obtain the publicity that he deserved, so
he did remain in obscurity even today.

 Instead of being delighted by this invention, the financier feared that it will have a
huge impact on electrical companies, so he refused to fund this project. Over the
centuries, numerous competent and reliable equipments have been created that did
enable the switch of power from free reserves to electrical power. A Free Energy
system was created with deep knowledge and precise attention. Such systems can
be set up in your house without any problem and with a little knowledge. They will
provide for you the energy that you require for several years. After you will set up
this system, you can forget about electricity bills! Tesla was been obsessed with an
idea to give the world with the free energy as well as went to work by perfecting
generation of the electrical power without use of the solar, fuels, and wind. He will
pull electrical power from " vacuum". He will as well demonstrate transmission of
the electric power without any wires.

Making use of "Shoeman Cavity", 60km of high area between earth & bottom of
Ionosphere & charged with the megawatts of an electrical power just by lightning
the bolts that are generated all over the world, Tesla demonstrated the
transmission of the electrical power at many kilometres. And he lit the fluorescent
lamps just by holding them with field he had made. Tesla demonstrated
transmission of the electrical power by waves of the energy passing through earth
lighting lamps 25 kilometres from laboratory.

Also, it was at point Tesla was been introduced to infamous banker & financier, and
JP Morgan. Tesla then convinced Morgan he can build worldwide broadcasting
system, which will make millions. And Morgan invested promptly & Tesla started
Wardenclyff Tower project.