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									Tesla energy generator

Tesla energy generator did bring a new revolution on the free energy market. It's
almost certainly the most superior and the most exclusive DIY energy producer that
has ever been created. Thousands of DIY energy fans are adding Tesla system
because they want to produce for free their home electricity. The best advantage
from this energy generator is that they will happily boot out so much free electricity
.You will need less than 100 dollars to create your own Tesla energy generator! In
the same time this system is so simple that even a 12 year old kid should be
capable to create and use this system.

Tesla energy generator www.EnergyByTesla.com is also safe to use because it
doesn’t produce gasses, smoke or some other perilous substances! This system has
also weatherproof characteristic so you can use this generator in any weather
circumstances. By using only some natural power that is all around us, you will
have the ability to create a generator that is competent to produce an endless
supply of FREE energy that will help you to power your personal home or business.
Beside all these things you will also have the ability to reduce your electric bill by
using the theory of Tesla energy.

Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was Serbian who generally hailed from what is now named Croatia. He
was highly respected physicist, the mechanical engineer as well as electrical
engineer. He is been credited with a lot of discoveries in the science, particularly in
electricity and his biggest contribution is development & adoption to alter current.
Without, there will be not any way to transmit the power over distances as well as
support current method of life.

Tesla's Life Project - Fuelless Generator

Tesla spent second half of career by working what he named "Fuelless Generator".
And he described as the device that makes use of "energy, which operates
universe". This might sound fanciful however we know it is equivalent of modern
area of the physics named "zero point technology". Tesla not made working model,
however his letters & drawings were been archived & reading them that reveals
designs for crude kind of the magnetic generator. Also, he improved earlier
previous designs & filed raft of patents in effort to protect the work.

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