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    Continuing Education and
   Accelerated Adult Learning
Programs offered in the Harrisburg
         area or Online

                            December 2011
                                        ALBRIGHT COLLEGE
                                   ACCELERATED DEGREE PROGRAMS
Albright College’s degree completion programs are designed for the working adult with approximately 2 years of college
credits to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in approximately 24 months while attending classes one night a week for
four hours. The program features a built-in support system as you will become a part of a group (called a cohort) that
takes the degree program together.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology/Organizational Behavior
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Crime and Justice
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Management

Harrisburg:                                                     Lancaster:
Commerce Court 1                                                Greenfield Corporate Center
2601 Market Place, Suite 330                                    1850 William Penn Way, Suite 204
Harrisburg, PA 17110                                            Lancaster, PA 17601
717-671-3000 or 1-888-253-8851                                  717-391-8920 or 1-888-253-8851

  1. Associate degree or a minimum of 48 transferable credits including one, 3-credit English Comp. course
  2. 23 years of age or older with 5 years of documented, full-time work or volunteer experience
  3. Computer technology proficiency
  4. A 2.0 cumulative average or above for transfer credits
  5. Completed application including a personal statement/essay and official transcripts

The degree will be awarded upon the completion of:
   1. 16 courses in the DCP major
   2. Minimum of a 2.0 grade point average
   3. Completion of all general studies and elective requirements

  1. New cohort groups are started when 8-10 students have been accepted to a program major at a location. You will
     be notified by your enrollment advisor 4-6 weeks before a group started and mailed a letter stating the date your
     program will start and where to report. All courses in your program will be held from 6-10 p.m. on the same
     night of every week. The start date of your program will determine the day of the week you will be meeting.
  2. Albright College has a dual admission agreement with HACC.

Career degrees are accepted as well as Transfer degrees. The HACC degree does not have to correspond to the Albright
degree (HACC Business Studies Associate’s degree could transfer into any of Albright’s 5 accelerated programs--not just
Business Administration--and the total number of transfer credits would not change.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.albright.edu/accelerated/dcp.html
Harrisburg Contact:                                         Lancaster Contact:
Lance W. Hettinger                                          Lee LaFayette
lhettinger@alb.edu                                          llafayette@alb.edu
717-671-3000                                                717-391-8920
1-888-253-8851                                              1-888-253-8851
                                      CENTRAL PENN COLLEGE
                                  CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS
Central Penn’s continuing education programs offer convenient course scheduling for evening and daytime
(Harrisburg only) onsite classes and online classes. The accelerated, 11-week term makes it possible for most
HACC graduates to obtain their bachelor’s degree in as little as 15-18 months.* Central Penn’s hands-on
academic programs are career-focused, designed to empower HACC graduates with tools to excel in their field.
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (concentrations in Finance, Healthcare Administration, Human
Resource Management, Tourism Management, Management, Marketing) or General Program (no
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (concentrations in Cyber Security, Network Management)
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (general program)
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (general program)
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (concentrations in Finance, Healthcare Administration, Human
Resource Management, Tourism Management, Management, Marketing) or General Program (no
Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (general program)
Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security Management
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (hybrid delivery method – programs available through a mix of onsite and
online classes)
600 Valley Road                       1905 Old Philadelphia Pike
P.O. Box 309                          Lancaster, PA 17602
Summerdale, PA 17093-0309                    717-393-0779
1-800-759-2727                        lancaster@centralpenn.edu
View program information and admissions requirements in the most recent course catalog at:
Apply online at: www.centralpenn.edu/hacc
   1. Evening classes meet one night a week per class.
   2. Online classes are asynchronous and do not require students to be online at a certain time each week.
   3. Free application process and personalized credit transfer evaluation. Central Penn College will transfer up to 62
      credits from HACC students.
   4. Transfer scholarship for qualified applicants.
   5. Lifetime career services benefits
Central Penn College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Ph: 267-284-5000). The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an
institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher
Education Accreditation.
Janine Turner – Full-time/Day Student Contact
Admissions Counselor
Beth Romanski – Evening/Online Student Contact
Corporate and Community Outreach Coordinator
717-743-7080 (cell)

* The program length is designed for the typical student who is enrolled full time and completes and passes
every course required for graduation in the specified time frame.
                                         EASTERN UNIVERSITY
                                     DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAM

Eastern University’s accelerated programs are designed for adults to enhance professional competence and
leadership. The student completes the major in an accelerated format one course at a time. The 13 courses in
the major and a project are designed to link theory to practice through class discussion, group projects, and
individual studies. All HACC graduates receive a $2,500 tuition scholarship if they enroll with Eastern. Further,
Eastern accepts all of the credits for HACC graduates (including ‘D’s’ for Associate’s Degree graduates),
regardless of the major.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (OL)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Special/Early Childhood)
MBA in Management
MBA in Health Administration
MS in Nonprofit Management
M.Ed. in Multicultural Education
Teacher Certifications

750 East Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111
(Next to the Four Points Sheraton)
717-565-1951 or 1-800-732-7669

  1. 60 credit minimum requirement to enter the OL, BSBA, BSN, and ACED majors
  2. 2.0 GPA or better

  1. Successful completion of the Eastern major
  2. Minimum of 121 total credits (including transfer credits)
  3. Grade ‘C’ or higher in all courses of the major
  4. Fulfillment of five out of the seven core requirements (including transfer courses)

  1. Classes meet same night each week from 6:00-10:00 p.m.
  2. One 6-week course at a time (also online component)
  3. One-time registration for entire major
  4. Books and materials delivered to the student’s home.
  5. Small classes stay together throughout the program
  6. Full financial aid is available, along with a variety of convenient payment plans.

Ryan Knisely M.B.A.
Director of Central PA Campus
Assistant Director of Recruitment Central PA Campus
                                             ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE
                                          ACCELERATED DEGREE PROGRAMS

Elizabethtown College offers distinctive programs for adult learners through the Edward R. Murphy Center for
Continuing Education and Distance Learning (CCEDL). Accelerated formats offer a faster paced program with
challenging and relevant coursework. Most classes meet 1 evening a week for 4 hours or online. Students
transferring from a community college with approximately 64 transfer credits can complete their entire
bachelor’s degree in about 2 years. This assumes they will take an avg. of 30 credits/year (maximum number of
credits available per year is 36). Elizabethtown College’s Dual Admission Agreement with HACC allows
HACC students the opportunity to apply to both schools and work on HACC requirements that will fit best into
their bachelor’s degree program once they transfer to Elizabethtown. Academic counseling is provided by both
HACC and Elizabethtown.

PROGRAMS http://www.etowndegrees.com/prospective-students/programs.asp
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication
Bachelor of Science in Human Services (Human Services major courses offered online only. )
Bachelor of Science in Human Services- Behavioral & Addictions Counseling (Human Services
major courses offered online only. )
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
MBA-Master of Business Administration (only offered at Harrisburg and Lancaster locations)

All of the above degree programs are available part-time in the evening at the Dixon University Center ,
the York Center, and the Lancaster Center. Many courses are also available online.

Dixon University Center       Elizabethtown College Main Campus   College Square at F&M             York Center
2986 North 2nd Street         One Alpha Drive                     931 Harrisburg Avenue, Suite 10   224 St. Charles Way, Suite 250
Harrisburg, PA 17110          Elizabethtown, PA 17022-2298        Lancaster, PA 17603               York, PA 17402
717-720-4080                  717-361-3750                        717-358-4645                      717-650-6845

Student may transfer up to 95 credits with grades of C- or better (64 credits may be from a two-year institution).
   1. online application at https://etowndegrees.com/prospective-students/onlineapp.asp. Application fee is
       waived if student applies online.
   2. 2-3 page synopsis of academic and professional goals and a resume
   3. official transcripts of all previous college work
   4. Interview with one of Elizabethtown’s admissions representatives is required to make sure the student
       understands the program and to ensure it’s a good fit.
   5. Age 23+ and working or work history of several years; Under 23 with job and successful performance
       at HACC, student will be admitted to the program with dean’s approval

  1. 125 credit hours of academic work
  2. Degree candidates take 30 of the last 60 credits from Elizabethtown College; at least 15 credits must be
     in the major; nine of these must be 300-400 level courses (some majors require a minimum of six as
     major electives)
  1. Degree programs are offered in a Step-In, Step-Out format. Students start any time in any 5-week
     session and may take classes in their preferred order. New classes begin every 6th week--one week
     break is scheduled between each 5-week session. Small class sizes allow the facilitator and learner to
     become quickly acquainted.
  2. Elizabethtown College has a dual admission agreement with HACC.
EC will work with a HACC student transferring from a career program. Usually all their credits can be used--
there is ample room under EC’s free elective areas to accommodate the credits. It sometimes gets tight when it
comes to residency within the major (15 credits to be taken at Etown) but everything usually fits in.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Beth C. Bucher, Admissions Coordinator
buchere@etown.edu 717-361-1518 or 1-800-877-2694
                                           FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY
                                            ONLINE PROGRAMS

The alliance between Franklin University and Harrisburg Community College allows students to complete a bachelor's
degree without ever leaving HACC. Students can do this by:

   1. Transferring in your entire AS or AAS associate's degree.
   2. Taking approximately an additional 24 semester credit hours (depending on major) beyond your
      associate's degree at HACC.
   3. Completing roughly their last 40 semester hours online with Franklin!

   There is no application fee! Students can apply and have their credits officially evaluated without cost or


Allied Healthcare Management
Applied Management
Applied Psychology
Business Administration
Business Economics
Business Forensics
Computer Science
Criminal Justice Administration
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Forensic Accounting
Healthcare Information Systems Management
Healthcare Management
Human Resources Management
Information Security
Information Technology
Interactive Media Design
Interdisciplinary Studies
Management Information Sciences
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Public Relations
Public Safety Management
Safety, Security & Emergency Management
Web Development

Franklin University’s campus is located in Columbus, Ohio. All courses are available, however, online and
there are no increased out-of state tuition rates.

Students must have a completed associate degree or 60 transferable semester credit hours.

Students must complete a minimum of 40 semester credit hours online with Franklin University

Samantha (Orban) Shear, M.S.
Community College Regional Manager
Franklin University
201 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215

Ph:1.877.341.6300 x 6051
                                           IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY 
                                         COLLEGE OF LIFELONG LEARNING 
ACCEL® (Accelerated Continuing and Experiential Learning) and IUOnline degree completion programs were 
designed for working adults who wish to earn an undergraduate degree while employed full‐time. Course 
work is focused on writing, critical thinking, analytical and research skills and prepares the graduate for a 
successful career in a wide range of professional settings. 
   ACCEL® students attend class one night per week with the same group throughout their program, 
    completing the degree in about two years 
   IUOnline students follow the same course sequence as their face‐to‐face colleagues but earn their 
    bachelor’s degree without any classroom attendance, completing the degree in about two years 
Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management (ACCEL® locations or Online) 
Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management (ACCEL® locations or Online) 
Bachelor of Arts in Human Performance Management (ACCEL® locations or Online) 
Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology in Business (ACCEL® locations) 
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Dynamics (ACCEL® locations or Online) 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: RN to BSN (ACCEL® locations) 
  Main campus:1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA 19345 
  ACCEL® programs are offered at various locations throughout the Delaware Valley and in the Lancaster 
   area at HACC’s Lancaster campus (RN to BSN program and Health Care Management).  The RN to BSN 
   program is also offered at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon and at Reading Area Medical Center. 
 Complete an Online Application or go to www.immaculata.edu/cll/onlineapp   
 Official college transcripts 
1. Students must complete the ACCEL® or Online Program requirements 
2. Transfer credits will be accepted from any HACC Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of 
   Applied Science program 
3. Students who transfer 54 or more credits will be classified as a Junior 
4. Courses will be transferred only if completed with a grade of “C” or better 
5. Courses transfer into the following academic areas: 
      a. Liberal Arts core 
      b. Major requirements for the ACCEL® or the Online Program 
      c. Free electives 
6. Students must earn a minimum of 60 credits at Immaculata University to be eligible for Latin Honors at graduation 
                                                           For Online Programs: 
           For ACCEL Programs:                               Dr. Dean M. Julian 
    Dr. Agnes Timothy, Associate Dean                   Director of Online Programs 
            610.647.4400 x3440                              610.647.4400 x3243 
        atimothy@immaculata.edu                       mailto:djulian@immaculata.edu 
                                                           SKYPETM: dean.julian1 
                              LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE

Lebanon Valley College’s continuing education program is designed to accommodate the educational needs of those
students who intend to complete their degree on a part time basis. Our wide variety of course schedules allows you the
flexibility you need to effectively balance your work, family and education.

Lebanon Valley College has a dual admission agreement with Harrisburg Area Community College.

Part time students who take classes during the day can complete any major program Lebanon Valley College
offers https://www.lvc.edu/academics/.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
MBA-Master of Business Administration
MBA-with a Healthcare Concentration
MSE-Master of Science Education

Certificate Programs in Accounting, Business Management, Liberal Studies and Supervisory Management
Students may also create an Individualized major

Lebanon Valley College
101 North College Avenue
Humanities Building Room 107
Annville, PA 17003-1400
717 867 6213 or 1-877-877-0423

  1. Completed application form and required application fee
  2. Official transcripts of all completed college or university courses
  3. Students may begin taking courses prior to being accepted, however students must speak to an advisor prior to
     registering for classes.

Candidates for a baccalaureate degree shall successfully complete 120 credit hours, including the requirements for the
general education program and the requirements for majors and minors as appropriate.

15 week course
2, 6, or 7 week summer courses

Students transferring from HACC with an Associates Degree will receive 60 transfer credits.
Students may complete coursework towards their degree during day, evening and weekend classes

Email continuing-education@lvc.edu
Continuing Education
Lebanon Valley College
717.867.6213 or toll free 1-877-877-0423
                                          PEIRCE COLLEGE
                                   ONLINE ACCELERATED PROGRAMS

Founded in 1865, Peirce is a private, four-year, specialized institution providing practical, leading edge
curricula to primarily working adult learners.


Online: offers a variety of degree programs in the areas of Business Administration, Health Information
Technology and Management, Information Technology, and Paralegal Studies.


Philadelphia Campus: 1420 Pine Street
                    Philadelphia, PA 19102

Online: www.peirce.edu

Applicants must submit the following documents:
   A completed application for admission with the $50 application fee.
   An official transcript documenting high school graduation or a copy of the GED or state equivalency
      diploma and scores.
   Official college transcripts for transfer evaluation if you have previously attended college.

Peirce College focuses on providing students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the
21st century. We give you a high quality technology-enhanced education, anticipating the ever-changing needs
of students, partners, and companies throughout the world.

Our accelerated courses last 7 weeks.
New courses begin each month.

Peirce offers you flexibility and accessibility through accelerated degree programs designed to complement
today's busy lifestyle. You have the choice of attending our Philadelphia campus or attending class online, in
one of four major areas of study: Business Administration, Health Information, Information Technology, or
Paralegal Studies.

Transfer Policy
Peirce College reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to allow students to earn 90 credits toward a bachelor’s
degree and 30 credits toward an associate degree through any combination of transfer credits, credit by
examination, work experience, and portfolio assessment. Students wishing to receive a degree or certificate
from Peirce College must complete a minimum of 15 credits in their concentration through courses offered by
Peirce College.

Steven Bird
Manager, Peirce College Admissions
888-GO-PEIRCE ext 9375
                                             SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY
                                             PROGRAMS IN HARRISBURG

Shippensburg University offers Bachelor degrees, Master degrees and Certificate programs in Harrisburg, PA.
Courses are presented in an adult-friendly format such as in the evenings, on the weekends, in a condensed
schedule and/or through distance education.

Bachelor Degrees
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration (degree completion program)
Bachelor of Social Work (degree completion program/cohort)*

Master Degrees
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership
Master of Public Administration

Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Management Information Systems (post-bachelor/MBA elective
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Counseling (post-master in Couples and Family Therapy)
Program Specialist – ESL Certificate Please note: location is throughout the regional area.
*Admission to these cohort programs is for Fall 2010 only.

Dixon University Center
2986 North 2nd St.
Harrisburg, PA

Online Offerings
Early Childhood Director Credential
Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Business (post-bachelor/pre-MBA)

Admission Requirements
Programs vary in admission requirements. Please see www.ship.edu/extended for specific admission

Program Requirements
Programs vary in requirements. Please see www.ship.edu/extended for specific program requirements.

Program Specifics
Programs vary in terms of evening and/or weekend courses and amount of online instruction.
Shippensburg University has a dual admission agreement with HACC.

For More Information
Dennis Robinson
Coordinator of Off-Campus Programs
Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education Studies
                                                 STRAYER UNIVERSITY
                                                  ONLINE PROGRAMS
Established in 1892, Strayer University was designed to meet the educational needs of working students. We support our students’
success with individualized instruction and personalized support services, from enrollment through graduation and beyond. By
continuously updating and expanding our curricula, we ensure that our students are well equipped to excel in today’s dynamic

To accommodate your lifestyle, location, and learning preferences, Strayer University offers two online class
formats: asynchronous and synchronous. Both formats are designed to provide a quality education in the most
convenient and efficient way possible, allowing you to balance your educational goals with your personal and
professional obligations.

Strayer University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Strayer University offers a real world education in the areas of business, criminal justice, information technology,
management, public administration, health services administration, and education.

With 94 campuses in the U.S., and online instruction offered around the world, Strayer University currently helps more
than 56,000 working students achieve their goals. Detailed information about Strayer University and Strayer University
Online can be found at http://www.strayer.edu and http://online.strayer.edu.

To learn more about Strayer University’s partnership with Harrisburg Area Community College, please visit us at

Strayer University will accept applications from students who wish to transfer from Harrisburg Area Community College
into any related baccalaureate degree program at the University. Students with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA are guaranteed
admission. Students who graduate with an associate’s degree and apply to a related degree program at Strayer University
will receive transfer credit for all courses in which a minimum grade of “D” or better has been earned. An official
transcript will be required in order to determine the transferability of credits.

Strayer University operates on a quarter system, and each course is worth 4.5 quarter hours. To complete a bachelor’s
degree, 180 quarter hours are required (equivalent to 120 semester hours). Students may transfer in a maximum equal to
the number of credits required for a single associate degree program at their originating institution.

Online Asynchronous Format. With the online asynchronous format, students and instructors participate at different
times that fit their schedules. You can attend class any time you want, accessing recorded audio lectures, video
presentations and supporting materials via the Internet. In addition, you have the option of participating in real-time chats
with your classmates and professors.

Online Synchronous Format. With the online synchronous format, students and instructors all participate at the same
day and time and interact in real-time, just as you would in a regular classroom. With this "virtual classroom," you'll hear
live audio from the professor, supported by a multimedia presentation on your screen, and you'll be able to communicate
in real-time via text with your professor and classmates.

Strayer University Online
PO Box 487, Newington, VA 22122
                             UMUC ONLINE BACHELOR’S DEGREES

Founded in 1947, UMUC is one of 11 regionally accredited, degree-granting institutions in the University
System of Maryland (USM), and the largest public 4-year institution in the US with over 90,000 students
worldwide. Offering a broad range of cutting-edge classes, UMUC has earned a worldwide reputation for
excellence as a comprehensive virtual university and for focusing on the unique educational and professional
development needs of adult students. The school’s variety of learning formats afford maximum convenience to
busy adult students who must balance the demands of full-time jobs, family, and community responsibilities.
UMUC serves where you serve - we've followed you into Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan and out on the high seas. For
more than 60 years, UMUC has been the leading provider of education services to the U.S. military. We have
special military advisors on call and offer a flat tuition rate for all active duty military personnel and spouses.
UMUC has an Alliance partnership with Harrisburg Area Community College, which allows students to
transfer seamlessly from their Associate’s to a Bachelor’s degree.

Special benefits of being an Alliance student include:
- UMUC’s flexible transfer policy accommodates up to 70 credits from HACC.
-Waiver of UMUC's $50 admission application fee.*
-Dual enrollment options at HACC and UMUC.
-Scholarship opportunities for community college graduates.
-Access to the extensive tutoring, writing assistance, career counseling, and more.
-Receive UMUC transfer advising directly at HACC.
-Easily apply online with the e-application.
* The application fee can only be waived for community college students who have not yet completed an
associate's degree.

For additional information about the HACC-UMUC Alliance transfer program and scholarship opportunities
please visit www.umuc.edu/alliances.


Bachelor of Arts 
    Asian Studies                                                  Graphic Communication*
    Communication Studies                                          History
    English                                                        Humanities
Bachelor of Science 
    Accounting                                                     Homeland Security
    Business Administration                                        Human Resources Management
    Computer and Information Science                               Information Systems Management
    Computer Information Technology                                Investigative Forensics
    Computer Science                                               Legal Studies
    Computer Studies                                               Management Studies
    Criminal Justice                                               Marketing
    Cybersecurity                                                  Political Science
    Emergency Management                                           Psychology
    Environmental Management                                       Social Science
    Finance
    Fire Science
    Gerontology
    Global Business and Public Policy
Available for the Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies** 

       Biotechnology
       Laboratory Management

UMUC also offers over 35 minors and over 20 Certificate programs that can be completed 100% online. For more
information about our Undergraduate programs, please visit http://www.umuc.edu/programs/undergraduate.shtml

*Cannot be completed 100% online.** Available only to students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science degree in an
appropriate field from a community college with which UMUC has an articulation agreement. Students should consult an advisor
before selecting these majors.


Anywhere! Take advantage of UMUC’s online bachelor’s degrees. Enroll in an online program and you can
attend class when and where you want, without interrupting your job or personal life. Simply log in to your
online classroom to start learning.


Undergraduate applicants must have graduated high school or completed the GED and earned a cumulative
GPA of 2.0 on any college-level course work. Any applicants with GPA lower than a 2.0 will be conditionally
admitted. UMUC does not require that you submit SAT or ACT scores for admission.

UMUC is an open enrollment institution, which means you can apply for admission at any time and starting
taking classes as soon as you are admitted to UMUC. With four sessions each semester, you have the
maximum flexibility to take classes year round.

When transferring, UMUC accepts up to 70 credits from HACC and other community or technical colleges and
up to 90 credits combined from all sources. A grade of “C” of better must be earned in order for the course to


1. Completion of 120 semester hours.
2. Minimum of a 2.0 grade point average
3. Completion of all general studies and elective requirements


Please Contact UMUC Transfer Coordinator, Vic Wang at 301-789-6656 or vwang@umuc.edu
For more information about UMUC, please visit www.umuc.edu
To apply, please visit www.umuc.edu and click on Apply Now on the left side, select Adelphi campus
UMUC Transfer Center: http://www.umuc.edu/admissions/transfer_center.shtml
Community College Transfer Scholarship: http://www.umuc.edu/financialaid/escholarships/ccsp/ccsp.shtml
                                           WILSON COLLEGE
                                ADULT DEGREE PROGRAM FOR WOMEN & MEN
The Adult Degree Program (ADP) offers a variety of educational programs for women and men. Students may enroll in day, evening,
and weekend courses (when available). The following majors may be earned exclusively in the evenings:
     Accounting
     Business with Management concentration
     Business with Management Information Systems
     Elementary Education
     English

To complete certain majors, students may be required to attend courses offered during daytime hours. Returning students may register
for courses online during the established time. When that window closes, paper registration is accepted, as is email registration. New
students may register in person or by email.

Adult Learning Program (ALP)—Baccalaureate Degree
Associate Degree programs, Certificate Programs, Non-degree enrollment, Credit and Non-Credit courses for Professional
Development and Personal Enrichment

1015 Philadelphia Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201-9952

    1.   Four full years since high school graduation
    2.   Completed and signed application & essay
    3.   Official high school transcript or Official GED transcript
    4.   Official College Transcripts, if applicable
    5.   Admissions interview

All students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to graduate. We will accept up to 22 course credits (66 credit hours) toward a bachelor
degree. Not all credits will fulfill requirements but can be used as free electives. All bachelor degrees require the completion of at
least 36 course credits.

Wilson College has a dual admission agreement with HACC. Dual Admission gives the HACC student guidance from a Wilson
counselor throughout their studies at HACC; their transcript is sent to Wilson at the end of each semester at HACC, allowing Wilson
to keep track of how they are doing; and if they transfer with 16 or more courses, they can register for classes with Junior status
without waiting for open registration. All students are able to major in all of Wilson’s programs--there is no distinction between CFW
(College for Women) and ADP classes or programs.

Wilson does not require a specific major from HACC for transfer. However, the closer the HACC major to the Wilson major, the
more credits can be used for required courses.

TIP is a non-degree certification-only program for men and women with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited
institution who want Level 1 Teacher Certification. The program leads to instructional certification in elementary education K-6 or
secondary education grades 7-12 in the areas of mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, social studies, Spanish, environmental
education, and citizenship education. Contact: Dr. Walton C. Jones, Director TIP, 717-264-4141, x3219, wjones@wilson.edu

Mary L. Foltz Berberich
Associate Director of Adult Degree Programs Admissions/Coordinator of Enrichment Programs
717-262-2025 or 1-800-421-8402

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